how to block someone on instagram

What Happens When You Block Someone On Instagram?hey guys trevor here and in this video,i'm gonna go

Trevor Nace

Updated on Jan 10,2023

What Happens When You Block Someone On Instagram?

hey guys trevor here and in this video,i'm gonna go over what happens when you,block someone on instagram it's pretty,quick and easy so let's jump right in,now i'm gonna open up instagram and walk,through the steps of blocking my other,account and i'll show you exactly what,does and doesn't happen when i block,them,so i'm gonna,tap the,message icon at the very top right here,and then i think i have a message,somewhere with that other account,maybe i don't i will just create one,right here oh there we go how to apps,so i'm going to create a message so that,i can just block this person,so,i'm going to tap their profile at the,very top here,and then hit block,and,i'm just going to choose that account,so now i have blocked this other account,i'm going to show you what happens to my,account and what happens to that other,account in terms of what they can and,can't see,so let's go back out here and refresh,this chat,you can see that the chat with this,person still appears on my end because i,have blocked them but this chat will,still show here i can hit unblock if i,want to or delete,i can tap the search icon at the very,bottom left here,and then search for that account,and if i go to that account what it'll,say is one post but it won't show me,that post anymore and will just give me,the ability to unblock that account,so i can't see any of their posts their,followers their following it just shows,me a blank account,where i can unblock them if i want to,but that's it,now i will go over to my other account,the how to apps account,just to show you,what it looks like on that end so i'm,going to tap my name here and switch,over to this account,so now let's do a few things let's tap,the home button,and then the messages icon at the very,top right,and you can see this is the message i,sent to myself before i blocked it so i,can tap there and you'll see that it,doesn't show that i've been blocked on,this end it just shows that message,i can send back a message,however of course it won't show as seen,because i haven't seen it yet but,there's no indication here that i've,been blocked now let me try to go to,that profile i can tap view profile here,and it says user not found and this is,because i have blocked myself so if,you've been blocked and you try to go to,this user,it says at the very top 121 posts but it,doesn't show you any of those posts it,doesn't show you the followers or,following,and it just says user not found,so i don't get any notification that,i've been blocked on this end but if i,try to go to that,that profile then it says the user is,not found essentially you don't really,know if maybe they deleted their account,or what you could try to find them on a,different account but most likely if it,says user not found they have blocked,you,now the last thing that i will do is tap,on the search icon at the bottom left,here,and then i'm just going to search for,that account,now when i search for that account and,hit search here,you can see i can go over to accounts it,doesn't show up with that account at all,so unless you've had an existing,message or conversation with that person,you won't be able to find them in the,app it'll look as if they completely,disappeared their account disappeared,you won't be able to see anything,so this is what happens on both sides,when you block someone on instagram hope,this helps thanks for your time today,and i'll see you in the next one

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Restrict Vs Block on Instagram | What Does It Mean? 2022

