how to fix 5xx server error on instagram

5xx server errors [How to Fix]hello everyone and welcome to this,tutorial in this video we will disc


Updated on Feb 24,2023

5xx server errors [How to Fix]

hello everyone and welcome to this,tutorial in this video we will discuss,5x6 server errors why are they important,how to check and how to fix the issue,why are they important,among the multitude of server errors,some of them are quite rare while others,are really frequent such as errors 500,and 503,every 500 internal server errors is a,general message reporting problem with,the server without providing any,specifics typically causes of such,errors are coding mistakes in,configuration files or application code,issues with the file permissions server,timeouts out of memory errors and so on,error 503 service unavailable typically,reports a temporary issue caused by a,server overload or related to system,maintenance this error could happen when,the site is facing more traffic that it,can handle or when maintenance is,performed on the,service given they disrupt your,potential 5x6 errors constitute issues,of the highest priority in terms your,seo efforts,fortunately search agents normally,understand the temporary nature or 503,errors so that rather than rushing to,remove the links of these websites from,their index they will re-attempt to,access the site in a couple of hours or,days consequently such problems might,lead to transit ranking issues but the,situation will revert once the site is,back online how to check and how to fix,the issue,you can check what status code of the,specific url returns with some free,browser applications such as for example,linked redirect trace,however if you want to check the whole,website it will be much more convenient,to check it with the site checker,after the audit is completed you will be,provided with a report of all the issues,in terms of technical seo including 5x6,client errors,however sometimes inside checker you may,see that the listed urls in the report,are actually accessible and returned to,oo status codes the reason for this was,described at the beginning of this video,your website is just facing more traffic,that it can handle in this case we,recommend lowering the number of,parallel requests in the settings of,your project,or just changing your hosting service to,a better one this will solve the root of,the problem itself,given the complexity specificity,technical nature and high diversity of,5x6 errors it wouldn't be feasible to,list all the possible causes here so,just contact your webmaster as soon as,possible to resolve the issue and,maximally diminish its impact,that's it for today if you enjoyed the,video hit the like button and subscribe,to our channel and if you still have any,other questions feel free to reach to,our support which is support site,checker dot pro see you in the next,videos,you

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How to Fix Server Error 5xx -- Google Search Console

How to Fix Server Error 5xx -- Google Search Console

Google search console index coverage,errors have to fix server error 5 X X in,this video session I'm going to bring,out the big guns and show you few,different methods that will help you to,fix server errors in fact all the,methods that I will show you I believe,you won't be able to find elsewhere so,first thing to do is consider this your,website is made up of various sections,and parts popular content management,systems like WordPress has plug-ins for,SEO or XML sitemap all this stuff right,and even the plug-in developers tell you,to submit sitemap as in the parent,sitemap that means you shouldn't do that,now although this is related to fixing,coverage issues sitemaps still play a,role here that you need to consider,because the server errors you may see it,for parts of your content management,system that is rather irrelevant to,analyze in search console that means if,you've submitted a parent sitemap which,then has many child sitemaps underneath,it don't do that instead for WooCommerce,or for WordPress it's post sitemap XML,if you're using Yoast plug-in that's,what you submit the page sitemap and if,you're running your covers product,tightener submit them individually now,let's move on because we need to then,say oK you've done that as an example as,we can see in the X coverage report we,have a tab Yates as all known pages,step press on all submitted pages,because when you submit the sitemap,correctly then you will see index,coverage errors but it could be four,different pages now these pages become,the most important for you to tackle,first so let's press on server error,5-xx,tab here our search console is saying to,me you know what you have submitted,sitemap and within those sitemaps we,have identified 19 pages that are,affected in terms of having server,errors and here it gives us examples,let's press on one we can press on the,arrow icon to visit the URL right now,because when Google requests a URL the,way that it crawls it is much different,than what you and I see that means web,page when it loads as we can see it's,got text images colors all this but,Google doesn't see it like that,Google sees the source code and it,analyzes the entire HTML document,everything within it so that means the,last crawled information here is,important for us to keep an eye on,because it may be the case that Google,has visited your website perhaps when,your server was being uploaded as in,rebooted and then Google requested the,page thus encountered an error but if,we're seeing the page all working,correctly that's a good sign for us to,fix server errors okay next Google says,okay you know what we have some tools,for you to fix these problems we have,inspect URL tool let's press on that,it's gonna take better time but this is,what Google shows URL inspection,tool tells us okay,do you know what Google couldn't index,that page because it just couldn't,understand it because the server gave,response saying server era 5x X usually,it's 500 internal server errors then it,tells us okay you know what this is the,site map of your site as we can see the,parent site map has been picked up the,reason for my case is because I've,created an absolutely free will commerce,course and for me to be able to do that,I had to update the WordPress to include,WooCommerce makes sense that's why it's,somehow it has picked that up but that's,no problem at all because we are,confident in knowing that parent site,map is not the site map that we're using,as we can see if we have we can easily,delete the site map by pressing on the,little dots on the right hand side and,remove the site map that means if you,have submitted a parent site map and,then you do have child site map then,only submit the child ones okay,that's very important you need to take,my word on because these errors are,absolutely critical because that's what,you will assign you know what if we,can't index the URL then it's not in,Google's index that means when people,search Google Google is not going to,show in this example it was this URL,which is very important URL on Raycom,web site it's part of the new services,consultation right so I want people to,find this in Google right well he writes,saying on the September 4th,we just couldn't see the page because,all we saw was a server error now it,then gives us further information is to,page fetch II couldn't fetch it he,couldn't see the page is the crawl,allowed yes that means Google was able,to crawl what that means is robots.txt,file didn't have any directive saying,don't go and visit that URL so all is,okay here,that's what crawl allowed means then,indexing well it's not applicable,because google couldn't see it now at,this moment press on test live URL let's,do that,it takes me at a time and I went ahead,and done that already as you can see,right now Google can see that page doing,the live test whereby this page here it,was on the September the 4th in this,example so therefore at this moment you,need to run live test to see if you will

