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GROWING AN INSTAGRAM THEME PAGE TO 10,000 FOLLOWERS! [PART 1]i'm going to grow an instagram theme,pa

Nick Barner

Updated on Feb 07,2023


i'm going to grow an instagram theme,page to 10 000 followers completely from,scratch not only that but i'm gonna be,teaching you yes you step by step on how,to do it the tips and tricks and simply,every single thing you need to know in,order to be successful and make money in,this game all i ask in return is that,you make sure to hit that like and,subscribe button for me that's it so,let's get into it,my name is nick barner and just a year,and a half ago i began my instagram,journey now at that time i knew,absolutely nothing and i mean nothing,about instagram and making money on it,like the majority of people i saw it as,an app to see what mark zuckerberg was,doing in the afternoon maybe throw some,sweet baby rays on the ribs and,take it from there,but throughout my journey i learned the,biggest secrets tips and tricks and,growth methods that instagram has to,offer with these practices i was able to,scale my accounts immensely in value and,make myself over a thousand dollars a,month in cash flow just in a short,manner of time now let me clear some air,what is an instagram theme page to,simplify it it's any account on,instagram that surrounds one certain,topic for example it could be food,sports exercise anything really as long,as it's around something but a better,question to ask is why on earth would,anyone want to start one of these pages,in the first place why why,why,why,why well many people including myself,have been able to monetize these pages,in various different ways like,affiliated marketing promoting other,people's content and doing brand deals,and the list goes on and on regardless,of what they do these pages are racking,in some serious money month after month,making them incredible income streams,and the best news is anyone can start,these pages from completely scratch and,for free which is exactly what i'll be,showing you today so the first decision,we are going to make is what niche or,topic we want to be in this is quite,honestly one of your most important,decisions when it comes to making an,account i say this because looking at,this game long term this can be the,difference between a couple hundred,dollars a month and a couple thousand,dollars a month and maybe even tens of,thousands,the people who are absolutely killing it,are constantly looking for different,ways to monetize their page that,actually interest their followers at the,same time like having a gym page and,selling water bottles that look like,dumbbells or having a cooking page and,selling a book on how to be a better,cook so please when you're thinking,about a topic do not just start a ryan,reynolds theme page just because you,want to be like him write down all the,ways you can think about monetizing your,page and if you were struggling too much,then that's probably a good sign for you,to try out a different niche my,recommendation is starting in any one of,these categories that piques your,interest for this series i'm going with,our good old buddy finance now we are,going to create our username you're,going to get the most followers when you,keep your name as simple as possible,stay away from numbers underscores and,things like that this is a psychology,trick where people associate simple,names with the branded and official,accounts like nike disney or louis,vuitton in the end this will increase,your odds of getting more people to,follow you for example since i'm in the,financial niche i am going with the,username uncovering wealth oh and make,sure your username is actually relevant,to your topic anyways up next we have a,bunch of private information i recommend,creating a whole new email address for,your account because the email that you,put in here will be forever known as,your original email address and it's,just best that you keep a completely,separate email otherwise you may run,into some complications in the future,then boom we are into our new account so,right off the bat let's get our name and,bio taken care of a huge mistake that a,ton of people make when creating their,instagram pages is putting their,username in this name slot now let me,tell you why this is a huge mistake this,name slot should be used to put your,nietzsche's most common words into so,that when people want to search for your,topic on instagram your page is more,likely to show up in the first few,results rather than the last think of,this as instagram's own search,optimization tool for the financial,needs i'm going to put money wealth and,finance moving on let's write our bio i,always make sure to state that this is,one of the best themed pages out there,followed by what i am posting along with,how i post every day then i put a call,to action like follow my account to,remind people to do exactly that,whenever they click on my page to wrap,things up i make sure it all looks,visually appealing to the eyes by adding,an emoji before and after every single,line and i know it sounds silly but,trust me i have found that this actually,works but there is o

