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Updated on Jan 10,2023


thousand likes in a few minutes guys oh,my God oh my God we get a new likes,every second hey what's going on guys,welcome back to my channel my name is,Eugene and I'm sorry for medixport with,11 years of experience and today I will,show you how you can get 1000 likes on,any Instagram post in two minutes just,follow my steps and you will know how to,get really many likes on any post,quickly okay guys let's go let's just,open Instagram I already have a test,account with 22 000 followers if you,want to get a more followers you can,also find a video about that on my,channel okay guys let's uh create a new,post and try to get a thousand likes,click next okay,write a caption test,Click Share yeah,wait a few seconds yeah guys let's copy,a link,just click right here and open any,browser then open a and text,their social,booster open a social booster official,website I will leave a link in it pin it,comment and this is the best s-mem panel,ever I'm using a social booster for more,than three years and I never had any,problems okay guys let's open Instagram,likes and right here you can find really,much options you can order a real likes,fake likes likes from United States only,just up to you okay for example uh I,will order,instant relax yeah I will order a,thousand,just past the link also we can check a,package status yes start time is one,hour it's real users and speed 8 000 per,hour it's really fast also we can check,the last two reviews best smile ever,yeah guys that's true Okay click order,just enter your email make sure you'll,leave your email because you need to,confirm your mail address after you,create the first order,for me testing yeah,likes, click continue as you can see,right here is secured card by fast print,fast print is the most safe experiment,system ever and if you face any problems,you can just take the fast pouring,support and to refund your money just in,one click but I never had any problems,with social booster okay guys I will,leave my credit card details and click,OK guys order has been created perfect,we can check order info and let's wait,about few minutes I will back to you,when I finally get a thousand likes,okay guys I was waiting about few,minutes let's open Instagram and as we,can see we will get more 10 000 likes in,a few minutes guys oh my God oh my God,we get a new likes every second that's,crazy oh my God guys we really get more,ten thousand likes in a two minutes oh,my God guys okay I will level into,social booster in a pin it comment,thumbs up if you like this video,subscribe to my channel and also follow,me on Instagram I will leave a link in a,pin it comment thank you for watching,see you in the next video bye,foreign

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How to get more LIKES on Instagram in 2022 (I get 2,000+ LIKES every time!)

How to get more LIKES on Instagram in 2022 (I get 2,000+ LIKES every time!)

