how to find contacts on instagram

How to find contacts on Instagram (2022)hello guys and welcome back to today's,video in today's vide

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

How to find contacts on Instagram (2022)

hello guys and welcome back to today's,video in today's video i'm going to be,showing you how to find your contacts on,instagram so guys in my previous video i,taught you guys how to synchronize your,contacts to instagram so that i can be,able to find your contacts on instagram,so after some people watch that video,they're they're complaining that they,can't define their contacts on instagram,so in today's video i'm going to give a,further explanation on what i mean by,how to find your contact on instagram so,that you you can possibly find your,contact on instagram,so,if you want to find your contact on,instagram first of all you need to,ensure that you have synchronized your,contacts all your contacts to instagram,so i taught you guys how to do that so,i'm going to drop a link to the video on,how to synchronize your contacts,to instagram in the description of this,video,so after watching that you can now learn,how to find your contact on instagram,now there are actually a few ways of,finding your contact on instagram now,the first way could be true,notifications so after synchronizing,your contact on instagram,you can get um,notification,from instagram recommending some of your,contacts on instagram for you to follow,up,so i'm going to show you how to turn on,notifications on instagram in case you,don't know how to do that so if you want,to turn on notifications on instagram,you have to go to your profile and then,click on this three dash the top right,corner go to your settings,and then you go to find this,notifications option here,click on that and you need to make sure,that this toggle button is turned off,not turned on so once it's turned off,you can get notifications from instagram,so,once you synchronize your contacts on,instagram and that double button is,turned off instagram can recommend some,of the contacts that are already on,instagram for you to,follow so guys another way that you can,find your contact on instagram is,in the um instagram feed so once you,school in the instagram feed you're,going to notice this suggested for you,option right here and these are,some of your contacts that you have,on your phone so once you upload all,your contacts to instagram or,synchronize all your contacts to,instagram,you can find this option right here,instagram will be suggesting some of the,contacts you have on your phone that are,already on instagram for you to follow,from here,so guys um,this is going to be of this video,i hope you've learned how to find um,your contacts on instagram,um if this video was helpful please give,this video a like and equally subscribe,this sunday if you need this channel,and also if you have any questions in,regards to this video,kindly drop a comment in the comment,section thanks for watching and i'll see,you in my next video

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How To Synchronize Your Contacts To Instagram 2022- (BEST METHOD)

How To Synchronize Your Contacts To Instagram 2022- (BEST METHOD)

hello guys welcome back to today's video,in today's video i'm going to be showing,you how to find someone by contact on,your instagram account so guys uh this,is actually very simple to do,and uh before you can be able to do this,you first of all have to upload all your,contact list you have stored on your,phone to your instagram account,so let's get started now the first thing,you have to do is to open your instagram,app,now once you open your instagram app um,there are actually few ways or more than,one ways to do this so you just have to,go to your instagram profile and if you,go to your instagram profile you have to,click on this three dash at the top icon,of your screen,and once you do that you'll be,displayed with these options so kindly,go to,your settings which is the first option,there,so once you click on that um you can now,click on these account,button,and if you do that you find all these,options now what we want to do is to,synchronize our instagram um sorry is to,synchronize our phone contact list to,our instagram account,and uh this can be done by clicking on,this contact sync,syncing all right just click on this one,and if you do that you're going to find,this option right here that says,connect contacts so if you turn this,button,on then,all your,phone contacts all the contacts you have,on your phone,will be connected to your instagram,account and by so doing,you can now,find all the contact lease you have,available on your phone on instagram now,instagram is going to be recommending,those people,you have started their phone numbers on,your phone,on instagram so you can find them and,you can be able to,follow them up on instagram,so this,suggested,um accounts right here are,actually,some of them are actually the contact i,have stored my phone like this first one,i have this,i have this contact my phone i have the,second guy,i don't have this one,i have this one stored on my phone so,this is actually the importance of,connecting or uploading or syncing your,contact lease on instagram,so there's actually another way you can,do this and they're all simple ways to,do this so you can still go back to your,instagram profile click on the three,dash at the top right corner again,go to your settings,and you're going to find these um,follow and invite button at the top,click on that one,okay the option is no longer here and,that was because i,actually,turned on that,um,content syncing already so,it's not going to display you anymore,but if you haven't done that you're,going to find the option to connect your,contacts,on instagram from here,so guys,this is how to upload your contact on,instagram so that you can find some by,contact instagram,i hope this video was helpful if it was,in any way please give this video a like,and equally subscribe to this channel if,you're new for more videos thanks for,watching and i'll see my next video

