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A Simple Trick To INCREASE Your Instagram Followers (Real People, No Bots)okay so let's keep this si

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

A Simple Trick To INCREASE Your Instagram Followers (Real People, No Bots)

okay so let's keep this simple okay you,are looking for more followers right but,you want them to be real people people,who are interested in the type of thing,that your account is about so your niche,with this strategy there are kind of two,ways of doing this and they work,differently for different niches so make,sure you stick around for both now just,as we get into this i want you to think,of this a little bit like the instagram,equivalent of networking at an event or,something like that so for the first way,that we're going to do this i want you,to go to your instagram account and when,you go to the search bar at the top and,i want you to type in a hashtag that,relates to your niche pick a big one so,there are lots of posts okay so in this,example i'm going to use a hashtag that,relates to me to my account which is,about landscape photography so i'm going,to choose,landscape photography now the people who,are posting to this hashtag are exactly,the kind of person that would be,interested in my account now if you do,fitness choose a hashtag that's fitness,related it could be,fitness hashtag boxing hashtag crossfit,or if it's food related you know you,could do hashtag food but you could go,really specific into those ones but try,to keep the hashtag big that means lots,of people are posting to it,now if you look at the hashtag okay,these first ones that you see are the,top posts but we're gonna switch to the,recent tab these are the most recent,posts now all of these posts have been,posted in the last few minutes some of,them in the last few seconds which means,that these people are probably watching,their accounts right now they probably,have their phone in their hand,now this is important okay you could,just go down this list and spam like,everything but you would risk being,action blocked or shadow banned and in,my opinion that's just not the right,attitude if you were networking at an,event and therefore it's not the right,attitude for connecting with people on,instagram the right thing to do and the,way that i'm going to explain is to go,down the list and when something looks,good something that you actually like,go to the post and give it a like and,when you feel like you have an opinion,on one of these posts share it in a,comment and remember we're networking so,if the person has shared their name,publicly use it in your comment you know,speak to them like a human this will,likely prompt people to comment back and,they might check out your account and if,your account is followable then they,might just hit that follow button you,know not everybody will but some might,and over time if you keep doing this you,will start connecting with people and,you will already have built up a slight,relationship with this person because,they will remember you as the person who,commented on their post i'll talk more,about making your account followable to,increase the chances of someone hitting,the follow button in a second now,remember to be a human there is nothing,wrong with using strategies like this to,connect with lots of people that's what,these platforms are for but when you,start to act like a robot that's when,problems arise and that's when instagram,will you know ban you and that's when i,will think that you're not being a good,person now before we head on to the next,one i'm going to ask you very kindly to,hit that like button so in that hashtag,we were just looking at those are all of,the kind of mirror accounts the people,sharing content just like ours but how,do you find fans of the content that we,make if you think about it those were,all photographers but if we're looking,for someone who is interested in,something but doesn't actually create,that content how do we do that because,they haven't got posts so i want you to,go to the same kind of hashtags big ones,and go to the recent tab and now we're,looking for big accounts where feature,accounts are perfect for this okay so,pick something that is similar to what,you do if you see an image that looks,like the kind of thing that you do pick,that it'd be good if you could find one,that is quite recent now if you go to,that post and tap on the likes you will,see a list of people that are interested,in that post that is very similar,to your posts which means they might be,interested in your content and just like,before my opinion is that if you spam,follow and spam like all of these,accounts that is the wrong thing to do,and you risk being shadow band and you,risk being a bad person,but if you go down these accounts and,when you see something that you kind of,connect with or someone who you think is,interesting and you go and like a few of,their images and leave a comment maybe,not anything weird remember we don't,want to be weirdos and just start you,know going into people's accounts and,leaving random comments but we do want,to try and connect with people so when,you see that opportunity connect with,people and they will come over to your,account and if

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✅ HOW TO INCREASE FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM for FREE (2022) 🔥 —Get 1,000 FREE Instagram Followers FAST

