how to change password on instagram

How To See Your Instagram Password (Even If You Forgot It!)hey guys trevor here and in this video,i'

Trevor Nace

Updated on Jan 10,2023

How To See Your Instagram Password (Even If You Forgot It!)

hey guys trevor here and in this video,i'm going to show you how to get your,instagram password even if you've,forgotten it it's pretty quick and easy,so let's jump right in if you're on,instagram on a new device it might ask,you for your password and you might just,not know what your password is or you,might already be logged in and you want,your password to be able to log into,another device you say you just you know,got a new phone got a new laptop,whatever i'll walk you through a few,steps to be able to find your instagram,password here,the first thing we'll do is of course,just open up instagram,so if you're not logged in,it'll walk you through the steps to,enter in your password however this step,specifically will be if you're already,logged in the next step will be if,you're not logged in how to find that,password,so the next step we'll do is just tap on,the profile icon at the bottom right,here,and then you can see the three lines at,the top right we'll just tap on that,so from here we can tap on settings the,very first option,and then you can see,midway down security will go into,security and that will have some options,for our password,so the very first option password you,can tap on that it won't show you your,password that's a security risk for,instagram they don't want to just share,your password with anybody that has,access to your app that's kind of a,security risk for you,so you can't see your password here it,gives you a hint on when it was last,updated,the next thing you'll want to do is go,to saved login info,here what you want to do is make sure,this is toggled on the reason for this,is because if this is toggled on then,the next time,any of your icloud devices this same,process works for google if you're on,android,the same process works and basically you,won't need to log into instagram if,you're on a device that they recognize,so if you're logged into your icloud on,any of your devices or your google play,or android device they'll recognize that,and they won't ask you for your password,so this is really important to toggle,that on for the future however,you can see going through all these,steps doesn't show you your password,however there's one cool trick that you,might be able to use to recover your,password,let's get out of here and open up a,browser window i'm just going to use,safari you can use google chrome as well,so let's just go to,open up it'll give you a,couple different options,and you'll want to hit the login icon at,the bottom,and then just tap on that and then you,can,it'll should autofill some options to be,able to include your password,um or,autofill your password on here and the,cool thing here is that it shows you,your username,and it'll show your password and right,next to it it gives you the show option,so you can tap the little show icon,and it'll show you exactly what your,password is,now there's a caveat to this this needs,to be saved in your icloud somewhere or,if you're in google chrome it needs to,be saved in google chrome somewhere so,this are a couple different steps to be,able to try to get your instagram,password,they'll never kind of outright tell you,you can't contact instagram just say hey,what's my password because obviously,they don't know if if you're trying to,just hack into an account or something,but these are a couple different options,to be able to recover your password even,if you don't know it so walk through,these steps if you still don't know it,you can tap the forgot password icon,here you can see it forgot password,it'll walk you through some steps it'll,send you a code to your email or to your,phone number and you can get your,password back that way hope this helps,let us know if you have any questions in,the comments below and make sure to,subscribe thanks

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Instagram password reset malayalam |How to change Instagram password |Instagram password change |

Instagram password reset malayalam |How to change Instagram password |Instagram password change |

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How to change your Instagram password

