how to add multiple photos to instagram story

How To Add Multiple Photos To Instagram Story! (Android / iPhone) (2021)i'm back everyone i'll go ah

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

How To Add Multiple Photos To Instagram Story! (Android / iPhone) (2021)

i'm back everyone i'll go ahead and show,you exactly how to,post an instagram story with multiple,photos on it,on either an android or iphone so i'll,go ahead and show the process first on,my iphone and then i'll go ahead and,show it on my android device,so if you want to skip ahead a little,bit go ahead and do so because i'm,starting off with iphones,so all you'll have to do pretty much is,make your way over to instagram,if you're on an iphone and once you're,here all you'll have to do is go ahead,and swipe to the side to get into your,little story option,and once you're here all you have to do,is go ahead and click on whatever you,want to you can go ahead and,say i have a foot here or whatever it,doesn't matter but let's say i wanted to,go ahead and add photos to this,well there's a couple of different ways,of going about doing it so if you want,to go ahead and hop over,you want to find that specific photo,that you want to post there,so you want to make your way over to,your photos app just like so and let's,say i wanted to go ahead and post this,photo right,all you'll have to do is pretty much,share this photo,just like so you want to click copy,photo like that,and all you'll have to do is make your,way over to your instagram story and,you'll see that you now have this ad,sticker option,so all you have to do is pretty much,just click add sticker,and you can see that you can now add,that specific photo right there,now let's say you didn't have enough,time to go ahead and click the add,sticker and run away,well you can still get it back by,clicking on the little text box right,here,clicking again right on the text box so,as if you want to paste something,as you can see it's not working out so,just like this you want to click paste,and you can see you can now paste that,same photo again,so let's say we want to do a different,photo again make your way to whichever,photo you want to let's say i want to do,this one,go ahead and click share click copy,photo make your way back over to your,instagram story,you'll see the ad sticker option and you,can now add the sticker to wherever you,want to,so that's exactly how you do it on an,iphone,it's a much easier process than android,but you can just keep rinsing and,repeating doing whatever photos you want,to,you can move these you can modify these,so that's exactly how you add multiple,photos on an iphone,now on an android it's a little bit of a,different story so when you have an,android it's kind of the same process,but takes a little bit more kind of,maneuvering around,so what you'll have to do is make your,way over to the play store,now if you have a samsung it's a little,bit different but i'm just going to do,this way for all phones,you want to go ahead and search for the,swift key keyboard,so right here it's a keyboard by,microsoft and we're going to use it,temporarily if you want to keep it,forever go for it,but this is the specific keyboard that,you want to go ahead and download,so i already have it installed so you,can pause this video whenever you want,to go ahead and download it,but once it's downloaded all you have to,do is pretty much make your way over to,i guess you know whichever app just make,your way over to an app where you can go,and type something in,and you want to change your keyboard now,to that specific microsoft keyboard,so typically you can just hold down the,keyboard option as you can see i'm using,gboard,you want to go ahead and make your way,over to microsoft swift key keyboard,just like this,and once you're here you're perfectly,fine you're almost done,so all you have to do now once you have,this keyboard up is pretty much,find the specific photo that you want so,once you have that in your head you,don't have to go for right now,but basically what you want to do is you,want to go on your keyboard,you'll see this little smiley face,option right there,all you want to do is go and click on,that option you'll see right here,there's a little,pin or whatever that is you want to go,and click that and here you can go ahead,and kind of store,photos here temporarily so you can go,ahead and paste it onto your instagram,story,so in order to do this what you want to,do is you'll see this little plus icon,right here,you want to go ahead and click on that,you'll come in here and you can pretty,much see,all your photos that you've ever taken,so this is really really good because,you can just go ahead and store these,into the little option and paste these,later because right now,photo copy and pasting doesn't work so,well with android for some reason so,let's say i wanted to go ahead,and paste let's just say this specific,photo well what i'm going to do is i'm,going to click here,i'm going to go ahead and click that,little blue send icon so now this photo,is stored here,so all you have to do now is make your,way over to instagram so you can just,make your way over to instagram like,this,and then all you'll have to do and this,is very easy you'll just hav

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How To Add Multiple Pictures To Instagram Stories On Android

