how to contact instagram support

How to Contact Instagram Supporthi friends we are so happy that you are,today with us and right now


Updated on Jan 10,2023

How to Contact Instagram Support

hi friends we are so happy that you are,today with us and right now we will show,you how to contact Instagram support So,if this topic is needful let's go to the,portrait,in the first step we need to open our,instamp and before we will go to the,settings I need to to say that it's very,cool that you will take a screenshot,where you can capture this problem you,are going to talk about in a letter,because it's very cool and help you to,describe in detail about the trouble,which is going on right now and to,explain,your trouble in a good in the right way,so right now I will take a screenshot as,an example,okay so my picture is saved to the,gallery app and right now let's go to,the settings to the needful settings,you'll need your have to choose to,contact with the support so when we are,on the profile page I need we need to,pick on the three lines icon at the top,bar of the screen and select,the first option like settings,after let's tap on the help section,and we need to choose the first option,reports a problem,later we need to choose the reason why,we are going to contact with the support,and I will use this second option like,something isn't working,on a period on the period bar we need to,explain and,text a letter where we will explain what,is the trouble and what we want to fix,on our accounts I have my text right now,here and we can also as I said before at,our taken screenshots using the gallery,app so we can take a screen screenshots,right now using this first button but I,will click on the next one and as you,can check this is our late the latest,picture I have made later uh when I,tapped on it one time I need to choose,the down option at the top,and also I can add some multiple,pictures after going on the same section,and using another image but I won't do,this and after when your letter is done,and you um are really sure about your,text you need to pick on this send,feature at the top let's tap on it one,time,and as you can check we have the,notification that our letter right now,is upload and we need to check sometime,before,um the answer,so guys I hope that this tutorial was,short but useful but needful and right,now you know how to contact with the,Instagram support,that can help you to solve your problem,with account,so guys don't forget about likes and,also don't forget to subscribe to our,YouTube channel where we will talk about,the Instagram and other applications,have a nice day goodbye,thank you,foreign

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How To Reach Instagram Support (3 Methods)

How To Reach Instagram Support (3 Methods)