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How to Find Your Contacts on Instagram ( New iPhone, IOS and IPAD 2020)

How to Find Your Contacts on Instagram ( New iPhone, IOS and IPAD 2020)

hello everyone,i'm saving from kai academy and today,i'm going to talk about how to find your,contacts on instagram,in fact instagram has made this feature,available for instagram to find,new people in the method used to find,close friends,to activate and deactivate this feature,that you use for other personal,suggestions,we will list the steps to be taken for,you if you are new to instagram you may,be wondering,where to start and instagram and instead,of facebook is happy to help you make,connections,you can find people in a few different,ways,facebook has a vested interest in making,instagram grow,so it tries to encourage you to round up,your facebook friends,and bring them over to instagram it's an,easy way for you to find people,to find friends on facebook you need to,follow some steps,at first go to your instagram profile,page by tapping your photo,at the bottom right of your phone screen,and tap the person with a plus,at the top left just,just look at the bottom of the screen,here and just tap,the discovery people here,and just look at the,top of the screen here we,we can just see that connect to facebook,and tap the facebook link here,continue,from there conf,confirm your facebook login by tapping,okay and securing this place,how many facebook friends you have on,instagram tap either follow,all or follow to follow every one of,your facebook friends on instagram tap,follow all if you'd rather be more,selective,especially because you'd like to be,promoting your product or service,you may want to follow friends one by,one and simply tap,follow next to each friend you'd like to,connect with,and keep scrolling and following,here okay some of your friends may have,set their accounts to private,in this case you see it requested after,you tap follow,and they need to approve you before you,can view their profile,and post,and when it comes to syncing your,contact list,instagram can also connect you with,the contacts stored on your phone or,tablet,after you activate this feature your,contacts are,periodically synced with instagram,servers and instagram does not follow,anyone on your behalf,and you can disconnect your contacts at,any time so that instagram,cannot access them this feature may be,best as,a one and down in the beginning versus a,constant connection for,privacy purposes to connect your,contacts,you need to follow some steps at first,go to your instagram profile page,by tapping your photo at the bottom,right of your phone screen,tap the small person with a plus,and tap the contacts list,here,mine is already connected,so the screen tells you that instagram,will find,people you know and you're given the,option to follow them,so here if you're not connected to,precede tap,connect contacts and another popup,asks whether instagram can access your,contacts,tab hello access and the pop-up appears,asking you to allow,instagram access to your contacts and,this is your last chance to cancel your,decision tail of,instagram to access your contacts and,then tap,ok and the pop-up goes away and the,contact screen appears,as you can see from there and follow all,your contacts on instagram by tapping,follow all,or choose which contacts to follow by,tapping follow next to each one,instagram can pull contacts from your,phone's saved contacts for you to,select to follow and if you change your,mind at some point,and one of these hello instagrams access,to your contacts,tap the wheel icon and on your profile,page,scroll down to settings and then tap,contacts,tap the con connect contacts toggle to,return it to white,which terminates instagram access,so that's it okay i think that's it for,now,and thanks for watching have a great day

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How to Get Professional Soccer Contacts with Social Media