How To Add Multiple Pictures To Instagram Stories On Android

hey everyone in today's instagram story,video i want to show you how to add,multiple picture to an instagram story,post,and i'm going to do it here on an,android phone,and the process is actually pretty,simple but there's multiple different,ways you could do it,and people always ask me or look up the,wrong video and then ask me how you do,it in the same post,or how do you do it back to back with,full screen posts i'm gonna show you all,that real quick,in this video so jump into your,instagram here and all you have to do,as usual to create a story post go to,your profile page and press the plus,sign on top and then we're going to,choose story right here,so let's go ahead and choose that and,let me show you a couple of different,ways to do this so,on the left side of the page you have,multiple different things you could,choose okay you could do multi-capture,and you could choose layout and then i'm,going to show you a third way that's,actually even more flexible than these,but,that will be on the next page so to do a,multi-capture if you choose this option,right here basically what it does,is it lets you take a picture and then,you see on the bottom,that's one of many pictures that you,could take so you could take another,another another obviously you would,change what you're taking a picture of,but look at this four five,six seven you see it takes all these,full screen,so this is different than putting,multiple pictures into the same post,which i'm gonna show you right now after,this,but now if i press next on the bottom,you can see i have,multiple pictures i obviously didn't,move my phone but you get the idea here,and then if i press next it's going to,let me post all of those at the same,time,with one post so that's called,multi-capture is a new option,right now inside of instagram but let me,show you a different one,and i think this one people like a lot,so i'll go back,and on the left side now there's this,other one it's called layout,okay you see this one layout let me,choose this one layout's really useful,because it lets you basically put,different pictures in different parts of,your post,and it all fits in one post so if you,wanna don't wanna break up your post,into multiple posts,with multicapture this does it for you,so if you,again let me go back to layout here,because you have different layout,options if you press this right here,to how many pictures you could post and,how they,lay out on the page so multiple,different choices here,side by side up and down and let's say,i go with this one the three you take a,picture,go ahead and move your phone take,another one you got one more,take a picture and this lets you have,three different ones,and you could always edit that layout,too okay i could press the check mark,and here i am now on this page and i,could go ahead and post it,okay so that's the layout option and let,me show you one of my favorite ones now,i'll just press x and delete this one,and i'll press,x here so this one i'm going to go ahead,and start by taking a picture,so let me take a picture and i'm going,to create a solid background,first and then i'll lay out images on,top of that,so to lay out a solid background i'm,going to press the marker right here,choose my color and press and hold,there we go press done now i have a,solid background okay,now if i press the sticker option on the,android here,you have an option here that looks like,a picture right here this picture,now this is kind of called a selfie cam,on the iphone you actually have one that,just looks like your photo library and,you could choose,photos from your photo library this one,you have to take pictures right,now i'll select it it's going to give,you this camera that you can resize,look at this i can make it bigger and if,you tap it you could get a square frame,okay so now i could go ahead and frame,up my picture here,take a picture it's going to put it here,i can move it around put it anywhere i,want,i still could change how it looks so i,could still go back to that,i'll press that again and choose it,again,and move this one down you could resize,it again,okay take a picture change it,maybe a square or whatever you want,place it here and as many pictures as,you want using this method,now i'm waiting for the iphone option,for this to roll out to android because,that just lets you choose,whatever is in your camera library and,put them like this picturing picture,this is the only one that's on android,right now but between using,multi-capture,layouts and the sticker you should have,enough options to be able to layout,multiple images,inside of your instagram story on your,android phone,so i hope you found it useful please,give it a thumbs up subscribe for easy,to follow,social media videos i have hundreds of,videos on instagram,and i hope to catch you next time

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How to add multiple photos in Instagram Story + free collage template! | Instagram Story Hacks 2023

How to add multiple photos in Instagram Story + free collage template! | Instagram Story Hacks 2023