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5xx Server Error - Instagram не работает

5xx Server Error - Instagram не работает

woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo,woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo,woo woo woo woo woo woo,오오오 오오오 오오오 오오오 오오오 오오오,woo woo woo woo woo ri,아 으,으 강남의 꽃밭 2 3 4 으,닫으면 말 1사 5,으 아 때 그 할 때,내셔 파기 빠졌다,뛰 날 따질 짐받이 친일 느껴 를 일단,으

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Google Search Console Server Error (5xx) || How to fix Server Error || Indexing || 100% Problem Fix

Google Search Console Server Error (5xx) || How to fix Server Error || Indexing || 100% Problem Fix

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hola amigos como ustedes pueden ver el,día de hoy 4 de octubre del 2021,aproximadamente a las 10 de la mañana,pues se cayó se cayó,parece que se cayó el servidor de,whatsapp lo podemos actualizar y también,en el servidor de instagram recordemos,que es la misma empresa que es,bueno de la misma empresa facebook,también las tres redes sociales más,poderosas en este tiempo pues se acaban,de caer no están no están al servicio ya,lo comprobamos de otras computadoras son,las 12 y 40 el día 4 de octubre del 2021,justo está viendo en youtube también en,otra parte del mundo creo que es méxico,también se cayó,entonces no es,en la red personal no es nada de la red,personal es son los servidores y estaba,viendo que es de él este error 5 xx,server error nos dice,nos dice esta página,miren que es del 55 x que,apareció durante la falla de instagram,que fue en el 2019 las redes sociales,son fundamentales para el día a día de,millones de personas tanto en su vida,social como en la profesional por lo que,una falla puede provocar una conmoción,colectiva como la ocurrida en ese tiempo,en isr ya hay más de dos de 2.620,millones de usuarios de redes sociales a,nivel global solo instagram ya superó,los millones de suscriptores pero esta,tarde presentó buena sofá en el 2019,ahora estamos en el 2021 hay mucha más,gente obviamente y bueno es preocupante,si o si va a ser una historia va a ser,un error histórico dentro de las redes,sociales se hablará mucho de este tema y,aquí podemos ver lo que hablaron en el,2019 sí,me pasó a mí solamente o instagram está,así en este momento tal vez estén,pensando esto creyendo que es solo en su,casa o en sus redes sociales y no esto,es general general es un momento,histórico,ya es lo que pasó en ese tiempo volvemos,a actualizar en instagram volvemos a,actualizar facebook y volvemos a,actualizar,qué digo whatsapp y facebook y como,pueden ver no se conecta vamos a abrir,un nuevo navegador vamos a abrir un,navegador incógnito,ponemos instagram en el incógnito es,como que nuevamente vuelves de abrir,cualquier plataforma no igual miren,vamos a poner facebook,y vamos a poner web whatsapp,en instagram noval yo por si acaso lo de,actualizar facebook también sale nos,sentimos,en este momento perdón algo sale mal,estamos trabajando arreglaremos lo antes,posible regresar,y lo peor es que,no no vale ni la,y servicio al cliente,ayuda el centro de ayuda no,no vale tampoco aquí va a salir él,no valió whatsapp,la un,aquí me imagino que va a salir el health,center,exacto pero tampoco vale entonces toda,la plataforma que todos los servidores,de momento histórico hoy 4 de octubre,del 2021