so you clicked on this video because you,want to get more likes on your instagram,post well hello i'm vanessa and i'm very,good at helping new coaches and content,creators,do two things get visible and get paid,now when it comes to getting more likes,on your post,i'm going to state the first obvious tip,and that is asking for it i can't count,the amount of times where people,complain that they're not getting enough,likes on their posts but when i look at,their captions or when i look at the,post,itself it has no indication that they're,even inviting people to like it,now here's a list of call to action,ideas that you can put in your caption,or in the post itself,that will invite people to actually,engage with your content whether that's,double tapping if they agree,or liking the post if they actually,liked it this is a really obvious tip,but it is a low-hanging fruit that a lot,of people miss out on,now besides the obvious of explicitly,asking people to like the post,what else can we do to get more,engagement specifically likes,on our posts on instagram well the,second idea that i have for you is to,make sure that you structure your post,so that it's designed to get more,engagement,what do i mean by this well a rookie,mistake that i used to make,and that i see a lot of people still,making is writing really long form,captions,that people literally don't get through,people don't read the whole thing,so if you want to increase engagement on,that post,instead of writing a long caption that,people might not read,make sure you do something like this,where it's a carousel piece of content,so that people can actually sift,through the information when i do this i,actually get,more likes on my post now if you want to,take it a step further if you,like graphic design or if you love being,in canva or maybe you have a social,media manager on your team,take it a step further and actually make,it more engaging by doing something like,this,this makes it a lot more visually,appealing for people to swipe through,the carousel,and when they go through that,information that you've given them,they're more inclined to actually like,it because they've actually,consumed that piece of info this is,another awesome way that's really easy,for you to make sure that you get more,likes on your post and by the way,this is data driven because when i look,at my analytics every time i do a,carousel piece of content like this and,i structure my post,in a way that's digestible for my,audience i get way more likes and,engagement than i do,if i don't do this method now let's move,on to the third tip that i have for you,and that is,make sure that you understand who your,ideal audience is,so that when you create content it's,almost a no-brainer for them to engage,with it and for them to like it,now why is this important well you want,to make sure that you know your ideal,audience to the t,you understand what their goals are what,their pain points are what their,objections are,what content they like who else they're,following besides your account,that way you can do more research and,tailor create,the content that's really going to speak,to them because when people like,content it's usually because it,resonates with them so if you have no,clarity whatsoever,on your ideal client or your ideal,audience then you're not going to be,able to make content that produces,results,now if you have no idea where to start,this is something that i cover,in my pay program the boss graham,academy but to help you out let me throw,in an example of my,ideal client profile and the things that,i ask myself when building this,document and that is what other accounts,are your followers,also following besides yours that way,you can actually,do more research on what's working for,your competitors you also want to look,into their goals their values what,actually inspires your followers because,for a lot of people they follow accounts,for inspiration,other things that you also want to think,about is challenges and pain points,often times people follow accounts,whether you watching my youtube videos,to solve problems what problems does,your ideal audience actually face,what challenges do they go through and,how is your content going to address,those pain points and challenges,when you see content that addresses the,needs that you have,you are more than likely to like that,piece of content save that piece of,content or even,comment and engage in that piece of,content as well,finally as a bonus tip when it comes to,developing this ideal client profile so,that you have clarity on what type of,content to create,especially if you are someone who is,selling a product you also want to think,about what type of objections or,hesitations,do your followers have when it comes to,buying,your product you also want to bake that,into your content as well,now if you want to take things further,when it comes to content creation that,actually generates you sales,i highly recommend that you check

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1-10K Followers on Instagram in 7 Days (Step By Step Guide)

1-10K Followers on Instagram in 7 Days (Step By Step Guide)

in this video i'm going to be giving you,this six step blueprint to be able to,gain 10 000 followers on instagram by,the end of the week in fact i just,helped this creator do it this creator,do it this creator do it this creator do,it and this creator do it and all of,them were no different than you they're,small creators they didn't have any idea,what they were doing on instagram they,didn't know how many times to post what,time to post what hashtags use even what,kind of content decreed which are all,the things that i'm going to be sharing,with you in this video but i will warn,you if you skip just one part of this,video it's going to be the reason that,you don't gain that many followers on,instagram and it's going to be the,reason that ultimately you failed to,grow on instagram during the easiest,time ever to grow on instagram now,before i get into that i need you to,smash that subscribe button if you want,to grow quicker on instagram tic tac or,youtube i literally upload a video about,how to go on these platforms every,single day in addition to that i created,a free instagram growth course you can,get the link in the pin comment below,it's going to share with you things that,won't be covered in this video like how,to turn your views and followers and so,much more so please make sure you get,into it it is 100 free what are you,waiting for now step number one you need,to make sure that you're actually,putting out the right content on,instagram cannot emphasize this enough,the only two pieces of content you,should be putting out are reels and,stories if you're not putting out reels,then you're not going to be growing on,instagram it's that simple the days of,just posting photos posting igtv posting,regular videos or just posting every,once in a while on instagram and,expecting to grow those days are over if,you look at the account of anybody,that's a small creator on instagram that,is growing right now they've posted a,ton of reels and that is why they've,been successful and you need to do the,same exact thing you need to understand,something instagram is focused on,competing with tick tock tick tock has,short form content which means that,short form content is what is working on,instagram right now in fact videos 5 to,11 seconds long are going viral on,instagram more than anything else and a,lot of you guys are making 60 second,videos 40 second videos and you're,making a huge mistake start making,shorter firm content on instagram reels,as long as that's what's working within,your niche which if you're watching this,video i'm pretty sure that's what's,working within your niche unless there's,something totally drastically different,that's going on in your niche in which,case you should hop on that and do that,but for the rest of you 5 to 11 second,videos are the way to go ideally they,want to be videos that are looping for,example this video right here is a loop,got over 10 000 views on this video and,luis was able to gain a ton of followers,from this video and you can do the same,exact thing within your content the way,that you actually loop your content is,by putting a really short clip and,making sure that they go to the,description to read what's in the,description that is what's going to,allow you to loop that is what's going,to get you over 100 watch time and,ultimately that's what's going to get,you more exposure on instagram because,all instagram cares about is keeping,people on the app and the easiest way,for them to know if you're keeping,people on the app is the watch time that,you're getting in your posts and they're,able to quantify that now with reels,they weren't able to do that with,pictures they weren't able to do that,with regular videos igtv because they,just weren't that advanced and tick-tock,really came out of nowhere and said hey,we're going to take the best things from,youtube and put them in a short form app,that's why tick-tock was so successful,now instagram is catching up but you,need to make sure that you're actually,adapting to the new ways of posting on,instagram so step number one making sure,that you're posting the right content,step number two making sure that your,content's the right length now we need,to make sure that you're actually making,your content about topics that are,working within your niche the easiest,way to find this is to go into the top,hashtags in your niche look at the small,creators in there that are blowing up,getting 50 000 views 100 000 views a,million views see what they did in their,videos either repost those videos or,recreate those videos and if those work,you need to make sure that you're,doubling down this is a huge mistake,that so many people are doing on,instagram in fact people do this all,over through everything in life,something works and they don't continue,to do it instead something works then,they do something totally different the,next time do not do that that is the,number one mistake that is holding you,back on instagram right now if