Restrict Vs Block on Instagram | What Does It Mean? 2022

so your safety on instagram is actually,a huge priority for instagram and,because of that they've given you tools,to restrict people's access to your,account so if there's someone who's,giving you trouble maybe they're,harassing you or you just don't want,them seeing your content you do have,some options to restrict the level of,access that they have to you and your,instagram page and those two options are,restrict and block and in this video,what we're going to do is walk through,the differences between restricting,someone versus blocking them explaining,what each of them means and then how you,can go about doing it so if there's,someone who's currently impacting your,use of instagram and you want to limit,their access to you we're going to help,you find the right choice between,restrict and block and then help you do,it so let's get right into it what's,going on it's ben here from flick the,destination for instagram domination as,well as instagram safety and that's what,we're covering in this video the,difference is between restrict versus,block and then how to do both of them,and then which one is best for which,situation so let's start off with,restrict what does restrict mean on,instagram when you restrict someone on,instagram it means that you are,restricting them from seeing certain,parts of your profile or from,interacting with you in certain ways,restricting is different from blocking,because users are still able to view,your profile follow you and have you as,a follower so restrict may be the right,option for someone that you just want to,limit their access to you but not block,them entirely so i already know your,next question how do i go about,restricting somebody on instagram first,you'll want to log into your account and,go to the profile of the user you'd like,to restrict next click on the three dots,icon and then select restrict you can,also restrict someone through the,settings option on your profile navigate,to settings then select privacy then,select restricted accounts search for,the profile you'd like to restrict and,then select this option and either,method will achieve the same result so,if you do want to restrict someone but,you're worried about what they may think,don't stress because the other user will,not be notified instagram does not tell,them that they've been restricted,however you will now be able to restrict,them from doing certain actions on your,profile the first is commenting and,technically they'll still be able to,comment on your content but it won't be,shown to the public only you and the,other user that you've restricted will,see the comment secondly you'll restrict,the visibility of your activity so,although your profile will look,completely normal to the person that,you've restricted they will not be able,to see when you're online like some of,your other friends can plus if they were,to send you a dm their dm would go to,message requests rather than your,primary inbox and these tools are,extremely useful if you're a public,figure or a brand because if you want to,eliminate any negative or hate comments,that may come your way the restrict,functionality is a great way to do that,especially because it doesn't cause too,much upset because the user won't even,know that they've been restricted so,it's a great way to quiet the haters to,the public without them being notified,and triggering them even further so how,do you tell if someone has restricted,you so to find out if you're blocked,it's pretty easy because if you go to,try to find their profile it just simply,won't exist and you won't be able to see,it but finding out if you're restricted,is a little more complicated so if you,think that you may be restricted from,somebody else here's some potential ways,to figure that out if you have dm,history with them from the past if you,go into your inbox you should be able to,see the last time that they were online,if you can't see that at all there's a,possibility that you've been restricted,from this user if you're not restricted,you'd also be sent red receipts when the,other person views your dm so if you're,not seeing those there's also potential,that you've been restricted so that's,everything you need to know about the,restricted feature how to use it and,what it actually means now let's move on,to blocking on instagram so first of all,how do you block someone so if someone's,really getting to you or they're just,going way too far and you feel like,restricting them just isn't enough it,doesn't send the message you're trying,to you can go ahead and fully block,someone which will mean you essentially,completely disappear from that profile,on instagram you'll still show up as,normal across every other page but for,that person in particular you won't,exist the user won't be able to search,for or find your profile and you will be,removed from their following as well as,followers and here's how you go about,blocking someone first go to the,person's profile that you'd like to,

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How to find if someone blocked you on instagram | Block ചെയ്തോ എന്ന് എങ്ങനെ അറിയാം

How to find if someone blocked you on instagram | Block ചെയ്തോ എന്ന് എങ്ങനെ അറിയാം

Hey guys as always, its me aaquib ,Welcome back to Mallu SetTalker,What we are going to do today is,A trick for instagram users,A lot of people has asked me in the comments ,Of one of my earlier videos that,They are doubtful if a person has blocked them and,How to confirm whether they have blocked or not,Or the reason why they are unable to follow someone,And how to solve the issue, ,In this video we are clearing all the doubts,And to confirm whether if you were blocked by a person or not, ,Mainly i am going to show you to confirm whether blocked or not, ,Firstly, what we are going to do is open our instagram app,After opening instagram,,This is the profile that i am,going to block,You can note this profile as i am going to block this account,First of all, the account that is about to be blocked,This is the profile from which i am going to block this account,I have now opened the account profile,After opening this account,,I am currently following and the follow button works perfectly,We can see the profile and watch the posts that i have made.,We can see all the posts that were made by me,Now, even if we send a message,,i have sent a message now with "hi" in it,And you can see that i have received the message in my device., ,We can see the "hii" Message rceived here,What i am going to do now is, i am going to open the profile and,I am going to block this profile,This is the profile that i had shown you earlier,I am about to block my profile right now,I have blocked the profile and new account that it may create.,Now after blocking the account,I would not be able to send messages,and the messages that are sent from this id , ,Would not be sent and received, ,The message has been sent but now recieved on the other account,The message has not been recieved,Now if we take up the profile and look,,You will now be shown the follow button ,Even though you were following before,Even so, we are prompted to follow and we see the no posts image,We can see no other info and no details could be seen, ,Currently, we are only able to see the bio and profile picture,Now, if we click the follow button,We can see that the followers count does increase ,Every time that you click on the follow button,The count on the followers list increases with each click,And the follow button keeps on refreshing again and again,If you face similar circumstance, you can confirm that ,Your account was blocked by this id,And can confirm that,The option for sending messages is also now showing,Firstly, check if the option t o send message is there after follow,IF you are blocked, the message option wont be showing,As you can message only if you are followed,Instagram has removed the follow and related features completely,As a result, we wont be able to follow or send messages, ,This is how we find if we were blocked or not,How to make this issue go away or byepass it,i will sow you how to message even if you are blocked,And we can also confirm if we were blocked,Now we are little aware that we could be blocked,But we need to be sure that we were blocked,Other than the user deleting all his posts,To do so, what we have to do is that,Close this Instagram application and use any ,Mod versions of Instagram as secondary,I have installed 2 other instagram mods here,Install any one of it. ( Links in description ), ,Now after installing, create a new account from the mod,Or log into an existing account,Using the same mod instagram app,I am not creating a new account, instead,I am logging in to my existing account,I have logged into it here,Now search for the profile,That blocked you, ,Now after searching and opening the profile you can see,The profile has other posts that are live,We can see highlights and other items too,We now understand that the posts were not removed,And you are able to follow the profile,At this point, we can confirm that we were blocked, , ,Now, to send messages to someone who blocked you,I have already created a video and uploaded to my channel,Two methods are available both has been uploaded to my channel,You can see the card to that method on right corner,You can open the card and watch the video,So, that is all our video was,We can check if we were blocked by this method,Hope you all liked my video,Links to both Instagram mods are available in description,Till we see next time, its me signing out

