how to download instagram videos

How To Download Instagram Videos On PC & Machello everyone and welcome to on how,channel the place w


Updated on Jan 10,2023

How To Download Instagram Videos On PC & Mac

hello everyone and welcome to on how,channel the place where every day you,learn something new,today we'll be showing you how to,download instagram videos on your laptop,and what i mean by laptop or computers,mac or laptop or pc whatever you use it,works on all of them because we won't,use any particular software,you will download instagram videos just,from your internet browser,in this demonstration i'm using google,chrome browser but it's the same steps,for all brussels so you may come across,a video on instagram,that you want to download to repost on,your own profiles,and you can use this online services,there you can paste the video link in,there,and download the video from their,website but that option is not practical,because the website can be shutted down,and suddenly you don't have an option to,download instagram videos from so in,this video i will show you a completely,independent way to download instagram,videos just from your internet browser,without using any chrome extensions or,any software,and you will actually be amazed how,simple it is to do so so without any,more talking let's get to it the first,step you need to do,is simply right click on the page and,click on inspect which is the last,option,in this list and you will see this,window will pop up at the bottom screen,or,at the right screen it depends on your,settings on the browser,after that head over to this tab right,here it says network click on it and,after you access the network tab click,on this option right here it says,responsive and you will see a bunch of,options there and if you look closely,those options are devices,and you could see galaxy s5 pixel and,iphone,and so on so just pick some device from,there i will go with iphone,and after that reload the page and after,the page is fully loaded let's just go,to pick some video to do demonstration,on it because in my case i don't have,any particular video that i want to,download,in your case if you know the profile,owner that posted the video head over to,its profile to download the video from,there or if you don't have the link for,it just press the link in url so for,example let's just say this is the video,that i want to download so the first,thing you're going to do is simply play,the video,and after you see the video finish it,and repeat it just puzzle and head over,to those options right here where it,says js css image and media and click on,media option,and this will filter the resources list,for just media files,and after you click on it you will,notice that only one link is available,on the resources list and yes that's,instagram video,so just head over to that link or right,click on it and open,a new tab just like you see i'm doing,right now and here it is our video is,playing on the screen,so the last step to download this,instagram video is simply click on this,three dots right here and you will see a,download button just like you see on the,screen right now,just click on it and it will download,the video so let's just play it to make,sure it's actually the exact video and,in full quality,as you can see this is the exact video,so that's how you download instagram,videos from your laptop or mac or ps3,whatever you use,just from your internet browser and i,think my job here is done if the video,helps you to download instagram videos,help me out pressing the like button,and make sure to check out my channel if,you want to learn new stuff each day i,daily post videos on how to do stuff so,if you are interested make sure to,subscribe for more future videos and,thanks for watching and catch you on,next one

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How to Download Instagram Videos, Stories, and Photos

How to Download Instagram Videos, Stories, and Photos

Instagram is one of the most popular,social media apps where people share,photos videos and ephemeral Instagram,stories many times we come across,interesting things on Instagram which,we'd like to save offline for viewing,later this is why a lot of people have,asked us how to download Instagram,stories their videos and photos now,Instagram doesn't allow you to download,and save photos videos and stories,posted by others but the good news is,that there are ways to download these,photos and videos and you can even,download Instagram stories for free in,this video I'll tell you how you can,download and save Instagram stories,videos and photos before you begin,please subscribe to our channel if you,haven't already and is that belacan so,you know when we post new video,before you go ahead I'll urge you all to,avoid downloading anything from,Instagram without the uploaders,permission you can only download,Instagram stories videos and photos from,public accounts of course you can always,take screenshots or screen recordings on,Android or an iPhone to download,Instagram stories videos and photos but,that's a clunky method which doesn't,save those files in their original,resolution do note this method only lets,you download Instagram videos and photos,from public accounts now follow these,steps,open Instagram on a smartphone or,computer and choose a photo or video,that you wish to download now tap the,three dots I can which is on the top,right of the post and then tap or click,copy link next open any browser on your,phone or computer and go to WWE from,comm once the website is loaded,paste the link you just copied from,Instagram in the search bar and hit,download a download image or a download,video button will now appear right below,the download button hit it to save the,file on your phone or computer,alternatively you can also visit w-w-w,dot instead downloaded or coke or wwg,Arum save calm as the process on both of,these websites is similar,this method will tell you how to,download Instagram stories once again,the stories must have been posted from a,public account for them to be,downloadable open ww stories IG comm on,your phone or computer and then enter,the Instagram username of the profile,from where you want to download the,stories from and hit enter,you'll now see a list of active stories,right below the search bar additionally,you can also scroll down if you wish to,download past stories saved as,highlights,now click stories then scroll down and,select the photo or video you wish to,download and hit download that's it once,your download is finished your file will,automatically be saved on your device by,following these simple steps you'll now,be able to download instagrams stories,their videos and photos posted by others,however I repeat once again that before,you download anyone's photos or videos,please ask them for their permission,that's all for this video leave a like,if you found it helpful and definitely,share this video with others thanks for,watching and for all things tech log on,to gadgets 360 com,you