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1-10K Followers on Instagram in 7 Days (Step By Step Guide)

1-10K Followers on Instagram in 7 Days (Step By Step Guide)

in this video i'm going to be giving you,this six step blueprint to be able to,gain 10 000 followers on instagram by,the end of the week in fact i just,helped this creator do it this creator,do it this creator do it this creator do,it and this creator do it and all of,them were no different than you they're,small creators they didn't have any idea,what they were doing on instagram they,didn't know how many times to post what,time to post what hashtags use even what,kind of content decreed which are all,the things that i'm going to be sharing,with you in this video but i will warn,you if you skip just one part of this,video it's going to be the reason that,you don't gain that many followers on,instagram and it's going to be the,reason that ultimately you failed to,grow on instagram during the easiest,time ever to grow on instagram now,before i get into that i need you to,smash that subscribe button if you want,to grow quicker on instagram tic tac or,youtube i literally upload a video about,how to go on these platforms every,single day in addition to that i created,a free instagram growth course you can,get the link in the pin comment below,it's going to share with you things that,won't be covered in this video like how,to turn your views and followers and so,much more so please make sure you get,into it it is 100 free what are you,waiting for now step number one you need,to make sure that you're actually,putting out the right content on,instagram cannot emphasize this enough,the only two pieces of content you,should be putting out are reels and,stories if you're not putting out reels,then you're not going to be growing on,instagram it's that simple the days of,just posting photos posting igtv posting,regular videos or just posting every,once in a while on instagram and,expecting to grow those days are over if,you look at the account of anybody,that's a small creator on instagram that,is growing right now they've posted a,ton of reels and that is why they've,been successful and you need to do the,same exact thing you need to understand,something instagram is focused on,competing with tick tock tick tock has,short form content which means that,short form content is what is working on,instagram right now in fact videos 5 to,11 seconds long are going viral on,instagram more than anything else and a,lot of you guys are making 60 second,videos 40 second videos and you're,making a huge mistake start making,shorter firm content on instagram reels,as long as that's what's working within,your niche which if you're watching this,video i'm pretty sure that's what's,working within your niche unless there's,something totally drastically different,that's going on in your niche in which,case you should hop on that and do that,but for the rest of you 5 to 11 second,videos are the way to go ideally they,want to be videos that are looping for,example this video right here is a loop,got over 10 000 views on this video and,luis was able to gain a ton of followers,from this video and you can do the same,exact thing within your content the way,that you actually loop your content is,by putting a really short clip and,making sure that they go to the,description to read what's in the,description that is what's going to,allow you to loop that is what's going,to get you over 100 watch time and,ultimately that's what's going to get,you more exposure on instagram because,all instagram cares about is keeping,people on the app and the easiest way,for them to know if you're keeping,people on the app is the watch time that,you're getting in your posts and they're,able to quantify that now with reels,they weren't able to do that with,pictures they weren't able to do that,with regular videos igtv because they,just weren't that advanced and tick-tock,really came out of nowhere and said hey,we're going to take the best things from,youtube and put them in a short form app,that's why tick-tock was so successful,now instagram is catching up but you,need to make sure that you're actually,adapting to the new ways of posting on,instagram so step number one making sure,that you're posting the right content,step number two making sure that your,content's the right length now we need,to make sure that you're actually making,your content about topics that are,working within your niche the easiest,way to find this is to go into the top,hashtags in your niche look at the small,creators in there that are blowing up,getting 50 000 views 100 000 views a,million views see what they did in their,videos either repost those videos or,recreate those videos and if those work,you need to make sure that you're,doubling down this is a huge mistake,that so many people are doing on,instagram in fact people do this all,over through everything in life,something works and they don't continue,to do it instead something works then,they do something totally different the,next time do not do that that is the,number one mistake that is holding you,back on instagram right now if

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The FASTEST Way To Grow Your Instagram in 2023