there's no other way to put it Instagram,support team sucks so much so if you try,to call the phone number for Instagram,support this is what happens this can be,frustrating especially if you're a,creator who has had their Instagram,account hacked into you must have a,burning question for Instagram you have,no idea how to actually reach Instagram,or how to even start looking for how to,reach Instagram it's very very,complicated that's why in today's video,I want to talk about three ways that you,can reach out to Instagram and ask them,a question now I know this topic might,be a little bit boring for some but,there's been new developments in how we,can actually reach out to Instagram and,ask them a question in 2020 so I thought,this video would be incredibly important,to make ready let's get right into it,but before we do my name is Bobby,aka solution studio and this is a,channel where we help you build,influence on social media so if you have,a movement something that you want to be,told on social media this is the channel,to do it so make sure you like and,subscribe helps us within the YouTube,algorithm alright now let's get into it,three ways that we can reach out to,instrument getting this video I had,mentioned that Instagram has released a,new way for us to communicate with them,and if you're a YouTube creator this may,sound familiar YouTube has a Twitter,account called fat teen YouTube and this,is a Twitter account that you can tweet,at and ask questions about your account,YouTube and things like that,and they respond sometimes it's better,than Instagram anyways Instagram has,copied this model and they have a new,Twitter account called at teen and,Savannah they're not that it's at,Twitter communication something like,that and this is a Twitter account that,you can actually tweet your questions at,and since it's fairly new there's a,decent chance that they may respond now,remember this is a Twitter,run by interns or some low-level worker,so the chances are that they respond to,all of your questions are few to none,however it's still the proper channel to,communicate with Instagram if you have,questions about press if you have,questions about new Instagram features,this is where they will be communicating,with us so head over to Twitter and,check it out before I move on to number,two I think it's really important for me,to communicate to you that there is no,guaranteed surefire way to reach,instagram support which is frustrating,and i know that especially if you're in,a dire situation like if your accounts,been hacked there is no support call,center for instagram well there is but,just to reiterate the methods i'm giving,you in this video are simply creative,ways that I found to reach out to,instagrams,so this second strategy is very creative,the CEO of Instagram himself,Adam hosts a weekly questionnaire every,Friday every Friday he allows us to,submit questions to him most of which he,answers I've gone through three times to,him and he's answered to three of my,questions so every Friday he post an,Instagram story sticker that says ask me,your questions and he does get around to,answering a good majority of them he,even answers the hard-hitting questions,like is there a mr. shadow bad do,hashtags work all the time and things,like that so if you're feeling lucky,head over to his confirming account we,believe the link in the description last,way to contact Instagram with our,burning questions is also the most,simple and the traditional way of email,and that email is support at Instagram,calm believe it or not this email is,actually pretty hard to find but if you,have a question for Instagram simply,email them at this email and chances are,they'll get back to you and by chances I,mean one out of 100 but you can try your,luck there as editing this video I'm,realizing that people may have clicked,in this video specifically because their,Instagram account was hacked into it,that's the case there's a specific,channel you need to go through,in order to reach Instagram it's,actually this article here it's gonna,have a lot more information on it I'm,going to link it below alright that's it,for today's video I want to know have,you ever tried to reach out to Instagram,support have they gotten back to you,have they helped you,what do you wish Instagram could do,better to better increase our happiness,factor I guess in contacting Instagram,personally it should be like any,business where you have a question,answer my question I mean you guys make,a billion dollars every single year,every single year that Instagram has,been in existence ever since they've,been bought by Facebook,their profits go up and up and up and up,so you can't allow some resources to,answering our questions and keep me as,happy anyways make sure to follow me on,instagram at the influencer c-e-o I post,a daily video stuff that isn't on this,YouTube channel on how to build your,brand on social media I'll see you guys,in the next one peace

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Recover a Hacked Instagram Account FAST 2022 (This really works!)

Recover a Hacked Instagram Account FAST 2022 (This really works!)

