how to delete instagram account on iphone

How To Delete Instagram Account On iPhonehey guys trevor here and in this video,i'm going to walk yo

Trevor Nace

Updated on Jan 10,2023

How To Delete Instagram Account On iPhone

hey guys trevor here and in this video,i'm going to walk you through how to,permanently delete your instagram,account,it's pretty quick and easy so let's jump,right in you can see here i have an,iphone i'm going to walk you through,those steps on an iphone but they're the,exact same steps on android,so first things of course that you will,want to do,is open up that instagram account so,once we've opened up that instagram,account,say you want to delete either this,account or various other accounts you,can see i'm on the how to apps account,say i want to close this down and i,don't want to use this anymore,the first thing that you'll want to do,is when you're on the account,is tap the profile icon you can see your,low profile icon at the bottom right,here i'll just tap that,then it'll show you your profile,the next thing that you'll want to do is,tap the three lines at the top right to,get into the menu here so this gives you,the whole menu of everything that you,can do on the phone,and then the very first option should be,settings for you if it's not the very,first options wherever settings is,this will give you a bunch of different,things you might think that you tap on,account,to go to delete your account but that's,not the case instagram does not make it,easy to delete your account you actually,have to head over to the help so tap on,help there,and then the next thing that you want to,do is you'll see these different options,you just want to tap on help center so,help center is where you want to go,and then it'll show you a bunch of,different things you know a bunch of,different things that it might help with,if you go through all of these options,it won't show you how to delete your,account because again instagram doesn't,want you to delete your account however,if you just tap the little search icon,at the very top here and type in delete,account,the very first option should say how do,i delete my instagram account we'll just,tap on that,and again this is a little tricky so,make sure you follow along with this,again they'll try to ask you to,temporarily disable your account because,they don't really want you to delete,your account,so don't be fooled and tap the,temporarily disable if you want to fully,delete it you have to scroll down,under,to request permanent deletion of your,account,number one it says go to delete your,account,before this it recommends to download a,copy of your data which is a good idea,it'll download all your posts and videos,and dms and all that stuff on your,iphone or android so that you can access,them whenever you want but when you're,ready you can hit delete your account,here,and it'll pop pop up with a little,option,you want to make sure why do you want to,delete how to apps 10 you want to make,sure that's the account that you,actually do want to delete you're not,logged into a different account,and then you'll just tap this and you'll,say,i'm concerned about my data given all,the stuff that's come out about facebook,and instagram,maybe you just want to delete the,account because you just don't trust the,company anymore so the last thing that,they'll ask you for is to re-enter your,password so you'll just go here,you'll just enter in your password here,and then it says if you continue,on november 28th which is one month from,today,everything will be deleted so there's no,way to permanently delete everything,today they make you wait kind of 30 days,to you know have make sure that you,really want to delete the account and,then after that they will permanently,delete your account so you have 30 days,to kind of reverse everything and then,all you do is hit the delete how to apps,are you sure you want to delete it and,you just hit the ok button and then your,account will be deleted if you ever want,it back within those 30 days all you do,is go to and just,log in to your account and then,everything will be restored but again it,has to be within those 30 days hope this,helps let us know if you have any,questions in the comments below and make,sure to subscribe thanks

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How to delete instagram account on iphone

