how to do the add yours on instagram

How To Get "Add Yours" On Instagramhey guys trevor here and in this video,i'm gonna walk you through

Trevor Nace

Updated on Jan 10,2023

How To Get "Add Yours" On Instagram

hey guys trevor here and in this video,i'm gonna walk you through to how to get,the add yours feature on instagram it's,pretty quick and easy so let's jump,right in,you might have noticed other people have,had to add yours feature on instagram on,their stories but you can't seem to find,it doesn't show up in your stickers i'll,walk you through a couple of different,options you have to get those so we'll,go one option and then the other option,if that still doesn't work so we'll walk,through those now but first i'll just,open up instagram here and i'll show you,what i'm talking about so opening up,instagram i can swipe to the left here,and i can just record a quick video i'll,just record a quick video to be able to,show you what the add yours feature,looks like,then i'll tap on the stickers it's a,little smiley face at that kind of top,right here,and you can see towards the top right,add yours that's an option for me i can,hit add yours i can write a prompt,whatever i want to do i can just type in,trevor i can do whatever i want and then,i can hit done,and it's added the add yours to my,instagram,story here however if that's not showing,up the first thing you want to do just,to double check here is tap on that,stickers,and just type in add yours,so you'll want to search for it,sometimes it doesn't show up at the very,top for whatever reason just search for,it if it still doesn't show up,i'll walk you through another step here,we'll get out of instagram here,and we'll go into the app store a lot of,times the reason why this doesn't show,up is because it's a fairly new feature,on instagram and you want to make sure,you have the latest version so,we'll just search for instagram in the,app store,you can do the same thing on android on,google play,and here you can see if it says update,just tap the update button that's,probably going to fix your problem so if,you haven't you know updated instagram,in a while you won't have that feature,however if it says open then you already,have the latest feature and you'll want,to,walk through these next steps,so it says open so that's fine um we'll,walk through the next steps the next,thing is that potentially the add yours,feature is not available yet in your,region so instagram rolls out these,features,internationally but it doesn't always,roll them out to all countries and all,regions at the same time,so we can get around that though we can,open up a vpn if you don't have a vpn,already just go to your app store go to,google play type in vpn it doesn't,really matter you just want to get one,that's free most of them have a free,option at least,so open up a vpn,and then just hit connect,and it'll connect you to a random vpn it,might show you a little um ad like this,one does but you can hop out of here,you're now connected to a vpn,and that should give you the,functionality that you might not have in,your specific country or region then you,can head into instagram,go into your story search for add yours,add it to your story and it should be,all working now hope this helps let us,know if you have any questions in the,comments below make sure to subscribe,thanks

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Everything you need to know: “Add Yours” Instagram Story feature (Full Tutorial)

Everything you need to know: “Add Yours” Instagram Story feature (Full Tutorial)

hi everyone welcome back in today's,video we'll be going over with the new,add yours instagram sticker is used for,how to use it and extra tips about the,sticker along the way basically,everything you need to know also stay,tuned for our next video where we will,be sharing with you over 80 ad yours,ideas for different account types,okay let's start,first what is the add yours instagram,story sticker it's a sticker to start a,trend challenge or thread so you start,the challenge then your followers tap on,the sticker to add their response to the,challenge they can respond with a photo,a video a screenshot or any other media,from their camera roll this is amazing,to first and foremost have fun bring,your community together and get your,account seen by more people because your,followers followers will see your,challenge sticker and they might want to,check out and join too,so how do you use the add yours,instagram story sticker it's super easy,and i'll show you some extra tips too,first add a photo or video in your story,then press on the sticker button and tap,add yours and write a title for your,challenge or you can also tap on the,dice button to generate random challenge,ideas then you're ready to post now wait,for people to add their photos or videos,also keep in mind when you share your,response you can design your story how,you want you can move the sticker add a,color background,add the link sticker which is amazing to,share your blog post or products,or you can also add multiple photos and,videos on one screen,if you want to see if people added their,photos to your add your sticker open,your story,tap on your sticker and you will see,people's profile pictures,tap on one to see their stories,so let's say you started a thread you,check someone's stories and you want to,re-share their story to your story,at the moment there is no reshare button,hopefully instagram will add this new,feature soon because it would be super,helpful but if you really want to,reshare someone's instagram story in,your story you have two options when you,share they add your sticker ask your,followers to tag you in their stories,or you can also take a screenshot or,screen recording of their stories then,share it to your story don't forget to,tag them so that they can see that you,reshared them,if you're wondering who can see the,photos that are added in the add your,sticker know that this is a public,challenge this means everyone will be,able to see your story and by everyone i,mean everyone who taps on the sticker to,see everyone's entries this is an,amazing opportunity for you because more,people can see your story and this way,you can get more views and new followers,how fun is that,if you don't have the add your sticker,or you can't press on the sticker to add,your photo or video instagram usually,slowly rolls out new features to,everyone around the world so it's normal,if you don't have it yet but go in your,app store and check if you can manually,update your instagram app if it is up to,date and you still don't have it you,will have to wait a while instagram will,update your account in a few days if not,report the problem to instagram like,this go in your instagram settings,tap on help,and go to report a problem then wait a,few days and check if the new feature,appears,and that's it for this video i hope,you'll have fun trying the new add yours,instagram sticker and don't forget to,check back in for our next video to get,prompt and question ideas using the add,your sticker we'll be sharing over 80,ideas for different account types like,blogger business fitness food or just,for fun accounts,feel free to turn on post notifications,to get notified when we upload have a,great rest of your day or night and,until next time,you