✅ HOW TO INCREASE FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM for FREE (2022) 🔥 —Get 1,000 FREE Instagram Followers FAST

hi guys it's chet here from website,wizard dot tv,in this video i'm going to show you how,to get instagram followers fast,using the lightning method the lightning,method has four simple steps,and you can use it to gain thousands of,real followers on instagram for free,in a very short space of time so if you,want to learn how to grow,on instagram and get free instagram,followers quickly then be sure to watch,the video,until the end to learn how to do it,let's get started,don't forget to subscribe for more,videos like this and be sure to turn on,notifications,and if you're a new subscriber to my,channel then let me know by leaving a,comment below the video saying i,subscribed and i'll reply to each and,every one of you,let's dive straight in so first off let,me show you a brand new instagram,account which i created just for this,video so i created this example account,for the fashion industry and you can see,the account has,zero followers and zero likes on the,post so i'm going to apply the,techniques from the lightning method,live on this account so you can see the,real-time results,so i just added a few posts here to make,it look like a real account otherwise no,one will want to follow it and when you,apply the lightning method to your own,account i recommend you have at least,nine posts with an author bio and a,profile picture so that your account,looks real so let's see if we can get 20,followers on this brand new account by,the end of the video,so let's get started with step one,follow the boss list,so go to the search bar on instagram and,search for bosslist,that's b o s s l i s,t then click on that account and follow,that account,then go into the following list on that,account and it has the biggest,instagram accounts with the most,followers so follow the accounts in that,list,one by one and don't follow more than 30,in one go,and the reason is because instagram has,a limit on the amount of people you can,follow and unfollow per,hour and also per day so stick with,around 30 here,and as you can see within one minute,we've already got four followers here,so let's wait about an hour and then,we're gonna unfollow all of these people,we just followed,so i'm gonna pause the video and come,back in one hour so it's been about an,hour so go to the boss list account here,go to the following list and then you,want to unfollow all the people we,followed,and you can see we've already got seven,followers since the start of the video,so as you can see you can use step one,to gain,instagram followers very quickly however,they're not targeted followers,so in the next two steps of the,lightning method we're going to look at,how to get,instagram followers that are already,interested in the content you're sharing,on your profile,so let's go on to step two so now i'm,going to show you how to get followers,on,instagram which are targeted to your,specific niche and these are the best,type of followers you can get and,they're the ones that are going to be,most engaged with your content and like,and comment on your posts,and i can also show you how to make,money from instagram in later videos,and you don't need tens of thousands of,followers to do it either so if you want,me to make a video on that then leave,a comment below saying make the video,and subscribe and turn on notifications,so you don't miss it,so let's go to the search bar and search,for pages that are similar to yours,in this case i'm looking for pages,related to the fashion industry,so in the search box i'm going to type,fashion,and then i'm going to click on the,accounts tab here,so this gives us the top accounts in our,niche and i'm going to go to the big,accounts that are influencers,in this niche so i'm going to go to this,one right here,and as you can see 16.4 million,followers,so go to the most recent post here and,you want to click,on the people that liked this post and,then you want to just follow around 30,of the people in this list so let's do,that right now,so these are active people that are,interested in our niche so they're,likely to follow us back and like,and comment on our posts as well so what,you can do here is you can wait about,one to two days and you can just,unfollow the people that didn't follow,you back from this list,now again as i mentioned earlier there,is a limit on your number of accounts,you can follow and unfollow on instagram,per,hour and per day so make sure you're not,following and unfollowing more than 30,to 40 accounts per hour,and no more than 200 to 300 per day in,total,so use this method carefully so i'm,gonna report back later on,on the results of this so far we have,13 followers so far so now let's move on,to,step three of the lightning method so go,back to the search bar and search for,our niche topic here,in this case i'm going to search fashion,and then i'm going to click on the tags,tab right here,so choose one of the hashtags here and,open its page,so i'm going to choose this one right,here then i'm going to click o

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IF I HAD TO START FROM 0, THIS IS WHAT I WOULD DO | DO THIS to Hit 10k Followers On Instagram

IF I HAD TO START FROM 0, THIS IS WHAT I WOULD DO | DO THIS to Hit 10k Followers On Instagram