How to change your Instagram password

how to change your Instagram password,what is going on guys welcome back to,this YouTube channel I go by the name of,him e Jarvis and in today's video I'm,going to show you how to change your,Instagram password now before I get into,this video let me just let you guys know,that if this video helped you at all,could you please leave a thumbs up and,we really help my channel grow and the,more my channel grow the more I can,provide more content for you guys all,right so let's get into how to change,your Instagram password this is very,simple to do you could do it right here,on your mobile phone all you have to do,is follow this step by step in this,video and you should be good to go so,step number one the first thing you want,to do is make sure that you have,Instagram downloaded on your mobile,device,once Instagram is on your phone are you,gonna do is launch the app the app is,right here we're gonna launch the app,now the first thing you want to do when,you launch the app is click on your,profile picture down here on the bottom,right here boom once you hit that you're,gonna hit these three dots up here on,the top right corner so let me hit that,right now and then as you can see you,should have a page that looks just like,this alright once you get on this part,are you gonna do is click on settings,which is on the top right here you just,click settings boom,alright now that we're in settings,you're simply going to search for,security all right so scroll down until,you see security which is right here,security you click on security and as,you can see you have password right,there hold on let me move this YouTube,thing out the way all right,so you have password right here you're,gonna click on password and there you,have it guys once you have clicked on,password this is where you're able to,change your Instagram password so are,you gonna do from this point guys is put,in the password that you want it says,current password first thing you do is,you put in your current password so,whatever your regular password is you,will type that in right here then you,will put in your new password whatever,you want your new password to be you,would type that in right here and then,you will put in your new password again,hard on guys one second trying to do,something all right you were put in your,new password again right here and boom,once you do that you should be able to,change your password I'm not gonna,change my password on here because I,have already changed my password and I,don't want to do it again but guys that,is exactly how you change your Instagram,password and just to show you guys this,one more time be sure but be sure to,subscribe to this YouTube channel and,give it a thumbs up it will really help,my channel grow a lot but let me just,show you guys this one more time what I,just did so that you guys can copy this,for yourself the first thing I did was,click on Instagram so you click on the,Instagram app if you and you'll be,brought to the home screen if you're on,the home screen you're simply gonna,click on your profile picture down here,on the bottom right corner sorry about,that coughing but after you do that you,click on these three dots up here and,then you'll click on settings alright,once you click settings you should see,where's my setting password ok settings,where is it security that's what you go,to security which is right here,security click on it and then from,security you'll you will hit,password right there on the top and then,you'll change your password here all,right and then once you're done you just,click done right there and you should be,good to go,all right and just save it and that is,how you change your Instagram password,again guys I hope this video was very,helpful if it was give it a thumbs up,be sure to check all the links in the,description also guys be sure to hit,that subscribe button so that you don't,miss out on any other videos that I,upload this year I'm trying to I'm on,the road to hit a hundred thousand,subscribers so if you can help out by,subscribing that would be pretty good,alright hope this video was helpful I'll,see y'all in the next video thanks for,watching

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How To Change Forgotten Password On Instagram! (2020)

How To Change Forgotten Password On Instagram! (2020)

welcome back everyone i'll go ahead and,show you exactly how to recover your,forgotten password on instagram or how,to change your forgotten password now,the process is pretty easy but you will,need access to that email,phone number or username that is,associated with that specific,account now if you have that username or,phone number or whatever,you will eventually probably need that,phone number or email so if you have,that username that's great but you need,to know that email or phone number,associated with that specific account,now if you have that all set up then,that's great what you want to do is make,your way over to your instagram app,or you can go into web browser as well,and go ahead and change it that way,so as you can see i have instagram right,here now i am logged into a specific,account right here,what i'll do is i'll go ahead and click,up here click up here and then i'll go,and click on an account right there and,i'll go ahead and click log into an,existing account,so usually you know if you come onto,instagram this is the page that you will,see right here so what you want to do,is remember that username like i said,you want to remember that you want to,write it down or whatever,and you want to make your way over to,this little option right here where it,says forgot password,so what you want to do go ahead and tap,on that you'll come into this page right,here now sometimes,instagram will automatically find that,page that you had before that specific,username or email or whatever,and just assume that that's your,specific password or your username,so what you want to do is if this is,right then you're set but if it's wrong,if that's not the right username,then you want to go and change or you,want to type in that email or if that,doesn't work,you don't have that you want to go and,click on phone and you want to type in,your specific phone number right here,and at this point this little next,button will go and come up,so let's just go for the password let's,just go and click next now we'll go,ahead and say that now it'll go ahead,and say,enter the confirmation code so this is,where you will go and go on to your,email,and type in that specific confirmation,code right here,and it should be an instagram email that,will go directly to that email,associated with that account so like i,said for mine it was that one for my,second channel,so i went ahead and typed in that code,here and you'll come into the page,eventually after this,where you can change your password now,the phone number thing is the exact same,way as well,and then you know once you type in your,password then you just have to remember,it the phone number way like i said is,the same way you type in your phone,number so whatever it is,let's just say it's this phone number,right here you go and click next,obviously that's not my username,obviously there's no phone number,associated with this account but you,would go ahead and click next,and then go ahead and change your,password that way so those are two ways,to do it you will need your username or,your phone number whether you have it or,not or your email you can do it with,your email too,but you will need to know that email,account associated with that,username in order to change it so you,can't just go and type in kim kardashian,here and reset the password that's how,it works you need to know the email,and you need to type in that,confirmation code here too so that's,really pretty much it that's how you,change your password on instagram,if you don't know it if you guys have,any questions or anything like that,let me know in the comment section below,hit the like button on me so much but,definitely hit that subscribe button,every single subscriber that we get,really discount so me so much if you,guys could hit that,also check out the other links down in,the description as well my twitter my,instagram my main channel,more importantly everything else i love,every single one of you guys hopefully,i'll catch you guys,in the next video peace until then,you