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Add Yours Sticker Not Showing On Instagram Story Problem Solved

Add Yours Sticker Not Showing On Instagram Story Problem Solved

add your stickers option not available,on instagram story problem solve hello,guys welcome back to random tag youtube,channel so today in this video i'm going,to show you how you can get at your,stickers on instagram story so,guys here let me just get inside uh,instagram and then here uh if i go to,this story section here,and then if i click a random picture,here after clicking random picture here,you can see this uh,sticker icon if you tap here and i don't,have the,at your sticker here you can see i don't,have any at your stickers,so guys to get this what you need to do,here there are two to three different,tricks that you can apply so let us just,see how we can get this okay,first of all you just need to go to play,store and then after going to play store,here you have to search for instagram,and then here you can see make sure to,update your instagram as i have already,updated so after updating,here after updating you can just go and,check it out whether,whether the features is available or not,guys i have already updated but i didn't,go the features so what you can do here,is that you have to,you have to go to,play store and then here you have to,download one application okay,that is super,vp and you can see just tap on it after,typing here this is the application you,have to install okay so just tap on,install and then make sure to install,this uh,application so,it depend upon the network you can see,it's installing so hold on for some time,so guys you can see i have successfully,installed it so what you can do is that,you just need to open this application,okay after opening this application this,type of interface will be pop-up just,click on continue option and then allow,it,okay after allowing it you can see here,this type of interface will pop up so,here you have to click on this um,this location icon sorry and then make,sure that you select this us okay now,here you can see connect just tap on,connect and then,allow it,and then you have to just skip this ad,advertisement here so just need to skip,this,and here you can see it's connected so,now just go back,go to play store and then search for,instagram here,okay after searching for instagram you,just need to open instagram,and then just go back,okay,just go back,rephrase it once,click on this plus i can go to story,option,just hold on and then,click on you can see here i don't i i,still i'm not getting these features so,what you can do is that you just need to,delete your instagram okay you just need,to delete your instagram once,first stop,and then uninstall,okay,after uninstalling the instagram,so now here what you have to do is that,you have to go to play store and then,you can see here,instagram just you have to install,instagram okay after installing the,instagram let me just show you how you,can,get the at your sticker here it's a very,pretty and simple step you can use and,get it so here you can see it's on an,installing or download process,so guys it's done so just click on open,option and after clicking to open option,let me just enter with my,i mean with my account so let me just,click on login option,and then,this is my account click on it,login,correct password okay let me just enter,my password here okay,so guys i have just log in with my,account and then after this you have to,wait for 48 to,48 hours after waiting for 48 hours the,8 year stickers will be available there,so this is the only way you can this is,the only though this is the only way you,can get the 8 year stickers on instagram,thanks for watching guys see you soon on,the next video

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How to fix ADD YOURS Not working problem | Not able to click on ADD YOURS Option | ADD YOURS

How to fix ADD YOURS Not working problem | Not able to click on ADD YOURS Option | ADD YOURS

hello everyone welcome back to my,channel today in this video i'll show,you how you can fix the add yours not,working problem,so let's start,first go to play store and check if your,instagram is updated or not,because few users have got this feature,after the update,if your instagram is not updated updated,it to the latest version,now open the instagram,now go to my profile and check if you,are able to tap on add yours option or,not,if you are able to click on add yours,option than you have got this feature,and if you are not able to tap on add,yours option you can report to instagram,to report first go to story then tap on,create,now tap on sticker,now take a screenshot of this page i,won't take screenshot cause i have add,yours feature,after taking screenshot now come back to,home page,now tap on your profile,then tap on three lines,now go to settings,now go to help,now tap on report a problem,now report your problem to,instagram you can write this,don't forget to write username,now go to gallery and select the,screenshot you have taken,remove the first one,now tap on next and your report will be,submitted i won't be submitting because,i have the feature,reporting a problem may help you getting,the feature,other than that check your instagram,update daily because you may get this,feature with next instagram update,and try to tap on sticker because issues,may be fixed soon for the people who,haven't got this feature,i hope all the users get this feature as,soon as possible,thanks for watching this video subscribe,my channel and press the bell icon for,all latest updates

