how to add instagram link to snapchat story

*UPDATED* How To Share An Instagram Post To Snapchat 2022hello guys and welcome back to simple,tech

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Updated on Feb 07,2023

*UPDATED* How To Share An Instagram Post To Snapchat 2022

hello guys and welcome back to simple,tech digital in today's video i'm going,to be showing you guys how to share an,instagram post on snapchat so without,further ado here's how to do it so the,first thing you want to do is open up,instagram and find the picture or post,that you want to share this can be a,video picture it really doesn't matter,just find the picture that you want to,share,so for the sake of this tutorial i'm,just going to head over to the explore,page and pick a random picture uh let's,just pick this one and what you want to,do when you find the post that you would,like to share or picture is that you,want to make sure that you are logged in,to your snapchat account so once you are,ready to go on snapchat,and you are already logged in on,snapchat you want to go uh look at the,post that you have picked out and you,want to click on the three dots right,above the post after you have clicked,the three dots above the post a list of,options will appear so what you need to,do next is tap on share 2.,after you have clicked share 2 then this,will pop up and from here you can,actually send it anywhere you want to,send it but for this video we are,sending it to snapchat,so what you want to do to find the,snapshot application is scroll through,your apps until you find the more option,once you find the more option you can,scroll down and you will be able to find,the snapchat option,and next after that a list of your,friends will pop up on your snapchat,list and you can send it to any of your,friends as well as leave a message in,the snapchat,so for the sake of this video i'm just,going to send it to this person right,here,and then i will write a message,okay and then you want to click on send,so now you have sent the instagram post,to that person as well as you have left,them a message now the next thing you,want to do is close your instagram app,and head over to the snapchat app,now if you scroll over you can see that,we have sent this person a message and,if you scroll open you will see it's the,link that we sent them as well as the,message that we wrote,and if you were to click this link it'll,take you exactly to the instagram post,that we shared you also have the option,to open the link in the app so if you,were to click open in up it'll simply,take you to the instagram application,directly to the post that was shared,from you and if they are logged in they,can like and comment on the picture as,well as share it as well so that's how,you share an instagram post on snapchat,if you guys have any recommendations for,videos please leave them down in the,comment section down below and please,remember to like share as well as,subscribe thank you guys and i'll see,you guys in the next video

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How to Import Snapchat Stories to Instagram