if i had to start an instagram account,from scratch absolute zero followers,this would be my exact plan to hit 10,000 followers in 30 days we're talking,what i would do on day 1 day 2 day 30.,grab pen grab a piece of paper because,you're going to want to follow this plan,exactly to see the quickest and best,results,what's up friends it's millie welcome,back to my channel where you can expect,weekly videos from me every sunday and,wednesday teaching you the latest,strategies for how you can grow your,brand business and social media as an,aspiring influencer first i want to say,a huge thank you to this video shout,outs because i wouldn't be here if it,wasn't for all of you if you want a,shout out in one of my future videos be,sure to screenshot yourself watching,this and tag me over on instagram,stories or leave a comment below and,subscribe to my channel as always,timestamps will be in the comments down,below because i value your time and you,already know why you're here so,let's get into it,all right it's day one i have zero,followers what do we do week one is all,about preparing the land believe it or,not during this first week i am not,going to be posting every day or pumping,out reels left and right i'm going to,prepare my account for new followers to,make sure when new visitors do come,they're going to press that follow,button because why would i invite,somebody over for dinner when i haven't,even planned the meal yet or when i,haven't even started cooking right you,know what i mean okay so how do you do,that day one this might be like a minute,one or hour one thing or it could be a,whole day depends on where you're at,with your journey but first and foremost,you need to be clear about who you are,and who you want to be and what presence,you want to establish on instagram what,do you want to be known for where do you,see yourself in the next three to five,years start acting like black star act,and lack,start acting like that person today when,you know what the ultimate goal is that,you want with instagram you're able to,create an actual plan to help you get,there so if you want to be a fitness,coach,we're going to create your plan around,you being a fitness coach if in three to,five years you want to be a i don't know,what do people want to be these days or,in three to five years you want to just,have an instagram account that's about,you tasting and trying different coffees,around your city start doing that now,start creating the plan for you three to,five years from now okay day two it is,day two what do we do first i wanna be,on a creator account so let's just get,that out of the way i'm going to be on a,creator account now when i set up my,profile i want to use a strong profile,photo username and nameplate that,establishes my positioning all three of,these things should match and make sense,together if you're in the fashion niche,lifestyle photos look great for profile,photos if you're on the travel niche,travel photos make sense i'm a coach i,want mine to be professional but also a,little fun and playful so i'm gonna do a,nice headshot me smiling looking at the,camera with a solid background color,because brand colors now that i have a,strong profile photo my username is not,millygirl1234 it's like ig with millie,you know it makes sense with my niche,and my nameplate says influencer coach,next i'm gonna make sure my bio,communicates why someone should follow,me believe it or not your bio is not,about you it doesn't matter where you're,located it doesn't matter what your,favorite quote is or that you're a dog,mom and you love coffee like,no your bio should be about why somebody,should follow you because when you know,exactly who you're trying to reach and,how you can help them you're already,ahead of the game so i want to reach,aspiring influencers and i know that the,thing they struggle with the most is,growing on social media and making money,so that's what i'm gonna say my bio i'm,gonna say helping aspiring influencers,establish their presence on instagram,and land paid brand collabs i'm gonna,tell them right away what's in it for,them i have an entire video that teaches,you why instagram seo is a great tool,and how you can make sure that you are,implementing it into your instagram,strategy so after this video i recommend,watching this one next now we're on day,three content research on day three i'm,going to dive into my content research,within my niche while keeping an open,mind i'm keeping an open mind because i,don't want to already assume that i know,what's going to work or that i already,know what topics to talk about i want to,start from scratch refresh what is,currently happening in my niche and if,you're somebody who wants to grow fast,remaining in one niche and being,topically consistent is going to be,vital because it makes your content more,binge worthy like a netflix show think,about your behavior when you're watching,tv are you going to watch one episode of,the office and then game

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1-10K Followers on Instagram in 7 Days (Step By Step Guide)

1-10K Followers on Instagram in 7 Days (Step By Step Guide)