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A Simple Trick To INCREASE Your Instagram Followers (Real People, No Bots)

A Simple Trick To INCREASE Your Instagram Followers (Real People, No Bots)

okay so let's keep this simple okay you,are looking for more followers right but,you want them to be real people people,who are interested in the type of thing,that your account is about so your niche,with this strategy there are kind of two,ways of doing this and they work,differently for different niches so make,sure you stick around for both now just,as we get into this i want you to think,of this a little bit like the instagram,equivalent of networking at an event or,something like that so for the first way,that we're going to do this i want you,to go to your instagram account and when,you go to the search bar at the top and,i want you to type in a hashtag that,relates to your niche pick a big one so,there are lots of posts okay so in this,example i'm going to use a hashtag that,relates to me to my account which is,about landscape photography so i'm going,to choose,landscape photography now the people who,are posting to this hashtag are exactly,the kind of person that would be,interested in my account now if you do,fitness choose a hashtag that's fitness,related it could be,fitness hashtag boxing hashtag crossfit,or if it's food related you know you,could do hashtag food but you could go,really specific into those ones but try,to keep the hashtag big that means lots,of people are posting to it,now if you look at the hashtag okay,these first ones that you see are the,top posts but we're gonna switch to the,recent tab these are the most recent,posts now all of these posts have been,posted in the last few minutes some of,them in the last few seconds which means,that these people are probably watching,their accounts right now they probably,have their phone in their hand,now this is important okay you could,just go down this list and spam like,everything but you would risk being,action blocked or shadow banned and in,my opinion that's just not the right,attitude if you were networking at an,event and therefore it's not the right,attitude for connecting with people on,instagram the right thing to do and the,way that i'm going to explain is to go,down the list and when something looks,good something that you actually like,go to the post and give it a like and,when you feel like you have an opinion,on one of these posts share it in a,comment and remember we're networking so,if the person has shared their name,publicly use it in your comment you know,speak to them like a human this will,likely prompt people to comment back and,they might check out your account and if,your account is followable then they,might just hit that follow button you,know not everybody will but some might,and over time if you keep doing this you,will start connecting with people and,you will already have built up a slight,relationship with this person because,they will remember you as the person who,commented on their post i'll talk more,about making your account followable to,increase the chances of someone hitting,the follow button in a second now,remember to be a human there is nothing,wrong with using strategies like this to,connect with lots of people that's what,these platforms are for but when you,start to act like a robot that's when,problems arise and that's when instagram,will you know ban you and that's when i,will think that you're not being a good,person now before we head on to the next,one i'm going to ask you very kindly to,hit that like button so in that hashtag,we were just looking at those are all of,the kind of mirror accounts the people,sharing content just like ours but how,do you find fans of the content that we,make if you think about it those were,all photographers but if we're looking,for someone who is interested in,something but doesn't actually create,that content how do we do that because,they haven't got posts so i want you to,go to the same kind of hashtags big ones,and go to the recent tab and now we're,looking for big accounts where feature,accounts are perfect for this okay so,pick something that is similar to what,you do if you see an image that looks,like the kind of thing that you do pick,that it'd be good if you could find one,that is quite recent now if you go to,that post and tap on the likes you will,see a list of people that are interested,in that post that is very similar,to your posts which means they might be,interested in your content and just like,before my opinion is that if you spam,follow and spam like all of these,accounts that is the wrong thing to do,and you risk being shadow band and you,risk being a bad person,but if you go down these accounts and,when you see something that you kind of,connect with or someone who you think is,interesting and you go and like a few of,their images and leave a comment maybe,not anything weird remember we don't,want to be weirdos and just start you,know going into people's accounts and,leaving random comments but we do want,to try and connect with people so when,you see that opportunity connect with,people and they will come over to your,account and if