How to Import Snapchat Stories to Instagram

hey what's going on guys Carlos here,coming back at you with another social,media tutorial just got a fresh haircut,and a shave and I am ready to drop some,game Instagram stories is all the rage,and social media right now a lot of,people are calling a snapchat copycat a,lot marketers out there are saying that,snapchats gonna die first if you haven't,seen my tutorial on Instagram stories,for beginners I'm gonna drop a link here,in the comments below be sure to check,it out so you can get started using,Instagram stories and know what the rage,is all about but first I want to say,thank you to my friend sue B Zimmerman,aka the Instagram expert for sending me,a special gift in the mail now it's not,just any gift let me show you guys now,sue B sent me this this my friends is,the key to success so big thanks to you,sue thank you so much for the key to,success which offers a great segue to,why I'm making this video I'm going to,teach you how you can take your snaps on,snapchat and upload them over to,Instagram stories so follow the next few,steps and check it out for yourself,alright guys as you can see I have the,home screen on my iPhone pulled up I,have the Instagram and snapchat apps,listed side-by-side and the first thing,that you're going to want to do is go to,snapchat once you have the app pulled up,just record your snap like you normally,would you can see here I'm recording a,snap right now while creating this video,what you're going to want to do next is,click on the Save button which is on the,bottom row it's in the very middle on,the left hand side next to the volume,button so by tapping on that button it,will now save the snap that you just,created to your camera roll from here,you can add your snap like you normally,would to your story and you can still,post that out however if you want to,take that snap and add it to Instagram,to your Instagram,store you're going to open up the,Instagram app from your home screen,you're going to click on the plus button,in the upper left hand corner this is,where you go to add content to your,story however and this is the step that,you need to follow if you now want to,add the snap that you just posted to,Instagram what you're going to do is,you're gonna swipe the screen down so,from right here you're gonna swipe down,as you can see in my phone at the very,top it shows all videos and photos that,I have taken within the last 24 hours so,again it's not just videos any photo or,video that I've taken in the last 24,hours I can upload to my Instagram story,so for the purpose of this tutorial this,is the snap that I just took and what,I'm going to do is I'm going to click on,the check mark to add that to my,Instagram story,this right here is the snap that I just,took and because this is Instagram you,can use all the different highlighters,you can use different filters as well so,you can jazz up your snap in Instagram,at least if you want to feel like it's,different you'd also type and when,you're ready to post this all you have,to do is hit the check mark in the,middle of the screen and there you have,it,now that content which was a snap on,snapchat has now been added to my story,on Instagram but check out this snap,that just created as you can see here I,use the Team USA filter it's on snapchat,I also use the perfect skin lens and I'm,going to go one step further now I'm,going to type on this snap now I'm going,to add a USA flag emoji a few of them,again because this is a snap within,Instagram I now have all of the,Instagram features available to me,including Instagram filters as you can,see here I can use the marker as well so,when I create some stars I can do that,BAM there you go guys I hope this,tutorial was helpful I want to reiterate,something to you most people opt-in for,the content that you create because it's,exclusive and native to the platform in,which you are engaging on well I just,showed you how to take content from,snapchat and put it on Instagram,think twice before you use this feature,over and over again because then you're,giving your followers out there a,question in there - why should they,follow you unsnap if all they do is just,see the same content on Instagram hope,that makes sense I hope this tutorial,was helpful and if it was do me a favor,and give it a thumbs up if you're,watching this on youtube be sure to,subscribe and I'll see you next time,peace oh by the way be sure to add me on,instagram at carlos gil 83 and if you're,on snapchat is the carlos gil one more,thing guys drop your Instagram and or,your snapchat handle here in the,comments section see you next time,you

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How To Save Instagram Stories And Add To Snapchat

How To Save Instagram Stories And Add To Snapchat

saving your Instagram stories and,uploading on the snapchat memories it is,the digital equivalent of being invited,to a dinner party and showing up with,leftovers from your company potluck,paraquad Juan Carlos here welcome to,another video tutorial so in this video,I'm going to share with you how to,backup and save your Instagram stories,directly within Instagram and first I,want to get a shout out to one of my,homies a part of the social media fan,name is Bree Palmer for actually putting,me on game with this pro tip or pact you,want to call it that Bree reached out to,me recently she said you want Karl's I,don't see any content on YouTube around,how to save your YouTube story I,previously did a video exact I'm going,to drop the link here with in the,description as well as a card here's the,top showing you how to save your,snapchat story and put it over on,Instagram that video has now been seen,thousands of times so thank you to all,of you out there for watching that,content so again on this video I'm going,to share with you step-by-step what you,need to do and only just a couple of,steps to save your Instagram story,within your phone and then save to your,camera roll you can upload it to,Facebook you can upload the snapchat,memories but here is what you do however,once they in full disclosure that my,recommendation as a marketing,professional in this space is not to,take content from one social network and,repurpose it everywhere else and the,reason why is because it's essentially,rude to the community that's following,you think of it like this the community,that follows you on snapchat wants to,hear and see original content from you,same thing for the community on,Instagram and on Facebook so if all,you're doing is creating content on one,platform and backing it up and uploading,it everywhere else at that point there's,really not an incentive to follow you on,the platform where you're sharing it to,and what you're going to see is see,lower engagement so don't let that,happen to you but if you absolutely have,to save your Instagram content and,upload a to snapchat or Facebook here's,do it so from your home screen you're,going to tap on your profile photo and,you're going to swipe up and here you,can see all the content that I have,uploaded the stories within the last 24,hours,very similar to snapchat and then I'm,going to click on the arrow pointing,down which is at the very top right of,my screen so I have just saved my entire,Instagram story over the last 24 hours,as you can see here I'm going to click,on photos and within the camera roll on,my phone I have this video file that has,been saved to my phone I'm going to go,here to Facebook I'm going to tap on,post and the Instagram story video file,is the first option that appears I'm,going to type here re purposing my,Instagram story over the last 24 hours,just takes a couple of seconds for the,self load and there you go now my,Instagram story is on Facebook next I'm,going to go over to snapchat going to,access memories camera roll and then,select a video file now because this,video is over one minute long that chat,will not allow you to upload a video,that's more than 60 seconds so what I,need to do is go over to camera roll and,in my photos I need to edit the video,down to under a minute now I'm going to,go back to snapchat videos under a,minute I'm going to swipe up and then,send this to my story,there you have it my Instagram story has,been sent over to snapchat as I go,through my snapchat story you can see,the timestamp and this is my Instagram,stories content that is now on my,snapchat account and you can see here,because this is uploaded through,memories there is that chalky white,border that distinguishes content that's,originally posted on snapchat and,content that's posted on Instagram or,another resource outside of snapchat,that's a wrap guys thank you so much for,watching another video tutorial if you,like this video be sure to subscribe to,my channel and share it out on social,media and also be sure add bye homie BRE,Palmer once again thank you so much free,for putting me on game with this tip you,can add Bree this is her username and,you can also add me on Instagram at,Carlos Gill 83 so until next time guys I,will see you on the social medias and,I'm out peace