How to delete instagram account on iphone

what's going on guys welcome back to the,YouTube channel in today's video I will,be showing you how to delete your,Instagram account as you can see guys I,will be doing this on your iPhone but,this works for any mobile device I,mean if you're on Android iPhone it,should still be the same,the same type of instructions I will be,making a video soon where I show you,guys um you know how to do it on desktop,but anyway so your own Instagram and,you're ready to delete the account,because you just done winstram I don't,know some people just on it,whatever the reason is this is what you,do to delete the account alright simply,going to go into your Instagram go into,the Instagram app so let me go out of,here the first thing you do is go into,the Instagram app and once you get on,the Instagram app you're gonna simply go,to your account so see go to your,account once you get on your account hit,these three little lines up here on the,top right corner of your mobile phone so,these three lines you want to tap on it,I don't where is it any wasn't ever,there it is alright once you tapped on,it you should see this stuff pop up,right here you want to go into your,settings alright once you click on,settings you're then gonna hit this help,button right here now the next thing,you're gonna do after you hit the Help,button is go to help center so let me,click help center and once you had,clicked help Center you will get to the,page that looks like this,alright it would look like this I got I,know I got this light on so y'all can,barely see it but,this is the page you should be on right,now and this is the page where you're,gonna delete the account all right so,the next thing you want to do is scroll,down to where is it it oh man I hit the,wrong thing MC helps injure manage your,accounts think it's manage your accounts,so I hit manage your accounts and once,you hit that you're doing gonna come to,this page where it says delete your,account I hope y'all can see that my,phone exactly funny but yeah it says,delete your account all right and I love,that stuff so let's click on delete your,account once you hit delete your account,you will see this page right here which,says delete your account how do I,temporary disable my account how do I,delete my account so if you want to just,temporarily temporarily disable it click,this button on the top if you want to,delete it completely then click the,second one all right how do I access or,review my data on it sure so it's these,first two either you're gonna disable it,you'll click the top one if you want to,delete it permanently you click this one,so let me click the second one so if you,want a temporary delete it again guys,click on the top option if you want to,permanently delete it click on the,second option all right so now it says,delete your account as you can see here,when do you it says when you delete your,account your profile photos videos,comments likes and followers will be,permanently removed if you'd just like,to take it take a break you can,temporary delete your account so it's,very important guys you gotta ask,yourself do you want to permanently,delete your account or do you just want,a temporary delete your Instagram,account because if you permanently did,permanently delete it then it says here,your video your followers your,everything,is gonna be gone it says that everything,is gonna be gone so make sure you know,which one you want to do but anyway the,next thing you want to do guys it says,okay after you delete account you can't,sign up again with the same username or,add that username to another account and,we can't reactivate deleted accounts so,once you delete this account guys it's,gone it's like it's permanent it's just,done okay to permanently delete your,account go to the delete your account,page so you would click on this and then,it would ask you some questions like why,you want to delete your account so,basically this page is saying delete,your account you know it says we're,sorry to hear you won't like to delete,your account if you just looking to take,a break you can dot anodize I'm still,gonna bribe you to this temporary delete,it but if you want it gone you just,click this button here tell them why you,want to delete it I don't know why I,didn't work and hold on but you're,definitely gonna just click this button,right here oh it works yeah once you,click that button you should go down to,the bottom of your phone and you should,see these great part right here alright,and you just pick one of these you know,too many ads privacy concerns can't find,people to follow just pick whichever one,you want to put I just put something,else and then hit done and there it is,guys permanently delete my account I'm,not gonna delete mines but that's the,button you're gonna hit if you want to,permanently delete your Instagram,account so that's how you doing guys if,this video had helped you out at all and,again this is for the mobile phone so if,you're on iPhone it should work

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How to Delete Instagram Account From Account List (2022)

How to Delete Instagram Account From Account List (2022)

in this video i'm going to show you how,to delete an instagram account from your,account list if you're logged into,multiple accounts this works for ios and,android devices and it's pretty simple,to do so let's get started,okay so let's head over to instagram,and before you start with the steps of,removing your account from your account,list,on the accounts that you want to keep,you need to do this,press on your profile picture at the,bottom right to be taken to your profile,page then press on the free lines at the,top right of your screen and select,settings from this list here,now when you get here you need to tap on,security and then press on saved login,information,now you need to make sure that saved,login information is enabled on your,accounts that you want to keep as to,remove the account we don't want to keep,from our list we need to log out of all,accounts and of course this makes it,much easier to log back in to the others,as you don't need a security code or any,two-factor authentication if you have,this turned on,so once you have made sure that all the,accounts you want to keep have this,setting enabled you can decide if you,want to turn this setting off on the,account that you want to get rid of as,if you have this enabled on the account,that you want to get rid of when you go,and try to sign in again on instagram on,your phone it will be suggested and it,will let you log back into that account,without a password,so if you want to completely get rid of,this account from your phone and you're,never going to use this account again,you need to make sure this is disabled,for that account,so now to remove the account all we have,to do is go back to the settings page,here,scroll down to the bottom of the page,and press logout now all the accounts,you're signed into will pop up and you,need to select all of the accounts by,tapping on them and then just tapping,log out at the bottom,then it will ask if you want to log out,of all accounts so just press log out,now you should be taken to a page that,looks like this,and to remove an account from this list,just press on edit at the bottom,and then press the x next to the account,that you want to get rid of,it will ask you if you want to remove,the account so just tap on remove,now you can tap on finish editing just,below the account list and now just tap,on login next to any of one of your,accounts,and as you can see it will log back in,all of the accounts for you,and you can switch back to them as you,like,now i did a test a couple of days ago,and it didn't log one of my accounts,back in,but because we enabled that security,feature before all you would have to do,is just go to add account at the bottom,of the settings,and when you start to type the name of,the account into the login page it will,give you an option to just log back into,that account without a password,so that's how you remove an account from,your account list on instagram if this,video helped you out please like the,video and consider subscribing for more,tips tricks and tutorials just like this,one and if you have any further,questions leave them down below in the,comments and i'm sure i can help you out,anyway see you next time bye bye

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How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently (2023)