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How to Block Someone Who Blocked You on Instagram | 2021

How to Block Someone Who Blocked You on Instagram | 2021

do you want to block a person on,instagram who has already blocked you,then this video is just for you hey,everyone welcome back to my youtube,channel where i talk about,email services social media,troubleshooting and latest trends,today's video is going to be about how,you can block someone who has already,blocked you on instagram,as you know that once a person blocks,you there is no,way you can reach them on instagram you,will not be able to search for their,username,hence it seems impossible to block that,person,but i have an option for you that i'm,going to demonstrate,in today's video with the help of three,instagram accounts,also this is the only way you can block,someone who has already blocked,you on instagram and the process is,quite confusing,so make sure to watch the video till the,end and now let's begin with the video,all right so i i have all added all the,three instagram accounts on my device,and now i will show you how you can,block the person who has already blocked,you,so first of all this is the person a who,is going to block me on instagram so,first of all using this id i'm going to,block myself that is,so using the menu icon i will simply tap,block,again tap block and as you can see i,have blocked myself,from this instagram id,now i will switch back to my instagram,id here get,and i will try to search for the person,if i'm able to,do so or not so as you can see,the person who has blocked me is no more,searchable all right,now to block that person you will need,to have,an extra account so here is the third,account,and here i will search for the person,who has blocked me on my other account,all right,now here is the account of the person,what you have to do is,you have to follow them from this,account,so it would be best if they have a,public account,and then you have to tag them in a photo,all right,so you simply have to upload any photo,and then you have to,tag them quickly all right,so use the option tag people,and now here i will type the name of the,person who i want to block from another,account i have tagged them here all,right,so this will not work if they haven't,allowed tagging all right if they have,enabled that tagging,only then this method will work,so yeah upload this photo on the second,account and i have tagged them already,now i will quickly switch back to the,account,that i want to use to block them all,right also make sure you are,also following your second account now,you have to go to the picture,that you have uploaded from the second,account and then tap the person icon,right here,and you will be able to see their name,right there so simply tap their name,and to go to their profile and now using,the menu icon,you can simply block them,all right so yeah here you can block,them and their new accounts as well or,you can simply block them,so yeah that was about how you can block,someone on instagram who has already,blocked you and if this video was,helpful to you,make sure to hit that red subscribe,button also give a thumbs up to this,video and i will be back soon with my,next video

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How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