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Download Instagram Reels Video in iPhone 2022🍎| How To Download Instagram Reels Video in iPhone |

Download Instagram Reels Video in iPhone 2022🍎| How To Download Instagram Reels Video in iPhone |

guys i will download this instagram real,video in front of you in just one click,yes firstly guys i will show you i have,not download any instagram real video in,my camera roll you will see guys i have,just this video has available but guys,here is not showing any video now guys i,will download in just one click yes guys,i will press on here and you will see,guys it will automatically shave my,camera roll i will go back i will click,on and now guys simply have to open this,camera and you will see guys in front of,you guys it is successfully saved in my,camera roll,so hello guys welcome back to your own,channel i hope you are well so guys in,this video today i am going to show you,that if you want to download your,favorite instagram videos in your iphone,in the camera roll so guys in this video,i will show you that how you can do this,in just one click yes guys you can,choose any of your favorite instagram,video which you want to save in your,camera roll yes guys for example you,want to download this one you can select,this one anyone in just one click yes,guys this video is going to be very,interesting for iphone users so guys,let's start without any further delay,before starting this video guys i would,like to say one thing more that please,subscribe this channel because guys as,you all know that on this channel i am,uploading regular videos special for,iphone users and yes guys hit the bell,icon for upcoming videos notification,yes guys do subscribe and also hit the,bell icon so that guys whenever in,future i will upload any videos you will,get immediately guys notifications of my,videos so that you could watch instantly,my videos okay so guys hit that bell,icon also so now guys let's start on,your main topic so guys in order to,download your instagram favorite videos,in your camera roll you have to guys,follow whatever i will show you now in,this video okay so for example guys you,want to download this one then guys you,have to choose yes guys firstly you have,to choose your favorite which will you,want to download in your camera roll for,example guys i want to download this one,then guys you have to simply go back,firstly in order to download simply guys,you have to go to the apple store yes,guys you have to simply download our,application which application is already,available on the apple store and it is,very,low mb application yes guys simply have,to follow here simply guys you have to,download instant save yes guys same,search bar guys simply you have to type,this name that's name is insta down yes,guys simply you have to search here,click on search and after clicking on,the search result guys you will see this,application is very low mb and okay so,simply guys you have to download this,instagram for instagram release after,downloading you have to simply go back,and now i simply have to go to the,instagram application and now guys you,have to choose which video you want to,download for example guys i want to,download this one guys i will click on,here and after clicking on and now you,will see there are a lot of options has,available you have to simply click on,this one click on here and okay so after,clicking on here guys simply go back and,now you have to open this application,like instagram okay so simply tap on,here and now guys it will automatically,appear your video which video you have,choose on the instagram application yes,guys you will see guys this is the,exactly video which we have chosen on,the application like instagram,application you will see guys you will,see this is exactly video and it will,automatically detect that video on this,application so guys this is very useful,application and just guys i have already,given the link of this application in my,comment box yes guys you can directly,get this application from my comment box,i have already put it this link of this,video in my comment box go and download,that okay and you will see guys here,showing this one now simply in order to,download in the camera roll you have to,simply click on this generate and you,will see add it to uh add it to okay it,means guys camera roll simply go back,and now guys simply you have to open,this camera and you will see guys in,front of you guys it is successfully,saved in my camera iphone thanks for,watching guys in the next video guys