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10 Minute Growth Hacks To Get 10k Followers FAST

10 Minute Growth Hacks To Get 10k Followers FAST

what if I told you that five minutes per,day twice a day could be all you need to,get your Instagram stats from this to,this in fact I picked five random people,for my DMs to do these 10 minute hacks,over the span of 30 days and the results,are quite surprising my friends,better than this but let's not get ahead,now before we take a look at how many,followers just this one strategy brought,to her five dominators did you actually,know that you can get mentored by me,personally over the next six months and,I'll help you grow your rant depending,on where you are what you need to end up,dab what your goals are I still have a,few spots left not too many though you,can apply Down Below in the description,and I'll see you soon hopefully,the first one is something I feel like,people think they know and whenever I,talk about it they're like teachers,something new but here's what you don't,know I sometimes check people's profiles,out after they're writing stuff like,that and guess what most of them just,don't do it or do it the wrong way,yourself now in order to know the true,potential of the strategy you first need,to understand the algorithm Instagram's,algorithm and its basic core first which,is the algorithm needs to know you who,you are what your content is about and,who your ideal target audience is in,order to recommend you to a wider,audience and generally you should know,that they do it by taking a very close,look at everything you do and everything,you create you know for example they,take a look at hashtags your content you,know everything that's in there and then,people who actually interact with you,and other accounts they interact with,and actually because of that it can take,a while for the algorithm to really,understand what's going on which is why,you need to give some help and give the,Instagram algorithm certain pointers to,actually cut that learning curve by a,lot I call it the Outreach strategy or,one of the Outreach strategies and it's,basically the backbone of modern,Instagram growth and the rules are,actually pretty simple you find your,target audience and start interacting,with them ideally you take competitors,and start engaging with their engagers,and some will actually interact back,checking out your profile if it's,optimized if it's good well pretty good,you get followers plus you actually and,this is important thing you give the,algorithm valuable insights to well,actually who to recommend you to and to,actually get recommended faster now,doing this just five minutes a day will,massively increase your exposure and you,know actually get YouTube Baseline,attention level people can grow 500 to a,thousand followers a month just by doing,this there's one thing you need to watch,out though do it rather slow or then,faster to not get flagged as a spammer,but if you naturally do it and actually,engage with people and not spam them you,actually should be fine so five days,after we started just with this whole,outrage meth the Dominator a got a,whopping 38 extra followers Dominator B,got 51 not bad Dominator C seven but I'm,sure they were half-assing everything,yeah we're gonna get to that a little,later profile d and e also did quite,well I would say with 42 and 48 uh,followers reach within the first five,days so with 25 days left looking at,these things we're a lot closer to our,goals right,the thing with this Outreach strategy,once you get a certain level of organic,growth you can actually stop with it,because while you can get a certain,Baseline you know with that there is a,cap and your time afterwards is better,spent doing some other things like this,next fight for an attack that's on our,list you might have heard me or other,people say well great at least one reel,a day to grow on Instagram and you might,feel a little overwhelmed just you know,thinking about this right now but what,if I told you you absolutely can create,one real or actually normal feed post,per day it's not just about reels don't,forget that and actually with minimal,effort some might even say you can,create let's say a real a day with just,10 minutes a day so first let me show,you some data on why posting at least,once a day is actually the key to,success right now with the example of,Dominator a before this challenge if you,will he posted about once to twice a,week sometimes a real sometimes a feed,post and generally he reached around 400,people per post then with this new,strategy that we're going to talk about,today he actually met I suppose once a,day and here's the interesting thing on,some days he reached 300 people and,especially at the beginning some days,were you know actually pretty bad where,he'd only reached 60 people but on the,other hand some were actually really,good where he reached 3 000 for example,so even though at the beginning on,average he reached less people per post,400 before to you know 300 sometimes,even less if you count them together,it's still a lot more than before you,know not even speaking

