how to add a long video to instagram story

How to Upload LONGER VIDEOS to Instagram Stories 2022hello and welcome to this video where,today i'm

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Updated on Feb 07,2023

How to Upload LONGER VIDEOS to Instagram Stories 2022

hello and welcome to this video where,today i'm going to show you how you can,post,longer videos on your instagram story,so back in the day instagram used to,only allow,15 second chunks at a time on your,instagram,story and there used to be all sorts of,different,workarounds and hacks and all of these,things needed so that you could kind of,splice up a video,and pop it up in different trunks but,gone are those days because i'm going to,show you how you can upload,a lengthy video to your instagram story,and what happens,when you do so the first thing i want to,show you is how to film in real time,and instagram video that goes for longer,than 15 seconds and what that looks like,so let's go ahead and open up a new,instagram story together,look for the big plus sign go ahead and,press story,alright so this is not going to be a,very exciting video but i want to show,you exactly what does happen,when you film for longer than 15 seconds,okay,so if i'm holding down on my screen here,you'll see,the red circle going all the way around,and once it reaches the top,that is letting you know that our 15,seconds is up,so if i release my hand before that has,finished,this is one slide of an instagram story,but what do i do if i want to add more,to this,well the trick is actually not letting,go of the video in the first place so,let me,quit that and i'm going to show you so,let's hold down again,i'm going to speed this up so that we,don't have to wait 15 seconds,as we're getting close to that 15 second,mark just,keep filming and you will see above the,holding of the record button,a second tab has started to appear and,as i run,into my second set of 15 seconds it will,just keep ticking over,into a third slide and now,once i am finished i can simply release,and it's going to sort of play them back,for me,nice and slowly if i want to add any,music,any pictures any squiggles any gifts or,whatever to these slides,down the bottom you just tap which slide,you want it to go on at what time,so that you can put your stickers and,stuff in the right place,let's say that i've decorated these and,these are exactly as i want you press,next and then you can share to your,story and i will show you what it looks,like,so now when i go into my instagram story,you'll see that there are,three tabs up the top it is still,uploading so it's giving me a rough,estimate of how much time,but i can just skip through each to each,15 seconds,at a time by pressing next on the page,and it automatically splices up your,long video so,all i did was keep my finger on that,record button and it just,uploaded it on its own but what do you,do if you have a,video on your camera real already that,is longer than 15 seconds,but you'd like to upload it to your,instagram story let me show you it's,super easy,it is the same principle instagram is,going to splice it up for you,but you'll need to go first into your,gallery,and let's find a video that is longer,than 15 seconds here is one here that,goes for 26 seconds,and you'll see as soon as i click that,video down the bottom it has already,divided it up,into two separate clips for me the first,one will be,15 seconds long and then it,automatically skips through to the,second part of that video,and so on and so forth so when i press,next and share to my story,both parts of that will be spliced in as,part of my instagram story,with it dividing it up into 15 second,chunks for me,i hope this video was helpful instagram,is not going to cap you anymore at,15 second videos you don't have to use,any third-party apps,all you have to do is just post your,videos and instagram does all the work,for you if this video was helpful please,give me a thumbs up so that more people,can see our content,and don't forget to leave a comment,below about the kind of content you'd,like to see more of,you

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How to Upload LONGER VIDEOS to Instagram Stories

How to Upload LONGER VIDEOS to Instagram Stories

if you want to post a video to Instagram,story that's more than 15 seconds this,is the right video for you and it's a,two-step process if it's your first time,here I make easy-to-follow social media,and tech videos five times a week so,please consider subscribing so the very,first step is you have to take a video,using your camera roll so make sure you,record your video using your camera and,not the Instagram app this is the video,I have it's about 40 seconds so it's not,gonna let me post the whole thing to,Instagram so after you record your video,we need to download an app from the app,store so let's jump into the app store,and it's called cut story let's go ahead,and search for a cut story cut story for,Instagram go ahead and download that I'm,gonna go ahead and open the app here and,we want to do a video so I'm gonna press,the video icon on the bottom here I'm,gonna say okay and I'm gonna choose that,video here so I'm gonna choose that 41,second video and I'm gonna press save,and now I could either add it to,Instagram or other social media but I'm,gonna choose Instagram for the case of,this video and it's gonna go ahead and,process and break this video up into,smaller videos this is a lot easier than,using an editing software to break the,videos down to 15 second chunks how's my,video was 41 seconds if you do the math,it's gonna break it up to 3 different,videos couple of 15-second video and an,11 second video so now the video has,been chopped up so if you don't have to,do anything else here let's jump into,our Instagram and let's go ahead and go,to story here and because this was taken,in the last 24 hours I could go to the,bottom here because I just did this,process you see the original 41 second,but now I have 15 15 and 11 seconds so,we broke it up to three pieces so I,could share it to Instagram story so,I'll select the first one share it to my,story then I'll go back to story one,more time do the same thing select the,second one share it to my story and then,I'll do it one more time I'll go back to,a story share it to story a third time,and then I'll send that to story and now,if I go to my story here's the first one,here is the second one and then here's,the third one,so it basically stitches it together but,you have to upload them one at a time,like this but that is how you get around,posting longer videos into Instagram,story so when someone is watching your,Instagram they're just gonna play back,to back and it's gonna seem like a,seamless video now if you don't like the,watermark here the cut story watermark,here you could actually purchase a 99,cent removal of that if that bothers you,it doesn't bother me it's really nice,and subtle on the bottom people don't,even usually notice it so that's how you,post videos that are longer than 15,seconds onto Instagram story please give,this video a thumbs up and subscribe to,this channel like I said I post,easy-to-follow social media and tech,videos five times a week and as always,thank you so much for watching this one,see you next time