How to Get Professional Soccer Contacts with Social Media

Thank you guys again for watching another episode of footballers advice my,name is Michael Galullo and today I wanted to talk about networking the,importance of networking and how you can do it and use the different platforms on,social media to actually gain contacts in the professional soccer world like,many players, I know some people watching may think, Michael I don't have any,players or contacts that I could reach out to that can put me in the,professional soccer world and I definitely understand that, but the,beautiful thing about today guys is you have to think a couple years ago the,only resource players had was the FIFA website with the list of agents that,they certified that you could contact and you know get their email and send a,resume and a highlight tape and hope they respond the beautiful thing about,today is that we have smartphones and with smartphones come social media I'm,talking about Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook,We literally have contacts around the world in the professional soccer world,at our fingertips and this is the reason why I tell players you need to have a,Facebook account you need to have an Instagram and a Twitter account because,you can leverage those accounts in order to contact players who are,professional, coaches, agents, scouts I mean today you can even contact the kit,manager for a professional soccer team and who knows you never know by reaching,out to that individual if he's the one that's going to be able to put your,information in front of a coach, in front of a president that's going to allow you,to you know come out and train with the team or get some sort of contact on who,to contact within the club that's the beautiful thing about social media today,guys let's use Instagram for example you could go on the explore page type in,soccer and you'll see a lot of posts about soccer and some of them will be,just guys kicking around and they won't have any professional contacts but maybe,you stumble across you know a player who plays for a professional soccer team,that posted about soccer and now you can go ahead go to his Instagram account and,send them a direct message. You don't even need to have anyone's email or,phone number to get a hold of them today guys that's the beautiful thing about,social media and that's why I tell everyone you need,to use social media to your advantage you need to go out and you need to find,these contacts on social media I mean Facebook is another great example you,can Facebook message people and you can see if they've seen your message and,they can respond to you easily I mean you have to think all of social media is,on your phone you literally have access to anyone anywhere in the world through,their phone I mean email is one thing yeah they get,a bunch of emails you got to think these coaches, they don't want to read,sometimes all these emails if you send them a direct message through social,media there might be a better chance that they respond to you and one tip,that I'll give you guys that I've learned throughout you know my time,trying to you know gain contacts is that a lot of the times when you send a,message whether it be email or even via social media a lot of coaches may not,respond a lot of agents may not respond but the one thing that I've realized is,that if you send a player a message more than likely they will respond and here's,why one, they've been in your shoes you know a lot of guys that are in the,professional game have gone through the same journey that me and you are,going through and they understand the struggle they understand the grind and,they're willing to put their neck out there for you to help you out a great,thing to do guys that I actually would recommend is go and look at the roster,for professional soccer teams and go back a year, go back two years to the old,roster a lot of times there's going to be players that have either retired and,they're done playing the professional game and sometimes those are the best,resources and the best people that you could contact because now they have no,actual ties in terms of playing and agents that they you know sometimes,can't give their information out when they're playing but now since they're,retired they're willing to give that information to you and a lot of players,like I said when they see you reaching out and you tell them a little bit about,your story and you provide them that information like a highlight tape and a,resume they're more than willing to help you out and the thing with players is,you have to think to guys even if you look and you contact someone who used to,play somewhere else professionally they have no ties to that,team anymore with an agent it's a lot harder because you know they have ties,to different clubs and they can't always stick their neck out for players because,they're protecting themselves they're protecting their own brand their own,connections because if they reference a player who you know to the club isn't up,to their st

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Lonely - despite Instagram, TikTok and Co? | angel asks | documentaries&reports