in this video i'm going to be giving you,this six step blueprint to be able to,gain 10 000 followers on instagram by,the end of the week in fact i just,helped this creator do it this creator,do it this creator do it this creator do,it and this creator do it and all of,them were no different than you they're,small creators they didn't have any idea,what they were doing on instagram they,didn't know how many times to post what,time to post what hashtags use even what,kind of content decreed which are all,the things that i'm going to be sharing,with you in this video but i will warn,you if you skip just one part of this,video it's going to be the reason that,you don't gain that many followers on,instagram and it's going to be the,reason that ultimately you failed to,grow on instagram during the easiest,time ever to grow on instagram now,before i get into that i need you to,smash that subscribe button if you want,to grow quicker on instagram tic tac or,youtube i literally upload a video about,how to go on these platforms every,single day in addition to that i created,a free instagram growth course you can,get the link in the pin comment below,it's going to share with you things that,won't be covered in this video like how,to turn your views and followers and so,much more so please make sure you get,into it it is 100 free what are you,waiting for now step number one you need,to make sure that you're actually,putting out the right content on,instagram cannot emphasize this enough,the only two pieces of content you,should be putting out are reels and,stories if you're not putting out reels,then you're not going to be growing on,instagram it's that simple the days of,just posting photos posting igtv posting,regular videos or just posting every,once in a while on instagram and,expecting to grow those days are over if,you look at the account of anybody,that's a small creator on instagram that,is growing right now they've posted a,ton of reels and that is why they've,been successful and you need to do the,same exact thing you need to understand,something instagram is focused on,competing with tick tock tick tock has,short form content which means that,short form content is what is working on,instagram right now in fact videos 5 to,11 seconds long are going viral on,instagram more than anything else and a,lot of you guys are making 60 second,videos 40 second videos and you're,making a huge mistake start making,shorter firm content on instagram reels,as long as that's what's working within,your niche which if you're watching this,video i'm pretty sure that's what's,working within your niche unless there's,something totally drastically different,that's going on in your niche in which,case you should hop on that and do that,but for the rest of you 5 to 11 second,videos are the way to go ideally they,want to be videos that are looping for,example this video right here is a loop,got over 10 000 views on this video and,luis was able to gain a ton of followers,from this video and you can do the same,exact thing within your content the way,that you actually loop your content is,by putting a really short clip and,making sure that they go to the,description to read what's in the,description that is what's going to,allow you to loop that is what's going,to get you over 100 watch time and,ultimately that's what's going to get,you more exposure on instagram because,all instagram cares about is keeping,people on the app and the easiest way,for them to know if you're keeping,people on the app is the watch time that,you're getting in your posts and they're,able to quantify that now with reels,they weren't able to do that with,pictures they weren't able to do that,with regular videos igtv because they,just weren't that advanced and tick-tock,really came out of nowhere and said hey,we're going to take the best things from,youtube and put them in a short form app,that's why tick-tock was so successful,now instagram is catching up but you,need to make sure that you're actually,adapting to the new ways of posting on,instagram so step number one making sure,that you're posting the right content,step number two making sure that your,content's the right length now we need,to make sure that you're actually making,your content about topics that are,working within your niche the easiest,way to find this is to go into the top,hashtags in your niche look at the small,creators in there that are blowing up,getting 50 000 views 100 000 views a,million views see what they did in their,videos either repost those videos or,recreate those videos and if those work,you need to make sure that you're,doubling down this is a huge mistake,that so many people are doing on,instagram in fact people do this all,over through everything in life,something works and they don't continue,to do it instead something works then,they do something totally different the,next time do not do that that is the,number one mistake that is holding you,back on instagram right now if

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Free Instagram Followers 2022 - How I get Instagram Followers For Free iOS / Android

Free Instagram Followers 2022 - How I get Instagram Followers For Free iOS / Android

hey guys in this video i'm gonna show,you how to get instagram plus a plus on,your device this is the crazy modded,version guys that will give you,unlimited instagram followers and you,don't have to post anything and you do,not have to send anyone a follow request,and the best part is guys this is real,people in the normal instagram app are,going to see that your followers are the,same as they are in this instagram plus,plus so as you can see right now i just,did it and the followers are rising so,i'm going to show you guys exactly to,download this now you might be thinking,do you have to jailbreak do you need a,computer the answer is no guys this is,all done on the phone so if you're using,an iphone guys there are many settings,to change we're going to go over the,settings app go to general and find this,option called background app refresh now,you want to make sure this is turned on,as it allows app store fresh content in,the background and you can have it on,wi-fi or wi-fi and cellular data so once,you've done that guys we're going to go,back and we're going to go to where it,says battery and you want to make sure,that the low power mode is turned off,now you'll know it's on because your,battery percentage is going to be yellow,so make sure guys that the low power,mode is turned off so once you've done,that guys all we're going to do is go,over to app store and make sure that the,automatic downloads is turned on so once,you're in the app store section just,check for this cellular data automatic,downloads and make sure it is on once,you've done that you're good to go so,all we have to do now is go over to this,amazing site so let me just go to my,browser and i'm going to show you guys,exactly where you need to go,so this site has a bunch of modded apps,and games pretty crazy you can kind of,think of it as like a modded app store,so i'm just going to type it in for you,guys and i have found a ridiculous,amount of apps on the site that are,never coming to the app store these are,just secret modded apps so once you're,here guys what i recommend doing at,least is just going to the search bar,and putting in instagram plus but you,could also scroll around you might get,lost though because there's so much to,look at they have like spotify plus plus,free coins and subway surfers tick tock,view private profiles minecraft without,paying but um anyways let's go up to the,search bar and download the app so i'm,going to type in instagram plus plus and,you can type instagram if you want but i,just recommend putting in instagram plus,plus so anyways once it comes up guys,you want to press on it and it does not,only have free followers it includes,many other options but you're going to,see a button that says sign app so just,press this and it will download now,basically as you can see this site has,literally over 29 000 downloads for the,instagram plus plus because it is real i,mean people know about this site it's,not that well known though that's why,i'm making this tutorial so you guys can,share it and find out about it but it is,it's pretty cool so once this bar,reaches the end there'll be a final,button that says install app you press,that and it's going to really download,so,be sure to go ahead and try this out for,yourself if this tutorial was helpful,you probably should subscribe because,i'm going to make some more tutorials,just like this one in the future it's,pretty insane guys and this is just,awesome stuff so yeah i'm a big thing,with instagram i use it a lot and i mean,let's face it it's not that easy to get,like 10 000 followers but with this,instagram plus plus you can actually get,a ridiculous amount so yeah as you can,see right there we're going all the way,up we might reach 10k right now i think,it gives you 5 000 every time you open,the app so maybe don't open it all the,time maybe you don't restart it all the,time but um yeah this is super crazy,guys and it works so good for me like,i've never complained about it it's,never had any lag so see you later and,peace out

