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Instagram tips: How to clear Instagram cache and data on Iphone @Instagramhello guys welcome to toda

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

Instagram tips: How to clear Instagram cache and data on Iphone @Instagram

hello guys welcome to today's video by,trust stanley,and this is another ts tech talks video,on today's video guys,i'm going to show you how to play your,instagram catch on your iphone,so on today's video i'm making use of my,iphone now,um there are two ways to clear your,instagram catch and we are going to be,doing just that,um the first method is actually um this,now go ahead and open your instagram,this is the first method right here um,click,on your profile icon on the bottom right,and then click on the menu icon on the,top right,and now click on the settings on the top,and now,you notice where it has um security,right go ahead and tap security,and then click on your clear um search,history go ahead and tap on that,there you go there you go actually you,need to do,is just click on click or to click on,your search history,and like this you've actually cleared,the cut off your,instagram but then there is another,method,to this if probably what you are doing,isn't working well for you,now all you need to do is to click on,the menu section,on the home button on your iphone and,now go to your settings area tap the,settings,now scroll down to um warehouse general,right,click on general and then you notice,where it says iphone storage go ahead,and click on that,and then wait for it to load it's going,to take a while scroll down to where it,has instagram,tap on instagram and now you notice,where it says delete your app,this is actually all you need to do and,then on top section it says,um document and data right now,if you notice this option on the delete,your app it says this will delete,um the app and all related data,and notice that we want to click our,catch and our data,so since you want to clear your cache on,your data all you needed to do is just,to clear the history,which is the catch and now in order to,clear the data you need to click on,delete,now before i do this delete option now,let me show you guys a quick thing,on our instagram go ahead and open your,instagram on our message section,this is all the message i have right,here you can see that right and now if i,click on my message this is,all i have on my message session now if,you clear your um,data or delete your app and uninstall it,doesn't actually delete anything,you can notice my followers and people,that i'm following and you can notice my,post right,it's just three and then i have 120 and,187,now i'm going to go ahead and delete,this up while deleting it it's going to,delete um the app and clear the data,so i just want to prove to you guys that,it doesn't actually affect your,data which is um your followers your,post and every other thing,now let me go ahead and click on delete,by tapping delete and,clicking on deleting the app so,all i just wanted to do is to clear the,storage for me,now um the next thing i need to do is to,go right back to the app store,and search for instagram,and then i'm going to try to download,instagram once more,so it's going to take a while and going,to ask me for my,information and then it's going to start,downloading,so give it some minutes to completely,download all right the download has,completed,all i need to do right now is to open,the app,and then um you'll notice it says allow,right and i'm just going to say allow,and then um you know this is on the top,section where it has,um the message icon when i click on this,this is the message i showed you guys,initially under this area,all my messages are still active and,there is nothing lost and if i click on,my personal profile area,it has my followers on my post,everything intact,so this is just how to clear your couch,on your iphone,very easy and very smooth if you like,this video please make sure you smash,the like button,and then um if you haven't subscribed to,this channel already please go ahead and,subscribe,right now and i'm going to be seeing you,guys on my next video,stay home guys and stay safe peace

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How to Clear Instagram Cache 2022

How to Clear Instagram Cache 2022

hi guys and this is our new tutorial,where we talk how to delete cache,on off instagram app,so the first and foremost we need to,show you all of the needful steps on,iphone and later we will show you the,needful customizations on android so,let's go to the watching and,if you are on ios,and on your home screen,the first option to do this to delete,junk files of instagram app,is to delete instagram,yes and later to reinstall to download,it again on your device so how to delete,it okay is to peek on the on to hold,down the selected icon on the home,screen into the remove up option on the,list,yes unfortunately we don't have any,specific option to disable cache,from this application on iphone and we,need to only delete this application on,our device and later to reinstall it,using the app store,so i won't do it on my phone but,remember that you need to pick on the,remove app feature and wait a minute,later the instagram app will disappear,from your home screen in the main menu,so you need to pick on the app store,later,use the search bar to set the instagram,here and choose the needful application,in the list,later you you will be able to,install to download instagram as usual,after tapping on the icon opposite the,logo of instagram app,and wait a minute,later of course you need to log in,to set your password etc,but remember that from now on all of the,cast files will be disabled from your,phone,but if you have android you have the,best option ever because you are able to,do this without downloading um without,deleting the app,so if you have the instagram on your,device you just only have to go to the,settings to delete the junk files,later just pick on the absolute end,notification section here on the list,go to see all option,you need to scroll,deselect the appear at least a little,bit to find the instagram app,later let's click on the storage in,cache option,and tap on the clear cache feature you,can find,on the central screen,part,click on it and wait a minute,as you can see right now we don't have,absolutely channeled files and,everything was successfully down so you,don't need absolutely to delay this,application just only manage your,settings,in the main customizations,guys don't forget about likes and,we hope that this video was useful and,interesting of course remember that,everything,depends also on on your android,version but if you have the same one,you just need to choose the apps and,notification section on the settings,list,don't forget about comments and,subscribe to our channel bye bye,you