The FASTEST Way To Grow Your Instagram in 2023

if there's one thing most creators have,in common is that they have trouble,getting the reach they think they,deserve in fact most people I ask say,it's purely the algorithm's fault they,don't get rich and while it is the,algorithm that's keeping them down,sometimes mostly there's other factors,in play that people are not even aware,of and it mostly comes down to at least,one of these three things but honestly,thinking about it right now a lot of the,times it's all three combined how do I,know that well I took a look at the,accounts you comment down below here or,from the secret Link in my description,wink and let me just say well there is a,pattern but let's not get ahead and,let's just see if you can actually spot,it yourself,the first one is something I feel like,so many people know they should do,better but nobody's actually doing it,and it's something that just actually,makes me very sad when I look at my,comments here I go through them for,example this one my Astro billionaire,says he tried a lot and it seems like,it's not working out for him and then I,look at his profile let me just show you,right here yeah kind of sad you get what,I mean and a lot of the times it's,actually people getting demotivated if,things don't blow up right away or they,see the reach declining a little bit and,then they start to slack off and this,whole downward spiral starts and to be,honest it's mostly not because the,algorithm hates them but uh because they,actually started slacking off more and,more let me show you an example where,it's actually not as clear as you might,think but the pattern is there so,consider this of warning call if it's,you this is the profile calm is here her,name is Sophia and she says her main,issue is low visibility which I,understand now looking at her profile,she's got an amazing product I just have,to tell you how it is huge potentials if,you ask me but you does really have the,consistency there look at this these are,all the reels to get to a serious growth,level if you know what I mean if you can,see the last post here 26 September,August,July now if you take a look here it,seems like she did post somewhat,consistently for a while and her content,quality is actually pretty good but then,it just suddenly stopped and yeah people,forget actually faster than you might,think and this is what people don't,really understand with the crazy amount,of content produced every day you just,need to do your best to at least try to,stay on top of everything and just try,to stay relevant waiting and hoping for,viral growth is definitely not what you,want to do which it sort of seems like,what she's doing even though her product,looks amazing if you look at it right,there and I think there might be a viral,potential here and there to be honest,but never ever have this as your goal my,friends plus if you actually do have,something to go viral at some point and,you never post it might actually hurt,your account more than it does good but,more on that in a minute so in her case,the only reason for her lack of growth,and visibility like she said just comes,down to her not posting regularly not,posting every day or at least a few,times a week now on top of that looking,at what you wrote in my Forum up until,this point she says her growth was sort,of freestyle which to me means no,strategy at all which is okay to some,extent and I could see she tried some,stuff out different content buckets um,yeah I could see some oddly satisfying,Vibes right there for example um you,know also behind the scenes stuff making,off stuff but then again without,throwing a bunch of different content,ideas and bucket set to the wall,consistently you can't even craft a,strategy that you more or less know it's,gonna work out because you just don't,have the data and so many accounts like,this have the same issues and the only,way out of this is really to sit down,and write down different content buckets,content ideas make a plan for yourself,research what maybe others and similar,niches or in the same Niche you're doing,and then go for quantity for at least 30,to 60 days straight to see if actually,something sticks out more or not let me,give you another example actually,thinking about it right now from one of,my students who grew from like 400 or,600 followers to basically more than 10,000 followers up within just a few weeks,and looking at her case we can learn,something very powerful that almost,nobody thinks about and coincidentally,yeah this is why I just thought about,her right now her name is also Sophia,what a weird world if you think about it,anyway she had one of her reels go viral,after yeah trying out a lot of different,things for one million views right now,and what did I see right now I didn't,even notice that before this small dot,right there actually seems to be my face,because this is a lesson from the black,file my program wink wink what a good,program it is I guess the most,comprehensive course to learn how to,build an In

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IF I HAD TO START FROM 0, THIS IS WHAT I WOULD DO | DO THIS to Hit 10k Followers On Instagram