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How To Download Instagram Videos on iPhone & Android (IG Reels, Stories, IGTV)

How To Download Instagram Videos on iPhone & Android (IG Reels, Stories, IGTV)

hey what is going on guys welcome back,to fall stake in today's super exciting,video I'm going to show you guys how to,download any Instagram video or photo to,your iPhone or Android devices using the,super easy and quick method this method,Works 100 it's super easy to do I'm,going to show you guys in today's video,I hope you guys are super excited let's,dive right into it first and foremost,guys I do apologize for the background,noise I'm filming outside today because,that's the only light that I have just,taking advantage of the natural light,but nonetheless guys let's just Dive,Right into this video first and foremost,open up your Instagram account and find,the video that you want to download,please guys this video is only for,educational purposes only download,videos that are non-copyright and don't,redistribute content without the,permission of the owner let's say you,found the video that you will download,you're gonna go ahead and open it up now,on the latest Instagram update you'll,find all forms of video under this icon,which is the IG Wheels icon from here,you can go ahead and pick the video that,you want you're gonna go ahead and click,on copy link by clicking this three menu,icon and then link once you copy it it's,going to say link copy to clipboard and,then you're going to exit out of it and,then go on to your browser any browser,Works to be on a safari Chrome Firefox,any Safari it works you're going to go,ahead and type in snap insta right here,as you guys can see I'm going to try to,leave the link in the description you're,gonna go ahead and click on it snap,inside that app and from here you can,literally download any video photo IG,reels igtv stories anything that you can,think of you can download it from here,as you guys can see there's different,menus for different types of Instagram,content you guys can use this this is by,far the best uh website that I could,find this is not like a sponsor or,anything this is personally what I use,on a day-to-day basis and it's super,easy and simple although there's so many,annoying eyes apps which I hate about,this website but once you paste this,right here boom download right here,close this scroll down download video,the blue button right here download and,boom it's going to start downloading,over here if you click on this and click,on downloads it's going to show up here,if you click on the search icon it's,going to show up over here as you guys,can see which we just downloaded if I,play it plays perfectly without any,watermarks if you pay attention there's,no watermarks whatsoever if you guys can,save this to your photo library by,clicking on the share icon same video,boom just like this you just save this,to your photo library and if I just go,ahead and open up my photo library it's,going to play here and you guys can,enjoy this content but this is the quick,and easy method and the same method,works for Instagram stories as well you,guys get the idea if I go ahead and,click on here and click on three menu,icon copy highlight link or if the story,is all still active you can click on the,profile picture and open the story and,download it that way so in order to,download the story obviously you're,going to go to here which is the,Instagram story downloader once you're,here you're gonna paste and the same,method works pretty much you download it,and follow through but that is pretty,much it guys I just want to share this,quick and easy method to download any,Instagram content any video any photo to,your iPhone or Android devices hope you,guys enjoyed this video if you did you,know what to do smash that like button,and also subscribe down below for more,interesting content just like this one,thank you again for watching catch you,guys next one peace

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(2022) How To Download ANY Instagram Video to iPhone - Stories, IGTV, Reels...

(2022) How To Download ANY Instagram Video to iPhone - Stories, IGTV, Reels...