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hi you guys welcome to my channel my,name is nia and on this channel we do,lifestyle beauty fashion,and all the vibes but today's video is,slightly different,all right guys as i said today's video,is slightly different i am doing a,helpful video today i am going to help,you guys gain followers on instagram,literally overnight so easy 50 125,whatever it is that you are looking for,i am going to show you how you can do,that like so easily you don't have to,pay money i don't really take instagram,that seriously so i don't have that many,followers,but i know this works and i have helped,other people get followers on instagram,by doing this but i'm just too lazy and,i'm not too concerned with it but if,you're looking to like hit a goal you,want a thousand followers you want two,thousand three thousand four thousand,whatever you just wanna hit that goal,that mark or whatever it may be i'm,gonna show you how to do that today,so basically let me screen record my,screen for you guys here we go,here is my profile,okay so what you're gonna do is just,honestly find a random influencer,let's see this girl's beautiful,how many followers does she have five,thousand okay so she has a pretty good,amount of followers i only do this for,girls because,i don't want just boys coming to my page,thinking that i like them so be careful,you guys that's not,the vibes i don't want boys thinking,that i'm like liking all their pictures,for them to come talk to me we're not,doing that so i only do girls basically,i find a girl who has um,a public account,then i go through and i like her,pictures just random pictures,and usually it's good to find people,that follow a lot of people because then,they'll follow you but if you find,somebody who only follows like 20 people,then chances are they're not going to,follow you just by liking their pictures,because they take ig too seriously like,you do so you want to find people that,are kind of just like on ig just for,um just to hang out just for the vibes,you know all right you guys editing me,here uh not me realizing this makes no,sense uh if you don't know what i'm,talking about so basically what i'm,trying to say is you want to go to,either an influencers,page or a celebrity's page or honestly,like a micro influencer somebody who has,like a good amount of followers,and you want to go find somebody in,their followers list who has a public,page and who follows a good amount of,people so you want them to have like,follow quite a few people not like it,doesn't have to be like a million but,their ratio has to be kind of like a,normal person's ratio not someone who's,clearly trying to be an instagram model,so if they have a thousand followers,then they follow 900 people you know,they have a hefty amount of people that,they follow compared to the amount of,people that follow them if that makes,sense so you want to go to their page,and like their pictures because if you,see that the type of person who follows,people like a lot of people then they,may follow you if they like what you,post so you'll want to like their,pictures because it will grab their,attention and then once you've done that,go back to the original influencers page,that you were on and then find a new,profile on that page,do the exact same thing like their,pictures and then go back and do the,same thing keep finding new people and,what i was trying to say later on is you,can keep going in if you find a person's,page you like their pictures you can go,to the people that follow that person,because it's an even smaller group and,even like smaller crevice of instagram,that you wouldn't have even been on,before and go find people who follow,them and then you can also like their,pictures too so it's basically just,grabbing the attention from people that,wouldn't have noticed you before or,wouldn't have ever come across your,profile to even know that they like your,content you know what i mean,hopefully this makes sense,i also i keep saying this girl has quite,a few followers for the girls that i'm,clicking on i mean that they follow,quite a few people,the amount of people that they have,following them doesn't matter it's the,amount of people that they follow like i,said before you want them to have a,ratio where they follow a lot of people,that way they'll follow you,that girl i liked her pictures,where did she go she's over here so now,that i found this kind of this is like,very like you'll realize what i'm,talking about later you'll get the hang,of it but now that i found this,beautiful woman's profile i'm going to,go to her followers because people,follow her and she follows a lot of,people so let's see we're going to go,through her followers here's another,girl who follows quite a few people,like her pictures just randomly,next account you can even go deeper into,that account because she has quite a few,followers as well and then go in here,this girl has quite a few followers like,her pictures she's so cute love that,pink dress come on

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How to Gain Instagram Followers Organically 2022 (Grow from 0 to 5000 followers FAST!)

