how to add link to instagram story

How to add LINKS to Instagram Story - Swipe up URL linkhey everyone in this video I wanted to,show y


Updated on Jan 10,2023

How to add LINKS to Instagram Story - Swipe up URL link

hey everyone in this video I wanted to,show you how to add a link to your,Instagram story now this is often called,a swipe up link so you swipe up and it,will take you to a YouTube page for,example or to your website you could use,it to sell things or you could use it to,get views on different videos and it's,taking me some time to get to the point,where I can make this video and I'll,show you why in a second just make sure,you watch the video till the end I'll,answer all your questions it's a little,bit of a complicated setup mainly,because there is an IG TV swipe up link,which is nowhere and there is an,old-school swipe up link that takes you,to a YouTube video or a website or a,blog and that's the one I'm gonna focus,on in this video if it's your first time,here I make easy-to-follow social media,tech videos every single day of the week,so please consider subscribing so let's,go through the process I want to show,you how to get this swipe up link so,what you want to do is let me just jump,into Instagram story here and we want to,go ahead and take a picture now when you,take a picture there's a couple of,things that could happen you could get,that link icon on top and there's couple,things that link icon could do so let me,go ahead and press it if you don't have,it I'll show you how to get it so when I,press that I get a link to ig TV video,so this is kind of newer but it's gonna,let me put a video from IG TV this is,not what I want I want to swipe up link,so I'm gonna press down here if you,don't see the link icon most likely it,means you don't have that I GTV accounts,so to get that all you would have to do,is create an IG TV channel and upload,one video I have a link in the,description for that video the second,type of swipe up link not the one that,sends you to IG TV requires couple of,things that you may not have yet you,need two things to get to swipe up link,one is you need to have the business,accounts and the second one is you need,to have 10,000 followers I'm in the,process of making a very complete video,on how to get to 10,000 followers so you,could get this option and I'll leave,that in the description as soon as it's,ready so in this case I have the 10,000,followers but I don't have the business,account so I need to go to the settings,menu so on top the three lines I'm gonna,press that and go to settings on the,bottom and I need to scroll and switch,to business profile so let me go ahead,Press that I'm just gonna press Continue,here and it's gonna ask me to link this,to a Facebook page so I have to link,this to a Facebook page here or I could,just press skip on the bottom press next,it's gonna ask for my contact,information I'm gonna press done here,now this has converted my page into a,business page so I'm gonna press go to,profile here now that I have a business,page let's try again let's go to,Instagram story here I'm gonna just take,another picture and now I have the link,option on top I'm gonna press it and if,you don't see the option for URL here,you just have to do one thing you have,to give it a couple minutes and we start,the apps so as long as you have 10,000,followers and a business accounts you,will see a URL link here so I'm gonna go,back to my Instagram story one more time,and I'm gonna go ahead and take another,picture and then I should see the link,icon as usual on top if I press it now I,have two different options so I have the,IG TV video link and you get this by,basically having an IG TV account and,having a video there so I have a link in,the description on how to do exactly,this so for IG TV video link swipe up,link press that one but the second one,and what I wanted to show you on this,video is the URL link so if I press that,I could literally type in any website,blog video I want so I could just,literally send people to I,just type in that URL press done and now,I'm gonna go ahead and share this to my,story so I'm gonna say your story here,on the bottom plus sign so now I'm just,gonna use another account to show you,what that looks like so I'll just jump,into one of my other accounts and now,I'm gonna view that story here and on,the bottom you could see see more so if,I press see more it's gonna direct me,right on to YouTube which is the URL i,typed in so you could promote your,YouTube videos here your blog here your,website here here let me do another one,that takes us to the website so I'll,take a picture again press the link,option on top to URL this time I'll just,do how Finity com I'm gonna press done,here and then let me go ahead and again,press your story the plus sign here to,share it to my story all,jump into another account to go ahead,and check this out one more time so,again I'll press that story and I could,then see more swipe up and it's gonna,take me to half an ad comm exactly what,I told it to do on that website so,that's the swipe up link again you have,to have 10,000 followers on your account,and you have to have a business profile,so thos

