how to change your name on instagram

How to Change Instagram Username (2022 Updated)hello and welcome to this video where,i'm going to re

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

How to Change Instagram Username (2022 Updated)

hello and welcome to this video where,i'm going to really quickly show you how,to change your instagram username,super speedy video for you today,everybody i want to show you how to,change your instagram,username now your username is not the,name on your instagram account,it is also known as your handle so for,example this is the national geographic,instagram page,their name is national geographic you,can see it right there,but their handle or their username is,nat geo,so i'm going to be showing you how you,could change either one of these,come across down to your profile page on,the bottom right hand side,and if you are using a creator account,or professional account like i am right,here,you will see the edit profile button,right in the middle of the page,if you are using a regular personal,account it will be the only button that,you are able to press so,for our instance we're going to be using,this particular layout so i'm going to,press edit profile,and you'll see that i am sent to my,landing page profile information,now the name up the top can be changed,by just pressing on that right there,and typing out whatever you would like,this can be the same as somebody else,it does not have to be individual you,don't have to be the only person with,this name so,you can really put anything you like,here once you're done press,done and you'll see that my name has now,been changed,uh the second option down is the,username so if i want to change this,i just tap that right there and you are,able to change this to any username that,you would like,keep in mind that while you are not your,old username so if i go ahead and change,this,someone can come along and take this,username so,there are people signing up to instagram,all the time there are always people,changing their username so if you have a,popular name,or you have something that's quite short,keep in mind that you don't want to,spend too long,not having that as your name if you,intend to keep it because someone might,come in,and snag that from you so let me just,show you how i can change this just by,adding something on the end,once i'm finished i just hit done and,you'll see that my username has now been,changed if i would like to change this,back all i have to do is go back in here,and remove the change that i have made,and hope that no one has taken it in the,meantime,like i said this one no one was going to,come in and change but if you have,something smaller than that,you may want to reconsider you can only,do this a couple of times in a two week,span so when you do change your username,make sure it's one that you would like,to keep,hit done when you are all finished and,you will see your username reflected,on your profile i hope this video was,helpful for you if it was please give me,a thumbs up and don't forget to hit,subscribe so that you never miss a new,video from us,you

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BEFORE You Change Your Instagram Name, WATCH THIS!

BEFORE You Change Your Instagram Name, WATCH THIS!