IF I HAD TO START FROM 0, THIS IS WHAT I WOULD DO | DO THIS to Hit 10k Followers On Instagram

if i had to start an instagram account,from scratch absolute zero followers,this would be my exact plan to hit 10,000 followers in 30 days we're talking,what i would do on day 1 day 2 day 30.,grab pen grab a piece of paper because,you're going to want to follow this plan,exactly to see the quickest and best,results,what's up friends it's millie welcome,back to my channel where you can expect,weekly videos from me every sunday and,wednesday teaching you the latest,strategies for how you can grow your,brand business and social media as an,aspiring influencer first i want to say,a huge thank you to this video shout,outs because i wouldn't be here if it,wasn't for all of you if you want a,shout out in one of my future videos be,sure to screenshot yourself watching,this and tag me over on instagram,stories or leave a comment below and,subscribe to my channel as always,timestamps will be in the comments down,below because i value your time and you,already know why you're here so,let's get into it,all right it's day one i have zero,followers what do we do week one is all,about preparing the land believe it or,not during this first week i am not,going to be posting every day or pumping,out reels left and right i'm going to,prepare my account for new followers to,make sure when new visitors do come,they're going to press that follow,button because why would i invite,somebody over for dinner when i haven't,even planned the meal yet or when i,haven't even started cooking right you,know what i mean okay so how do you do,that day one this might be like a minute,one or hour one thing or it could be a,whole day depends on where you're at,with your journey but first and foremost,you need to be clear about who you are,and who you want to be and what presence,you want to establish on instagram what,do you want to be known for where do you,see yourself in the next three to five,years start acting like black star act,and lack,start acting like that person today when,you know what the ultimate goal is that,you want with instagram you're able to,create an actual plan to help you get,there so if you want to be a fitness,coach,we're going to create your plan around,you being a fitness coach if in three to,five years you want to be a i don't know,what do people want to be these days or,in three to five years you want to just,have an instagram account that's about,you tasting and trying different coffees,around your city start doing that now,start creating the plan for you three to,five years from now okay day two it is,day two what do we do first i wanna be,on a creator account so let's just get,that out of the way i'm going to be on a,creator account now when i set up my,profile i want to use a strong profile,photo username and nameplate that,establishes my positioning all three of,these things should match and make sense,together if you're in the fashion niche,lifestyle photos look great for profile,photos if you're on the travel niche,travel photos make sense i'm a coach i,want mine to be professional but also a,little fun and playful so i'm gonna do a,nice headshot me smiling looking at the,camera with a solid background color,because brand colors now that i have a,strong profile photo my username is not,millygirl1234 it's like ig with millie,you know it makes sense with my niche,and my nameplate says influencer coach,next i'm gonna make sure my bio,communicates why someone should follow,me believe it or not your bio is not,about you it doesn't matter where you're,located it doesn't matter what your,favorite quote is or that you're a dog,mom and you love coffee like,no your bio should be about why somebody,should follow you because when you know,exactly who you're trying to reach and,how you can help them you're already,ahead of the game so i want to reach,aspiring influencers and i know that the,thing they struggle with the most is,growing on social media and making money,so that's what i'm gonna say my bio i'm,gonna say helping aspiring influencers,establish their presence on instagram,and land paid brand collabs i'm gonna,tell them right away what's in it for,them i have an entire video that teaches,you why instagram seo is a great tool,and how you can make sure that you are,implementing it into your instagram,strategy so after this video i recommend,watching this one next now we're on day,three content research on day three i'm,going to dive into my content research,within my niche while keeping an open,mind i'm keeping an open mind because i,don't want to already assume that i know,what's going to work or that i already,know what topics to talk about i want to,start from scratch refresh what is,currently happening in my niche and if,you're somebody who wants to grow fast,remaining in one niche and being,topically consistent is going to be,vital because it makes your content more,binge worthy like a netflix show think,about your behavior when you're watching,tv are you going to watch one episode of,the office and then game