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How to Add A Link To Your Instagram Story (2022)

How to Add A Link To Your Instagram Story (2022)

Hi, welcome to the eJenn solutions, YouTube channel,,and welcome to my office today.,I'm gonna show you how to add a link to your Instagram stories,,but before we get going, I just wanna say thank you to all the subscribers.,I hope this information is helpful, and if you're new welcome,,we enjoy having newcomers. And we always enjoy comments. If the,,this video helps you alike would help us as well. Let's get going to the video.,Okay. So first of all, we had to create, of course,,an image to upload to in Instagram stories,,that image right there was created in Canva,,and it was using one of the many, uh, templates that are available to you.,Now we do have the pro you can do this for free,,if you wanna just use the free version,,but if you would like to try the can for 30 days, you,,the pro version of Canva for 30 days, you can do so with the link below, um,,in the meantime, uh, my intention for creating this was of course,,to introduce the podcast,,but then create a link that would take them from the Instagram,,right to the YouTube video. And this is how we did it.,Okay. So to add a link to your Instagram story,,you of course have to create an Instagram story.,We're gonna easily do that with that Canva image that we created,,we're gonna come into our account, select our profile picture to start.,That is Instagram, uh, story process.,We're gonna upload the image that we created,,and you can see it here fits nicely. At the very top, we have four options.,The tagging, the AA,,which is your fonts are typing the sticker and the effects we're gonna select,the third one over,,which is the stick and grow down to where you see the link sticker.,How easy is that now? Because I already copied the link, which was the YouTube,,uh, video that I wanted to showcase for this interview.,I simply need to put that in to the URL section.,And then I'm gonna add in my little teaser,,which is watch on YouTube, cuz I wanna keep it pretty short,,gonna click done. And there you go. Now this link here,,when that sticker is tapped is going to take the user,right to the YouTube channel.,Now I can go ahead and add another sticker such as click here.,I think there it be good one here. We'll see. Yeah, I like that one.,So we can kinda add a little bit more motion to it and then I'm,gonna take Tag Glodean in this as well,,but this is how our Instagram story is gonna look when we're finished.,What do you think? Pretty good hope this works for you and your business.,And just to show you how that turned out.,I'm gonna go look at my Instagram story.,You can see it here and I'm actually gonna click it.,It's gonna show the link that people are visiting and it will take,us right to the eJenn solutions podcast on YouTube.,So there you go. I, it's a really great way to, uh, share your blog, post,,share your videos, your podcasts products, anything else? Good luck.

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How To Add Link To Instagram Story! (2020)

How To Add Link To Instagram Story! (2020)

welcome back everyone I'll go ahead and,show you a way on how to add links to,your Instagram stories now there's two,ways to go about doing this okay the,first way is if you are somebody who has,over 10,000 followers and as a business,account and for the people that don't,now I'm assuming most of you probably,aren't in that position so in a case,like me I am actually able to go and,take a photo or something like that and,actually add a link so the way you add a,link is if you see on the top right not,right there or right there there's that,little like paperclip looking icon it's,pretty much the same exact thing on,snapchat if you click it you will see,that you have an option to add a web,link now this probably isn't in your,case obviously you know I'm in a little,different situation so you can click add,a web link type in whatever you want to,and go from there and it'll embed that,right into snapchat which is really cool,if you're in a position where you're not,in that specific situation like I stated,before in that case I made a whole,separate Instagram for that scenario,what you'll have to do when you're,really only other option is to add a,link on your bio so what you have to do,is go ahead and like okay add or,whatever it doesn't really matter,hey I'm whatever it is really matter and,then you'll probably have to either put,the name of that URL here now there's,not going to be clickable nobody's going,to be able to click it if you want a way,for them to just click on the option of,the URL without having to type it in,which you can just do like you've seen,before link in bio let's head that on,your story go from there post ad and,then go to your main sue grant page,click edit profile and then right here,where it says bio or website you want to,go in and click your website and you,want to add that link right there so,whatever it is let's just say it's, or something you can add,Google com click done then you'll see on,your main page there's a clickable link,so from there on your bio you can just,say I'll click the link above or,whatever it doesn't really matter I'm,gonna be able to click that link and,they'll take you straight to the Google,Doc hum or whatever watch that you had,set so this is a majority of you I think,if you're in that situation you're,probably going to end up using that way,of course this way of actually going,through and like adding links straight,to your specific you know story would,have been a lot better but as you can,see you do not have that option there so,your main options either to continue,doing this way or gain over 10,000 law,doesn't have a business or creator,accounts though those are the ways to do,it,again the lincoln buy or swipe up to go,to or only for the people who have,business accounts I think,if they have over 10,000 hours they can,do it over there verified or something,but if now you're going to have to go,about it this way and add your URL,technically in the bio so that's really,pretty much the process if you guys have,any other questions or anything let me,know in the comment section below the,like button tell me so much but,definitely that subscribe button every,single subscriber that we can't really,discount something so much you guys get,hit that also check out the other links,down in the description as well it's,whatever my Instagram my second channel,all those things going down below I'd,really appreciate if he has to check it,out,importantly everything else I love every,single one of you guys hopefully I catch,you guys in the next video :