hey guys Trevor here and in this video,I'm going to go over how to know if,someone blocked you on Instagram,it's pretty quick and easy so let's Jump,Right In now I'm going to open up,Instagram here and I will block one of,my other accounts and walk you through,several different steps you can take to,know if you've been blocked,now I'm going to tap on my messages at,the top right,and then tap on my how-to apps account,and tap on the profile at the very top,here,and then you'll see at the bottom left,in red that's block I'm going to block,this account,so now that I've blocked this account,let's go back to the messages,you can see that the message still shows,up as normal it hasn't deleted that but,let's look and see what it looks like on,the other account that's been blocked,so I'm going to switch over to my other,account here,and you'll see I still have this message,here and it hasn't been removed there's,no indication that I have been blocked,on the messages itself everything looks,fine one of the indications that I might,have been blocked is if I type something,you'll see under it it never will show,as seen so it will never switch over to,scene but that's not a definitive reason,why you might have been blocked maybe,they're just not on Instagram so that's,one kind of Telltale sign if they never,read or Mark your messages as seen but,it's not definitive,one of the ways that you can tell is if,I tap on the profile at the top here it,says no user found or user not found and,here it gives me the ability to follow,and if I tap that it just does requested,and then goes back so you can see that,it doesn't give me the ability to try to,even follow this account anymore this is,a definite sign that I've been blocked,by this account it says no posts yet it,shows the followers but at the very top,it says 121 posts so there's definitely,something up here and the reason is,because I just blocked myself,now Instagram has a great article right,here in their help center that shows you,exactly some other ways that you'll know,that you've been blocked,so it says here after you block someone,the likes comments will be removed from,your photos and videos so you know if,you've liked a photo or commented on a,post from that person if it's,disappeared then you've been blocked by,that person,so if you scroll down,it says after you block someone they,won't be able to mention or your your,tag your username so try to create a,story on Instagram and tag that other,person that you think might have blocked,you if you're able to tag them do the at,symbol and then type in their username,then they haven't blocked you but if you,can't do that if it doesn't show up with,the option to tag the person then,they've definitely blocked you and then,if you scroll down after you block,someone your message thread will remain,intact but you won't be able to see or,you won't be able to message them so as,I talked about before you can try to,send messages and it looks like you're,sending messages but in fact they're,never delivered and they're never seen,by the other person,so those are a bunch of different ways,that you can tell whether you've been,blocked by a certain account of course,you have maybe a different account then,that one might not be blocked and you,can try to contact that user but most,likely if they blocked you they don't,necessarily want to talk to you anymore,or into interact with you anymore,hope this helps thanks for your time,today and I'll see you on the next one

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How to Block Someone on Instagram Without Them Knowing

How to Block Someone on Instagram Without Them Knowing

welcome to filmora 62nd know more in a,short time,in this video we will teach you how to,block someone on instagram without them,knowing,part one how to block your followers on,instagram,please be informed that when you block,someone on instagram that person will no,longer see your profile which means they,won't be able to contact you or,communicate with you another thing is,that the person that you will block,won't be notified about it there are two,ways to do that one is through your,instagram app and the second is through,the web browser,method 1 block followers on instagram,mobile app,step 1,open the application and locate the,person that you want to block,step 2 go to their account now click on,the three dots you see on the top right,step three click on that and you will,see a small pop-up with multiple choices,you need to click on the block option,step four,instagram will ask you if you want to,block the person,click on the block option again,method 2 block followers on web browser,step 1 launch a browser and visit the,instagram website now find the person,that you want to block and visit their,profile,step 2 on the profile you need to click,on the three dots that you see beside,the blue follow tab,step three a small up window will appear,on the list with the option block this,user,please click on that,step four once you do you will see the,block and cancel options,you need to select the block option and,that's about it,part 2 how to block someone who's not,following you on instagram if you notice,people sending you messages who are not,following you or you are following,someone only to realize after a while,that they are not following you you can,block them as well,block someone through your app,step 1 go to your instagram app and find,the person who is not following you,step 2 visit the person's profile and,now click on the three dots and then,from the available options you need to,click on the block option,block someone through the web browser,step 1 open a web browser and visit the,instagram platform and log into your,account and find the account not,following you to block it,step 2. on their account you will see 3,dots,click on that and a small window will,open with multiple options,step 3 you need to click on the block,this user option confirm it and it's,done,part three where to find your instagram,block list,instagram has a dedicated tab where you,can see the blocked account,to be able to see that follow these,steps step 1. open the instagram app you,will see 3 bars or dots on the right,side of your profile please tap on that,step 2,you will see a host of options,from the list you need to click on the,settings option step 3.,now you need to locate the privacy tab,on the settings page and click on it on,the privacy page you will see the,blocked accounts option please click on,that,if you're interested in more useful,content check out,,you

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6 Ways to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram in 2019 | Guiding Tech