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How To Grow On Instagram 0 To 100k In 2022

How To Grow On Instagram 0 To 100k In 2022

today i'm gonna walk you through the no,bs approach to going from zero to a,hundred thousand followers on instagram,in the space of a few months these are,the same strategies i use to get my,account to over 800 000 followers i use,them to help russell brunson go from 40,000 to five hundred thousand in the,space of a year we helped peter get to,over three hundred thousand with these i,used them to grow this other account of,my income notebook to over three hundred,thousand before i sold it and we have,dozens and thousands and dozens of other,case studies of accounts we've done the,same for so these strategies work and,following these you'll be able to go to,over a hundred thousand followers,yourself too so make sure you take notes,i'm not gonna waste any of your time so,a lot of these are gonna come quite,quick and fast write them down take,notes watch it again if you have to and,go implement them now building a large,audience on instagram can be split into,two key phases you've got building the,foundations and then you've got the,exponential growth the foundational work,is the boring and tedious stuff that has,to be done so you can build that strong,base to actually see results with and,this is where most people give up,because they see it's a bit of work they,don't see ridiculous results and they,quit don't be like that this phase comes,down to three key things firstly it's,content it should go without saying by,this point if you've watched a lot of my,videos that content is ultimately,the main thing that is most important on,any social media platform your content,has to be interesting and or valuable to,your target audience now interesting,valuable can come in many different,forms you could be a comedian that makes,funny videos or skits that make people,laugh you could be a model who's,beautiful to look at maybe you create,incredible travel clips that people just,watch over and over or maybe you're like,myself and you're educating people on,something that you know a lot about or,you're really passionate about and,learning lots about but you have to put,yourself out there and have some kind of,reason for people to follow you whatever,that might be otherwise all these other,growth strategies are pointless if you,don't have the underlying content that,serves the people you're trying to reach,that they're going to engage with enjoy,and follow you because of now the second,part of foundations,is conversions which is arguably the,most underrated way to explode your,growth on the platform you need to set,up your page in a way so that when you,put in all of this hard work into,creating content and reaching the people,that you're trying to reach reaching the,target audience getting in front of them,that they actually convert into a,follower and they don't just see your,profile and click off many people will,only be converting at about five percent,of profile visitors into followers and,with a few tweaks you can pretty easily,push it up to 15 20 25 even 30,some of my pages convert at 35 which is,a way that you can instantly increase,your growth by five or six hundred,percent overnight by going from 5 to 25,and it only usually takes a few small,tweaks for example we took one client,from a 3 conversion rate to a 21,conversion rate in the space for a week,which increased his growth seven fold,now the key to optimizing your,conversions is a few things in the way,you set up your profile you want to have,a clear profile photo you want to have a,username that is easy to remember and,understand you want to have a feed full,of good content that people can engage,we sort of covered that on the first,step and you want to make sure most,importantly that the opening line in,your bio,explains what people are going to get,from following you as you can see on my,profile it's i help experts build,profitable audiences on instagram which,is literally what all of my content is,about instantly if someone lands on my,profile who fits that niche they will,see that and realize they can learn a,ton from my account and therefore they,are going to follow and if you optimize,your growth strategies in the right way,so that you attract those people you're,meeting a lot of targeted people you'll,be speaking specifically to them in your,bio and your content username profile,photo etc and you'll be converting a,ridiculously high percentage of them,into followers you can do this for theme,pages too you can see on my theme page,i've got daily inspiration and education,that is the first thing someone reads,when they land on your page so you want,to make sure it's important now the,third and final part of building these,strong foundations it's going to allow,you to take off and then go from a few,thousand followers and to hundreds of,thousands of followers very quickly,as community and this here is the most,time intensive part those other two,things profile optimization you can set,that once and forget about it content,you can batch create your conten