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How to Fix Index Coverage Issue Server Error 5xx WordPress

How to Fix Index Coverage Issue Server Error 5xx WordPress

how to fix index coverage issues for,WordPress server errors for typical,includes files or for theme foils Google,search console index coverage report is,showing server errors in this video,session I'm going to show you the best,practices for this in fact very,confusing server error is a very,confusing troubleshooting methods,because a subscriber ranking is saying,you know what these are PHP files search,console is showing errors for and this,value subscriber is not the only one I,had a few different subscribers saying,you know what we're facing the same,issue what is the best practice how do,you fix it because for typically,includes foils you cannot vanillite fix,by you know following all these options,because if you go test robots and you're,thinking well let me highlight this,let's try a new request this URL say ok,let's test it it's a layout that means,Google is a layout you can fetch as,Google when you do you may end up seeing,not found because you will shouldn't see,what's on this PHP file right at that,moment you may be thinking well how do I,fix that now I can try to simplify for,you in terms of how you can fix it but,doing so will actually take at least,half an hour instead I decided to create,this video and show you exactly what I,would do if a valued client hired me and,was facing the same issue this is what I,would,I'd go to the website wordpress site,outside myself ok let me go and see the,site map structure and and if i'm using,yours which is a popular SEO plugin the,latest version the site map is hidden,under this question mark so that's the,parent site map i would go and see each,site map that is submitted to google and,i ask myself is that URL search console,is complaining about is it within the,site map because you may not be using,your site map you may be using many,different plugins and at that moment,some plugins may create wrong URL,structure that happens that's the case,this is the first place that I would,look I would then go I need to use the,old version but whether you're using the,old version or the new one because it,depends when you're watching this video,session I would go to site Maps,functionality in search console and I,would triple check which sitemaps are,submitted and then make sure they are,working properly so therefore all these,URLs that typically includes files or,theme files are not blurted out in the,XML sitemap if they are then you have to,make sure they are removed so that's the,first thing that I would do then what I,would do is this I will check robots.txt,file to see what is there what Google is,allowed and what it is not allowed,because it could be the case somehow,that if you tweak this wrong and then a,layer Google,well you know what you allow to see that,URL which is an internal file that,Google shouldn't see then you would,remove that directive from robots not,things for you now what if you didn't do,anything there everything looks okay and,you know the HOS URLs in the X coverage,issue is saying serve errors they are,not in robots.txt file what would I do,next what I would do is this I would,copy the URL structure and request the,folder itself to say to myself what is,shown to me here because it might be the,cats that I'll show you because you'll,see many many different let's do this,let's search google then you'll,understand the best practices okay you,can see here you see what happened here,I just need to show you these examples,right I've used advanced search,operators to quickly find a website to,show you that's what you need to do as,well you need to go and visit your,website to see if search console is,complaining about a file that's within,includes folder then go and request the,folder itself because if you can see,something like this I'll show you how,you can fix it as well you do that,through dot HD XS for you you can say,directive like this as in DISA layout,directory browsing depending on your web,hosting company you may need to use the,help section to find how you can,disallow directory browse and the fact,is if you're seeing something like this,on your website there's actually a,security issue that means no one as in,general public should not see what's,here make sense or let's go and see the,content folder to see if anything is,showing you know it isn't that's ok,make sense but these shouldn't be seen,because if a general public can see this,that's where Google is picking this up,how you fix it you just use dot H the XS,directives for Apache servers because,once you include this directive in dot,html' that on your web host your the,file manager your to document it's a,hidden file dot file and there is a dot,H the excess foil in here I couldn't see,it because I need to show hidden files,now I go into public underscore HTML and,you see dot H the excess foil right,click download the Packer if something,goes wrong you can upload the backup,then I would right click edit,and just insert this what I've just,highlighted for you I pause this video,onc