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How to Clear Cache on iPhone (6 Ways)

How to Clear Cache on iPhone (6 Ways)

What’s up guys, welcome back to the Tenorshare Channel.,Your iPhone generates data caches at almost every moment, ,no matter you are using it or not.,So, it makes perfect sense to clear those caches ,when your iPhone is running slow or out of storage.,In this video, we’ll walk you through a couple of ways ,that has been proven to work.,Let’s dive right in!,The first one is pretty simple.,All you have to do, is give your phone a fresh restart.,For iPhone X or later, ,press and quickly release the volume up button, ,press and quickly release the volume down button, ,then press and hold the side button, ,let it go when you see the Apple logo.,Moving on, the next method is offload unused apps in your iPhone storage settings.,You can also head to a specific app, ,and offload it one at a time.,Safari holds a lot of data caches on your iPhone, ,so our next step is clear its history and website data.,in apps like snapchats, ,you can also find clear caches option in its settings.,Moving on, the recently deleted pictures or videos in your photos app also takes up a lot of space, ,so it’d be a wise move to do it manually instead of letting it empty itself automatically every 30 days.,You next best bet would be erase all content and settings.,Before you proceed with that, ,make sure to upload your data to iCloud.,And then, after the process is done.,You can restore everything back from your backup.,And the the caches will be gone by then.,Well, that sounds a bit complicated, right?,We do have a better option here:,repair iOS with ReiBoot, ,which can free up space on your iPhone without restoring.,Once connected your phone, ,click start on the home screen.,We’ll go with the standard repair so we can maintain the data.,ReiBoot prepares the firmware.,Once downloaded it, you can start repairing.,This process takes about 10 minutes.,When the repair is completed, ,you can go ahead and check it out.,So that’s it.,Thanks for watching.,If you think this video is helpful, ,don’t forget to share it with your friends.,See you next time.

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How To Clear Instagram Cache And History ( A Quick Guide ) )

How To Clear Instagram Cache And History ( A Quick Guide ) )

okay so what's up guys welcome to my,YouTube channel in today's video I'm,going to show you a very easily simple,way on how you can clear catch on your,Instagram account okay and I'm going to,walk you through a very detailed,step-by-step tutorial on how you're,going to do this all I want from you in,this video is for you to pay attention,to every step that I'm going to show you,apply it I am going to see that you will,successfully clear your Instagram catch,okay but before that I would like to,remind you something which is if after,watching this video you found this video,very useful do leave me a like in this,video so that it will motivate me and,also encourage me knowing fully whether,people love me and people are getting,value from my videos leave me a comment,in the comment section if after watching,this video it didn't help you and I'm,going to help you with any possible,solution to that okay lastly and most,importantly do subscribe to this channel,to be getting more useful information on,how to do various things on YouTube we,thank you so much fun time let's get,started the first way all you're going,to do this is to first of all go to your,settings on your phone okay,I'm sorry then go to where you're going,to see apps and notification I could,just see apps only then you're going to,select that particular social media,platform that you want to clear the,cache then we're going to go for,Instagram then I'm going to come to this,particular interface then scroll up to,where you're going to see storage click,on storage after clicking on storage,you're going to see app data catch total,then click on catch okay if you click on,catch then you are going to play it from,your other down here you're going to see,clear data or click hatch then click on,clear cache and with that you're going,to see 0b okay meaning that you've,already cleared it and that's the very,simple way on how you're going to do,that and I'm going to show you another,way or when you're going to clear your,couch okay which is almost the easiest,and the most impossible and reliable,means or how you're going to do it okay,and which is you coming out from here go,to your Instagram app okay then click on,your Instagram app if you click on it,hold it tight okay it's going to bring,you to this particular interface then,click on this,place that you're going to see I icon,second with something okay at the top,right click on this I icon click on it,then if you click on it you're going to,come to this particular interface again,click on storage then you're going to,see clear data clear cache okay let's,click on click out and you're going to,see that you've already cleared it and,that's the very possible way on where,you're going to do that okay then after,clearing everything and I would like to,show you one more particular something,that is very important which is you're,going to Google Play Store if an Android,User if an Apple user go to Apple Store,go there click on search for Instagram,if you search for Instagram,then please try to update your Instagram,app okay it's very necessary and,essential for you to do do try to update,your Instagram app because it's very,necessary and it will help you clear,everything and that's a very simple way,how you're going to do this so guys I,believe you understand every seven,tutorial that I showed in this video all,I want from you in this video is for you,to pay attention to every step apply it,I already said that you will,successfully do it do leave me a like in,this video so that it will motivate me,and also make this video to be at the,top where it's going to help many people,solve their problems leave me a comment,in the comment section telling me that,this video really helped you and I'll be,glad to hear that lastly and most,importantly do subscribe to the channel,to be getting more useful information on,how to do various things on YouTube,don't have a nice day guys thank you