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How To Use Add Yours Sticker On IG Reels

How To Use Add Yours Sticker On IG Reels

instagram is a brand new feature that,now allows us to credit people who start,trends so we're going to look at how to,use the add your sticker in instagram,reels we already have the ability to use,inside of instagram stories and talk,about when to use this where to use this,and how this actually benefits you and,the people that you are interacting with,so in order to use this feature you are,going to go into your instagram reels,once you've recorded your reel you are,going to go up to the sticker tab so,that's up at the top you're gonna see,download music you see the little,sparkles then you're looking for that,little smiley face square with a little,tab up you're gonna click on that and,you're gonna see at the top or somewhere,on your screen that it says add yours,you are then going to be able to write a,prompt here now remember this goes back,to crediting the original person it's,very similar to how we use it on,instagram stories but this will allow,you to create a chain of content on,instagram specifically so whatever,you're doing if you're creating a parody,or if you're starting a trend or if you,just want to show off a specific type of,content this is where you're going to do,it so for something like this i might,say,add your,pool,povs,and when i'm done with that i can then,move it around on my screen you will see,it's got those yellow frames to show you,where it's going to cut things off you,have the ability to,make it a little bit smaller if you want,all you're going to do is pinch that and,move it around and you can put that,wherever you need to so that it works,with what you are doing,now with that in mind you are then going,to go through the rest of creating your,real so add any text overlays add any,music add whatever click the next button,and you're actually going to put it out,into the world in that capacity so wow,so once you have that done now that,you've got that done we're talking about,how you can be leveraging this properly,to get credit and to get seen on your,social media so with this you want to,make sure you're creating this and,you're using this only when it's going,to become a potential trend or going to,be something that people jump on if you,use this all the time people are not,going to take notice they're going to,ignore you and it's not going to work to,your benefit so use this sparingly try,doing something like this maybe once or,twice a week no more than that,with that you want to make sure it's,something that's going to benefit your,community so what can you be doing well,i highly recommend using this to add,tips so let's say you teach in a,specific space add your tip about how to,save time on social media might be,something that i do or i can say here is,my makeup routine add your makeup,routine and you can get tips and tricks,from people along the way you can use,this in a way that kind of creates a,chain of content now smartly you could,be using this to create your own content,in a chain now we do have different,playlists and different things we can be,doing on instagram but you can be adding,your things in so that when people go to,top on it they're gonna see a whole,bunch of things related to it now the,nice thing about this is it goes back to,the original creator so when you click,on those add yours you're gonna be able,to see anybody who is posting in that,capacity anybody who's used that,particular chain and it's all going to,go back to the person who started it so,you should be working toward potentially,starting chains of your own so think of,things that are going to make a,difference to your community and are,going to be intentional for what your,community is learning and then you want,to make sure that you are getting people,to add those things in so if you have to,plan a couple of people do it get your,friends and family involved get your,community involved make sure you are,actively engaging with them so once you,have posted this repost it to your story,get involved in the community show it,off you can even take the link to your,video and put it in communities on your,facebook page if that matters for,example,as a best-selling author i'm involved,with a lot of other communities and so i,might create something that says read,the first line of your novel or read the,first paragraph of your novel in an,instagram reel then i would add that add,your sticker,i would take it over to my facebook,groups that i'm a part of and say hey,guys we're starting a new trend jump on,it and they have the ability to then,jump in and then readers can go into,that thread and see everybody's first,line or first paragraph so think of,something that you can get other,community members in on other,professionals in on and you can even try,just fun things as well so i recently,posted a video that was of flowers i was,just a really cute video of me shot,through flowers moving around and i said,add your flower videos so it could be,something that's just fun to see how,many people you can get

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How To Do/Get "Add Yours" on Instagram Story | Add Your Instagram Not Working

How To Do/Get "Add Yours" on Instagram Story | Add Your Instagram Not Working

you may be the one who's add yours,option in instagram stories is missing,or your first time trying to learn that,how you can create and add yours prompt,in both cases you're at the absolutely,right place with the add yours feature,you can create a photo prompt and other,users can post their own photo stories,that add to the thread if you are an,avid instagram user you have probably,seen countless ad yours stories so if,you want to get this option for yours,there's only one condition and that is,you must watch the entire video without,skipping a second,i repeat,you must watch this video without,skipping a second so hang out with me,till the end and let's get into it,me,hey,you

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Add Yours Sticker Not Available On Instagram Story Problem Solved 100% Working