how's it going everybody you're watching,then about tech and today i'm going to,teach you how you can save any video,from instagram directly to your iphone,and when i say any video i do mean,absolutely any video that's here on,instagram so for example you can go,ahead and download this video that's,just a normal post as you can see posted,on the feed but you can also save,reels you can save ig tvs and you can,even save stories and highlights so as i,said you can save any video that's on,any instagram account directly to your,iphone and the coolest thing is this,process is 100 free it's updated to 2022,and to ios 15. so without further ado,let's begin and the first thing you need,to do is actually download this app,which is called repost and as you can,imagine it's super easy to download,repost all you got to do is go ahead,open up the app store tap on search,tap on the search bar and then look for,repost,so tap on search,and since there are actually quite a lot,of different apps with the same name i,do recommend you that go ahead and click,on the link in the description i'll,leave a link in the description a direct,link to the correct repost app all right,which is this one let's scroll down a,bit,keep scrolling and then that's the one,repost for instagram with the the the,purple arrows as you can see but as i,said direct link in the description so,then you just go ahead open it up and,then you just get it you just get the,app as i said the app is free since i,already have it i can already show you,so now that we all have repost all you,gotta do is open up instagram,and then look for the video that you,want to save to your iphone so let's say,you want to save,this video from the post that first one,that we saw this one all you got to do,is tap on the three dots at the top,right hand corner,and then copy link all right copy link,and then as you can see link copy to,clipboard and then you're going to open,repost and it'll do its thing,automatically let it load and as you can,see it automatically load the video,right here you tap on the video you tap,on the share button at the top right,hand corner,let it export scroll down a bit and then,there you have it save video tap on save,video,and then it's already done it's already,on your photos as you guys can see,there you have it and of course it has,audio it's a perfect video with audio,i'm not gonna play the audio too much,because of copyright issues with youtube,as you know but there you have it video,with audio and you can keep doing this,process for all of the other,formats on instagram,so as i said before this will work as,well on reels this will work on ig tvs,so let me get this long video over three,minutes i'm gonna tap on the three dots,right here at the bottom sometimes the,three dots change position so just look,for the three dots and then i'm gonna,copy link once again it's gonna copy to,the clipboard same story and then,open up repost,come back to the first page it'll load,automatically once again and then as you,can see there you have the post you tap,on the post and you do the exact same,thing,share button,and then it's super fast,you just scroll down save video,and then it'll be right here on your,photos right there again with audio,perfect quality absolutely amazing and,as you can imagine you can keep doing,for all of the other video formats you,can do it for your stories for your,story highlights,absolutely works perfectly for any,format tap on the three dots,uh copy highlight link,in this in this case because that's a,highlight so copy highlight link and,then you do the exact same process of,opening up repost and then saving it uh,the three dots on the stories and story,highlights will be right there at the,top all right so,that's it guys that's literally it the,best and the most awesome way to save,any video from instagram directly to,your iphone so that's it and i'll see,you on the next video as usual,bye bye

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How To Download Instagram Reels Video To Gallery | Download Instagram Reels Videos with Sound

How To Download Instagram Reels Video To Gallery | Download Instagram Reels Videos with Sound

hey what's up guys dharmik here back,with another video for bgr,india instagram is one of the most,popular social media application,in the world with over 1 billion,installs last year when tick tock got,banned instagram released its own,instagram reels feature which was,nothing but tick-tock on,instagram it has the same ui it has same,functions and you just,go into it with infinite scrolling and,you watch reel after reel,now when this was launched earlier not,everyone liked this feature,even i did not like this feature much,but once your friend shares you one reel,or,if you by mistake click click it you,just go into this and finite zone of,unlimited reels you just keep scrolling,scrolling scrolling,i personally have spent over an hour on,instagram reels,and when i'm binge watching instagram,reels i come across some reels that i,really like,i want to save them or i want to share,it with my friends now,instagram gives you an option to,download the instagram reels,but you can only watch them on instagram,application,so what if you want to download the,instagram reels and share it with your,friends via third party applications,well that's exactly what i'll be talking,about today so without wasting any,further time let's get,started,first i'll show you how to save the,deals officially via the instagram,application,for that you need to go to the reel that,you want to save now press the three,dots at the bottom corner and click,save you will see a toaster notification,that confirms that it is saved,now to view it later go to your profile,press the three lines on the top right,corner,now select saved and go to all posts,here you will see all the reels that you,have saved now as mentioned earlier this,is only on the instagram application,and you won't be able to share it with,your friends offline or even view it,offline,so now let me tell you how you can save,the instagram reels offline or share it,with your friends,well for that again go to the deal that,you want to download,press the three dots icon and select,copy link,once the link is copied go to the,browser of your choice and visit,,now paste the link and click download,you will see the real playing with the,download button below that,just click that and you are good to go,now we don't endorse any,website which helps you download reels,you can just,search instagram reels downloader on,google and there will be multiple,websites for the same,we just recommend that you should not,download any third party application as,chances of,your phone being affected by that,application is much more than using a,simple website,so that's pretty much for this video on,how to download instagram reels stories,and posts on your smartphone if you,enjoyed this video make sure to hit that,like button and subscribe so that you,get notified every time we upload a new,video,for more news and reviews from the world,of tech visit www.bgr.n