hey has your instagram account just been,hacked like mine was and you're having a,horrible time trying to get back into it,you don't know where to go what to do,maybe uh you're clicking those buttons,in the emails from instagram that say,secure your account but those aren't,working either well stick around for,this video because i'm going to show you,step by step how i have helped 20 plus,of my friends get their account back,after it was hacked,everybody i just wanted to say thank you,for coming and watch this video i,personally know like how frustrating,this whole situation can be how you just,want help and you can't get it,and to think that instagram uh,a billion dollar company,doesn't have customer service,is like mind-blowing but the bakery,around the corner does i don't know,i run a marketing agency so i have,direct line of communication with,facebook business for help with stuff,like this and they're just not able to,help i've received i've had phone calls,with facebook they say you got to go,through our internal team i see in some,of the emails and some of the steps that,i get from instagram or in the instagram,help center is you know uh maybe you,could send us a selfie video to prove,you own the account every time i would,ask facebook how do i submit a selfie,video they literally said we don't know,after trial and error and hitting many,different options on instagram we,figured it out we got it and we're gonna,show you how you can recover your,account by taking a selfie video with,the instagram app verify you own the,account and you can get it back now the,negative is,my account is still hacked but i'll tell,you why you see i'm a photographer i,travel all over my instagram feed has no,photos of this face,on the instagram account you can go,check it here jared quackenbush i'll put,it there it's still hacked not me if you,get a message it's from kelvin,from nigeria but i don't have any photos,on my instagram feed because i'm a drone,photographer my full feed is landscapes,but if you're like most instagram users,you have a photo of yourself on your,feed in the last couple months,and that is what's gonna help you do,this so enough talking let's kind of,jump into it and even if you're a,photographer like me and you don't have,a photo of yourself try this anyways i,did get one email from instagram,saying that they approved the video but,then there were some errors,i'm still doing it to this day so wish,me luck but let's jump right in i'm,doing this on an iphone it's kind of,similar on an android but let's kind of,walk you through it here we go you want,to go to add a new account,then that you want to click add a new,account and go to login to existing,account,and we are just going to jump right in,and type our username so i'm going to,walk you through this what i do for mine,jared quack bush,now this is my account that's still,hacked but i'm going to click forgot,password,now,you see where it says trouble logging in,enter your username or email and we'll,send you a link to get your account back,the problem is the link goes to the,email of the hacker not mine so we are,going to not click the next button which,is ridiculous because when you look at,this it makes you think oh let's click,the big blue button that says next no i,want you to click underneath that that,says need more help let's go,now you're going to see two accounts pop,up or your account pop up for me i have,my business account which is my personal,brand account jared quackenbush the one,i run it all through and then i have a a,private one that i've used just pictures,of my kids and food so you're going to,select the account,then,here's the crazy thing,the two phone numbers there are mine,but the email is there is the hacker not,mine but i'm going to send myself a,security code which you probably have,already done this before but don't worry,this is good news so we want to send,ourselves a security code,then we're going to type that in,boom confirm,now,this is where we get to the selfie video,next it wants you to enter your security,code which the hacker set up two-step,authentication so i can't so we are,going to go down to the bottom and click,try another way,now you're met with three options use,backup code,get support visit help center,we're going to click get support,a new page of options now i'm going to,click,my account was hacked,now i'm also going to click do you have,photos of yourself on your account yes,or no now i do have photos of myself in,my account but it's not until back in,like,the beginning of 2020 end of 2019 i have,photos of this face i just think the,the ai isn't going back that far which,really stinks or if they if the ai was,able to go to tagged photos,if you would see a ton of tacked photos,of me but,just not on my main feed so let's click,yes i have photos of myself on my,account,next,pause let's go back if you do hit no i,don't have photos of myself on this,account and then click next,it takes you all the way back a

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Step By Step Guide On How To Contact Instagram's Customer Service