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How to grow on instagram from 0 | STEP BY STEP GUIDE | organic Instagram growth tips

How to grow on instagram from 0 | STEP BY STEP GUIDE | organic Instagram growth tips

starting from scratch on Instagram can,be challenging I totally get it but just,because something challenging does not,mean that it's impossible in fact I'm,going to dedicate this entire video to,telling you exactly what you should do,step by step when you are trying to grow,from zero Instagram followers all the,way up to 10 000 Instagram followers so,all you need to do is grab a notepad and,Pen because I've done all of the other,hard work for you this video is,sponsored by HubSpot and I'm going to be,telling you loads more about HubSpot a,little bit later on so let's get,straight to it so step one the first,thing I want you to do is to spend some,time figuring out what your value,offering is now don't panic if you've,heard that phrase and thought what on,Earth is that I'm going to break it down,for you it's actually pretty simple a,value offering is quite literally the,value that you are offering your,audience through your content now I like,to encourage everyone to spend some time,to figure out what their value offering,is first and the reason why is because,it will give you focus when it comes to,you actually creating and running your,Instagram Channel and having a value,offering is super super important for,any channel that really hopes to thrive,in the future because when you are,consistently providing something of,value to your audience it becomes a lot,easier for you to grow because if we,just think about this for a second right,just bear with me when people are on,Instagram and they're figuring out,whether or not they want to follow,someone the reason why they decide to,follow someone is because they think,they're going to get something of value,from them so whether they think oh okay,I'm going to follow this person because,they're going to educate me on something,or I'm going to follow this person,because they're relatable or they're,inspirational or they're entertaining,like these are all forms of value that,someone's going to get from someone,else's content if someone lands on your,Instagram page and they're like,content's pretty but what am I getting,from this then they're probably not,going to follow you right so that's why,figuring out what the value is that,you're going to offer your audience,straight away before you even do,anything else is super powerful and if,you're wondering okay I don't know what,my value is going to be can you give me,some examples where I did hint to a few,previously so the four most common forms,of value that you can offer your,audience through your Instagram content,is entertainment value so if you're,really funny inspirational value,educational value that's what my one is,or relatable value so when you create,content that your audience looks at and,they're like oh I feel seen I feel heard,you know so once you've figured out what,you think your value offering is going,to be I just want you to write that down,put it on the fridge Friday in your,phone put it somewhere where you're,constantly reminded so that you can,ensure that from here on out you're,really focused as to what value your,content is going to provide on Instagram,okay step number two is for you to tweak,your profile now when I talk about your,profile I like to use the analogy of a,shop window so let me write this down so,for example all you know when you're,walking down the street and then you see,a shop like on your left and then you,look at the shop window and then you,decide whether or not you're going to go,into that shop based on what the shop,window looks like right it's a similar,situation for your Instagram profile,when someone goes on your Instagram,profile and they look at things like,your bio your top nine photos or posts,your profile photo right they're looking,at that information and they're looking,at that content and they're using that,as a shop window and if they like what,they see then that's when they decide to,follow you right you see how that,analogy works so a lot of people,approach their like Instagram shop,window wrong so a lot of people approach,it from the standpoint of okay I'm gonna,make this look pretty and make sure that,anyone who lands on my Instagram page,wants to follow me as a result of how,great my shop window is when actually we,need to be flipping it and seeing it,from a different perspective so instead,of trying to attract everyone from your,Instagram shop window we actually want,to only attract your audience so we,don't want anyone and everyone to see,our shop window and think yeah that,seems like a bit of me in instead we,want our specific audience to see our,shop window and think oh my God this,person gets me this content was made for,me like this is going to be my new,favorite Instagram Channel and how we do,that is by being really targeted with,what we populate our shop window with so,for example your profile photo should be,relevant or related to your niche in,some way my profile photo is just like a,still shot of me smiling with like a,plain background and th