Add Yours Sticker Not Available On Instagram Story Problem Solved 100% Working

eight your sticker is not available on,instagram sticker features problem solve,hello guys welcome back to another brand,new video so today in this video i'm,gonna show you how you can get at your,sticker on instagram story so before,starting the videos i would like to,request you please do hit that subscribe,button and press the bell icon so,without wasting much more time let's get,started so guys if you don't have the,add your story features on your,instagram story then what you need to do,here i'm gonna show you in this video,i'm gonna show you two different tricks,that you can apply and get the features,so guys here the first is you have to go,to play store on your device or if,you're using ios go to app store and,then you just need to search for,instagram okay so here you can see after,searching for instagram you will find,one option that is update option if you,have this just click on update and then,make sure to update your instagram,application okay so until it's get,updated you please hit that subscribe,button red color subscribe button so,that i will be motivated and bring up,more informative videos for you every,day so guys here,you can see it's on an installing,process so just hold on it depend upon,network you have i have a better good,quality a little good quality network so,it's um,it's installing very fast i have already,updated but it says installing so guys,after installing what you need to do,here i'm gonna show you in this video,you just need to wait i mean you just,need to watch the video till the end so,it's done so let me just open instagram,now okay after opening instagram here,just hold on,so now let me just go to this plus i can,go to story and then,let me just click on random picture and,click on the sticker icon and here you,can see i don't have any add your,sticker features so guys what you need,to do here i'm going to show you in this,video you just need to go to play store,and then here you have to uninstall if,you want then you have to uninstall the,instagram application okay,once you uninstall the instagram,application i'm just showing you the,demo you have to download this,application you can see here super vpn,so now what you need to do you have to,just open this okay,and after opening this here on the top,you will find one,mark,flake icon simply tape here and click on,us now you have to click on connect,so here you can see it's connected,already so let me just go to instagram i,mean you have to go to play store and,download the instagram i'm just showing,you the demo so let me just go here,and then let me just check it out,let me just discard this,let me just click on this here you can,see still we are not getting this,features then what you need to do here,i'm gonna show you the last thing what,you have to do here you have to,go to your phone settings okay,phone settings here,and here guys you have to just check,whether sorry you have to just check,whether your system is updated or not so,you have to click on system update or,you can just check it out whether your,phone is asking for any update or not if,your system is asking for any update,make sure to update it so i have just,updated so now let me just go to,instagram and then,check here as you can see here guys i,have successfully got the ad your,stickers so guys in this way you can get,it and if you're not if you're not,getting this features that is at yours,then you just need to wait for 48 hours,after doing all this you'll definitely,get the uh features so guys this is how,you can get at your sticker on your,instagram story thanks for watching

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6 Random ScreenShots :] Instagram Chain Story | Add Yours Viral Trending Sticker

6 Random ScreenShots :] Instagram Chain Story | Add Yours Viral Trending Sticker

six random screenshots instagram change,story hello guys and welcome to our,channel so in this video i will show you,how to do this so far we'll add yours,trend right here so keep on watching,first of all we have to go on on our,instagram app of course and then from,here you have to click on the search,icon from the bottom of the screen and,then search for my account which is ali,and john ytt,and then from this page you have to go,to new 2022 march at highlights,um don't go to my story because that,will expire in just a few hours so you,may not find it there,and it's best to go to new 2022 march at,highlights,it's this one now you have to tap until,you find the desired sticker,just like this you can check my other,viral trends if you like,like this one for example,so there we have it,click on the address button,and if you are not able to click on the,address button once i'll do the story,for the video i will show you from where,you can get a tutorial to help you solve,your problem but first let me do the,story and then i will show you that,tutorial so now you can go to upload and,choose some six random screenshots,so i will go ahead and choose just one,you can add six of course,and i will show you how to add the,second screenshot,so,go and add your first screenshot,to your gallery,i'll go with this one,now you have to make it smaller click on,the image,by using your two fingers then place it,right at the top,then to add your second screenshot you,have to go to stickers from the top of,the screen and then you have to scroll,down click to the plus icon,and then choose your second photo,place it where you want,and,then you have to add your third photo,and once you are happy with your story,you just have to share it with your,friends so guys now if you are not able,to click on the address button what can,you do you have to go once again on my,instagram account and then from here you,have to go to super viral at highlights,and here you will find this first story,not able to click on address button then,you can click on this youtube link right,here and it will get you to my youtube,channel so a video which has only two or,three minutes i think it's super easy to,follow and it will definitely help you,so make sure to check that if you are,not able to click on the add yours,button,so yeah guys that's it i hope this video,was helpful for you if it was you can,like this video and you can also,subscribe to our channel and if you have,some questions you can go ahead and ask,them in the comment section down below,thank you so much for watching guys have,a great day bye bye

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