some of you may be considering changing,your instagram name,and some of you may not have considered,it but probably should change your,instagram name,so in this video we're going to look at,what to look out for when you do change,your name,and how to stop some of the negative,effects that can happen when you change,your name on instagram,hey it's johnny keely here welcome to,the channel if you're new here,we talk about instagram we talk about,creativity photography and all sorts of,other things like that,so firstly why would you change your,instagram name,i changed mine and i'll tell you why i,did i used to be johnny keeley photo on,instagram i followed some youtubers,advice who said,you know you should put photo at the end,if you're a photographer and it appears,five billion other people also did the,same thing,and also yeah i am a photographer but my,account is not,for getting more photography work and,it's not really my portfolio either it's,more about,the photography i'm doing and a bit more,lifestyle stuff,and a bit more to do with this youtube,channel as well so i didn't feel like,photo was appropriate i wanted something,a bit more unique so i changed it to,it's johnny keely and it matches this,youtube channel as well,so maybe that's one reason why you want,to change as well maybe your activity,has changed and you want to change your,name so it represents that activity a,little better,another reason might be that you've got,quite a complicated name maybe you set,up your account in the beginning,then you got really into instagram and,you decided you want to make a go of it,and you want to kind of optimize your,name and you want to change it for those,reasons,another reason could be that you've got,your niche in your name and you've,changed your niche for example i could,be johnny keeley music,and maybe i stopped posting about music,i want to post about gaming now and so,you know i might want to change it to,johnny key gaming or just you know,johnny keely whatever but before you,take your phone out and decide yeah i'm,gonna change my name let's go for it,there's a few things that you need to,consider before you do that now what,will be effective first let's talk about,tags posts that you've been tagged in,so that's not mentions that's tags now,the great thing about tags is they,actually will change with your name,change because,you're not technically tagging the name,you're tagging the account and as the,accounts name changes,the tag changes as well and that was,something that i was worried about when,i changed mine,and i was really chuffed to see when i,did change it that the tag changed as,well so,just to be super clear when you post a,photo you can tag people in it,and when that's happened to you when you,change your name,those tags will still point to your,account now we're going to talk about,mentions mentions are frustrating,because they are text,they link to your name and they don't,change with you so for example for me i,was johnny keeley photo and i changed it,to it's johnny keely,anyone that had mentioned johnny keeley,photo in a caption,or a comment that will no longer link to,my account,now if you've got loads and loads of,mentions,you know that's something to consider,whether you want to break those links,with all those comments,now this was something i was actually,really worried about and i don't really,think it had much of an impact however,in a little later in the video i'm going,to talk about a bit of a workaround,which kind of gives you a bit of a,safety net with that and kind of,you can kind of hack it so that people,can still find you anyway we'll talk,about that in a minute so the next one,we need to talk about are urls these are,web links so that is the link to your,instagram that is most commonly accessed,from,desktops and lots of people do this so,your,instagram url is essentially,,your username now that changes when you,change your name you can't have a,different,url to your username so i was,,johnnykeelyphoto i then changed my name,and automatically instagram,made my url it's,johnnykeely,so everywhere that that link has been,mentioned or linked,on the internet is now a broken link i,have to then go and change,whichever ones of those i can say for,example on my own website,if i had a button that was like find me,on instagram,i would have to change that link to the,new url the other thing you have to,remember,is if you've been mentioned in loads of,blogs and things like that and they've,put the web link to a link to your,instagram account,remember that that link will now be,broken but as i said i have a workaround,for that and i'll do a deal,you hit the like button and i'll carry,on with the video so when you actually,change your name it's actually quite,easy you go to your profile you go to,edit profile and you simply change your,name,now for 14 days your old name the one,you changed from,will be locked for 14 days and you can,change it b

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How Do I Change My Username On Instagram