How to Gain Instagram Followers Organically 2022 (Grow from 0 to 5000 followers FAST!)

What is up everyone.,Welcome back to my channel.,Now in today's video, I'm actually going to show you exactly how to grow your Instagram,account organically.,No bots, no cheating, no body followers, no nothing in 2019.,Now I've had my Instagram account for a while, and since then I've grown it to over 7,000,followers, almost 8,000 followers using only purely organic strategies.,Now I know nowadays it's really easy to buy your way into Instagram success.,You can buy followers, you can buy likes, you can buy anything that you want.,But for me personally, I've always favored the organic approach, especially if you are,using Instagram for your business.,And I really say this for multiple reasons.,First of all, if you're spending money automating your account or spending money buying likes,and buying followers, you're going to need to financially keep that up for a long period,of time.,If you suddenly stop the financial investment of growing your account, it's going to be,very obvious that your past success was all fake, and it was something that you purchased,and now you can't keep up with it.,I've seen a lot of influencers and I've seen a lot of people have huge accounts and huge,success all of a sudden, and then you see a sudden crazy drop off because suddenly maybe,they decided it wasn't worth their investment anymore, or they couldn't keep up with the,prices.,That's a really dangerous spiral to find yourself in.,The second reason why it's important to stick to organic strategies, especially again for,your business, is you want to engage with real people, with real audiences, real potential,customers, real potential clients.,If all of them are fake or if all of them are ghost followers, you're really only talking,to yourself.,If you agree with my points at all or you are actually down for learning all of this,,then keep on watching because I'm going to share with you my five top hacks that I've,used to grow my Instagram organically to almost 8,000 followers.,And also before I forget, make sure you keep on watching because at the end I'm going to,share a resource that you can download with my full checklist of things to look at when,growing your Instagram organically.,You definitely don't want to miss that.,And as a fun bonus, this video is actually made in collaboration with my girl Natasha,.,I'm actually going to teach you the organic growth strategies and Natasha is going to,help you make your feed look bomb.,Because truth be told, your feed is actually the first impression that someone has when,they go onto your account.,And you want to make sure that you make the best impression possible, so that it increases,the chances of them following you and engaging with you.,Definitely check out Natasha's video.,I'm going to link it in the description box and the comment section below.,Now the first tip that I have that I feel a lot of people gloss over or don't mention,at all, is to actually change your name on Instagram so that you can optimize your SEO.,And what SEO means is search engine optimization.,Let me explain.,All right, I'm actually going to share my screen right over here so you can follow along.,But basically what you'll notice is that on my page you'll see that instead of just putting,my name on the front, I actually put Millennial Biz Coach because that's what I am.,And the reason why this is important, what I see a lot of people not doing is because,when you actually go into search and let's say I type in a millennial, even though the,person is typing millennial and not necessarily Vanessa, I'm still going to show up on the,page, which is awesome.,What I recommend to you, especially if you have a business, or you're a service based,business, is that capitalize the name section that's on your bio because that's going to,allow you to rank higher in SEO.,Realistically, no one is searching of Vanessa, especially people who don't know me.,And people are looking for millennial content, or they want to look for a business coach,,or something like that, they're going to search for that on search and I'm going to pop up.,The same thing is let's say for example you're a fitness coach, if you actually put fitness,coach as your name and someone in the area is looking for a fitness coach to work with,,guess who's going to pop up in search?,You.,Definitely make sure you're leveraging that key aspect of that bio section, and you're,not putting it to waste.,Because that isn't precious real estate to help you rank higher in Instagram search.,The second tip that I have for you is to write captions that convert.,I know it's really easy to want to post a meaningless emoji or a song lyric, but really,add depth to your Instagram accounts.,Something that I love to teach my clients when we're talking about their Instagram strategy,is, yes, the post itself, the picture has to be nice, because it's going to allow someone,to stop the scroll and actually pay attention to what you have to say.,But it's the caption that allows

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How to Increase instagram Followers - How to increase followers on instagram - instagram followers

How to Increase instagram Followers - How to increase followers on instagram - instagram followers