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Free Instagram Likes - How to get up to 500 likes on Instagram (No App) 2021

Free Instagram Likes - How to get up to 500 likes on Instagram (No App) 2021

hey guys so i want to go ahead and get a,lot of likes on my instagram posts but,unfortunately guys,i am not getting a lot of likes but in,this video i'm going to be showing you,how to go ahead and add a ton of likes,to whatever post you want guys as you,can see on my post here only two people,liked it so this is really not enough,guys i want a lot,so i'm gonna show you guys how to go,ahead and get a ton of likes completely,for free,so if you're on an iphone go to settings,and what you need to do is go ahead and,do a few things so,first we need to go to general and find,an option called background app refresh,and make sure it's on,this has to be on guys otherwise it,won't work so have it on either wi-fi or,wi-fi and sell your data,whatever you guys have access to and,once you've done that all you have to do,is go ahead and go,to this other section which is called,battery so go down to where it says,battery guys in the settings,and you need to make sure that the low,power mode is off now you know this is,on because your battery percentage will,turn yellow so make sure guys low power,mode is switched off,and then once you've done that you just,need to go to where it says app store,so find the section called app store and,once you're in there make sure guys the,automatic downloads is on,this should be on by default but if,automatic download this amazing website,guys the website we'll be using is,called,so let me just type that in,this website will allow you to add free,likes to your posts,so basically once you're on the website,you want to look for the option that,says free instagram likes,this site is a ton of different mods so,there it is free instagram likes,so in order to do it you just want to,click on it and it's going to load a new,page and it will ask you for your,username so make sure to put in your,username guys,and then you get to select the image,where you want to add the likes so i'm,just going to go ahead and put in my,username here,so make sure to spell it correctly so,let me just do this right here,riverwizard all right all right so,anyways,then i'm going to go ahead and press,connect and it's just going to load,it's going to ask you to pick how many,likes you want so 100 200 or 500,i'll go for 500 and then how to split,them so in one post five poster 10,so i'm going to go ahead and just do one,but you can,if you want it to be in more you can do,that so i'm going to do one post,and then it's going to connect to the,database so let it load and it will,successfully connect it's going to,forward the secret,and once that's done it will say secret,successfully forwarded,it's going to inject the likes and as,you can see they're going up in real,time so you can see right there they're,injecting,and once this is done it'll say,successfully added once it says that go,back to instagram guys and what you want,to do is go to the post and you should,see the likes,so let's reopen our instagram account,and click on the post guys,um so let me just go ahead and go over,here and i'm going to go ahead and go,over to the post,that i showed you guys earlier it only,had two likes and now we should have a,ton so let me just go ahead and click on,it guys as you can see,all right i'm just going to go ahead and,do that and as you can see guys the,likes are going up in real time we are,going to hit,500 likes so i hope you guys enjoyed the,video be sure to go ahead share this,method with your friends,get the word out about this crazy way to,get free instagram likes on your posts,it's super super cool i can't believe,this actually works guys it's insane as,you can see,500 likes guys this is incredible i mean,look at this,this is super super cool so share with,your friends guys get the word

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How to get more LIKES on Instagram in 2022 (NO FAKE LIKES!)