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How To Share A YouTube Video Link On Instagram Story | 2 Methods

How To Share A YouTube Video Link On Instagram Story | 2 Methods

hey everyone welcome back to sebro in,this video I will be explaining that how,to share a YouTube video link on,Instagram story I will be sharing two,different methods number one will be for,the people who just want to share the,normal video on their Instagram story,and number two method will be for the,people who want to share their own,YouTube channel videos and they want,that those videos should open in YouTube,application instead of the browser so,that the people can even like And,subscribe it alright so make sure that,you watch the video till the end and if,you find this video helpful please,consider subscribing to the channel like,the video and still if you have any,question then let me know in the comment,section now with the method one that is,a normal method what you have to do you,need to open your YouTube application on,your Android phone or your iPhone this,will be working on both of them,open YouTube application and then you,need to look for that video that you,want to share,for example in my case I take my video,only,let's say that if I want to share this,one so I tap on it,and below the video you will find an,option of share tap on share,then tap on copy link,so we now have the link what we will do,we will go back and open Instagram now,once you are on Instagram tap on the,plus icon at the right and top,then choose story,and now here you will see the camera,Instagram camera,so what you can do either you can take a,picture or you can take any of the,picture from your gallery tap on the,left and bottom and take any picture,tap on the emoji icon that you will see,on the top,behind to a just on the very right of it,tap on it,then here you will see all such kind of,options tap on search,and type here link,then you will find this option of Link,now here you need to paste that YouTube,video link that you just copied so tap,and hold on this box,and then tap on paste,now you have an option of customize,sticker text so you can just rename it,if you want to like I will do a click,here,to watch,okay so now you can tap on done,and you will see this kind of Link has,been generated so if anybody click on,this link they will simply move to that,YouTube video now there are many more,things that you can do like you can drag,this link to the top you can drag it to,the center or at the bottom so let's say,if I want it here,and you want to customize it then again,you have to tap on the emoji icon on the,top,and from here you can choose some,attractive way like click here,okay so let's say if I choose this,option,and I can just make it like this and I,can drag it and make it bigger if you,want to,okay so this is how it will look like,okay I will show you,so now once you are done just tap on the,Arrow at the right and bottom tap on it,then your story it's been selected tap,on share,so now when I view my story,you can see that the link is coming up,here it says click here so it can easily,uh you know like visible for the people,they can just you know I have created,few more you can see that now if I tap,on this click here to watch,and then click visit link,so you will see that the video will now,be coming up,okay and only you know like for the,regular people who just want to watch,the video that's okay because this come,up in a browser and if I want to like it,then it says like this video then you,have to sign in so most of the people,avoid it okay when I cannot subscribe it,so the next method is that you if you,want that this video uh this YouTube,video should open in application of,YouTube then you have to follow my,second step,so for that what you have to do again,you need to go back,so let me delete all my stories okay so,that I can clearly show you,again you have to go to the YouTube,video that you want to share then you,have to tap on share icon then tap on,copy link now I will be sharing a,website in the description you need to,open that website and it's called Smart,in your link with uh app opener so what,this will do this will generate a new,link for you and after that when that,link will be shared that link will be,automatically open in a application,instead of a browser so paste your link,here,your YouTube video link then tap on,generate link it will ask you for a,verification so just type uh the code,here,then tap on verify,and then copy the link from here now,again go back to your Instagram,tap on the plus icon at the right and,top,choose a story,now for this method I recommend you that,if you want to share your own YouTube,video then it's better to create a,thumbnail so that it should look more,attractive and more people can know,about it that what is all about a video,okay so let's say that I want to share I,have created a demo thumbnail like how,to share a screen on Omegle with OBS and,that exactly video I want to share so,I've already created,okay so now I can just uh resize it like,this,okay I can make it more attractive okay,I'm just explaining you the way so that,you can know more about it so now