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How To Link Snapchat To Instagram

How To Link Snapchat To Instagram

Houghteling snapchat to instagram hello,watts,everybody welcome to another brand new,unique video tutorial regarding a,snapchat and Instagram this is Emma you,are watching and right take YouTube,channel in this video tutorial today I'm,going to show you how to connect your,snapchat account to the Instagram,directly so they are spending more time,let's get stuff,first of all you just need to follow my,instructions each instruction must be,required so I have already connected my,snapchat account to Instagram so I want,to first of all show you how it works so,I want to open my Instagram app first of,all and an Instagram app you just need,to type on your profile and here you can,see there is a link that I have,mentioned in my Instagram website link,so this is a link about my in snapchat,account so when I tip on this link so as,you see after a few second my snapchat,account will be automatically opens so,as you see my snapchat account is open,because I have connected my snapchat,account to the Instagram that's why it,shows directly so anyway I want to show,you this method which helps you to,connect there's your snapchat account to,the Instagram and so guys this is a,pretty unique trick which helps you to,really connect the snapchat to the,Instagram so how you can connect both,applications together so first of all,you just need to open the synaptic app,and then tape on your synaptic profile,so you can realize there is a lot of,options so you just need to tap on gear,icon on the top right side of screen and,here you can realize there is a user,name so on a user name you will see the,shear link option so you just need to,tap on the share and here you can select,the Instagram direct message first of,all so this is the first step so now you,just need to send your snapchat profile,link to the specific your friends so I,want to send my best friend link and,then tap on them so now as you see I,have shared my snapchat profile link to,my friend now I want to copy this link,so as you see I have copied the link,and when I pasted this directory link on,my Instagram account so Instagram does,not access this link because Instagram,does not allow you to directly paste the,snapchat link and connect the snapchat,to the Instagram so you just need to,follow that method which one is really,away some and fretful so now you just,need to go open the google app or any,kind of the web browser that you have,but not right now I want to just open my,Google and then here you can simply type,that shorty URL so you just need to,write the short URL and on a first,website you just need to type on this,one and here guys you can simply paste,your snapchat profiling that we have,recently shared to your friend and now I,want to press this link in this section,so make sure you erase the all any other,stuff from the link you can only simply,press the link from HTTP to wwm so as,you see this is my snapchat profile link,now I want to tape on shorten then as,you see I I have short my snapchat,profiling now I want to copy this,profile link and now I want to open once,again Instagram so on an Instagram you,just need to tap on the edit profile and,guys here you just need to raise the old,link one and and then guys you just need,to pass your current link that they have,recently copied from side and then tap,on the check mark on the top right side,of screen so as you see guys I have,successfully mentioned the snapchat,account link on my Instagram so now I,want to take on the link so as you see,guys my Instagram directly access the,snapchat my accounting and as you see my,snapchat account is open so guys this is,the unique trick what helps you to,really connect the synapse here to the,Instagram and,combined you are all friends from,synaptic to Instagram zing this method,so I have successfully connected,snapchat to the Instagram by using the,tricks so this is all about the video,and I hope you enjoy this video and if,you get more video regarding a snapchat,and Instagram so you just need to,subscribe my youtube channel for more,dreadful videos thank you so much for,watching