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Instagram - How to clear instagram cache by Ts tech talk

Instagram - How to clear instagram cache by Ts tech talk

hello guys my name is Joe Stanley from,TS Tech today I'm going to be showing,you guys how to play our Instagram coach,and you'll be doing this in a simple,step okay um the reason why we are,clearing the Instagram coach is because,when poke me on Instagram,it shows you related images and images,you hashtag the hashtag G of like and so,on it shows you're related images on,images reviewed recently sorry does,gross and in order for us to free up,some space and leave our systems from,hanging and receiving some chunks of,notification we should reduce this,another force to do this let's go ahead,on Ron are going to log out anything,just leave your Instagram account the,way it is and let us go to refresh I,think the network issue go to the home,page scroll down and throw it down to,refresh there is no new messages,shouldn't refresh okay it's working now,let's go to our home page and to our,settings my settings are you can see,recession right here your own might be,located in a different place now scroll,over to the application manager click on,the application manager to open it up,and scroll down alright scroll right,down to Instagram this is Instagram,where you can meet and you can notice,how many space on everything it's on,default is on my SD and you can notice,how much space is occupying it occupies,um occupies 200 I've ceased kilobyte on,its not know much anyway there are we,but we are going to reduce this so let's,go ahead and say Claire data Claire,cards because it occupies on five,megabytes um for this we could have use,the Instagram for you it can be less it,can be more so let's go ahead and cut,out how aren't you can notice on it is,zero and you can notice on the SD,it's also reduced so you can also reduce,the data if you want rats again to me we,wanted to show a locked out Instagram so,just let's go back and kind of Instagram,just going spoken like the fresh it's a,ground not like you have to install or,anything I'm going to open right you can,see it open right no longer previous and,then I have to refresh so this is our,fresh one and since we don't have to,refresh and it's no longer showing in,what we have visited recently so that's,how to play on Instagram card and any,for some reason you want to clear the,data let me show you what he did others,you actually leave you logged out like,you're logged out and see clearly data,now you can this is 0,no let's go back on login to an,Instagram but open our histogram but,wait for it to load it's taking a while,no you can notice that he signs up out,whatever you player that I signs you out,it assumes on you're no longer,interested in using the application,that's the only way that's the second,way to log out of Instagram account,anyway so now you should go ahead and,click on the login and then put in your,login details on everything and it's,your back you should be back in shape,alright hope you guys enjoyed this,tutorial and I'm going to post it really,unlock into PC ok we are back and I've,logged in and it's loading my name,Internet is not that fast a suite for a,while and you can just show me different,things on and then I have in your,message so on there is no fee there is,no way to go about it if you want to,clear that are its you free free to do,it once in a while because it's likely,save you in actually saves you a lot of,it actually saves you a lot of stress on,a loss of data and you won't be losing,on any memory and it's it's going to be,okay for your Instagram followers and,scrubbers on you be getting a lot of the,our post anybody do alright thank you,for watching this video my name is Troy,Stanley from th textile,make sure you like and subscribe to my,channel if you haven't done that already,on leave a comment and Evo and joy might,be due to share it with your friends I,will appreciate that thank you,you

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How to clear/reset Instagram Recommendation/Explore page

How to clear/reset Instagram Recommendation/Explore page

,a lot of things are being recommended to me on explore page on instagram,if you are also facing the same issue then ,you are at right place, we will tell you how to reset,as you can see there are a lot of cringe content,on recommendations,and I want it to show my favourites only,this can be corrected easily on Instagram,but first understand the reason,it totally depends on the way you use the instagram,how you engage with content,and accordingly changes in recommendation,but sometimes you want to reset,the explore page then you are at,best place to ,reset the explore page ,don't forget to subscribe the channel,quickly follow some steps as shown in video,you need to tell instagram what all you don't like,go to profile page,click on the menu,click settings,click account,what all you like accordingly you get things ,so first dislike the items you want not to see in future ,but its practically impossible as you might have liked a lot of things,now go to security setting,go to search history, ,clean the search history,now the 3rd and the most important thing,now you need to go to post that you don't like,select and click not interested,do it on daily basis ,by this way you will 0 down the instagram recommendation,for example as I have shown in video,and after few days you will have clean explore feed on instagram,hope you liked the video, ,please like and share the video

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How To Clear iPhone CACHE - iOS 15 !