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How to Add Links to Instagram Posts and Stories

How to Add Links to Instagram Posts and Stories

hello and welcome to the official get,more clicks media youtube channel,i'm tiffany and i'll be your guide,through today's excursion,adding links to your instagram story and,posts without needing to buy or,spoof thousands of followers before i,move on with the tutorial though,make sure to like this video and leave a,nice comment if you found it helpful and,don't forget to subscribe to our channel,to see more content like this,if you're really dedicated click the,notification bell so that you'll be,alerted every single time we post a new,video,with that out of the way let's move,right along to the tutorial,now if you're like me you're an avid,user of instagram but you're not what,they'd call,famous and that's okay we can be,irrelevant together,but having a lot of followers does have,its benefits and one of those benefits,is being able to include links in your,instagram story and posts,you won't need a lot of followers today,though because all you have to do,to get started is pull up your instagram,account,here we are on our regular feed but we,need to be somewhere else,click your profile icon on the bottom,right of the screen to bring up your,instagram description and post,once your profile comes up press the,little plus icon next to the through,lines at the top of your screen,the drop down menu will ask what you,would like to create it's tempting to,press story i know,but we're actually going to create an,igtv video,so select igtv video from the available,options,now in order to post an igtv video the,length of the video has to be at least,60 seconds,and can be as long as 15 minutes with,this in mind,have a video about a minute long at the,ready,preferably a video of something static,and non-distracting,perhaps a still image or something,relevant to the link you're posting,just make sure that the link remains the,sole focus,instagram will show you which videos are,a minute or longer,so select the one you'd like to use to,promote your link,after you've decided on the video you,want to use hit the blue next button on,the top right hand corner of your screen,now from here we'll ask you to select,the cover,if it's a still image or something,that's barely moving it doesn't really,matter,remember the link is the most important,thing if you want though decide on your,cover before hitting next again,here's the part you've been waiting for,this is where we add the link,in the title just write an innocuous,call to action,telling people to press the link for,instance you could just type,tap below for the link or something,similar,for the description aspect you'll just,type in the link that you want to share,to your followers,be it a link to your newest video or,product simply type it into the,description of the video for your,audience to access it,once you've selected your video title,and the link you want to share,hit the post button at the top of your,screen to post the igtv video,now that the video has posted we can go,about putting it on our story for our,followers to see,go back to your instagram profile and,click on the igtv,video you've just posted,with the video pulled up press the,little airplane icon next to the comment,icon,you'll be given the option to send the,video to your friends or you can add it,to your story,those small blue letters go on and press,them,add the video to your story,at the next screen you'll be given the,option to edit add a filter or put,stickers over top,feel free to decorate as you wish if you,need to but remember,the link is the star of the show and,when you're done with any edits simply,post the video to your story and let,instagram take care of the rest,as far as including links in your posts,is concerned,it's a little less fancy but a lot less,complicated,whatever link you're promoting simply,copy that link and paste it into a url,shortener such as bitly,you can then go to your instagram,account create a new post,and then copy and paste this shortened,link into the description of your,instagram post and have it be completely,clickable,without being hidden that's pretty neat,right,and we didn't need a check mark or 10,000 followers to do it either,and that's how you promote a link using,your instagram story and posts,i hope that this tutorial has been,helpful to you if you enjoyed this video,make sure to leave us a like and write a,nice comment down below,to see more from us subscribe to our,channel and click the notification bell,to be notified every time we post a new,video,i'm tiffany with get more clicks media,wishing you luck in getting instagram,famous,you