How to get more LIKES on Instagram in 2022 (NO FAKE LIKES!)

What's up, everyone?,Welcome back to my channel.,In the last week's video, I shared with you three ways that you can boost your efforts,in order to accelerate your growth on Instagram so that you can get to the 10k mark faster.,Well, in today's video, I'm going to share a similar video on how you can boost your,efforts except this time it's going to be all about how you can increase your likes,and comments on your Instagram photos.,So if you're interested in learning how you can boost your engagement, then keep on watching.,Now what I find is that a lot of people evaluate their performance on Instagram based on the,followers that they have.,Well, in my opinion, I personally believe that your engagement is probably far more,important than your following count.,And the reason for this is because in the Instagram space, there's just so many people,who buy fake followers that nowadays brands and partners or whoever's interested in potentially,working with you on social media, they're always going to be looking at how many comments,you have, how many likes you have and how many views you have on your videos that you,post on Instagram in order to evaluate if you are actually real or not.,Even then in this day and age, people can still buy likes, comments, and views.,However, the issue with this is that if you are stuck in a loophole of constantly investing,in fake vanity metrics, you're going to be stuck in this vicious cycle of talking to,no one.,That's why I'm going to share with you my six tips on how you can boost your engagement,organically starting with tip #1 which is to make sure that your post is fully optimized.,Now you might be wondering what exactly is a fully optimized photo?,Well, I'm going to share my screen and give you an example of what I think a fully optimized,photo looks like.,Now, we're looking at one of my photos right here.,And the reason why this is fully optimized is because first of all, I am including a,location.,So I was at a cafe and this is where I took the picture of and I added the location so,that people can find me faster if they were also looking for inspiration from this cafe.,I've also tagged other accounts that are within my niche.,And the reason for this is because if someone goes on their account and they look at their,tagged photos, I might show up.,The next thing is, is that I have a micro blog like caption or some sort of engaging,caption that is very targeted to my niche or my target audience.,And last but not the least, I also have optimized my hashtags to fit my niche.,Now, if you don't know any of these tips, make sure that you download my Instagram guide,right here or you watch this video in order to really get the scoop on how to optimize,your hashtags and how to make sure that you are really ensuring that your post are maximized,and you're using all of Instagram tools to its fullest.,The second tip that I have for you is very simple, yet also very effective.,And that is when you are writing captions, make sure that you are putting a call to action,at the end so that you are incentivizing your audience to actually continue the conversation.,For example, something that you can write at the end is saying "Drop your favorite emoji,if you agree," or you could write something like, "Like this post if you agree," or "Double,tap if you agree".,Or you could say something like, "Comment below.,I'd love to hear your thoughts".,You want to make sure that you are encouraging conversations to happen within your comment,section so that you can increase your engagement.,That also brings me to my third tip which is to make sure that you are replying to all,comments within at least the first 30 minutes of posting.,The reason why you want to ensure that you are engaging back with your audience at least,within the first 30 minutes is because in Instagram's algorithm, they determine the,success of your post based on the first 30 minutes and the amount of engagement that,you receive.,So, imagine if within the first 30 minutes you get 10 comments and you reply to each,one.,Then that becomes 20 comments.,That's why you really want to make sure that when you are posting on Instagram that you're,also going to be at your phone so that you can continue the conversation and respond,back to your audience.,And also aside from algorithm purposes, my rule of thumb is to just always bring value,and engage back with your audience and actually make an effort to get to know the people who,have really enjoyed your content so much so to leave a comment on your post.,That's why in my opinion regardless of the algorithm, this is a best practice that you,need to do on Instagram if you want to succeed as a personal brand and if you want to succeed,on social media.,Now this brings me to my fourth tip, and that is to understand when are the best post times,for your account.,Now in order to understand the when is the best post time for your account, you really,want to dive into your Instagram analytics.,I'm