Lonely - despite Instagram, TikTok and Co? | angel asks | documentaries&reports

ONDERTITEL: Hessischer Rundfunk,ONDERTITEL: Hessischer Rundfunk,Alleen eten? Hoeft niet meer te zijn. Daar is de mobiele telefoon.,We hebben een soort date. - Goede eetlust!,Oh mijn god, ik ben zo blij!,We kijken samen wat ik heb besteld.,Goede eetlust.,Liever een virtuele tegenhanger dan niemand om mee te dineren?,Mok-bang, een social media trend uit Zuid-Korea.,Mensen filmen zichzelf terwijl ze eten.,Er is een gemeenschapsgevoel.,De video's worden daar miljoenen keren aangeklikt.,Mok-Bang is al lang bij ons gearriveerd.,We zijn genetwerkt als nooit tevoren.,Desondanks zijn steeds meer mensen eenzaam. Hoe kan dat zijn?,* Themamelodie *,Honderden vrienden en volgers op Instagram en Co.,Toch voelt bijna 60% van de 20- tot 40-jarigen zich,voortdurend of vaak eenzaam,,blijkt uit een onderzoek van het instituut "Splendid Research".,Ik vraag me af: drijven we uit elkaar?,Zijn wij sociale wezens die het sociale hebben verloren?,Hoe zit het met onze verbinding met elkaar?,Wanneer heb je voor het laatst,iemand heel lang in de ogen gekeken?,Dat is precies wat we vandaag doen.,Ik ben benieuwd of we dat nog kunnen doen.,Het zogenaamde oogcontactexperiment komt uit Australië.,Het punt is dat vreemden,elkaar gewoon in stilte in de ogen kijken.,Heel makkelijk? Daarover later meer.,Nu tegen een vrouw die zegt:,"Ja, ik voel me eenzaam, ondanks Instagram, TikTok en Co.",Als ik een moment heb dat ik me eenzaam voel,,dan weet ik dat dit een plek voor mij is om me terug te trekken,omdat ik daar contacten heb.,Toch spookt het altijd door mijn hoofd,dat ik me ervan bewust ben dat ik eigenlijk liever,in het echt een echt persoon voor me heb zitten,met wie ik van gedachten kan wisselen en een kop koffie kan drinken.,Het is zeker niet hetzelfde, zelfs niet qua gevoel.,Maar het verlicht wel een deel van de acute eenzaamheid.,Eenzaamheid - een gevoel dat Annika Hähnlein goed kent.,De 28-jarige staat midden in het leven,,is succesvol projectmanager bij een reclamebureau,en woont samen met haar vriend.,Momenteel vervullen ze hun droom om een ​​oud gebouw te renoveren.,Ze wil er graag met vrienden over praten, maar die worden vermist.,Daarom heeft ze verschillende Instagram-accounts,om mensen te vinden om haar gedachten mee te delen.,Het is een heel vertrouwd gevoel,omdat je het gevoel hebt dat ik word gezien, gehoord,,geaccepteerd.,In het sociale netwerk is dat een heel ander aantal mensen,dat je kunt ontmoeten en waarmee je kunt praten,,wat je in het privéleven niet hebt.,Even geven de virtuele vrienden Annika het gevoel,erbij te horen, niet langer eenzaam te zijn.,Maar slechts voor een moment.,Meestal blijven ze gewoon virtuele vrienden.,Echte ontmoetingen zijn er nauwelijks.,Het is een heel frustrerend gevoel.,Aan de ene kant, als het een campagne, een concert,of een evenement is waar je heen wilt, heb je dat brandende gevoel:,"Daar wil ik heel graag heen.",Aan de andere kant dit: "Die heb je niet.",Dan zit je al snel in een gat, frustrerend, het doet pijn.,Het wordt nog sterker als je ermee omgaat.,Het gevoel van leegte wordt nog groter,als ze haar leven vergelijkt met dat van anderen op sociale media.,Als ik ergens zie dat ze op een mooi evenement,zijn of hun verjaardag vieren met een groot feest,,dan realiseer ik me, ja, dat mis ik.,Ik zou graag een grotere vrienden- of kennissenkring,willen hebben zodat ik mijn verjaardag kan vieren .,Ik vier mijn verjaardag nooit, nooit een groot feest,,maar wel kleinschalig omdat er niet zoveel mensen zijn.,Het komt voor dat ik zeg dat ik dat ook wel zou willen.,Dat is geen afgunst in de jaloerse zin,,maar afgunst kan voor mij ook betekenen:,"Ik vind het geweldig, ik trakteer je erop, het is geweldig dat je het hebt.,Ik denk dat het voor mij ook leuk zou zijn.",Om aan de frustratie van de virtuele wereld te ontsnappen,, neemt Annika vaak pauzes op sociale media en,probeert ze zichzelf af te leiden met andere hobby's.,Ze kan uitschakelen bij de ezel. Het is oké om gewoon alleen te zijn.,Het verlangen naar echte nabijheid en vriendschap blijft.,Ik geloof dat de mens meer een kuddedier is dan een eenling.,De sociale contacten, van welke aard dan ook,,sterken je en helpen je in mindere fases.,Het is fijn als je je niet alleen verheugt,,maar samen met anderen kunt verheugen.,Niet alleen over je eigen geweldige dingen,,maar ook als anderen iets geweldigs meemaken, werkt dat heel besmettelijk.,Ze bezoekt haar ouders regelmatig en laat de gezinshond uit.,Haar familie is een substituut voor de ontbrekende vriendenkring, zegt ze.,Hoewel Annika twee goede vrienden heeft met,wie ze een hechte band heeft, mist ze toch iets.,Ze voelt dat ze meer vrienden nodig heeft om erbij te horen.,Het gevoel dat iedereen daar is met andere mensen en ik er alleen ben.,Wat eigenlijk, ik weet het, totale onzin is.,Het is het thema in de samenleving:,je moet onder de mensen zijn, alleen is best raar.,Maar als je het eenmaal doet...,Ik ging alleen op vakantie,naar Italië, wat ik niet wist.,Het was een avontuur. Ik heb mensen