है और बिलॉन्ड टो कैसी जरिए जिंदगी आज मैं आपको  टॉप थ्री ट्रिक्स देने वालों Instagram कि जिससे  ,आप लोग Instagram के फॉरवर्ड और लाइक्स दोनों बना  पाओगे उसी के साथ इन ट्रैक्स को यूज करने के लिए  ,आपको कोई भी ऐप को डाउनलोड नहीं करना ना ही आपको  कॉइन जरा झंझट करना है बिना पॉइंट्स को आवंटित  ,किए बिना किसी एप्लीकेशन को यहां पर यूज कीजिए आप  लोग टॉप थ्री ट्रिक छे अपने पास बहुत सारे फॉरवर्ड  ,और लाइक्स को बढ़ा सकते हो अगर मैं आपको क्वांटिटी  बताऊं कि कितने ऑल वर्ड्स आपको एक बारी में मिलेंगे  ,तो लगभग 110 से 120 फॉलोअर्स आप इसे एक बार में  ले सकते हो अगर आप इसे पूरा दिन यूज करते हो तो  ,कम से कम भी देखा जाए तो अब 2006 बस एक दिन के अंदर  इसमें आराम से इनक्रीस कर सकते हो तो चलो जल्दी से  ,वीडियो को शुरू करते हैं वीडियो अच्छी लगे तो लाइक  करना चाहिए जो पहली दफा और नीचे रेड कलर का बटन है  ,सब्सक्राइब करके बेल आइकॉन को लाजमी से दबा दें  तो चलो जल्दी से शुरू करते हैं उसके लिए यहां पर  ,हम लोग अपने फोन की स्क्रीन के ऊपर ओके यहां पर  जाने के बाद आपको अपने किसी भी ब्राउज़र को ओपन  ,कर लेना है यहां पर मैंने अपने Chrome ब्राउज़र  ओपन कर लिया है कि राम के अंदर आपको भी आ जाना है  ,कोई ब्राउज़र यूज करना चाहो कर सकते हो और यहां पर  आपको लिखना है वह टीचर ठीक है वाइट इसे लेकर सर्च  ,कर देना और वाली टीचर डॉट इन सबसे ऊपर वेबसाइट  आ जाएगी सिंपली आपको रजिस्टर डॉट इन पर क्लिक कर  ,देना है क्लिक करते हैं यहां पर आपको बहुत सारे  आर्टिकल्स जाएंगे बट हमें इस आर्टिकल पर वह भी  ,मैं आपको जल्दी से थोड़ा सा वेट करना ताकि पूरी की  पूरी वेबसाइट जो अच्छे से हो जाए और उसके बाद हम  ,इस पर थोड़ा व कर सकते हो यहां पर ऊपर की साइड में  यह सिंपली आपको इसी के ऊपर क्लिक कर देना है क्लिक  ,करने के बाद यहां पर आपको लिखना है तो आप फ्री है  टॉप सी साइड आपको यहां पर सर्च कर देना अब स्कूल,में आ जाएगी अब इसी आर्टिकल के ऊपर आपने क्लिक  कर देना है ठीक है इस आर्टिकल पर क्लिक करना  ,थोड़ा सा वेट करना था कि पूरा आर्टिकल अच्छे  से लोड हो जाए ठीक है आर्टिकल यहां पर लगभग लोड  ,और यहां पर आपको गेट साइड का बटन मिल जाएगा  तो वेबसाइट का बटन आपको इसके अंदर देख लेना  ,है ओके सब्सक्राइब का बटन सिंपली हम इसके ऊपर  क्लिक कर देता है क्लिक करने के बाद 15 सेकंड  ,यहां पर छोटा सा टाइम पर थोड़ा सा वेट करना  और वीडियो को लाइक नहीं किया तो इसे लाइक लाइक,सबस्क्राइब और यह बहुत सारी हो जाएगी तो प्लीज  लाइक सबस्क्राइब और कुछ भी कह सकते हो तो मतलब  ,कंपलीट हो चुका है 10 और उसके बाद गैस साइड  पर सब्सक्राइब बटन क्लिक करें ठीक है उसके  ,बाद यहां पर आपको एक ऑप्शन भी ऐड कर सकते हैं  फ्री में बहुत सारी यहां पर और गिफ्ट खरीदना है  ,कि आप जॉइन करोगे तो आपको आइडिया हो जाएगा चलो  उसके बाद हम यहां पर स्क्रोल करते हैं ओके अब  ,यहां पर आपको तीन वेबसाइट मैंने दे रखी है ठीक  है