oh fun she had a birthday party,and she invited like,everyone,to Ibiza what the heck I can't believe,this,how did she add multiple photos in one,instagram story,mind is blown,hey I'm Deepa from HootSuite social,media team and this is HootSuite Labs,where we teach you the science of social,media marketing how it works and how to,be successful today I'm going to show,you the two easiest ways to add multiple,photos into your Instagram story without,having to download a whole other design,app and learn how to make an aesthetic,collage with it,don't touch that diet okay so here's how,it works the layout is weirdly hidden,away but here's how to use it open your,Instagram app and tap the plus icon at,the top of your screen and select story,this is going to open your camera roll,but please do not get distracted by your,beautiful photos,we need to activate create mode first so,tap on the camera icon to do this now on,the left hand side of your screen you'll,see a list of icons tap the layout icon,it looks like a square with lines in it,tapping the layout icon will separate,your story into sections so from here,you can fill each segment either with a,fresh photo or something from your,camera roll if you want to select a,different layout tap the rectangular,grid icon directly below the layout icon,this will open up a selection menu where,you can choose a different pattern okay,now you have two options you can take a,photo or pull something from your camera,roll so to take a photo all you got to,do is just tap the white circle in the,center of the bottom of your screen like,this,cute now if you want to delete it in my,case no I don't want to delete it I just,have the photo and then tap the delete,icon otherwise if you want to select,photos from your camera roll tap the,square camera roll preview icon on the,bottom left corner of your screen tap,the photo you want and repeat until you,filled up your entire layout,okay now you can tap the check mark to,approve your design and next you can add,stickers text or effects and tap the,arrow in the bottom right corner when,you are ready to publish tap share and,you are done okay if you're feeling,restricted by these layout grids this,next method is a little more robustly,creative it's less spreadsheet more,collage you can enlarge shrink tilt or,even overlap your photos so it's time to,Freestyle,bam all right back to the method so open,your Instagram app and tap the plus icon,at the top of the screen and select,story tap on the camera icon and then,the a a icon I'm not exactly sure what,people call it but for the purpose of,this video it is the AAA icon so that's,just on the left side of your screen and,that lets you enter create mode now tap,the sticker icon at the top of the,screen and scroll through the stickers,to find the camera roll sticker pick a,photo and it'll actually be added to,your story so you can drag it anywhere,on the screen or use your fingers to,manipulate the size and tilt of the,image and actually if you tap it it'll,change shape so maybe you want a circle,maybe you want a star maybe you want a,heart a rectangle whatever mood you're,in you can figure that out so next tap,the sticker icon again to add another,photo and basically repeat this until,all of your photos are on the screen and,you can move them around and tweak them,however you like and to change the,background tap the circle of color at,the top of the screen and you'll also,find tools to add text or more stickers,if you'd like foreign,all right if you found this video,helpful please give it a like or maybe,even subscribe so that we hear at,tweetsuite lab can keep bringing you,more social media tips and strategies,and just so you know we have a series of,Instagram story hacks coming out over,the next little bit so I'll put that,playlist right up here,so we're gonna go over how to add music,to a story and how to add a full reel to,a story next so go check that out if,you're interested but bye for now,friends it won't be long until you see,you again

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How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story - Add More Than One Photo To Instagram Story

How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Story - Add More Than One Photo To Instagram Story

hi guys and this is a new video about,the instagram application,today we will show you how to add,multiple photos to your instagram story,so let's go to this app,right now we are on the home page,so to create a new insta story let's,swipe to the right side as usual,right now we are on the needful screen,and let's go to the gallery app after,clicking on this icon in the bottom,panel of the screen,later we need to choose the first photo,we want to add so let's click on this,one,okay don't forget that you can also,manage the scale of the selected photon,and place it underneath full,on the neutral location,later to add another photo the second,one let's tap on the sticker option here,at the top bar of the screen,when you are here you need to smoothly,scroll the list,and tap on the gallery feature too,remember that this option is,access to your camera but this is the,access to your gallery app,after clicking on it we have a cool way,to select the second,picture and add it to your story so i,will tap on my cats,and in the same way,after rotation and,dragging,cutting this feature this photo i can,smoothly save it on the needful place,don't forget that you can also,correct the style of your photo and its,shape after clicking on the on this,image one time,so i can for example choose the star,shape,or to make,this photo square,okay,well done in the same way you can also,add the third,and other,and a lot of definitely a lot of photos,here,so guys i hope that right now you know,how to make some collage on your,instagram story adding multiple photos,making your for your instagram story,stylish and trendy after clicking on the,send to feature you can post you can,upload your story to the ho to the home,page to the profile page or to choose,the close friends option,don't forget to click on the share and,done,wait a minute please before,the result check-in and after i need to,refresh on my home page to be sure that,right now our story is uploaded,and yesterday so as you can see we,successfully saved every picture,pictures we need,and well done,guys don't forget about likes and don't,forget to subscribe to our channel to,find out even more,cool options and tricks with instagram,app bye bye

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How To Add Multiple Pictures To Instagram Stories On Android! (2020)