How Do I Change My Username On Instagram

if you're wondering how do i change my,username on instagram can i even do that,let me show you,welcome to five minute social media,where we help overwhelm business owners,streamline their social media so they,can get more results and generate more,revenue with less work less posting in a,lot of the cases if that sounds like,something you'd like in your business,take a second hit subscribe click that,bell,that way you'll be notified each week,when we release another helpful video,also if you want to make sure that your,instagram profile is turning people into,followers and more importantly buyers,make sure to watch till the end i want,to tell you about a special opportunity,to learn how to turn your instagram,profile into a conversion machine so,that everybody comes and checks you out,they want to follow you and start buying,from you or hiring you depending on the,way that your business is set up,my name is jerry potter and in this,video i'm going to show you how to,change your username on instagram as,well as something to know before you,decide to make that change and finally,what you can do if your username that,you want is not available so to start,i'm on the home screen in the instagram,app and i'm going to click on my profile,on the lower right corner there that,little tiny picture so i tap that now,i'm on my actual profile and i'm going,to tap that,button there that says edit profile,and in here i can come in and i can,change my username now you'll see,there's two things there there's name,and username,so just as a heads up so that we know,we're talking about the same thing your,username is your at symbol and then your,name when people tag you and things like,that your name name is this one that,appears underneath your profile picture,so mine says jerry potter five minute,social media now quick tip it looks like,they've been rolling this out and you,may have it by the time you see this,they've extended the length of a name,and again this is not the username but,the name can be up to 60 characters now,instead of 30. so you can see mine now,says jerry potter 5 minute social media,100 000 subs on youtube before i,couldn't even get jerry potter five,minute social media in there so you do,have an opportunity to extend your name,if this has been applied to your account,just wanted to mention that while we're,on the subject of names and usernames,but the username which is up the top,there where it says mr gerry potter,that's what we're talking about here so,you hit edit profile and then you can,come in and you can,essentially delete what's here and then,type in whatever you want,now if it's not available instagram will,let you know that you'll have to pick a,different username now heads up on some,social networks like twitter if somebody,deletes or stopped using a username it,is immediately available or at least,last time i checked for somebody else to,grab right away but in this scenario if,somebody else had been using the,username in the past you can't grab it,even if they're not using it anymore at,least not for a while eventually,instagram releases some of the usernames,back out but nobody seems to know,exactly how long that might be now the,fine print underneath says in most cases,you'll be able to change your username,back to mr harry potter for another 14,days so in other words they're not going,to release it for a minimum of 14 days,if you change your mind you can have it,back,within a couple of weeks now you might,be able to do it after that but if,they've released it someone else may,have also taken it by then so once,you've changed your username your link,will automatically be updated within all,of instagram so you don't have to let,your followers know or anything like,that they'll still be following you,they'll still be in your dms if they are,all of that kind of stuff but you will,want to update it anywhere that you have,it linked outside of instagram so let's,say that you have it linked from a,youtube channel or on your website or in,the bottom of your emails that you send,out anything like that you will need to,update it with the new username there,one more note keep in mind that if your,account has a lot of followers then,instagram may take some time to review,the name change and approve it now if,the username you want is not available,and you know who has it you could reach,out to them and ask them if they would,give it up but again it'll be a while,before it becomes available again now if,you can't see anybody has the username,but instagram says it's not available,then maybe you come back and check every,couple of weeks if you want and maybe,they will release it at some point after,you get your name changed new people are,going to be coming to check out your,profile right you want to make sure that,those people become followers and buyers,and i teach business owners exactly how,to do this in my profitable pages and,profiles workshop hundreds of business,owners maybe thousands at this point,

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How to Change Instagram Username: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

How to Change Instagram Username: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

whether you have decided to rebrand your,business or change your business name,entirely there's more than one reason as,to why you may need to change your,instagram name you clicked on this video,because you want to know how to change,your instagram username so today i'm,going to show you how and at the end i'm,sharing three important tips you need to,keep in mind when you're changing it,what's up everybody welcome back to the,channel i'm brandi with life marketing,the digital marketing agency with a,mission to help small businesses grow,super quick before we get started go,ahead and like this video for me,subscribe to the channel and hit that,notification bell so that you don't miss,out on any of the business growing,videos that we put out every single week,all right so first let me show you how,to change your instagram username on,mobile first go to your profile and to,clarify this is your username and this,is your name or sometimes called display,name your username is what people use,with the at sign to mention you in,stories and posts so this is the one,you'll be changing if you want to change,the username click edit profile and tap,the username box from there you can,change your name to whatever you want it,to be once you hit done instagram will,tell you if that username is already,taken or if it's not it will save your,new username the process for changing,your instagram username on desktop is,pretty much the same just log in at, click to your profile,click edit profile,change your username to whatever you,want it to be and then scroll down to,click submit again instagram will let,you know if your username is already,taken or if you can successfully change,it now before you go i have a couple,important things to remember when,changing your instagram username that,you're going to want to stay for but,first here is a quick message from one,of our co-founders sherman hey we just,helped a small business make over 1.5,million dollars through facebook,advertising and after managing millions,of dollars in ad spend for thousands of,different small businesses we have,decided to give away everything we learn,to you in a special program if you want,to learn the blueprint to success the,best practices from some of the fastest,growing companies in the world and all,the different tools you will need then,sign up for our social ads training,program today alright so three important,things to remember when changing your,instagram username number one make sure,you want to change your username before,changing it a name change can be,confusing to followers and for small,businesses the last thing you want to do,is make brand awareness harder so take a,moment to list out the reasons why you,want to change your username and decide,if it's worth taking a potential step,back and branding number two be,confident in the name you want to change,it to once you change your username your,old one is up for grabs to other people,and if they take your original username,that you later decide you want back then,there's not much you can do other than,potentially reach out to them and see if,they're willing to swap with you but i,wouldn't bet on that and lastly number,three i would try to keep the usernames,across all of your social media accounts,the same piggybacking off of number one,it makes it easier for customers to find,you online if your username is your,business name and is the same on your,instagram as it is on facebook twitter,linkedin and so on if ours was live,marketing on instagram but life mktg on,facebook and life spelled l-i-f-e,marketing on twitter you can see how,that would be confusing to followers,they would wonder which one was the real,life marketing and the confusion could,lead to distrust which leads them to not,use our service the same principle,applies to all businesses so that's why,i just say make it easy for yourself and,your customers and keep your username,the same across all platforms and as,identical to your business name as you,can get it so now that we've covered how,to change your username and best,practices do you still have questions or,anything i didn't cover that you were,hoping i would if so leave a comment for,me and i'll get back to you there,otherwise that about wraps up everything,i have for you today guys so don't,forget to like subscribe and hit the,notification bell before you go and i,will see you in the next episode