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How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story | 2022

How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story | 2022

so late in 2021 instagram took pity on,plebs like me with less than 10k,followers and finally unlocked one of,its best features adding a link to an,instagram story yes we no longer need a,bluetick to promote our work so in this,video i'm taking it to the next level,i'm going to show you how to add,multiple links to your story because,sure we can show off one item with a,single link which i will still show you,how to do or we can up our game and show,off our entire portfolio big business,energy now to add multiple links just,click the first link in the description,and feel free to skip the next chapter,and before you ask me in the comments,section yes it is 100 free all right,let's get into the video let's first,start off with how to add a single link,to an instagram story within the app,we're going to open up instagram here,we're going to press the plus icon and,choose story you can now choose to,either record yourself or post a photo,or video from your camera roll next,click the face icon in the top and then,choose link we now need to copy and,paste the url link for the web page that,we want to redirect our viewers to and,here we have the option to customize,sticker text so you can go ahead and,type in whatever it is that you want to,call the link and hit done you can now,move it anywhere on the screen and then,just click the arrow in the bottom right,hand corner to post it to your story,moving on to how to add multiple links,to your instagram story we're gonna head,over to veed's link in bio page i will,pop a link for this in the description,and now we're in here all we gotta do is,scroll down and click get started now,and here we're gonna type in the url you,can choose whatever you want it can,literally be anything but i'm gonna go,ahead and choose my name and then once,i've typed that out i'm just going to,click claim that url and then we need to,type in an email and create a password,so you can just go ahead and do that now,and i'm going to do the same,perfect now the next couple of steps are,pretty self-explanatory so you can just,go ahead fill in all of your relevant,details and now you can add all the,links to your businesses and you can,even add your business branding here by,turning on custom icon and uploading,your business photo now once you've,finished adding your business links,click add socials click add social below,it and here we go list of all the social,networks that you can add so just go,ahead and fill in all your details,next up is media and here you can choose,to paste the link of a youtube video i,think this is a really good opportunity,for you to use an introductory video,tell a little bit about yourself but if,you don't have one of those on youtube,already there is a second option so you,can choose to embed videos on veed and,if you click play alec from v here will,talk you through the entire process now,if you don't want to add a video you can,always opt to add a photo instead just,click upload photo and choose the one,that you like best now once that's,loaded we can click save and next which,will take us through to theme here we've,got a ton of options so just click down,have a look through all of them find,whichever one's going to work best for,you and once you've picked it then click,finish now you'll see your page is live,you've got the link here that you can,copy and share to your story you'll be,able to revisit this page to check your,analytics and you can even make changes,just by clicking edit page now let's,head back into instagram here and share,the link to this story so we can show,off our entire portfolio just the same,as before press the plus icon and choose,story you can now record your story or,you can choose to upload a photo or,video already stored in your camera roll,click the face icon in the top and then,choose link now paste that url that we,just created and then click customize,sticker text i'm going to call it,lauren's portfolio,click here you can now move it anywhere,on the screen and then you can just,click the arrow at the bottom right hand,corner to post your story also as a side,note you can also use this link in your,instagram bio itself just so your,followers have access to your portfolio,at all times and that's it that is how,to share multiple links in an instagram,story and how to add a link in bio i,really hope you found this video helpful,guys if you did go and give us a like,subscribe for more editing content and,social media content and leave me any,comments or questions down below and i,will get back to you as soon as possible,thank you so much for watching and i,hope to see in the next one bye

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How To Add Link To Instagram Story! (2021)

How To Add Link To Instagram Story! (2021)