Step By Step Guide On How To Contact Instagram's Customer Service

hey everybody it's eduardo and today i'm,going to show you how to contact,instagram's customer support team,sadly instagram makes it very hard for,the users to contact their customer,support team but i have to go through,the experience to try and get a shadow,band removed from one of my accounts a,while back and this is how i did it,alrighty so this is how i was able to,get in touch with instagram's customer,support team when i got a shadow van,removed from one of my accounts first,it's important to know and to remember,that facebook owns instagram there is no,specific instagram customer support team,the only way you can resolve issues of,your instagram is through contacting,facebook's business support so to get,help with your instagram through the,facebook business support you're gonna,go through six steps i want you to keep,in mind that facebook's layout and the,exact way you do each of these steps,changes so quickly that it's actually,not helpful for me to show you how to do,it on a screen because it's gonna likely,be different for you when you see this,video but what's important to know is,that you need to go through these steps,in order to contact them so what i'm,gonna do is i'm going to include links,of facebook's help page that will show,you exactly how you need to do these,steps at the time that you're watching,this video and you can find it in the,description of the video okay so the,first thing you need to do is to make,your instagram a business account then,you need to create a facebook page for,that instagram after that you need to,connect your instagram business account,to the facebook business page you made,for it next you have to set up a,facebook ads manager account because,you'll need an account id in order to,contact facebook business support lastly,you need to find that ad account id,don't worry i'll include a link on how,to do that and once you have an ad,account id for your facebook business,manager then you can finally contact,their customer support and you contact,the facebook business customer support,at this url slash business,slash help slash support and here's what,you'll find at the time that i recorded,this video at this url by the time you,watch this video it's likely going to be,different but what's important is that,you use the url so once you're here as,you'll see they'll ask you which of your,facebook business pages you need help,with as you can tell i have a lot of,instagram and facebook business pages so,these are all mine but this is why it's,important to have connected your,instagram business account to a facebook,page because by doing that then you'll,be able to contact facebook business,support and they'll be able to help you,with your instagram since it's linked to,the facebook business page so for this,example i'll pick one of my accounts and,say pottery for all and currently this,is the page that they're showing me so,they'll ask you to select an issue you,need help with they're more than likely,not going to be exact to what you need,help with on your instagram but just,pick whichever one is closest to what,you need help with i'm going to select,content that's been removed from my page,assuming one of my instagram posts was,wrongly reported and removed,and i want to contest that so i'll click,there this is the next page that shows,up again it'll be different for you,confirm your email address confirm your,phone number right here whatever,information you have about what the,issue is with your instagram account,make sure to clarify the specific issue,you need help with and clarify that it's,on the instagram page linked to the,facebook page that you're submitting the,issue through if you have photos great,include them here the more photos you,have about your issue the more likely it,is that they'll be able to help you and,then all you do is start chat,so here it'll ask you to go to the,facebook messenger,messenger is how you'll contact customer,support and as you can tell here it'll,show up at the top of your messenger,list as you can tell i've been in touch,with them in the past,here i went through the process of,getting a shadow band removed because,one of my posts was incorrectly reported,by users and once you get in touch with,them they're actually super helpful but,the hard part is getting in touch with,them again keep in mind that the layout,of all of these details might be,different when you're watching this,video but these are the steps you'll,need to go through in order to link your,instagram business account to a facebook,business page facebook business manager,and have your account id in order to be,able to contact their customer service,it's frustratingly hard and in my,opinion a great indicator that facebook,is a monopoly they provide horrible,customer support but since there's no,other place that us as users can get the,service we have no choice but to deal,with it and that's how i was able to,contact instagram's customer support,team if yo

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How to Reach Facebook & Instagram CUSTOMER SERVICE!

How to Reach Facebook & Instagram CUSTOMER SERVICE!

so your business is having a problem,facebook or instagram you feel knocked,down and all you want to do is talk with,someone there believe me as a business,owner i totally know how you feel and,here's how you get them on live chat,first you're going to log into facebook,and click on the arrow at the top right,of your screen now you can be on your,main news feed for your personal profile,you can be on your business page it,doesn't matter then go to help and,support then help center now you might,be able to get the answer to your,problem in one of these sections up here,where they have instructions on a,million things but if you want live chat,which i assume you do because you,clicked on this video and thank you for,that scroll down and click on visit,business help center now on the next,screen you're going to scroll down to,find answers or contact support and then,click on get started and now on the next,screen if you're having a problem with,your business manager you'll click on,the business manager account you want,help with up here or if instead it's a,specific page or ad account you're,having problems with look farther down,the screen and select the business,manager account that's associated with,the page or ad account you're having,problems with then press go now before,we continue my understanding is that the,only way you're gonna see what i'm,showing you here is if you have business,manager and business manager which used,to be facebook business manager is part,of the meta business suite that allows,you to manage your facebook page and,instagram professional account and ad,accounts and everyone who works on them,all in one spot now facebook slash,instagram meta offers business manager,completely for free and it connects with,your facebook account so you don't have,to create a whole new login so if you,don't have it already go to, to set it up and,really it's very helpful to have anyway,okay so on this next screen if you click,here you can choose if you're having,problems with your ad account your,facebook page your instagram account or,commerce manager which is facebook's,ecommerce platform for this video we'll,say i'm having problems with my facebook,page but the process will be nearly,identical if you choose one of these,other options then select the page,that's causing you the headache and boy,do facebook and instagram give us,headaches now on this next screen choose,the exact problem you're having for this,video i'll click on,i'm having an issue creating a timeline,post on my page now on this next screen,i feel like i'm constantly saying on,this next screen there are a lot of,screens anyway on this next screen,facebook gives you instructions which,might help you fix the problem but if,they don't or you still just want to do,live chat click on contact support down,here now on this next screen make sure,the phone number and email address above,are good and you'll need to start typing,something here to give more details,about your problem you'll notice that,when i start typing something the blue,start chat button is no longer grayed,out meaning you can start the chat,you'll also see that you can add,screenshots or other files to help,explain your problem if needed you'll,see the wait time here is four minutes,and by the way live chat is available,monday through friday 9am to 5pm,although it's totally not clear which,time zones the 9 to 5 is in facebook's,call centers are in the eastern and,central time zones so use your best,judgment if you don't see something that,tells you how long the wait time is,chances are live chat is not available,at that time and you'll just try back,later okay so let's click on start chat,and you'll see on my page live chat is,already popping up on messenger and i,can continue the conversation from there,now in addition to contact and support,one of the big puzzles on facebook is,figuring out how to get more likes,comments and shares on your posts so if,you want to learn how to trigger the,facebook algorithm watch this video in,the top right corner thanks and see in,the next video