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Instagram can't change name within 14 days problem || Solve instagram name change problem

Instagram can't change name within 14 days problem || Solve instagram name change problem

hello guys,welcome back to random tech youtube,channel so today in this video i am,going to show you,or teach you or i'm going to show you,the fact thing about this problem here,so how can you get back your,14 days without waiting 14 back,name changing processors then this video,is absolutely for you,so guys um we are facing lots of problem,because like,we can't even change the name within,without west,waiting for 14 days in on on instagram,so guys,what you have to do here it's i will,give you one idea here,like what you can do here it's something,pretty simple,what you have to do here is uh it's not,a,hundred percent tricks but uh it might,work for you,because uh instagram has updated this,system because,uh because of the spamming things and,keywords things so guys,what you have to do here just go to your,edit profile and then,you can see here let me just uh sorry,after going to your edit profile what,you have to do let me just try out,changing my name here okay,so uh let me just give,okay now let me just click on this now,you can see here,you have to screenshot this capture you,can see here this is the screenshot,so after doing this what you have to do,guys um,just uh coming this you can see here,this is my,profile now what you have to do you have,to click on this i'm sorry,you have to click,you have to click on this 3ds okay so uh,after clicking to this three days what,you have to do here you have to click on,this setting gears,gear icon you can see here so you have,to click here so guys i'm,saying you again this is not 100,tricks or tips that you can change your,name within without waiting for 14 days,but,i might give you 30 to 40 sure that,uh it will work so guys um actually i,also could change my name without,wasting 14 days so,i'm giving you this tip so now after,coming to your settings option you can,see here help options so just go to,help option okay so after going to help,option what you have to do click on help,center,sorry sorry sir not in help center you,have to click on report a problem here,on the first option okay now what you,have to do you have to click on this uh,last option you can see a report a,problem option so just click on report a,problem,so guys um here you can see this is the,interface you'll see uh and i will i,want to say you something like,uh why instagram did like this because,um,sometimes people do spams and scams and,all so,like if you ask them personally or,bootly or,anything like that then i it might work,for you so,you can see here this plus icon you can,see here so in plus i can what you have,to do just click on this plus icon,and then after that you have to go to,the gallery,after taking the screenshot here what,you have to do here,just you have to write here you can see,here,you have to write exactly what i am,writing here okay,okay guys um you can see here after,writing this i will i will give this uh,template on my description also so you,can take a copy from there and you can,just paste it,so um so guys what you have to do now,you have to click on uh submit button on,the top right of the screen i can,you can see there so just click on this,um submit option,so guys after clicking do you can see we,can review a response to every report,but many submission helps us improves,instagram forever so guys i have already,reported,that's why it's showing like that so i,hope uh you like the video and also,please don't,please don't forget to hit the subscribe,button and press the bell icon,and uh please don't make sure that i'm,not giving you 100,tips i'm just giving you some idea to,get back,your to write back your names thanks for,watching