6 Ways to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram in 2019 | Guiding Tech

luckily Instagram or any other social,network doesn't notify people when they,are blocked imagine the shock and,sadness one may have to go through but,there comes a day when we feel someone,might have blocked us especially when,they pose and stories stop appearing on,our Instagram feed well does that mean,they have plugged you possibly not the,person might have deactivated their,account or start posting on Instagram so,what's the best way to know if you have,been blocked well that's what we are,going to talk about in this video my,name is Ashish you're watching guiding,deck and in today's video we are gonna,have a look at six ways to know if,someone has blocked you on instagram so,well what are we waiting for let's get,started,now before we go any further if you,haven't followed guiding tech on,Instagram I recommend you doing it right,away we share some amazing photos of,Technology gadget upcoming smart phones,with polls and stories and if you're not,following us you are missing out on so,many interesting stuffs so you will find,the link in the description of the video,go ahead and follow us right now so to,get started the easiest way to know if,someone did block you is to look for the,Instagram profile search their name or,the Instagram handle using the search,option and now once you do that there,are three things that might happen if,you see the profile and also the first,then you aren't blocked in case of,public profiles for private accounts if,you see the profile with the message,this account is private then everything,is fine and you are not blocked next if,you see the profile and the post count,but the area displaying the post shows,no post message then yes you might have,been blocked however if the profile,doesn't appear in search at all then,either the profile has been deactivated,or they did block you so to verify such,suspicions you must investigate other,proofs that we'll be talking about right,now now the next thing that you need to,do is check your own Instagram profile,so when someone blocks you Instagram,doesn't delete their old comments or,tags from your profile if state profile,isn't accessible through search you,should use these old comments to visit,their profile if the profile shows up,the post count without the post then yes,sadly you have been blocked however just,to be extra sure,let's not check if the profile has been,deleted or not you might never know if,the profile has been reactivated and,then you might assume that you are,blocked now the thing is that you can,view Instagram profiles by the link, /they user name of that,particular instagram ID using any,browser so if you remember the username,of the person who has blocked you I know,it can be tricky to remember the user,name but if you replace that particular,term with the link that you provided in,the,description of this video you might be,able to open the direct profile link on,your browser then if you're logged in,from your own profile you will get the,inner sorry this page isn't available if,the person has blocked you there's a,slim chance that the person might have,deactivated their account so to confirm,that log out from Instagram profile are,open up another browser or just the same,browser in private or incognito mode and,open the profile via the same link if,the profile is accessible then the news,is true but if the profile doesn't open,for them too you are fine and it means,that the profile has been deactivated,now here are a few more things that you,should be aware of and first is that the,messages will disappear from the DM,section yep blocking someone on,Instagram hides the chat thread for both,the recipients so if you are suspecting,someone of blocking you open the DM and,look for the charred threads if the,chart thread exists you aren't blocked,but if it is missing then it is possible,that he or she might have blocked you,but again the person might have,deactivated the profile and hence the,chat thread is missing to verify it you,can check for common Instagram groups,where you and the particular chart might,have been together but just in case if,you can view their profiles somehow try,following them back using the follow,button if you are block you won't be,able to follow the person tapping on the,follow button will do nothing and you,will see the same button again and again,Instagram will notify them about it,though but if they haven't blogged you,then tapping the follow button will make,you follow that person instantly and,will notify them about it I know it's,risky but sometimes you have to take,extreme steps right and finally the last,thing that you can do is check that,particular profile from a different,phone or a profile now if you have two,Instagram accounts you can open the,profile from the second account and if,you own a single profile only you can,ask your close friend or a family member,to look for the profile now if the,profile opens normally then it,means that you have been indeed blocked,

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How to see if someone has blocked your Instagram account

How to see if someone has blocked your Instagram account

,in this video I am going to tell you if you were blocked by your friend on Instagram,but there are some tricks to check how has blocked your account,this is Ankit from Informative Media ,if you are blocked on instagram or not, there are only few ways,but in any case Insta will never notify you if you were blocked by your friend,to find If you were blocked there are some tricks that I will tell you,First trick is to open the chat with that friend if you have ever done it,for example you can see there is a message from informative media ,and I know informative media account has blocked me. so let me tell you the way to detect. ,click view profile and you won't see anything,and you won't see the post or any count,There is a trick 2 as well. ,lets see if anytime he commented you,click that profile from the comment and you won't see the details of that profile,and that means you are blocked,and lets move to 3rd trick,for example if you know the user id of the profile then,search the userid in instagram search,and you can't see that account,and last way is to go to google chrome and open instagram,and write the userid in the end,and if you are not logged in & you are able to see the profile,then it means you are blocked.

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