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How to Contact Instagram Customer Support

How to Contact Instagram Customer Support

everyone I've made close to a hundred,Instagram videos on this YouTube channel,and I get a lot of questions about,technical issues that you may have with,Instagram so I wanted to make this video,to show you a few places where you could,contact Instagram and then I wanted to,make this YouTube page where we could,use the comments section to help each,other find some of the answers we're,looking for so first things first in,order to contact Instagram they give you,one option on the app so I wanted to,show you that first so to get there go,ahead and launch your Instagram app on,your device so I'm just gonna go click,my picture icon here on the bottom,corner and now we want to go to settings,so depending on your app you should see,that gear icon go ahead and click that,gear icon and then if you go to the,bottom here you see an option under,support that says report a problem and,there is a Help Center too I'm gonna,show you that in a second but report a,problem click that and then these are,the problems you could report on the app,spam or abuse something isn't working,general feedback so something isn't,working so one of the common questions I,get is why don't I have the question,sticker or the poll sticker or the music,sticker on their Instagram story so you,could ask them that maybe it's a,compatibility issue with your device so,you could type in that question and then,you could just press send and then you,would get a message from Instagram now,sometimes they respond most of the times,they will not respond and they will use,this as feedback so let me show you a,couple of different ways to do this I'll,do this on the computer I'm gonna leave,the link in the description to these,different pages but the Instagram Help,Center could be helpful from time to,time sometimes it's a little vague and,it doesn't give you the right answer so,again please leave a comment if you have,a solution to people's answers and make,sure you ask the questions here so,hopefully myself or someone else could,help you with an answer but this page,shows you what you could do if your,account has been disabled usually if you,type in your username and password and,your account is disabled it's gonna show,you on-screen instructions to get your,account back but sometimes if you don't,follow the guidelines or Terms of Use,it's gonna be disabled without warning,and there's nothing you could do but,this is the best place to look for,enabling your accounts next is if you,lost your access to Instagram so if you,lost your access to the email,showing up with this has got to show you,what to do here,and then this Help Center if you have a,question about a username a lot of,people ask if they want to use their,name and someone has taken it but,they're not using it actively there's,really nothing you could do about that,it recommends leaving it - or emoji or,something - just make it a little,different and then if all that fails you,could go to the Instagram Facebook page,now this lets you send Instagram any,message so you could just go on here and,then send a message to Instagram again,this is one of those things where,Instagram really doesn't want you to,contact them so if you have issues they,probably are not gonna get to you in a,timely manner but this is another way to,do it and the last one is using Twitter,same kind of thing you could go on here,and you could go ahead and tweet to,Instagram right here go ahead and press,that and then go ahead and send a tweet,to Instagram and hopefully they'll,respond to you but if your question is,why don't I have a specific sticker most,of the times what they tell you is it,rolls out to different devices at,different times so it could take up to,two weeks for it to get from Android but,I know some people for example don't,have the poll or the questions in their,Instagram story and it's been more than,a couple of weeks for the polls well,between all these different solutions,that's really all I could provide to,contact an Instagram and I hope one of,those solves your problem and then,please leave a comment with your,question and hopefully somebody could,have the right answer for you on this,page again please make sure you,subscribe to this channel I have almost,a hundred Instagram tutorials and a lot,lot more tech videos on this channel and,I hope to see you on the next video,thanks so much for watching