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How to Change Your Username on Instagram | Guiding Tech

How to Change Your Username on Instagram | Guiding Tech

hey guys how's it going now while,facebook restricts the number of times,that you can change your username,instagram does not have that limitation,with that being said a lot of people,still don't know how to change the,username because i've been getting a lot,of queries like how do i change my,username on instagram bro,i thought it was simple but since,obviously a lot of you guys have been,questioning about it well there are no,judges here you asked the question,here's the solution this is one from,guiding tech and in today's video i'll,show you how you can change your,instagram's username super easily,regardless of whatever platform you're,using whether it's android ios or,windows or just about any web browser so,without wasting any time let's jump,right into it,now before we actually go about changing,your username a couple of things that,you should keep in mind starting over,the first thing that once you change,your username your profile url will also,change i mean that might seem obvious,but the implication for that is that if,you've shared a short link with someone,or if you just shared your profile url,with someone you'll have to give them a,new link to that now while this is just,a profile url instagram does do a good,job of relinking all of your accurate,tags so basically whenever users click,on an older post where you were tagged,they will still be able to reach your,account another thing to keep in mind,that you can still easily revert back to,your old username within 14 days of,changing it with that being said there,is one thing to keep in mind that you,have to ensure that nobody else takes up,that username because if they do well,out of luck the last thing to keep in,mind is for celebrity users or basically,anyone who has a lot of followers see,you might be changing your username but,your followers might not instantly,realize that and you might actually end,up losing a lot of followers because,they might end up thinking oh what is,this random username a lot of people,don't actually go about checking like,okay who is this user who's calling,they'll just look at the username and be,like oh i don't remember following this,account a direct unfold so that is one,thing to keep in mind now that we have,all of that cleared let's go on to how,to actually change your username,starting off with your mobile,applications such as your android or ios,devices open up the instagram page and,in the bottom right corner tap on your,profile icon now tap on edit profile,button under your bio now tap on the,username field and type in the new,handle,you might have to try a couple of times,if your first choice is taken by someone,else there's also the name field above,the username option and you can change,that if you want to finally once you've,added your new username and name press,done to apply the changes now instagram,will show you your new username at the,top of your profile if it's not there,yet just refresh it and give it a couple,of minutes however there is a,possibility that your new username might,not be reflected even after a couple of,times and in that scenario it's a,possibility that instagram is just,reviewing your username change this,usually happens if your username,contains a lot of special characters,or if you have a lot of followers,because those are the instances where,instagram will review it and obviously,you should get an email for the same now,alternatively if you want to change your,instagram username using the desktop,client or your web browser here's how to,go about it just head on to the,instagram website and log in with your,current account,from the field click on your profile,image in the upper right corner now in,the edit profile section you will see,the username section under the name,section type in your new username you'll,have to save the changes to determine,whether your new username is unique and,unclaimed by anyone,additionally like i said you can also,add a new name if you want to,now once you've made the changes just,press the submit button at the bottom,and that's it it's that simple and well,that was it if you found this video,helpful make sure to let us know about,us a thumbs up and subscribing to our,channel for more awesome tech content,speaking of more tech content we have a,ton of instagram tips and tricks and a,lot of different instagram how-tos that,you should definitely check out from the,links down in the description box,till then this is one from guiding tech,and as in the next one

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How to Change Instagram Name More Than Twice ( New iPhone, IOS and IPAD 2020)