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How To Download Instagram Videos & Save Them On ANY Device (iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows)

How To Download Instagram Videos & Save Them On ANY Device (iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows)

today I will show you how you can,download Instagram videos and save them,on any device so we will cover how to,download any kind of media like videos,pictures Instagram stories and lives,from any Instagram account all of the,methods I will show you in this video,are 100% available at the moment but,from time to time,Instagram changes where the media are,stored on servers so if something,doesn't work or work not as expected,just move on to the next method so let's,get started the first and the easiest,methods how you can download Instagram,videos is by using the app on your,iPhone so let's get to our iPhone and,let's say I found a video which I want,to download so I click on that video and,then here in the right upper corner I,see three dots I click on them and next,what I need to choose is copy link when,I copied the link I go to this app the,name is Ian saver you can download it,for free on the App Store I click on,this app and then after I copied the,link it automatically is pasted here,inside the app I don't need to do,nothing next what I have to click is add,to favorites and after your video is,added to favorites you need to click,download button here in the bottom right,corner after I clicked download we can,see that our video has been saved to,your photos let's shake it let's check,it i go to photos camera roll and you,can clearly see that i have this video,available,now let's move on to the second method,it's very similar to the previous one,all we have to do is to click copy link,then go to any browser it could be,Safari or Google Chrome I will go to,Google Chrome and here in the address,tab I'll just click paste and go I paste,the link to this video now when I click,in the address bar we can see the,address of this media on Instagram and,all I have to do is to add the letter Q,before Instagram so now we have Quinn's,to Graham and I click go after I click,on this Quinn's to Graham it actually,redirects us to other website the name,of which is social download calm and,here we can easily save our video all we,have to do is to click download and just,in a few seconds you will see the result,so after we have this link to media file,all we have to do is to click here in,the right upper corner of our browser,this share button and then we can choose,let's say like save to Dropbox then I,have this file which I can save like,skate dot mp4 be aware that all of the,files which you download from Instagram,are in mp4 file format so now after I,have saved this video I can go to my,Dropbox and if I see my files I can see,that I already have this skate mp4 video,so when I click on it you can see that,it's already downloaded into your,Dropbox alright so now let's move on to,the next methods but for them we need a,computer now let's take a look how you,can download videos or as a kind of,media from Instagram on your computer,you can use whatever you want Mac or PC,doesn't matter all you have to install,is Google Chrome and use a few,extensions right now I will show you the,first of them so when I click on some,kind of video on Instagram I can play it,but if I right-click all I can do is,save the,as but I cannot save the video itself so,we go to extensions to open extensions,you need to click these three dots over,here go to more tools and then choose,extension when we are on extensions page,the first extension I want to show you,is insta G downloader to enable it just,press this button and when we go back to,Instagram video page i refresh it by,hitting f5 or you can refresh it with,the right click and reload or controller,doesn't matter so as you can see nothing,happens we can only can see the,changelog here but when you hover your,mouse over here in the right upper,corner you can see this three buttons,appear the first one just opens your,video in the background page and if you,right click on it you can actually save,it as video if you press the middle one,you just copied the link to clipboard,and the right one straight download of,your video the best part is when you,download your video it actually have the,name of account from which it was,downloaded and also it have a date and,time of download so that's it and now,let's move on to another one the second,extension I want to show you is improved,layout for Instagram so with the help of,this extension we can actually see,Instagram in completely different layout,and if I choose any kind of video like,this one all right I right mouse click,and now I can save video s also I can,save images just save image s so you,have all the possibilities of saving any,kind of content from your Instagram also,if you want to save from Instagram,stories just choose any story right,click on it and now you can save video,next great extension is the flash video,downloader let's enable it and after we,go to Instagram page after we hover over,any kind of video or image we have this,download button the next great option is,Internet Download Manager actually we,have a Google Chrome plug in G

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How To Download ANY Instagram Video to iPhone - Stories, IGTV, Reels...