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How to contact Instagram support 2023 | Instagram help email

How to contact Instagram support 2023 | Instagram help email

hello what's up guys in this video i'm going  to show you how to contact instagram support  ,so let's just get straight into the video all  right so whenever you open up instagram okay and  ,you'll be able to see uh you know the always the  thing you see okay right so now click on that uh  ,your click on your profile and click on the tree  line and you guys need to tap on settings right  ,now uh here you can see help the help  option in settings just tap on that  ,and here you can see that uh if you face any kind  of problem and you want to report about it simply  ,just tap on that and you have to just report  uh spam or reviews or whatever it is okay so  ,what you can do is simply just uh open this with  uh your google chrome right here you can see the  ,it's telling you that community guidelines and  stuff so now here you can see that if you want to  ,report report any comment or report any message  it's telling you and it's giving you that all  ,the instruction like uh how we can you know report  any kind of uh after inappropriate comment or just  ,you can see you'll be able to see or find  all the options available okay now there  ,is also here you can see if anyone send  you any kind of abusive message or any  ,uh you know that should not be doing by the  person so you can also submit report about it  ,so okay so if there is also the guidelines how you  can do this okay so that's uh you know telling you  ,about how you can do many stuffs like all right so  yep that that was it and also let me show you guys  ,uh you can see that you if you go to help  center okay you can see something all  ,something like this so you can get help right  so here you can see that support request  ,so if you click on any reports you will be able  to see all of your reports list which if you did  ,okay and if you if you made any  kind of violations that go against  ,the instagrams of uh guidelines so you  also can see find it right here all right  ,so here you can see also privacy and security  setup which you know which is also related to  ,you know related to your account all right so  that's it all right so there is another thing i  ,just forgot to show you guys which is if you uh  if you click on report a problem okay here you  ,can see that send feedback so if you click on  that and if you uh want to tell instagram they  ,what they can improve or they can fix so you  can just simply and simply identify the problem  ,or just you know that issue and you can simply  just take a screenshot and you can also choose  ,from gallery and you can set any kind of you know  a photo you want or the screenshot you want to add  ,as attachment and you you guys can just simply  tell them your opinion like this how things  ,should be done okay or not and you can simply just  uh submit by click tapping on this submit button  ,right and also if you want to just report any kind  of problem uh that you faced or you have faced  ,earlier let's just simply take that screenshot or  that issue or explain that issue what actually are  ,happening to you okay simply you can also can do  as you as i have showed in the you know feedback  ,option so you can simply just write down here the  problem and simply just submit okay so that's how  ,you do it that's how you can contact to your uh  you know instagram uh customer support all right  ,and there is another thing which was you  know available before which maybe you  ,you guys noticed but right now i i haven't seen  any anything like that which is you might just  ,message to instagram okay before but right now  you can see there is no more message button  ,right here but uh so you maybe you just cannot do  that right now okay and let me show you guys if uh  ,there is also instagram's you know  twitter account so if uh if i search for,instagram okay now here you can see  this is the profile of instagram twitter  ,so you can also tweet on uh on instagram  okay uh to you you know if i don't know  ,how much it is gonna work or not but you  might just give it a try because you know  ,there is not much option available to reach  directly to instagram instagram customer secret  ,okay so i hope you guys understand how you  should work or how you can contact your instagram  ,uh customer support okay so that was all  for today hope you like this video if you  ,have any kind of question regarding this video  feel free to ask in the comment section below  ,i will see you in the next video until  then stay tuned with 5 minute solution