आर्टिकल के अंदर ही थोड़ा सा सॉइल करोगे तो  ,यहां पर आपको फर्स्ट वेबसाइट लिखा हुआ दिख जाएगा इसी  तरह आपको बाकी दो वेबसाइट भी इसी तरह मिलेगी तो यह  ,फर्स्ट वेबसाइट और क्लिक हेयर का बटन जिससे कि आपको  क्लिक हेयर के बटन पर क्लिक कर देना है उसके बाद एक  ,वेबसाइट आपके पास आ जाएगी इस तरह की तीन वेबसाइट  दे रखी है मराठी के तीन वेबसाइट इस वेबसाइट को आप  ,जानते होंगे यह मैंने पहले भी अपलोड की थी बट आपने  आपको इसके साथ दो और वेबसाइट से राव यानी के टाइम  ,आप तीनों चीजों गुस्सा इसको अपने पास यूज कर सकते  हो इंटरनेट समझ गए होंगे आप किस तरह क्योंकि इसमें  ,आपको अपना Facebook अकाउंट लॉगिन करना होता है तो  सेंट पॉल्स के बटन पर क्लिक कर देना है और यहां पर  ,आपको पूरी सभी फेक अकाउंट है वह आपको यहां पर जल्दी  से लॉगिन कर देना बिना किसी दिक्कत के ओके तो आपको  ,अपना डिटेल फिल कर देना अपने फेसबुक अकाउंट यहां पर  और उसके बाद या लॉग इन सिस्टम पर क्लिक कर देना बाकी  ,जो वेबसाइट सैफ उनका रिव्यू नहीं दिखा सकता काफी  वीडियो लंबी हो जाएगी कि एक को टेस्ट किया तो सबका  ,जो कांसेप्ट एसएम है तो आपको सबको सेम तरीके से ही  करना लॉगिन जैसे यहां पर मैंने अपना अकाउंट लॉगिन  ,कर दिया है थोड़ा सा टाइम लगेगा और उसके बाद हमारा  जो भी अकाउंट हो गए यहां पर लॉगिन हो जाएगा देख सकते  ,हो 25100 रिव्यूस और पांच वीडियो व्यूज मिल रहे हैं  बट आपको क्या करना है सबसे नीचे यहां पर जाना है और  ,यहां पर फ्री डेली बोलर्स Amazing लिखा उस पर क्लिक  कर देना है बाकी दो वेबसाइट इसमें ऑप्शन नहीं होता  ,इसी वेबसाइट के अंदर मिलेगा यहां पर आकर गेट फ्री  डे लीफ और इस पर क्लिक करना है ठीक है अब काफी लोग  ,करेंगे इसको हम पहले भी कर चुके हैं बट अभी मैं आपको  इसके साथ दो और देर हो तो गेट के ऊपर की ओर देख सकते  ,हो 14 फॉलोअर्स का क्रेडिट एक्स्ट्रा मिल गया अब  मैं फॉरेस्ट के बटन पर क्लिक करूंगा देख सकते हैं  ,thirty-four हो चुके हैं एक ही बारी मुझे यहां से  3414 मिल गए और दो वेब साइज और भी है उनसे भी आपको  ,कुछ ना कुछ फॉर्म मिल जाएंगे जो कि आपको आर्टिकल  के अंदर ही दिख जाएंगी अब आपको यहां पर फॉलोवर्स  ,के बटन पर क्लिक करना है उसके बाद आपको यहां पर  स्क्रोल करना और आपको जो भी Instagram का यूजर  ,नेम मैं जिस पर भी आपको वॉलवल्स ने उसका यूजर नेम  डालकर हम पर फाइन यूजर पर क्लिक कर देना है पॉइंट  ,यह पर क्लिक करते हुए थोड़ी देर में आपके प्रोफाइल  पिक्चर यहां पर आ जाएगी यह देखो प्रोफाइल पिक्चर गया  ,तो क्वांटिटी कितनी की थी मीणा thirty-four की ठीक  है सॉरी 3434 अब मैं जल्द तो Instagram के अंदर और  ,हम लोग अपने रियल अकाउंट के अंदर सर्च कर लेते देख  लें तो अगर मैं फेक अकाउंट में आया था तो यह मेरा  ,फेवरेट सॉन्ग खुला रखा है तो यहां से मैं रियल  अकाउंट के अंदर चले जाता हूं ठीक है रियल अकाउंट  ,में जा करके मैं लाइक जर

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