How To Download ANY Instagram Video to iPhone - Stories, IGTV, Reels...

how's it going everybody you're watching,then about tech and today i'm gonna,teach you how to download,any instagram video and save it straight,to your iphone you can download and save,directly to your camera roll,and the coolest thing is it works on,every single video format,that's posted here on instagram so for,example you can download and save,a usual video a normal video posted to,the feed like this one for example,or of course we can download and save,reals,igtv videos and also stories,so as i said any video posted in any,format,on any account here on instagram can be,downloaded and saved,straight to your iphone this is truly,amazing and the coolest thing is,this process is 100 free totally free,uh you don't need a jailbreak to do it,not at all and it will never get,revoked meaning that it will work,forever so this is truly awesome guys,i really recommend it let's go ahead and,get started you're going to love it,so the first thing we're going to do is,open up the app store because we're,going to need to download an app because,as you can imagine instagram won't let,us,download videos directly to our iphone,so we're going to need to use an,application to do it but as i said,it's a free app and it's very easy to,use so go ahead and tap on search,and then look for bolt,browser so i'm gonna have the link in,the description i'm gonna have the name,of the screen and everything like that,so don't worry because it's going to be,easy to find so bold browser,so as you can imagine it is a browser,it's a web browser,but it has some nifty features that will,allow us to download,instagram videos okay so as i have,previously downloaded,uh i'm seeing here open but as i said it,is free,so don't worry okay so next step let's,open up,instagram because now we actually want,to select the video that we want to,download select the post where the video,is,so then we can download it straight to,our iphone and as i said before,i'm going to show you on every single,video format,uh that's available on instagram so how,to download a usual video that's here,posted,on the feed of course unreals in igtv,and a story so then every single video,format there is i'm going to show you,how to download it,please keep in mind that some of them,are different so stick all the way to,the end so you can learn,the right way okay so i'm going to pick,up this first one here and then let's,say this is the one i want to download,all you have to do is actually tap on,the three dots and then,copy link so then you're going to copy,the link and this is the link that,is going to lead straight to this post,and all you have to do is actually open,up both,and then as you guys can see it's going,to be a normal browser a usual browser,interface,so tap on the search bar on the url bar,tap again paste and then go and we're,going to go,straight to that post we're going to get,straight to that video,so it's going to prompt us to open with,the instagram app but we don't want to,do it so not now,and then of course everything we have to,do now is just tap on the little play,button so,you can see that this post specifically,has a few videos and of course you can,download,any video that you want the first one,the second one you can pick up,any video that you want so let's say i,want this one for example so i tap on,the play button,and then that's where the magic happens,because we're gonna see download so just,tap on download,and then it's gonna take to straight to,the download,tab right here at the bottom so that's,the download tab,and since this is a very short video it,just instantly downloads,and goes to folders and folders is where,the file,the files are themselves so where the,video is since this is only a 10 second,video,it just downloads instantly and now all,i have to do is save to my iphone,so i can tap on the bolt icon open in,and then save video and that's it,now you can go to our camera roll to our,photos,and that's it that's the video perfect,right here,and of course it has audio and,everything like that,so as you can see it works perfectly,high definition,great the download just works perfectly,um i don't know if you saw,but there are some awesome cool options,here,uh when you tap on the bolt icon one of,them is of course you can share it in,many,different ways so if you tap on open in,you can save to vid you can save the,video but you can also,save to files and you can share it to,whatever,application you want like imessage email,you can post back to your instagram,which is kind of funny and of course,send to whatsapp,if you want to so then you can share it,very easily even without having to,save to your iphone if you don't need to,uh and of course another feature that is,very cool if you tap again on the bolt,icon you have the possibility to convert,to audio,so bolt will automatically convert this,video,to audio so then uh it would just pick,up the,the sound and convert to a to an m4a,uh file so to kind of an mp3 file,so you just have the audio uh that

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