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How To Share Instagram Reels To Snapchat Story

How To Share Instagram Reels To Snapchat Story

hello guys and welcome back to today's,video,um in today's video guys i want to show,you how to share instagram release to,your snapchat story,so it's very simple guys let's get,started first step to take is to open,your instagram app and click on the,resolution at the bottom of your screen,right then the next thing you have to do,is to decide on the real you want to,share to your snapchat story for example,if this is the real what you have to do,right now is to click on this um,three dots at the,right hand side of the screen click on,that one,and then select the share to option,all right,now right here we're going to get the,snapchat option here to share to,snapchat but if you click on that,it's going to ask you to share this to,your,um,to your friends on snapchat,right but what what we want to share,this too is to our snapchat story so,what we have to do right now is this,just copy the link at the top copy the,link,just like that now once you copy it,close your instagram up and head to your,snapchat app,all right so right now what you have to,do now is to take a snap just take a,snap,all right now once you take a snap just,like this,then at the right hand side of your,screen you're going to find these link,options right there click on that,now here it says show links i've already,copied,all right not now,now what you have to do now is to paste,the link at the top you see type url go,ahead and paste it right there now once,you paste it click on this the search,icon on your keyboard to search for this,link,now it's going to search for the link,all right,so it takes a few seconds to search for,the link,now once,it's done just like this then just look,at the bottom of your screen you'll find,the attach to snap option right there,click on the attach snap option and you,can see the link right here,now just place it at any place you want,on this snap now once it's been placed,just like this then click on the share,to option at the bottom right corner,right now after that you're going to,find my story at the top,select my story option and share,on snapchat so guys this is how you can,share your instagram release,to your snapchat story hope this guide,was helpful to you if it was give this,video a like and equally subscribe to,get more tips like this thanks for,watching and i'll see you my next video

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How to Link Snapchat to Instagram

How to Link Snapchat to Instagram

how do Ling snapchat to Instagram hello,friends welcome back to how to fix it a,YouTube channel so guys today in this,video I'll tell you at how you can link,your snapchat account to Instagram okay,in Instagram you can't link your,snapchat account as well okay so in this,video you will get to know about it so,if you want to know then guys simply,watch this video okay after watching,this video you can't easily connect your,snapchat to the Instagram or you can,link your snapchat to the Instagram okay,so if you are willing to do this process,then guys you have to stay tuned with,the video because this video is going to,be interesting okay so if you want to,know,then simply guys watch this video in,this video I'll go tell you how you can,link up your snapchat to the Instagram,okay,then guys before proceeding for sure,make sure to subscribe our YouTube,channel,and press the bell icon to get all the,latest update so now let's begin the,tutorial so at first guys I want to show,you this one okay here you can connect,your Twitter Tumblr or here I don't know,what to say amber or amber okay maybe or,something is showing here and okay okay,so you can't link this kind of account,but guys there is no snapchat okay to,link your snapchat so if you want to,link your snapchat in guys you have to,use a different trick okay so the trick,is I'll show you here so just go back,and then guys you have to go to snapchat,okay open up your snapchat and here you,are you have to do you have to go to,your profile okay so open up your,profile so let's click here and then,guys wait because it is a wide screen so,we cannot do anything here so we have to,wait indian guys when the profile will,then we will start the trick okay so for,that you have to click on a tree you,have to click on the setting or gear,icon and guys you have to click you have,to copy this username okay,just a tip and halt or you can tap it,and then guys you can copy the link,okay so copy the snapchat link so you,have to click here okay so as you can,see copy to clipboard so one job is done,okay the frost the first process is done,now you have to go back and then guys,you have to click on the Google ok you,can go to Google Chrome Opera Mini,anything or you can directly go to,search and here you have to and here you,have to search for links or turn ok,link2sd,SH or link shortener okay the so the,website is,bitly URL short so you have to click,here bitly URL short okay just go to,that website and guys we need to shorten,that link because we cannot directly go,and copy the link and after the link is,copied then we can we cannot directly go,to Instagram and we cannot place a deer,okay so we have to do this process by,any means so just give your link here,shorten your link okay so we have to,click on the got it supporting you Cove,it so let's click on the got it and end,you have to pass your snapchat link here,okay so you can see this is my snapchat,link so now click on the shortened,unable to short link okay so guys it is,uh never,okay so now what you have to do here is,you have to delete this one okay your,username so just delete it and keep the,HTTP and now click on the shorten okay,so you can see we have got short links,so just click on the copy okay it just,copied or if you want to copy then you,can't do once more for a confirmation,okay so now the Ling is copied so the,last work we have to do is we have to go,to Instagram okay so let's go to,Instagram and now guys my Instagram is,opening it is loading so we have to go,here he did profile ok it did profile we,have to go to edit profile and then guys,we have to remove the website if we if,you have edit any kind of website and,guys just remove it ok and now you have,to put the shortened link and you guys,click on the tip ok now as you can say,this is the snapjet link if you click,here then guys you will directly go to,snapchat ok yes you can see it is,loading and after that it will show,snapchat so guys as you can see snapchat,is opening in a browser ok so this is,the trick out here so if you are willing,to link your snapchat to the Instagram,then you can simply follow this process,and after it guys you can successfully,link up your snapchat with Instagram ok,so this is how you can unlink it I hope,this video will be definitely helpful,for you thanks for watching