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Fix Instagram All Contacts Not Showing & Missing Problem Solved

Fix Instagram All Contacts Not Showing & Missing Problem Solved

how to fix Instagram not showing and,missing all context problem la mascota,suits all caught up so we got across,YouTube channel / - those two odd case,with the mini-map Covadonga key up Casey,up k context missing problem Co fix,cursor key ID those two up cut your,Instagram a who sped up context show,Nick array up kms Tommy context missing,him ticket to up his problem cook as a,fixed kar sakthe arch me up quiz you do,member tanja close to Yeti up generated,a video sad bunny Vega or sati such,general comment subscribe cardigan or,bell icon Kavita body chica orders to,hit the up on land suppress a,commonality to up Amara video,description may check out concept a up,kavaja mei-ling means erotica - aya do,stop video good start cut hey - Yama,Dostum Jessica many up combat ID up cut,your context him whoa aapke Instagram,picks up missing hey ya Michonne you,read to Obispo case if six gossipy,Tarasco,is video me up co comes to come char,postulation button got GC ki aapke,problem you have a fixed so jaga ticket,- I adore - solution yeah me start,quality Toyama does to subsea Bellamy,scope bakery toe or up copay love,solution but a letter T game up subs,available to aid the up context Amish,unique array to up jockey up not jus a,place for me to get placed from a jacket,those two out of my Instagram Co update,Fiji to have induced Oh kabhi kabhi,Kawasaki akka Instagram Yami update,mentality or a Britney cart a to see,what those two up kima Instagram joy,misbehave cogitate or up cut Joey huh me,to Instagram a vodka up Kuya me to stop,bottle rocket problems this act a ticket,Lucy was seduced to up Kageyama context,missing it up K update came as a CB,amigos to agitate Toyama subsequently,update circadian T up cup problem you,may fix what I annuitant teruya the,update chronic about fixed was at a two,amigos to achieve a day or yeah the,fixed annuity update chronic a bad me to,up Kuya make yaki Canoga May up Co again,or solution bottom at again tomatoes -,yeah the update cunning about we fix new,toy to aapke Instagram pay context,sing-off raiga together to sub Seppala,in second cooperate kiosk about 50,Instagram page AED fix no time to those,two upper context in case a con carne to,occur those two sub Seppala - yarmulke,take a profile me pro-family Kujawski,Bob Cooper joy yeah um a clique is I,gotta get in line effort click on it,we'll see about setting spare to,settings make ttj you skip a those to,Abby I made exactly a conquer option to,a be a completely card ANOVA a,completely Candido so IBM and exact a,context seen seen taken to Yama click eg,of squad also yet we up cadre of raiga,true so easy but you see I've got joke,on take away my missing horse act a,ticket to Emma dust-up is sick update,connect about I up K instagram / or EC,egg the fagio enable called ichika,context connect connect context ticket,toyama-kun enable car detail is co,enable cutting those two Akiyama context,a was show jaga or dosed of fear be,shown you tied to up cook economy up,baby button watch vegan - ma those two,he deep I've got your contact a stroke,on a lava tomatoes to achieve a day,already shown accorded to aapke hammock,which all be problems horse octet again,to scalar those two up Quebec or kefir,same settings measure Nova up keV phone,settings way was me up tell Ajay,Toyama dosto is Quebec adios Chabad jati,up not settings may those settings,meadow swap scroll down college ago or,search key job community apps together,manage apps measure or manage apps,cuchara board also up application,manager yato free install app Kirky up,for Millsap day - yeah me are Janek,about those two objects or ski job,Instagram - IRRI Instagram together to,subsidy reduce to up Instagram P IJ e or,Yami approach Akane a permission : a - a,permission open curly those two are be,amid exact a context option taken,EDA off hey up K phone pay is a enabled,aruki G is in disabled I gotta do so AB,cup context will be shown yoga ticket,tomatoes to a be up instagram / awaken,texting open culture khaliqeen Yami,Africa - yeah me up context finish own,yoga - is enable kiichi enable chronic,about those two objects you see,Instagram pay or check each etiquette,jakey jakey up cup problem me I'm a,fixed for yoga or the other food also a,public phone quick the forest art,college a year he Etrigan,a public phone could restart ecology or,escape Ajay a physic up ninja hey,Instagram pathetic Instagram page i or j,KJ up context pora instagram pic,show jaga ticket to Rasta pasta he,tariqa a key up cut your context missing,it up is problem co joy Easter SEMA is,enable settings co-op allow a local DJ,or up cup problem Mohammed fix whole era,arose to Easter us enjoy up context not,showing or missing problem Kuya mr. Asif,fixed gossipy Tomo geometer,up could we do personnel thanks for,watching