How To Clear iPhone CACHE - iOS 15 !

hey what's going on everyone this is,reviews back with another video and,today i will show you guys how to clear,the cache of your iphone cached files,will take a lot of space on your iphone,sometimes it will be in the gigs a few,gigs of storage that will be taken by,cached files those are apps that will be,cached on your device from ios itself,and of course the apps that you have,installed that is really important,especially if you have devices with,lower storage capacity those gigs are,really really important so of course you,need to free them up and clear the cache,of your iphone easily can be done with a,few simple steps just make sure you,follow this video and those few simple,steps to clear the cache of your iphone,now another simple step that you should,make right now is leave a like on this,video that helps out a lot will have the,channel and the video do much much,better so make sure you smash the like,button alright so the first thing you,want to do is head on to your iphone go,to settings go under general and go,under iphone storage here we'll have,everything that you have installed on,your iphone all the apps and all the,space they're taking on your device so,what you need to do here is just swipe,all the way to the bottom of this page,now when you're here you will see two,other sections so you have ios so these,are the system files and you will have,system data right here so right here it,says system data includes caches logs,and other resources that are in use by,the system here are the cached files of,ios now of course there is no option,here to clear these the way to clear,these and you should do this step,regularly maybe once a week in order to,have more free space on your device is,to reboot your device rebooting will,help now you can see right now i have,3.52 which is the size of the cache,files here on my device of course you,cannot clear all of these but it will,clear probably a few megabytes maybe,even a gig of storage here now i did,reboot my device recently so probably,won't be that much but if you have a,device that you haven't rebooted like in,a few weeks or maybe 10 or more days,that will be quite a lot of space that,you will free on your iphone so simply,press volume up volume down and press,and hold the side button right there,until the screen goes black and then you,see the apple logo,and now just wait for the device to,reboot and once the device has been,rebooted you will see here the,difference so is 2.76 now so it cleared,about 800 megabytes on my device right,now with just a simple reboot of course,this space will keep up piling up with,time so you will have to do this,regularly on your iphone maybe once a,week or maybe once every four or five,days to make sure you go ahead and just,do a simple reboot on your iphone and,you'll be good to go another really,important thing despite the ios system,files of course are apps and they will,take a lot of space on your iphone of,course for the cached files now few apps,have an option to clear their cache most,don't so the way to do that is by going,to the storage section here on the,settings and what you got to do is maybe,go to one of the apps you can see right,here let's say this app right here so,the size of the app is,megabytes but the documents are 500,megabytes now the way to clear these is,not to upload the app if you upload the,app it will just clear that right there,the app size because it will still save,the data of the app once you install the,app back you still have all the data,there the way for this to work is just,go ahead and completely delete the app,from here and then make sure you,reinstall the app from the app store and,you won't have any files from that app,saved of course if it's an app that you,actually need the data of that app this,will completely delete all the data so,make sure you don't do that but if it's,like a music app or stuff like that you,don't actually have any files that you,need to have saved there make sure you,delete the app and reinstall it back,from the app store now of course there,will be some amazing apps like spotify,that offer you the option to clear their,cache so what you got to do in this,example go to spotify if you use it a,lot of people do of course go to your,settings go to storage and right here,you will have the option to clear the,cache so you can see it says other apps,downloads and then that it says cache so,we have 1.4 gigs of cache files just,from the spotify app so you can do this,in a few apps i know spotify allows us,to do this maybe snapchat as well i'm,not sure about that but there are a few,apps that actually have this option and,it's very very useful and last but not,least browsers also have a lot of cached,files so whether you use safari or maybe,even google chrome whichever browser you,use make sure you go ahead and regularly,clear their data so on so far you can do,this right here clear history and,website data you can go ahead and clear,it from here it will basic

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how to clear cache in instagram how to clear cache in instagram app

how to clear cache in instagram how to clear cache in instagram app

welcome to my channel again with a brand,new video and in today's video i'm gonna,show you how you could clear caches or,clear data,from your instagram account,so first,let me see from the instagram,applications so,in instagram application there is no way,to clear the caches,or data,from here,but first of all you should know that,why you have to clear,caches and data,so sometimes you may face some problem,like login issue and,some trouble,so at that time you have to clear your,caches,then only the problem will be fixed,so how you could do that first,you need to go to the settings,from your,phone,open the settings and then,search for the installed applications,so,search for the installed application on,the search bar or you can find it out if,you can,hmm,app installation,so app list go to the app list,and,yeah go to the app list,and here you will see,all your application that you have,installed,from the google play store,right,now you have to choose the instagram,here,the instagram account,choose the instagram,and then,you will see,storage usage,right,on the top,storage usage now you will see the clear,catches and the down,so from here you can clear the catches,or if you want to clear the data here,the option is available clear data,option,and from here you can clear the data,also,right,so this is how you could clear caches or,data from your instagram application,thank you so much for watching this,video,have a great day,and if this video is helpful for you,please subscribe the channel,and hit the like button,below,garlic

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