How to Change Instagram Name More Than Twice ( New iPhone, IOS and IPAD 2020)

hallo langzaam in frankrijk harmonie en,te dom rund trok my god to change,instagram mijn more than twice,het first class arbetsam precious metal,hadden vaak tegen mijn instagram mijn,ben je changer nee mijn instagram de,profile de houding promoting and linking,to become,op het had post comment of lightroom je,ook username bleaching provider tweets,user not found your mijn is de spleet,first ride on duo profile dek en,username is uw instagram handle kan,software de app possible to change mijn,instagram game more than twice instagram,yes you can change or no more than twice,onze social platforms limited number of,times you can change ik kan mijn,brush-on platforms dan let je doet en op,instagram is een account neemt free,vooral op instagram,you can change minuut om ze warm in 2010,de social medias histogram inter dus die,change or by any user keyser mijn,instagram boekblok timon ik had before,voor voor team prijs,en sinds ik word measure and,availability of tot mijn en houdt de,titel the fire lost instagram account,neemt change prank,live your of dikte mocht in stukken met,kan mijn change breng je markt probably,praat je haalt het enkel de situatie en,uw arm naar twee trok tions en lovell,mingott en het reeks of kapster 14e,je kind temporarily disabled je,instagram-account nv activate it off to,the time period of forty mb's dan chase,de mij en use het als je dit in de pest,en cette option eerste fat and title of,the deadline for cubic en wat is,instagram account neemt shane's brein,instagram neemt shane's brein is de,lengtes marjon van chambéry stremming,ons social networks en koning de prive,en user changes is mijn en posten mijn,of in other person of ik als veel,bedenkt wat is is en light,ontdekking dat kozen zit is dat,de users who tries to make the job is,finally direct aan en houd het riet my,friend in de eerste comic al mijn change,prank,trip door from in te de instagram,account neemt chayn collins,minuten game dirk ras first you can see,life hij,arjuna videoproject and i want you to be,a part of et puis thatcher mijn oom is,de as what you feel right now,een met de kar en 10 einde en teken,screenshot and send it to may also,change gel met de cmo van deze,je kunnen eating crunchy sesam de,screenshot of it is going to be a down,hiërarchische place to add this will be,very much you feel for mango in,videoproject,insight in light a oké oog op ik will be,helpful for you and thanks for watching,hallo great ass

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How to Change Instagram Name And Username

How to Change Instagram Name And Username

hi friends we are so happy that you are,with us today and we will talk how to,change your username and the name,for your Instagram account so let's go,to the bottom,at the very beginning I need to open my,Instagram,so when we are on the profile page we,need to tap on the edit profile button,which is located on the center of the,screen,and later we have two needful options,here like name and username so after,clicking on the first one you need to,remember that you definitely can choose,any text you want absolutely set any,name you need for example I want to use,some Emoji here this one is an example,and let's tap on the done to save these,changes,okay,I'm so sorry I did it before as you can,check really it's also very,important that you cannot change your,name more than two times during 14 days,as you can check I did it before but and,right now I cannot change my name as I,can check again I will press on the done,and have some alert that I can change my,name right now okay so but you are able,to do it if you want change your,name before I will tap on the Arrow here,because I want to go back to the main,settings and let's set another username,but after pressing on the down button at,the top when you are on this section on,the name your changes will be absolutely,successful saved remember about it but,as you can check I cannot do it right,now so let's manage our username after,picking on the banner on the panel,opposite it,so remember that your username need to,be unrepeatable and unique so if I will,add some changes as an example,one two three,let's check if I can do this because,maybe we on Instagram,has some user with this name too so,let's check it because I need to have as,I said before to have my username,unrepeatable let's tap on the done,and voila everything is successfully,saved because my username is only my own,it's Unique so let's press done again to,save the whole changes here and I will,refresh my profile page to see this,difference,if you don't have this difference right,now let's go to these settings again to,check the result yes we have on,everything saved but sometimes Instagram,works with some travels it's not a,problem because we can turn off our,application and go to it again let's go,to the profile page and well done we,have our new username saved and as you,can check everything is a controlled,absolute without any troubles and,problems remember that after these 14,days I can also correct my name after,going to the same settings here and,tapping on the name button,so guys I hope that this tutorial was,definitely useful and needful don't,forget about likes and also don't forget,to subscribe to our channel to find out,later even more gold from tricks goodbye

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