How To Add Multiple Pictures To Instagram Stories On Android! (2020)

welcome back everyone I'll go and show,you exactly how to actually post,multiple different photos from your,camera roll onto your instagrams story,on your Android device so right now I,have a galaxy s 20 now all you want to,make sure that you have obviously,Instagram downloaded and make sure it's,not you know on a safari browser on your,internet browser Chrome I get my iPhone,and Android videos mixed up all the time,so as you can see I'm on my front page,of my Android device now what you need,to do is make sure you have that,specific photo that you want saved on,your camera roll or you know it's,somewhere where you can see it it can be,on Facebook Instagram whatever the case,is it really doesn't matter so I'll go,and show you quickly if like it's on my,gallery for example on my galaxy s 20 so,if I go into my gallery what you want to,do is find that specific photo that you,want to post so for this let's say oh I,really like this photo you can't,necessarily just post it on your,Instagram story immediately so what you,want to do and this is very important,you want to take a screenshot of this,specific image so on samsung galaxy it's,volume down in power button so go ahead,and do that and once you see the little,bottom thing come up what you want to do,is click the edit button so once you're,in this type of pin on that one might be,different for like a pixel device and an,LG device so kind of figure out how you,can go ahead and like take a screenshot,and obviously crop down that screenshot,that is very important and from here you,want to remove anything that obviously,you don't want so I could have kept that,part if I wanted to but in this case I,don't want to so I'll just go and keep,this specific part it really doesn't,matter and once I do that I want to go,and click Save I want galaxy devices it,automatically copies into my clipboard,once you take a screenshot on your,device in my net so you want to make,sure you find a way to copy this into,your clipboard basically just cut the,image or whatever and at this point all,you want to do is go back to your,Instagram and you want to go ahead and,just take a photo of whatever you want,so go ahead here it doesn't matter you,can obviously change the background and,go from there which is going to be also,another thing you can do but at this,point what you want to do is you want to,tap on the screen and you'll see on your,keyboard the little three dots which are,right there now this is very very,important you want to click on those,three dots and you'll see a little,option that says clipboard right there,so what you want to do is you want to,click on the clipboard as you can see,you'll find those images now a just say,it and screenshot it so this is the one,in screen shadow before this is the one,in screenshot and after and you can see,I don't have technically all my photos,from my camera roll here which does kind,of suck but you can get all these other,images here which is totally okay so,what you can do should be,tap on this image and I'll go ahead and,get posted right there you can modify it,you can put it up here you can do,whatever you want to and like I said,before you can do this with all your,other images too so let's say I want to,do this photo go ahead and screenshot,power button down,I went head and cocked it down click,Save and I went head and saved go back,to my Instagram story that I had before,click on the screen three dots clipboard,I guess it's right here I kind of screw,up a little bit but I go and pull so,like this I guess if I want to I'm not,too sure why this one's screwed up but,I'm going to tap on the screen and as,you can see you have to have something,in your clipboard in order to post in as,you can see I had nothing in my,clipboard so I can't even click on it,anymore but that is pretty much the,process you guys if you have any other,questions or anything let me know in the,comment section below if they like but,know me so much but definitely that,subscribe button every single subscriber,that we get really discount so means so,much of you guys get that also check out,the other links down in the description,as well my Twitter my Instagram my,second channel all those links link down,below I'd really appreciate if you guys,to check it out more important than,everything else love every single one of,you guys hopefully I'll catch you guys,in the next video peace out :

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How To Add Multiple Pictures To Instagram Stories On Android! (2020)

How To Add Multiple Pictures To Instagram Stories On Android! (2020)