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Facebook, WhatsApp e Instagram reportan fallas 5xx Server Error #facebookdown

Facebook, WhatsApp e Instagram reportan fallas 5xx Server Error #facebookdown

parce por si no te lo han dicho hoy,tenéis una sonrisa preciosa para pasito,1,y bien,a través de redes sociales y otras vías,dieron a conocer que los servicios de,marco zuckerberg estaban sufriendo,problemas para operar con normalidad,de acuerdo con el portal de un detector,la falla de whatsapp comenzado a partir,de las 10 30 en la ciudad de mexico la,falla fue tan generalizada que se dieron,a conocer más de 5000 casos tan solo en,esa hora,facebook también presentó,disfuncionalidad después de tener a más,de 1.8 mil casos de reportes,y por si fuera poco las aplicaciones de,las redes sociales e instagram facebook,messenger,periférica para mensajería se vieron,afectadas por esta caída,problemas como 5 xx server error o,simplemente la leyenda,algo fue mal no permitieron que los,usuarios ingresarán,o que lo hagan con dificultades,de acuerdo con facebook no se ha,manifestado pero se especula que puede,ser un problema condene ese sistema de,nombres de dominio en español es decir,en el sistema,encargado de traducir y conformadas por,una serie de números y puntos a las,direcciones como las conocemos,i,y bueno vamos a ver qué dicen en los,tweets,errores de fallas con los dns es la,simple,dice envió mensajes aplicación y,conexión servidor fueron algunos de los,principales problemas que se presentaron,según el mismo down detector,este problema no sólo sucedió en méxico,sino que medios de comunicaciones y,horas de redes sociales en todo el mundo,también aseguraron que experimentaron,problemas con las redes sociales que son,propiedades de facebook,facebook se pronuncia sobre fallas en,sus plataformas la voz oficial de,facebook llegó gracias al encargado de,la comunicación de las empresas,andy estaban pero no dio a conocer,cuáles son las causas oficiales del,fallo de whatsapp e instagram y se,aplicase y sus aplicaciones homólogas,pero aseguró que están trabajando en el,restablecimiento de los servicios,a lo que en el mensaje textual dijo,somos conscientes de que algunas,personas tienen problemas para acceder a,nuestras aplicaciones y productos,estamos trabajando para que todo vuelva,a la normalidad lo antes posible y,pedimos disculpas por cualquier,incidente e inconveniente escribió en,twitter,y bueno eso es lo que nos dice el,periódico vamos a revisar,otro periódico a ver,un promedio de información que nos dice,vamos a ver dice aquí,otra fuente de información,whatsapp facebook e instagram se caen,hoy 4 de octubre del 2021,todas las redes sociales de la familia,facebook sufren la caída este lunes 4 de,octubre,todas las plataformas de redes sociales,propiedades de mark zuckerberg se te,llenan en la mañana de este lunes los,servicios de whatsapp messenger,instagram y facebook colapsaron dejando,sin servicio a usuarios de varias partes,del mundo,y si a través de las redes sociales,usuarios de varias partes del mundo,reportaron la que del servicio de las,plataformas de facebook,de acuerdo con el sitio de monitoreo,donde detector primeros reportes sobre,las fallas de servicio de redes sociales,comenzaron alrededor de la 10 min 7,de la mañana hasta ahora los reportes,sobre las fallas del servicio de,whatsapp se localizan en todo el,territorio nacional eeuu guatemala y,belice,vamos a ver usuarios con reaccionan ante,la caída de las redes sociales,donde la caída de la red social de la,familia en facebook usuarios en redes,sociales reaccionaron con memes que le,dieron a otras plataformas plataformas,como twitter y telegram,yo man diciendo el internet de resultado,fue whatsapp que se cayó,como instagram y whatsapp no funcionan,opcional twitter whatsapp en estos,momentos y sale de dar bueno,nos vamos a ver qué más hay sobre las,noticias y tuyas en twitter pues todo el,mundo el mundo hay twitter,vamos a ver aquí en otra página que dice,aceptar y cerrar lo que,dice,se cae momentáneamente y no permite,enviar el sobre mensajes instagram o,facebook,también,dice la aplicación de mensajería se ha,caído este lunes 4 de octubre y no,permite a los usuarios enviar y recibir,mensajes un fallo que parece que ocurrió,en españa' y otras personas del mundo en,redes sociales e instagram en facebook,que son propiedad de la segunda tampoco,pertenecen,y,no funcionan el servicio de las tres,redes se ha visto interrumpido este,viernes alrededor de las 17 30 horas hoy,franz desde españa empezó el viernes que,whatsapp,dice el popular servicio de mensajería,es usado por millones de personas,alrededor del mundo a pesar de esto no,es la única si es la más extendida entre,los usuarios su uso diario tanto para,enviar mensajes como llamadas,la ha convertido,es imprescindible para mucha gente,bueno pues esto esto hasta ahora en las,noticias y pues yo vuelvo actualizar o,whatsapp,what's up no me deja no me deja 5x x,server error,no tenemos resultado algunos mis amigos,y pues bueno que les estaré informando a,ver qué pasa más adelante,por qué pues,whatsapp facebook instagram aún no se,levantan,seguiremos informando,qué tal amigos buen día cómo están todos,ustedes p