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How to Change Forgotten Password on Instagram! [2022]

How to Change Forgotten Password on Instagram! [2022]

hi and welcome to a new video,you can log in to your instagram account,because you forgot your correct password,in this video i'll show you how to,create a new password on instagram even,if you forgot your current password,let's go,before creating a new password on,instagram i suggest that you turn on,icloud keychain,it's a built-in feature on your iphone,that helps you remember your passwords,if you want to learn more about the,icloud keychain tap on the tag in the,top right corner or click on the link in,the video description below,let's continue,when you created an instagram account,you linked it either to your email,address or your phone number,if you still have access to your email,account you can reset your password,the first thing to do is to make sure,that your instagram app is up to date,open the app store search instagram and,update the app if available,now open instagram and on the login page,tap on forgotten password,you need to enter your username phone,number or the email address linked to,your account,for this demo i'll type in my username,and instagram will detect which account,i'm trying to log into tap next and you,will be presented with two options,the first option is to send a link on,your email where you can reset your,password,and the second one will send an sms,message which contains a login code to,your account,even if you get logged in the problem,here is that you won't be able to change,your password,so i recommend that you choose the first,option if you have access to the linked,email address,tap ok to proceed and wait for the email,from instagram,keep in mind that if you don't have,access to the email account or the phone,number linked to your instagram,there is no way to recover your account,or reset your password,confirm with ok again and check for the,email that was sent to you,if it is an old email account that is,not on your iphone but you know the,password you can add the email account,and sync the emails to your iphone's,mail app,if you want to learn how to do that you,can watch my video on how to add,multiple email accounts on your iphone,by tapping on the tag in the top right,corner or click the link on the video,description down below,moving on the email from instagram,should look like this here you have two,options,tap on the first one to instantly login,to your instagram account,or choose the second option if you want,to reset your password without entering,your current one,now enter and confirm your new password,as always i recommend that you use a,strong password,press reset password to proceed,you'll be logged in to your instagram,account and your password has been,changed i recommend that you add your,newly created password on your keychain,so you can view it in the future if you,forget it again,that's it if i could help you feel free,to give this video a thumbs up and don't,forget to subscribe,leave a comment down below if you have,any questions see you next time bye

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How to Change Instagram Password Without Old Password In iPhone 2022

How to Change Instagram Password Without Old Password In iPhone 2022

hello everyone welcome back to my,channel today i'm going to show you how,to change your instagram password,without using your old password because,why well some people has forgotten their,old password and they would want to,change their password how do you do that,please follow this step-by-step tutorial,i'm going to show you right now how to,do that,all right once you're here on your,instagram app and logged into your,account click on your profile here the,lower right bottom of the corner,head on over to the top right corner and,click on the three lines,all right once you're here click on,settings all right once you're in,settings i want you to click over here,and in the security tab,and then we have a bunch of options but,what we want to do over here is to click,on password,basically once you're here you have no,other option,if you forgot your old password so what,do we do,okay i'm going to show you that right,now,all right once you're here i want you to,go back,and go back again,now i want once you're over here go down,all the way down to log out,now i want you to log out of your,account,and then click on not now,log out,all right now once you're here i want,you to log in again one more time but,since you have forgotten your old,password and want to change it here's,what you have to do,go go over here to forgot to forgot,password,um put in your username or phone if you,forgot your username but for now let's,use username and click on next,now we have two options,they're giving us the option to choose,if they were if they will send an email,to our gmail account or send an sms to,our number,for now let's choose our gmail account,and send the login link,make sure you have access to that gmail,account so that we have no problems,now the email has been sent let's check,that email right now,where is the email,all right once you're in your email,address,we have the email over here,and we have the option to reset our,password without knowing our old,password just click here to reset,password,wait for that to load and basically,we're over here,just choose a new unique password and,basically we are all done,let me just fill this up,click on reset password,wait for this to load,and you're basically done,go back back to log in and then put in,your,username and put in the the new password,that you have uh and put it a while ago,and once you're done doing that click on,login,and then we have logged into our account,without knowing our old password okay,guys comment down below if this worked,and thank you guys for watching