welcome back everyone i made a video not,too long ago talking about,exactly how to post multiple photos on,an instagram story at one time,now that i got a lot of feedback for so,i'm going to redo it but i will have a,huge warning before i go start,this is how to do it specifically on a,samsung device i have a samsung galaxy,s20,but the thing to keep in mind is that,you can still do this with other phones,you will have to switch your keyboard,though,in the future there may be another,method on how to do this but a great way,to do this is,if you don't have a samsung phone is to,just search up samsung keyboard apk,find the latest apk file so this is a,website that i go to sometimes and just,download this apk file,and install it and then go from there,and just switch your keyboard to the,samsung keyboard,i try this on g board and i tried this,on swiftkey it didn't work for those,maybe there's an update in the future,maybe i'm doing something wrong,but this is how to do it so just install,this keyboard on any android phone and,go from there so once you do have the,samsung keyboard all you really need to,do is basically follow these steps,so you want to find the specific photo,or photos that you want to post on your,instagram story,so first of all you want to go on,instagram and you just want to take a,photo or whatever so in this case i'll,just go and like take a photo of this it,doesn't really matter,so as you can see you have the base drop,now you want to post the photos on top,of this so in order to do this,you want to go to your photo gallery or,wherever these photos are located so in,this case i'll just use this on the same,one i used before,and what you want to do is you want to,screenshot this specific photo and as,you can see i screwed it up,okay i just screenshotted it on,samsung's this little pop-up comes up,with the bottom so i usually tap on it,and once you tap on it now i don't know,if i actually tapped it or not okay i,didn't,so what you want to do here is usually,what i do is i click the edit button,and here when you screenshot it this is,how to do it on samsung's again,if you're on a pixel or something i'm,sure the process is very similar all you,want to do here is just kind of,move the canvas over until it covers up,this specific image,so as you can see i covered up this,specific image now all i want to do is,save it,now at this point that's really all you,have to do if you want to screech out,the voluntary thing be my guess it,doesn't really matter,so now at this point all you have to do,is go back to your instagram story that,you made before,on iphones actually it shows a little,sticker right here and it says like oh,add sticker and then it goes from here,on android it's a little bit different,we got a little bit rougher so all you,want to do is tap on the screen,now your samsung keyboard should come up,if it doesn't,you want to tap on the keyboard icon,right here or wherever it is and you,want to switch to your samsung keyboard,you can install it if you have a pixel,or one plus one it doesn't matter,you can always change it back later so,once you have that you'll see these,top three little dots right here so what,you want to do is you want to tap these,three dots right here,and you'll see a little clipboard icon,so what you want to do here is you want,to tap on that,you'll see you know the images whatever,but you see the image that you just,screenshotted at the very top left,and it's edited up and everything you,already canvassed it out and as you can,see i just pasted that image right there,and it works,and you can move this image wherever you,want to so i can go and post this image,right here,and i can go and hop out and do the same,exact process with any other image that,i want to post so let's say i want to go,ahead and do like this one for example,i go ahead and screenshot it i go and,edit it up like this,it's the same exact process i go from,here go from here,click save then go back to the instagram,story click here,click on the three dots clipboard as you,can see i have that image right there,it's the same exact process i get to,keep doing this until i have way more,images up so,that's really pretty much the process,again a little update samsung keyboard,is one that you might need,so you can install the apk file and go,from there so that's really pretty much,it if you guys have any other questions,or anything let me know in the comment,section below,hit the like button on me so much but,definitely hit that subscribe button,every single subscriber that we get,really discount so me so much if you,guys get that,also check out the other links down in,the description as well my twitter my,instagram my main channel,more importantly everything else i love,every single one of you guys hopefully,i'll catch you guys in the next video,peace,so,you

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Easiest COLLAGE for INSTAGRAM STORIES | Add Multiple Photos to One Instagram Story!

Easiest COLLAGE for INSTAGRAM STORIES | Add Multiple Photos to One Instagram Story!

hello and welcome back to my channel i'm,jenny paul i am a business coach for,entrepreneurs looking to build,meaningful profitable businesses doing,what they love,but also to take good care of themselves,while they're doing it so on this,channel we chat all about business,strategy,mindset and self-care so if you're,interested in any of those things,be sure to subscribe and hit the,notification bell so that you can catch,my videos every single,week today we're chatting all about how,to,create a collage on instagram stories,without any external apps so no external,apps needed,it is a new feature that is in instagram,stories that allows us to do this,and it got rolled out kind of quietly,and not a lot of people know about it,although it is so key because there are,a lot of different,reasons why you would want to put,multiple photos,on one story so we're going to get into,it right away and it's going to be super,easy,open up your instagram app head on over,to,stories now you can either take a,picture as a background so i actually,really like this blanket so i could use,that,as a background if i want it or i can,choose this pen tool,i can choose a color that i like so,let's say i choose this pink color,hold it down and it's going to create,just a solid color background if i don't,like any of these colors,i can just hold down any of these colors,and i can,drag along this spectrum to choose any,color i,like so let's say i like that one i hold,it down again and it's going to give me,again that solid color,background now let's say you don't like,either of those options and you want to,use a specific,background photo well you just add that,to your phone,swipe up and the image is going to be,there for you to use so i just got this,image from canva i created an instagram,story,blank canvas on canva and i just chose,one of their backgrounds to get,this so that's easy enough now we're,going to add our multiple photos to this,background,so you're going to click on the sticker,tool and you're going to scroll down,and you'll see this little square that,looks like mountains like a landscape,that's the one you're going to choose,and it's going to bring up what was,in your camera roll now let's say i have,multiple product photos well,i just add them click the sticker tool,again,it's going to allow me to add as many as,i want,so there we go i've added multiple,photos,that were in my phone and i can create,this collage however i like so i can,drag things around,i can resize them and that is it,it is that simple to create your collage,you can go ahead and post it you can add,some text you can add some,other stickers if you like but that's,how you create a collage it is that,easy i hope that was helpful i am always,trying to share with you the simplest,way to do things so that i can save you,time,and save you energy i have other,instagram tips and tricks so check out,the description box below because i will,leave the links there,and i will see you in the next video