How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently (2023)

in this video I'm going to show you how,to permanently delete Instagram account,that is quite simple and easy to do so,let's begin and first open up Instagram,app and then right here at bottom right,hand corner hit at your profile icon,next hit add menu icon and select,settings,on settings hit on account and then,scroll down to the very bottom where you,can find delete account feature just tap,on that and here it asks you if you want,to deactivate your account instead of,deleting deactivating your account is,temporary your profile photos comments,and likes will be hidden until you,enable it by logging back in but,deleting your account is permanent your,profile photos videos comments like and,followers will be permanently deleted so,if you want to just you know take a,break you can select deactivating,account feature instead of deleting but,if you want to completely delete your,account right here hit add delete,account and then hit on continue,deleting account right there next it,moves you to the page where you can,choose why do you want to delete your,account just hit or right there and,select some reason from that list I'll,just pick um something else then you,have to re-enter your password just tap,at the text field and enter your account,password and now it says that if you,continue your profile and account data,will be deleted after 30 days from now,you wouldn't be visible on Instagram,between now and then and if you change,your mind you can log back in before the,deletion date and choose to keep your,account so if you want to delete account,just hit right here at delete account,then hit add OK and now it says that,that account has been deleted if you'll,try to log into that account it will say,sorry we couldn't log you in that means,that your account is temporarily,deactivated as for now so you can hit,add OK and there you may use your,Instagram with your another account if,you want to restore your account within,30 days you may do the next steps just,hit right here at username and select,add account then hit on log in to,existing account and right here enter,your account username and password I've,just entered a username and now it asks,me if I want to keep using this account,it says that you are request to delete,that account and if you want to keep it,you have until that date let us know,otherwise all your photos and,informations will be deleted so if you,want to restore your account just hit,right there at keep account and then add,enter your account's password and after,that it recovers your account and you,can use it as you did that before as you,can see all photos and all data,including all posts followers and,following is now restart I hope it helps,you guys so don't forget to like And,subscribe

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How To Delete Instagram Account

How To Delete Instagram Account

i'm sure you have your reasons for,wanting to quit instagram i'm not here,to judge but if you consider just taking,a break instead of deleting your account,altogether today i'll show you how to,take a break from posting by disabling,your instagram account just temporarily,or if that's not enough how to delete,your gram for good for the purposes of,this demonstration i created a throwaway,account called darkerparker.delete,but don't bother trying to look for it,because by the time we're done today,that account will no longer exist though,my main is still out there if you care,to take a look you should also look up,cnet's instagram page before you delete,your account completely we'd love to,have you subscribe if you decide to,stick around after all but if that's not,enough to entice you to keep your,account active let's get started with,some ways to shut it down just because,you're done with your instagram account,don't throw out the baby with the,bathwater i strongly suggest you,download your photos videos and other,data before moving on with your life you,can request a data download from either,a web browser or from the app itself in,the app tap this icon in the upper right,corner,select settings,then security,toward the bottom you'll see download,data,enter an email address or keep the one,that shows up,and tap the request download button,enter the password for your account tap,next,and you'll get confirmation that your,download has been requested,to make that same request in your,browser go to your profile click the,edit profile button,and select privacy and security,scroll down to the data download section,and click request download,from there enter your email address and,choose the format for the download you,prefer i'd suggest selecting html for,easier viewing later though if you,prefer json be my guest,click next,enter your password and click the,request download button,regardless of which method you choose it,may take up to 48 hours to get the email,with the link to download your data when,you get it download and extract the zip,file,you'll be able to find your posted,photos and videos in the media folder,organized by date,this may also be an eye opening look,into all the other data stored in your,instagram account,you can take a peek at your search,history,a list of all your followers and people,you're following,and all sorts of other records of your,dealings on instagram i just created,this account this week so there's no,data in a lot of these folders but i am,intrigued by these secret conversations,and secret group stocks,i'll have to come back to that another,time now that i have a backup of my,whole account i'm ready to disable,instagram at least for the time being,to disable but not delete your instagram,account i recommend going to your,profile page in a web browser on your,computer or on your phone you can get to,the disable page from the help section,in the app but it's just going to kick,you out to a browser anyway so you might,as well start there click the edit,profile button,and click the temporarily disable my,account link,as the page explains disabling the,account means your account will be,hidden until you reactivate it by,logging back in,you have to provide a reason why you,want to do this even if you just choose,something else no further elaboration is,required,enter your account password click the,disable account button,tap yes to confirm you really want to do,this,and that's it your account is no longer,accessible to the outside world or to,you either unless you choose to log back,in again,you can always reactivate your account,by logging back into it from the webpage,or in the app though if you had a good,reason to disable it in the first place,maybe take some time to enjoy the,freedom before you dive back in,if you've decided to walk away from,instagram for good or at least shut down,one of your many usernames here's how to,delete your instagram account point your,browser either on your computer or on,your phone to,accounts slash remove slash request,slash permanent again you can get there,from the help section in the app but,you're just going to end up in a browser,anyway so let's cut out a few steps next,select the reason why you want to delete,your account depending on your choice,the site offers suggestions for solving,your problem without actually deleting,your account,whatever you choose if you still want to,continue enter your password and click,the delete button with your username on,it you'll get one more chance to back,out or confirm your choice and you'll,get a confirmation that your account,will be deleted,a month from now so if you do nothing,your account will be wiped clean on the,date displayed but if you change your,mind between now and then you can still,enter your username and password,click on keep your account and,everything goes back to normal,i'm guessing this feature was added for,people that rage quit instagram for some,reason think better o