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Free Instagram Likes ✅ How I get Free Instagram Likes in 2020 (iOS & Android)

Free Instagram Likes ✅ How I get Free Instagram Likes in 2020 (iOS & Android)

yo what is going on youtube today i'm,going to show you how to get free,instagram likes,um completely for free working in 2020,you guys are going to,do exactly what i'm doing right now as,you can see you're going to scroll,through your feed,and get pretty much unlimited free,instagram likes,um and it's just gonna be spamming your,instagram feed so let me show you guys,how to do this,it's completely free easy to do let's,get into the tutorial,today i wanted to show you how to get,free instagram likes for,your instagram account so guys if you,have an instagram account,you can get pretty much um unlimited,free likes on instagram,i'm gonna be using this account right,here as you can see um i've already got,i mean you can't see the likes now but,offer i can sorry i've already got 15,000 likes on this photo,um so i'm going to show you guys pretty,much how to actually do this,it's completely free and i'm going to,add some more likes to this photo right,now,you can also there's also a way to get,followers as well,but this is just a method on how to get,your free instagram likes,um so let's get into the video stop,wasting time um so let's go to my,profile,alrighty so we're on my profile right,now um we'll go over to our settings on,our iphone,on on instagram sorry go over to privacy,and you want to make sure that your,account privacy,is on public now guys if your instagram,account is not on public,you will not be able to get these free,instagram likes so,this won't work for you it's very easy,to turn on obviously,make sure your account is on public for,this to work all right so once we've,done that,we can then just go back at the top and,then we can scroll down,um we'll go to security,and you want to see the bottom of secure,so in your settings go to security,you're going to see at this bottom it's,going to say clear search history just,click on that,and you want to make sure to clear all,this is just a safety feature,um so you don't make sure you don't get,called or anything like that make sure,you have security clear all your search,history once we've done that,we can then go to the next step and um,we're going to go to our settings on our,phone we just got there's three things,we're going to check so we've got our,settings on our phone,go to general and then go down to,background app refresh,and you want to make sure background app,refresh is,turned on guys so you want to make sure,that's on now this is on by default so,don't worry about that,um but make sure background app refresh,is turned on on your iphone,and androids all the same so once you,guys have those,two to three things checked um we can,then go to safari and go to ig,likes free so you want to go to that,website,ig,so you can see that you want to type,that exactly,like that into your safari browser i'm,going to say here the instagram get free,likes your instagram account so what you,do is simply just type in,your instagram username so i'm going to,type that in right now,so you want to type that in now you can,type in your name obviously,um press connect and then it's going to,start to connect to my instagram account,so ig,likes free and it's going to say how,many likes you want,a thousand two thousand five hundred,five thousand let's just get a thousand,here,and i'll show you guys how to do this so,as you can see it's just getting our,likes right now however it's not,complete,um we're almost done it's gonna give,this little one little last step,and then we can get those free um likes,so,as you can see just loading right now,and it's going to say it's going to take,us to this page and say congrats you're,almost done,um but we have to make sure um this like,little bot check thing so it's like,checking for robots doing this,um so you just click on the red button,there and once we've done this,it's going to take us to the next step,where then we can then get our free,likes,so it's going to take us to this page,it's going to say make,me famous follow the instructions on two,offers below to add your free,real instagram likes so guys you're,gonna have like a list of apps here,um they're gonna have some instructions,you wanna make sure you do at least two,to three of these,for this to work so i'm gonna show you,guys right now this was working,um and yeah we'll get into that right,now so as you can see,let's load this app now you guys,remember these apps are completely free,they don't cost you anything,completely free to do completely free um,so this one wants to download for 30,seconds so i'll do that,also the cyberghost one here we have to,do as well um so we'll do that one,download that okay perfect so,we should now have two new applications,on our phone,if it doesn't work for you go back and,get some other apps um but yeah you want,to make sure you've got at least two,these apps are completely free like i,said um but,you just got to make sure now to,complete the instructions this wanted us,to just open and run them,so let's quickly do that gu

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