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How To Contact Facebook Support | UPDATED 2022

How To Contact Facebook Support | UPDATED 2022

so here you can see a conversation that,i was having with a facebook customer,support agent and yes it is still,possible to talk to someone at facebook,so basically i'm going to show you in,this video how you can reach the,multiple ways that you can talk with,someone on facebook what is up you guys,this is lester diaz welcome back to,another video every single year i have,to remake this video because as you guys,know facebook changes things every few,months it's really annoying and so i,decided that i needed to make an updated,version of this video on how to contact,facebook support and yes as you saw in,the beginning of the video it is still,possible to contact facebook support and,the most recent change is that facebook,changed your name from facebook to meta,and now some of the things that were,available before are not available,anymore so i'm going to show you exactly,where you can find the links to contact,facebook support whether you're having,issues in regards to facebook,advertising or your facebook page or,you're having issues with your facebook,personal profile now before we get into,the video make sure you hit the like,button below is really going to help me,out with this video also consider,subscribing i post videos about making,money online making money with social,media online businesses and much much,more so with that said let's not waste,any more time let's jump right into it,alright guys so the first way to contact,facebook is in regards to facebook ads,so if you're having issues,running facebook ads you need some help,setting up ads or payment information or,anything you might need in regards to,advertising on facebook this is one way,to reach out to facebook right now that,is working really well and this is the,first way to contact facebook directly,and talk to someone so you can go to,,ads manager if you're advertising on,facebook already then you should have a,facebook ads manager account like i said,this works if you're having issues with,facebook ad campaigns you're trying to,advertise on facebook and you need some,help so you're gonna go to the left hand,side and as you can see right here where,it says help we click on that,and you can see there's gonna be a,button right here that says contact,support team we'll click on that now,it's gonna ask what is the issue you're,having so we can select from the list i,need to add a payment method my ad,account is disabled i need help with ad,account admin permissions so they give,you a bunch of things from which you can,choose from and actually talk to someone,that might be able to help you so once,you have selected an issue as you can,see,it's gonna ask you okay what type of,help do you need chat which is a four,minute wait time or email and email is,not actually available right now but i'm,able to actually chat with someone so,basically you can enter your phone,number and you can add the message you,want to include and once you do that,you'll be able to chat with someone on,facebook now the second way to contact,facebook support is through the facebook,business suite,in order to access your facebook,business suite you will need to go to, and set up a,facebook business manager which is the,same thing as a business suite from,there you can manage all your pages your,ads and basically everything you're,doing in regards to your facebook pages,you can manage from within the facebook,business suite now as you can see i have,here on the right hand side something,that says need help talk to us so i can,simply click on that it has,automatically selected my page and now i,can pick the issue as you can see again,i have a list of issues from which i can,choose to talk to a facebook rep and if,i can't find my issue i can always click,on other page issue and again as you can,see chat is available and the wait time,is about four minutes so once i have,entered my phone number and my message,as you can see i can simply click on,start chat and what's gonna happen is,it's going to take me to my facebook,messenger where i'll be able to chat,with someone and that's exactly what,i've been doing over the past few months,anytime that i have an issue with my,facebook ads manager or,my facebook business page i reach out to,facebook and see if they can help me all,right so the first two options that i,gave you will work like i said if you're,having issues with facebook advertising,or you need to contact facebook in,regards to an issue you're having with,your facebook pages but keep in mind,this is not going to work for everyone,keep this in mind guys this is only,available if you have a facebook,advertising account or you have access,to the facebook business suite which,anyone can create a facebook business,week because i've read a lot of comments,in my last videos that i made about,contacting facebook support because,there's really no phone number or email,you can use to contact facebook so,you're basically left with the options,or hi

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