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how i DOUBLED my instagram growth + engagement !! (grow organically & fast)

how i DOUBLED my instagram growth + engagement !! (grow organically & fast)

I would like to say that I've been,hardcore instagramming for about a year,now I have learned so many tips that I,didn't know before about the algorithm,and how to actually grow organically on,Instagram whether you are if,social-media influencer if you have a,business or you're just like a regular,person who likes to post on Instagram I,have tips that actually work to grow,your Instagram and to make your,Instagram just a place that people want,to follow these tips are tips that I,haven't,there's renovations going on in my house,if you want to know how to really grow,your Instagram and like own the,algorithm which is so messed up and hard,to understand then keep watching this,video and you'll get my best tips also I,have instagram presets launching on July,9 yes I have made to Lightroom presets I,will definitely get into like what they,look like and how you guys can order,them and everything in this video but,first I'm gonna start off with these,steps but July 9 marketing your,calendars my layering presets are coming,out the first thing that I've learned is,really simple and I'll just breeze over,this and it's consistency I have posted,every second day on Instagram for a year,I don't think that's like the main thing,but definitely I think keeping a,schedule on how often you post and like,being consistent with that is really,good you don't have to post every second,day but I wanted to really like,challenge myself and definitely post as,much as you can but only photos that you,actually like if you really want to use,Instagram for your business or grow it,posting consistently is amazing,here the probably second most important,thing about Instagram is your engagement,so yeah you could have three million,followers but you could get a hundred,comments on every single post and you,could get 10,000 likes on every single,post which is not the greatest ratio,from followers to engagement basically,Instagram is going to boost your posts,if you have good engagement engagement,is how your followers are interacting,with your posts so are they liking them,are they commenting sharing saving them,to albums are they always checking on,your stories like all those things the,more that your followers are interacting,with your content the more it's gonna,get boosted up in people's feeds so how,do you make your engagement better well,I have the tips for you first so right,after you post a photo 30 minutes to an,hour after you post a photo you should,be responding to as many comments as you,can that hour or like 30 minutes is the,most valuable time that instagrams gonna,pay attention to your engagement on that,post if you post a photo and then you,start replying to comments you like a,bunch of comments it's gonna get boosted,up in people's feeds and more people are,gonna see it when you are replying to,comments make sure that you reply with,forward or more replies Instagram will,actually recognize this as a more like,casual conversation instead of like a oh,thank you or like a little heart or,emoji or something they're really gonna,like that and they're going to boost,your content you're going to want to,promote the schnitzel out of your posts,every single time that I post an,Instagram photo I put on my story the,photo just to add more traffic to it,right away and this is going to drive,traffic to people who are just watching,stories and haven't actually seen your,post yet just in case they don't have,notifications turn on for your posts so,you can put on the story and then add,some little likeyou to new post things,you can add some little squiggles you,can even add hashtags say if you were,like a business selling a product and if,you add like hashtag beauty products 20,20 I don't know I don't know I don't,even know if that's a good hashtag but,like if you put a hashtag then that's,going to get exposed to more people on,Instagram,therefore doing better Instagram wants,people to stay on the app for as long as,possible,same thing with YouTube you want your,viewer duration your viewer,tenshun to be high because then YouTube,is going to suggest that video for a lot,more people because it's keeping people,on YouTube the same thing goes for,Instagram so if you were posting one,photo with no swipes and like a short,little caption it's less likely that,people are going to spend more time on,your photo so if you're posting like,carousel photos so like two or three,that they have to like swipe through or,if you have a caption where you have to,press see more and like actually read it,and it's like a meaningful thing so,you're definitely gonna be sucking up to,Instagram when you do that it'll,definitely help boost your photo in the,feed also when you're posting on your,story they like go check out my new post,it's really good to reference your,caption or add a call to action it's,like a call to action would be like,comment what video ideas like you want,to see from me and that will not only,give you more engagement on your photo,but it's reall

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How To Grow An Instagram Account From 0 (Grow ORGANICALLY and FAST!)