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Google Search Console Server Error 5xx 100% Problem Fix (2022) | KCooLest |

Google Search Console Server Error 5xx 100% Problem Fix (2022) | KCooLest |

Hello friends welcome to KCooLest YouTube channel,If you get Server Error (5xx) in Google Search Console,If the notification has come or is being seen, then you should fix it to you as soon as possible.,Because server error 5xx puts a very bad impact on your site. Due to this your site,rank gets down, the traffic comes down, due to which your earning also decreases.,So how to fix server error (5xx) will talk to you today but before that,who haven't subscribed the channel yet please subscribe by pressing the red subscribe button,Simultaneously turn on all notifications by pressing the bell icon, so that you will get notifications of the latest videos.,So to fix server error 5xx, you have to go to your google search.,And here you have to select the site in which your error is coming from.,Here you can see below, in the left hand side, you are getting to see the Coverage option at the bottom.,You have to click on it. As you will click on it, here you will get whatever error on your site,and number of errors will be seen, as in my case an error is coming and below you will get the details,Where you are getting that error, then you have to click on this error below.,As you click here you can see you get server error 5xx which I have on this,Coming is Effect Page 1 and the URL in which it is coming, you are getting to see here.,So what do you have to do now? Now you have to move your cursor here you can see,Here you get to see three options of search, another URL which is open in new tab.,and third option is visible for copy, then you have to click on copy from here.,As you click here, your URL will be copied to your clipboard.,Now you have to go to the Removals option under the coverage in the left hand side. you have to click on it,Here you get to see three options, Temporary Removal and Outdated Content and Save Search Filtering,,So you have to select the first option which is temporary removal and Now click on new request here.,After clicking here, you can see that Enter URL here,You have to paste the URL that you had copied here. As you can see paste here,are done. Now below you get to see two options. One remove this url only and the other ,Remove all URLs with this prefix. Select the first option you have is to Remove this URL only, click on it.,Now you have to click on the next button, as you will click on the next button, you will get a warning,You will be able to see here that this URL will be blocked, removed. Down side,You are getting to see two options, first cancel second submit request, then click on to submit request.,You will submit here and it will come under Processing Request.,this URL in a few days or how long it will take. it will be remove,And your server error will also be fixed permanently from here. So if you have a site too,abd you are getting such server error 5xx, then fix it as soon as possible. if you liked this video,don't forget to like and share it. See you in the next video till then Jai Hind Jai Bharat

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