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what's up you guys welcome back to my,channel my name is maria also known as,bella's a blog and here on my channel i,share all things fashion beauty,lifestyle travel and occasionally i,share tips and tricks for aspiring and,current content creators i also share,vlogs sharing my life as a full-time,creator entrepreneur so if you're,interested in any of those please be,sure you stay a while be sure you give,this video a thumbs up hit that,subscribe button and be sure to hit the,notification bell so you can be notified,every time i post a brand new video if,you have not watched my last video where,i shared how i make money as a micro,influencer i highly suggest you go back,and watch that video first i will leave,a link to it here so you can go watch it,and this video is just going to be a,continuation of that video and that,video i shared that one of the ways that,i make money as a micro influencer is by,working with brands so when brands are,not reaching out to me i'm reaching out,to them and a lot of you guys were,wondering how do you find brand contacts,to pitch them so in this video i'm going,to share with you exactly my strategy,for finding brand contact in order to,pitch them,all right so before you get to finding,the brand contact and pitching them,there's just some prerequisites that i,feel like you need to have checked off,before you move to that step and the,first one is to create a list of all of,the brands that you would like to work,with so i created an excel spreadsheet,and i have them in different categories,so basically different pages in that,spreadsheets are based on the categories,of my brand i consider myself a,lifestyle influencer but under that,lifestyle umbrella there are multiple,categories that i cover so i cover,travel i cover beauty you know,occasionally skin care and things like,that i cover fashion and overall,lifestyle whether that's food or things,that i'm interested in whether that's,wine alcohol and things like that so i,have different pages in that spreadsheet,based on that category and i list brands,that i would like to work with based on,that category it's basically creating a,contact book for yourself but that gives,you kind of like a place to start a,direction so before you go searching for,a contact you kind of already know like,what you're searching for what brands,are searching for and things like that,so i highly suggest creating a list,whether that's on paper on a spreadsheet,i highly suggest creating a list of the,brands that you'd like to work with i,will add a link to my spreadsheet,template in the description box if,you're interested in accessing that my,second prerequisite is to make sure that,you're already creating similar content,so in my last video i give you guys an,example of how i was able to,um get more brand partnership with,alcohol companies just by creating,content using wine and things like that,um so i started creating the content,because i wanted to work with alcohol,companies i started creating content,with cars because i wanted to work with,car companies because when i go to pitch,a brand i want to show them that i am,capable of creating the type of work,that i'm telling them that i want to,create for them so it's very important,that you're already creating content,that you want to create for the brand,that you want to work with it doesn't,have to be the exact same product but,something similar for example if a body,wash company is a company you want to,work with like maybe you know creating,like similar beauty content you know,something in that similar format it,doesn't have to be you know promoting,the brand exactly but something similar,so that you have proof um so that you,can add those to your um,your media kit in order to show the,brand that i'm capable of performing the,work that i'm asking you um to give me a,chance to do for you,the final prerequisite i would recommend,it kind of correlates with the second,one and that is to organically start,talking about that brand or a similar,product in your content so um i gave an,example of how i started working with,premier protein i did a campaign with,them i want to say last month or the,month before that um and part of that,was because,i was already using the products so i,was talking about it on my stories just,organically you know talking about you,know how i'm starting to try out,different protein shakes,and i seem to like this one,so i was able to grab screenshots from,dms i was having with people that were,interested in trying that product um so,i can share with the brand when i go and,pitch them that gives you more leverage,you know if you're already talking about,it your audience is already interested,in it in the product or you know the,brand that's leveraged to show the brand,that they are going to get their return,on investment so i highly suggest you,know,making sure that you have those three,prerequisites down packed before you,move to the step of looking for brand,contract and movin