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Delete Instagram Account (New Way)

Delete Instagram Account (New Way)

so I'm a best friends in this video I,will show you how to quickly end the,very simply solves a problem that you,have and the topic of this video how to,delete your Instagram account your,iPhone okay I show you new methods how,to fix this problem how to delete,Instagram account okay and effective and,fastest method yeah please click like,and write in the comments that 30 years,got up or not like yeah and ask your,questions in the comments and I will,create a video answer so first we need,to clear the cache here iPhone uh,otherwise the method will not work maybe,yeah how to clear the cashier iPhone I,show you okay I show you your Beats,after me okay okay because this is very,important so you C two button button,turn off and button volume down press,and hold this button and you look slide,to power off and left to right and your,iPhone turn off and you look black,screen dark screen and now waiting and,press button turn on and waiting your,iPhone loading and now clear as a,cashier iPhone completes it uh maybe and,now I show you how to delete your,Instagram account okay step number one,we go next we go Instagram app,app Instagram,your account Instagram and we go,it's point and you see three points here,and click ends we go settings you see,points settings and now uh we go uh,help the girl help click help,and now we go help center,help center and you see,three points yeah,swipe and click free points and,click,and now you see delete your account yeah,we go this point and now click and red,red,text and red text and red text and click,delete your account,and now your account Instagram delete,and now clear the cashier iPhone we go,home and repeat uh clears cashier iPhone,uh because this is very important here,how to clear the cache,uh press two button button turn off and,button volume down and,freeze and slides to power off left to,right and your iPhone turn off and clear,the cache your iPhone completes yeah and,now guys I showed you the first method,it is very effective method check if,this method works for you if you can't,do its Red's model number of your iPhone,and I'll shoot the video for you it's,not a problem please write in the,comments model number of your iPhone and,version iOS your iPhone and I show you,new matches how to delete Instagram,account,yeah your model number your iPhone I,show you yeah and ask your questions in,the comments and I will create a video,answer please click like and write in,the comments with three years got up or,not like yeah thanks for watching,subscribe to the Channel please bye

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instagram account delete malayalam|how to delete instagram account 2022

instagram account delete malayalam|how to delete instagram account 2022

foreign, foreign,yesterday,foreign,bye

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How To Deactivate Instagram Account | Disable Instagram account temporarily

How To Deactivate Instagram Account | Disable Instagram account temporarily

hello everyone welcome back to my,channel and today in this video i just,like to show you,how to deactive your instagram account,so let's begin only firstly you just,need to open on your instagram,now you need to click on the bottom,right corner your profile icon,now you need to click on the top right,corner three line menu bar icon,then select on settings,and now there have a option help,so select on this help,now go on help center,now at the top right corner there have,another three line menu icon select on,it,now there have a option for manage your,account select on it,now you can see there have a option for,delete your account you need to select,it because they have option for deactive,your instagram account so i just select,on delete your account,now at the first option you can see,temporarily deactive your instagram,account so select on it,and now there have a option for, from,a computer or mobile or iphone if you,using a android device you just select,on mobile or if you select iphone you,just select an iphone because i use,android so select on it,now there have option for,so select on it,now you can see it's take another page,now select on your profile icon at the,bottom right corner,now there have a option for edit profile,so select on edit profile at the top,option,select on it,now scroll down,and here you can see there have option,temporarily deactivate your account so,select on it,now there have option,why you deactivating your account you,need to select your reason why you,reactive i select something else,and now,now you just need to type your password,here,here you can see there have option for,to continue please re-enter your,password you just need to type your,password so here you can see,i'm just typing my password,and after type my password there have a,option,temporarily deactive your account,there you can see temporarily deactivate,your account so just select on this,temporary deactivated account then your,account gone reactive so i hope you can,understand and in this way you can,deactivate your instagram account very,easily so hopefully this video can help,you don't forget to like and subscribe,my channel

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