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How To Change Forgotten Password On Instagram

How To Change Forgotten Password On Instagram

if you forgot your instagram password,you could actually still change it,without knowing your current password,and i want to show you all the ways you,could do that first let's jump into the,instagram app and i'm completely logged,out of every account because i can't,remember my password if you have,multiple accounts and you're logged into,one of them make sure you log out and,then get back to this page this is,basically the setup page of instagram,now the very first thing is we want to,press forgot password right over here,and you have couple options that are,pretty straightforward here so you could,type in your username you should,remember your username or you could have,someone you know look up your username,on instagram to make sure you spell it,correctly,or you could type your email but a much,better way that i found is under phone,and i'll show you some other ways too if,both of these are not working but if you,type in your phone number here it is,going to send you a six-digit code so,you could type that in on the next page,and it's gonna show you every account,that is tied to that phone number so if,you sign up with your phone number or if,you added your phone number to that,account which i have with these accounts,here you could actually log in using,that option,on this next page and it will bring you,directly to that page let me show you,one other option if none of that is,working for you let's go to settings and,we're going to log out of this account,now here's another option you have on,this page you could actually press need,more help here and it's going to give,you some more guidelines that are a,little bit more detailed but what i,noticed after helping some people with,this,is if they forgot their passcode and,they can't reset it that way,there is a chance that they actually,logged in using facebook so you have to,try the facebook option as well to try,to see if it will let you log in via,facebook the other problem is a lot of,people use the ad symbol where they type,in the username don't include that it,just has to be your username and if you,have dashes or underscores make sure,those are set up right again when you,put in your username on the last page,and a common one is if you lost access,to the email or phone number that you,used to sign into instagram and here it,says if you can't access that email or,the phone number you registered with,we're unable to give you access to this,account so in this one case,there's no way to get access,and it's basically saying to try to get,access to that email account first,then you could try to log into instagram,and the last thing is in few of these,cases too as you go through this list,they do have an option actually that,says let us know so if you find a page,like that it will actually let you,contact instagram using a list like this,so you would select it and then you will,write a little explanation so this is,kind of the last resort but they do,sometimes reply to these if they can,help you so i recommend finding one of,those options that has send us an email,and type out your information explain,your issue and why you can log in and,press send hopefully one of those solves,your problem i hope you found this,useful and i'll see you next time

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How To Change Forgotten Password On Instagram! (2022)

How To Change Forgotten Password On Instagram! (2022)

welcome or welcome back sa learning,buddy this is sir marvin atkun hindi,kapana subscribe please please,in this video,episode,instagram,username and password so let's proceed,to our instagram account let's click it,out click,and all you need to do is just to,proceed to or to click rather your,profile picture yes,username,right so this is our username now since,username,is username and password okay,instagram password,and three lines,on my upper right corner nine screen pin,team could have been on plus sign in the,team,and then all you need to do is just to,go to settings,settings,security okay but that is a security,information,username and password right so,all you need to do is just to go to,password printing and password so your,current password is,going to type in a new password,and then,new,password,okay and then,augmenting,information,automatically,registered,on password okay so,automatically you will be logged in,already you know from time to time you,will be asked to log in,okay so that's all and i hope you,learned comment like share subscribe and,of course hit the notification bell so,that you'll be updated whenever the,learning buddy uploads new video bye

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