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5-3-1 Method on Instagram to Find New Contacts

5-3-1 Method on Instagram to Find New Contacts

hi guys I just wanted to send you a,really quick note to see if you have,ever heard of the five-three-one method,if you haven't that means you haven't,been listening to our team calls and you,haven't been listening to the things,I've been telling you to do so you're,busted but that's okay that's what I,wanted to make this short video okay so,and the first thing I want you to do is,make up like 20 hashtags that you can,use and just save them in the notes,section of your phone so I go to my,notes section I say have a ton of things,in my phone I have tagged product links,business presentations,I literally have so much stuff so then I,go to my hashtags and I've got like two,sets of 20 hashtags so all I do is like,copy and paste that and then I put it,into all copy and paste like that whole,thing that I'll put it at the end of,every post so that really helps so once,I have all that then I go through and I,will do the five through one method on,some hashtags that you use a lot so for,example one of them would be hashtag,love to run one would be pizza addict,love my GSD things like that so for the,five three one method you go to,Instagram and then once you're here,you're gonna click this little home,button now I'm just gonna here and click,the search button the magnifying glass,and then you just start typing up here,and I'm gonna type in hashtags I love to,run it's going to give you suggest a,couple suggestions I go with the one,that has more posts so then I'm here so,then I might see something that catches,my eye and I'm like oh that's a cool,running post I'm gonna click that and,then I'm gonna go to I'm gonna like that,double tap and I'm gonna go to her page,lived in South Africa Bosnia Australia,okay I'm gonna get out of here cuz I,can't help her because she's not from,the USA that's also cool when people put,that in there to this girl's in Brazil,so you know sometimes you do have to,filter through people,so I go to her page okay so and then,when I do is I'm gonna like so now I'm,at a new page so I'm gonna like five,photos just kick finds that kind of,stick out to you and then I'm gonna,comment on three so one of them I might,say you know oh my gosh I've heard this,race is awesome how did you do and then,you're open asking opening ended,questions and then she said she has a PR,so oh my gosh Congrats girl how's your,training been going you know something,like that and then the so the five is,like five photos the three is common on,three and then you the one is usually,get one follower back my third comment I,make is usually like oh my gosh girl I,just love your page I just rock the crap,out of you are you on Facebook because I,feel like we have so much in common I'd,love to be friends and I do that and I,spend 15 minutes the morning doing that,in 50 minutes at night as you are,guaranteed to get some people to add you,from Facebook and you always need to be,talking to new people so that is your,new homework 15 minutes the morning 15,minutes at night non-negotiable I would,ask I would you to do at least ten,people a day so if you have any,questions um let me know another thing,you can do is so if you were if you're,following somebody you can go to the top,so let's look at this girl so I'm,following her and you can click those,three dots right here and it says turn,on post notifications on the bottom and,so every time this check post I'm gonna,see it and I'm gonna be able to,DoubleTap like it comment I just got a,notification on my phone and so then,that means that I've been paying,attention to her by the end of the week,then I can just anybody I write down,keep track of anybody that I turn on,post notifications for and then I can,just kind of be like oh you know hey,I've been loving your pasta suik you,know you consider a direct message you,can comment whatever and just say I just,feel like we have so much in common are,you on Facebook I'd love to be friends,so those are two ways that you can do,that there's also a document in our team,room think group that Tanner has put,there and you can see how she does that,as well she's kind of lets her own spin,on that so that's your homework if you,are complaining that you don't have,people to talk to there is about a,bajillion on Instagram to go find

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