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How to Add Snapchat to Instagram

How to Add Snapchat to Instagram

i think we should explore a few,solutions grammarly ensures your writing,conveys confidence so every message you,send makes an excellent impression,let's explore a few solutions,for free grammarly provides,comprehensive feedback to ensure your,writing is mistake free and concise the,premium version includes advanced,suggestions to communicate clearly in,the tone you intend,download grammarly for free today

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How to Add Snapchat Link to Your Instagram Bio?

How to Add Snapchat Link to Your Instagram Bio?

In today's video we're gonna be sharing two  different ways how you can add your snapchat  ,link to your instagram bio as you probably know  instagram doesn't allow you to add the copied  ,snapchat link if you copy your link and try to add  it to your instagram bio you will see this message  ,the first way to deal with the problem is a little  bit complicated in comparison to the second one  ,but this is the best way and i will explain why  later in this video the second method will save  ,you five minutes but you will encounter other  problems so the first way is to create a link and  ,web page and add a link to your snapchat there for  this purpose you can use Taplink it will look like  ,this why is this the best way because aside from  your snapchat link you can also put links to your  ,other social networks or web pages for example  your website blog etc also you can add text  ,which will help you tell more about yourself and  motivate instagram users to go to your snapchat  ,profile and subscribe another great advantage  of this method is that instagram allows users  ,to add links to such pages without any problems  let's create a similar page together first you  ,should go to the Taplink website and sign up you  will see a lot of remote templates you can use but  ,i will create a page from scratch and choose an  empty template let's upload your profile picture  ,then let's add some text about yourself  ,and now let's add a link to your snapchat and some  ,headline to ask your followers  to add as a friend on snapchat  ,now we can add some other links for example  a link with your email to book a workout  ,and a link with your phone to ask a question  ,we can also add links to your other  socials for example tiktok and facebook  ,in the end let's add some more  headlines and delimiters between blocks  ,now you can change the design of your page  go to design and choose a template you like  ,i will choose this one  ,ok our page is ready now you need to create a  link to your page click on this arrow type in  ,your username and click on connect copy the  given link and paste it to your instagram bio  ,when people follow it they will see a page with  your snapchat link and other links and content  ,all right the second way is to shorten your  snapchat link but keep in mind that instagram  ,users don't trust such links and rarely tap them  therefore it won't bring a lot of people from  ,instagram if you want to gain a large audience  on the platform we recommend using the first  ,method that you're already familiar with okay to  shorten the link you can use bitly or any similar  ,service copy your snapchat link go to the bitly  website paste your link there and click on shorten  ,now you need to add the given  link to your instagram bio  ,so that's it please share your thoughts in the  comments which way would you prefer to use and if  ,you find this video useful don't forget to give  the thumb up and subscribe to this channel bye

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