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How To Add Multiple Photos Or Videos In One Instagram Story Collage 2019

How To Add Multiple Photos Or Videos In One Instagram Story Collage 2019

in this video I'm going to show you how to create those Instagram stories where,you can stack multiple videos put two above each other three on top of each,other or even images you probably see those cool Instagram Story ads you're,probably wondering how are they editing videos like this now I know that graphic,designers could do it I actually in the past hire graphic designers to do some,work like this but I found a little hack it's an app you can actually create,these pretty simple and pretty easy and I'm actually going to show you in one,minute jump and share my phone screen on exactly how you can create these,multiple layers of videos on top of each other or images on top of each other,right in this app and then load it up to your Instagram stories I'm going to show,you over the shoulder step by step if you're looking to grow a personal brand,if you like real business tutorials if you're trying to grow a business,definitely subscribe to my channel I put out weekly videos this way you don't,miss them and I go over a lot of stuff step by step and also advice from,experience so hit that subscribe button hit the bell icon this way you don't,miss those weekly videos and now we're gonna dive in and actually show you how,to create those Instagram stories okay so my little hack is actually this app,called unfold you see it right here at the bottom left I'll leave a link below,and here's some of the videos I was messing with but for an example I was,gonna pull this up this is a video that I created now you'll notice let me just,click on it you see how there's three videos in one so you could do three,videos two videos it's a really cool app you could just do images so if you're,looking just to stack images and I know there's not a lot of stuff out there you,see there's a lot of different things you could do and I'll also pull this in,when I'm done stacking the videos I could also edit it in other apps and I,have other videos on how to edit in other apps a little hacks that anyone,could do it's very simple once you go through my tutorials so I'll link that,above and below on the other apps that I use to edit videos for Instagram,Facebook for this specific app this is exactly how you're going to do it if you,want to add let's just say we're going to open up this test - right down here,where the plus sign is you let's say we're gonna freshly start you don't,anything up yet you just started use hit the plus on here and you want to pick,your canvas so if you notice if I pick this one you see I can add a video or an,image and I could write underneath it right but what I really use this for let,me go back to there so let's say we're going to do this one so I could put a,video above image two images right so this is the layout so what I would want,to do is I would just click and let's pick a video once you click on the video,you want you just pick select you've got to give it like 30 seconds to actually,load so don't think that something's wrong it just takes a while to load up,okay so the video is there now it took about almost a minute to load up I cut,the time short so you weren't waiting there but just so you know don't think,something's wrong with the app sometimes it does depending on how long and the,quality of your video the longer the high quality I think it takes longer so,this took about 30 seconds 50 to 30 seconds to load into here but if I click,on it you'll see it'll start and this is just raw footage but you see I sit down,so I'm gonna stop that but let's say I wanted to add like a graphic underneath,or an image underneath or another video I would just click that plus sign for,the video that's gonna go underneath it and the same thing if there's an image,or a video that you want if I see it let's say I want this image it could be,an image or video let's pick this one you notice images load a lot quicker so,now when this is done the video could play right this would be on my Instagram,story the video will play and then underneath would be this image all right,that's just one example let's do another one I'm gonna click this plus down here,again and let's say we wanted one with like a larger format the video up top,and then just an image in the bottom or again a smaller video there again,there's so many different layouts we're picking layouts and you could go through,these yourself I use this one on the in the beginning you show me show you three,videos I'll plan it once the same thing you hit the plus if I wanted this image,I would just click select up at the top right then if I wanted a different video,in the middle plus let's say I wanted this image right here click on it hit,select top right now that's there you could also see what your fingers you,can't see what my fingers are doing but I'm just pinching the image together and,it's getting smaller so you could adjust it like that,I can put it like that you know I don't really like how that look so I'd,probably delete that because I'd rather take up the

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