How To Grow An Instagram Account From 0 (Grow ORGANICALLY and FAST!)

okay i'm the first to admit that growing,on instagram really,isn't as easy as it used to be now you,have so many people on there sharing,about themselves their products their,services,it seems like there's more noise now,more than ever to cut through,but that's not to say that you can't go,an instagram account from zero,organically and quickly i know this,because i've done it myself and for,so many of my clients so in this video,i'm going to share with you exactly how,i would build the boss instagram account,back up to 2.6 million followers if we,were to lose them all overnight which,fingers crossed will never ever happen,with zero budget because believe it or,not it isn't enough,just to create great content and then,hope someone sees it,especially when you're starting from,scratch you've really got to have these,other strategies and tactics in place,to make sure that your content is put in,front of people's eyeballs,okay first things first let's talk about,how you can gain traction,aka start to generate interest in,yourself and in your business,it's this interest that's going to lead,your idle kind avatar your ica,to hit that follow button so let's,explore precisely,how you can do that so you're going to,want to get clear on,a couple of things first the first is,how you can add value in a unique way so,you really need to know what you can,share for free that's worth something to,your ideal client avatar,what do you know that they don't and,that they need to know in order to solve,their problem,value adding content comes at no cost to,you or your company but it gives your,ica,a really good idea of what it would look,like to buy from you or work with you in,a paid capacity,i value add by sharing how people can,grow monetize your instagram account,start businesses scale businesses serve,to the best their ability,and help um make money confidently and,consistently,i also share how busy female,entrepreneurs or ambitious women,can better the balance between business,and pleasure so that they can be,fulfilled and satisfied in personal life,as well as business life i've been in,both ends of the spectrum and i love to,share what i've learned along the way,so the second thing is you want to get,clear on what specifically you're going,to create content on,so i'd also really recommend coming up,with a content calendar so that you're,never stuck in that awful state of post,paralysis wondering what on earth you,should publish,so once you've got clarity around the,value you can add you're going to want,to write down around,five content pillars so that'll be five,subjects you can teach on that will form,the foundation of,everything you post everywhere then,break those subjects down into topics,so if it was branding you break it down,into tone of voice,visual identity vision and values and so,on and write captions around all of,those topics,so that you're never without something,to say so once you've done that,you're going to want to start focusing,on a few of the things before really,upping your growth game like i said we,need to set the foundations,so the first thing is publishing 10,posts if you haven't already remember,we're talking about growing from,zero so you're going to want to publish,at least 10 posts before expecting,anything to come of it as with any fewer,than that people won't get a real feel,for you or your brand,so put your best foot forward here make,sure the posts you put out are really,reflective of who you are,what you do who you help and how you,help them,number two is get your buyer ready so,following that you want to get your buy,all ready for eyeballs so to get your,buyer ready a clear picture of your face,your business's logo would be great,um some seos that you can be on,searchable keywords,and then an eye help statement so i'm,not going to delve too much in this,piece right now but i've recorded a,video,all about straightening out your bio so,i'll be sure to leave the link in the,description below so you can check it,out,the third thing which sounds really,simple but if we're starting from zero i,want you to connect to facebook,so when you connect to facebook you can,set instagram upset it automatically,shares on the facebook platform too,and it will notify your facebook friends,and family to come and follow you on,instagram,i also recommend asking them to follow,you out right as well as show you some,support by liking commenting on,and most importantly sharing your,content in the beginning i know this,really like holds a lot of people back,because they're nervous to show their,friends and family what they're working,on,but i promise it's really really helpful,so with that let's skip to the bit that,you've been waiting for,it's time to talk going track going,viral or getting traction on your,content,so take a sip of water and then get a,pen and paper in front of you so you're,ready to dive in,this is the piece you're going to want,to give your full attention to so put,the phone away and listen u

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