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How to Add LINKS to Instagram Story - Swipe Up URL Link (WORKS IN 2022)

How to Add LINKS to Instagram Story - Swipe Up URL Link (WORKS IN 2022)

thank you so much for clicking this,video today i would like to show you,that you,can get the swipe up feature even if you,do not have 10,000 followers,if it's your first time with us please,hit that subscribe button and give me a,thumbs up if this video was helpful to,you,and don't forget to leave me a comment,below about the kind of content,you'd like to see more of so let's jump,straight into this today this,is a workaround this is not something,that is a hack or anything like that,it takes a little bit of maneuvering but,you will be able to get the swipe up,feature on your instagram story,even if you don't have 10 000 followers,here's how we're gonna do that there are,a couple of different steps and it takes,a little bit of prep work,but follow along and i will show you,every single step,of the way so the first thing we are,going to want to do,is create an igtv post,that gives somebody somewhere to go so,what we'll be using,in our story is an instagram tv post and,i'm going to show you exactly what you,need to do for that,so jump across to my computer with me,where i'm going to show you,a website called where we're,going to make the right kind of video,content to post to our instagram tv,so that we can link everyone via that so,jump over with me and i'll see you there,in just a second,okay so if you head over to this website,which is,you can log in with an existing email or,if you've never used them before you can,go ahead and sign up,it's completely free to use there are a,couple of things that you can pay,for if you want a little bit of an,upgrade on some things but their free,items are really awesome and i highly,recommend this,website so i'm going to go ahead and log,in and i'll see you on the inside,all right so this is what the inside of,the canva website looks like,and to make our video we're going to go,ahead and animate something,doing a story because that's going to,have the exact dimensions that we're,looking,for for an instagram tv video so go,ahead and press your story,okay so now we are inside our template,you can go ahead and make yours from,scratch,but i'm going to be a little bit lazy,here and use one of the templates that,are provided for us so if you go ahead,and click one that you like,look for that free icon there otherwise,you need to upgrade to,canva pro if it has a little crown on it,so i'm going to,reorganize this a little bit i'm going,to type things out a little bit,differently,the most important thing about this,video is that something is pointing to,this top,left hand side of the screen so i'm,going to link to a new video here,i'm going to have these arrows pointing,up because that is where our link is,going to be,once it's been put into an instagram tv,the biggest thing we need to do is make,sure our video runs for more than one,minute long it used to only be 15,seconds,and it was really easy to do something,very sm very short and very quick,but uh let's make sure our video is over,one minute long and you can just go,ahead and type that in it looks like it,gets capped down at 30 seconds but it,actually doesn't let's type in 61 sec,so as long as that is more than one,minute we will be able to post this,to our instagram tv,the way you make it animate is by,hitting this tumble button here and we,get to choose how we'd like to get it,animated,and that's going to be our video i like,that all getting thrown together,so once you've done that go ahead and,press download and save it to your,computer,send it across to your phone and i'll,see you over there to keep going with,our swipe up without 10k video,so now that we've made a video in,,that's got those little arrows that we,saw how to make together it is more than,one minute long,we're going to want to post that to our,instagram tv so go ahead and open,your igtv app and if you've never used,this before you won't have anything,posted here and it's a great place to,start,if you want to share your first,instagram tv video,you can press this blue writing right,here which is going,to have that and as i click that it's,going to bring,up the first thing that you can do now,you can,record something live here but if you're,like me and don't want to pop your face,on this video you certainly can preload,something that we have already,made so go on into your videos,and bring in that one minute and one,second long video,so that it can be uploaded here in,instagram tv you'll see up on the left,hand side,our new video arrows line up directly,with the top left hand side,and that's because when we move to the,next step that's where the link is going,to be,so it says here swipe up without 10k,click the link above and then the new,video,this little ice cream is going to jump,for a minute and one second,i'm going to press that arrow down the,bottom and choose from the video,the kind of frame i want to keep on the,top,that's fine by me it's pretty repetitive,video if you'd like to add a specific,frame that you want to use

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