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How To Share Full Longer Reels On Instagram Story | Post 30 Seconds Reel

How To Share Full Longer Reels On Instagram Story | Post 30 Seconds Reel

hello everyone and welcome to on how,channel the place where every day you,learn something new,today we'll be showing you how to share,full reels on your instagram story,and not the only 30 seconds of the reel,and even if the reel was 3 minutes or,even 5 minutes long you can easily share,it full,on your story and i don't think there is,a rail that has 5 minutes on it but,anyway you get the point right so you'll,probably visit this problem if you want,to share a reel,on your story and it only shares the 30,seconds of the reel,because this is a real common problem,here so in this video i will show you,two methods the first one which is the,basic way but sometimes it doesn't work,and what i mean by it does not work it,only shares 30 seconds of the reel,so we will try that and if it does work,make sure to drop a like and if it,doesn't work make sure to continue,in the video because next i will show,you a completely unique way to,post any rail on your story even if you,are not the owner of the rail itself and,actually the second trick,will not have the bars around the rail,on the story just like the regular way,so without any more chucking let's get,to it so as you can see i do have this,rule right now that i want to share to,my story and i'm not the owner of the,raid i just find it on instagram,so the first trick is to tap on the send,icon right here,and after that tap on add rail to your,story right here,and after that you should see this page,with the video inside it and next do not,tap on your story at the bottom left,corner,tap on send to button right here just,like you want to send it to somebody,then you should see this prompt and tap,on share button close to your story,right here and the rail should be posted,on your story right away,but as i said this trick sometimes it,doesn't work,and i don't know why but that's the case,but no worries,as i said in this video i will show you,a completely unique way to post a full,story even if you're not the owner and,also,it will not have the bars around it just,like you see right now,but first make sure to try this trick it,might work for you who knows,and if it doesn't work get back to the,rail itself and after that tap on the,share icon right here and tap on copy,link for the rail,and after that exit from instagram and,access your internet browser and it,doesn't matter which you use,if you are on iphone make sure to access,your safari browser i'm on android so,i'm going to access google chrome which,is the one i use the most and after that,tap on url and type in, slash rails,just like you see on the screen right,now and i will also put link for it in,the description box and after that you,should see this url bar right here,and tap on it and paste the link for the,radar we did copy and after that tap on,the blue button that says download,and verify the captcha and after that,you should see the video,on the webpage right here just like you,see right now and below the video,there is a button called download the,opponent and it will open up the video,player on a new tab,and after that tap on these three dots,right here at the bottom right corner of,the video player,and you should see a download button,right here tap on it and it will,download the video to your device,and right now you know what to do right,just get back to your instagram and,access the camera and tap on this icon,to show you the pictures and the videos,and pick the video that we just download,which is the rail itself,and drill will be posted to your,instagram story just like you are the,owner,and you are the person who films their,rail in the first place,so that's how you share full instagram,raids to your story,and if this video helped you out help me,out please and the like button i would,really appreciate it and make sure to,join the family by hitting the subscribe,button it's completely free and if you,are interested in learning new tricks,and expanding your knowledge i daily,post,videos on how to do stuff now so if you,are interested make sure to join the,family thanks for watching and catch,your next one

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How to Add Multiple Videos in Instagram Story | Instagram Story Tricks

How to Add Multiple Videos in Instagram Story | Instagram Story Tricks

hi guys this is tusha here from techhub,and in this video we are going to talk,about instagram stories,instagram is a powerful tool where you,can share your,photos and videos an instagram story a,totally different ball game,here you can uh share your post which,lasts for around,20 uh 24 hours and you get a wide,audience which can interact with you so,you must have come across the official,instagram account,so this is the official instagram,account as you can see,in this section we have the maida,section as you can see there are,multiple videos,playing in one story and you,have not been able to do such thing,that's why you're here,so i'll be able to uh show you how you,can do this,without using any other app apart from,instagram,so this is the example i'm talking about,this is a post which instagram has uh,created so this you can click and go to,the post,while while the post is running over,here so,uh this this is another example you can,click and go to the post,and while the video plays over here this,is uh i don't know if you were able to,do this,and you're here because you want to do,it,so in this video i'll be showing you,this is another example,so i'll be showing you how you can do,this without using any external app,you must have already tried going,through some other videos,in which they must have told you about,this app called,unfold so you can see in this uh i have,made,one example over here so this is a,template,so you can see the video is playing over,here,so uh i had created this but you can see,you don't have much freedom,you can add only three videos and uh it,is very boxy,while uh we don't want this so in this,video i'll be showing you how,without using any kind of apps like this,you can,put multiple videos in your story so,keep watching,before i show you how to add multiple,videos i like to show you how to add,multiple photos,so here you go add to your story,and then this is what i like to do i'll,just,i'll take a random picture and then,i'll just fill it up with whatever color,i like so i like white,always so i'll just it done and then go,to my gallery,so let me check if i have some okay so,these are my favorite so,for example this trek to do sagar i want,to post,up multiple photos from this i just hit,copy,and then i here it will come up as a,template,so i'll post it similarly i go again,back to my gallery and maybe i post this,picture so this way i can,put multiple photos,and uh,and improve the game yes so,you should give it a try but this is not,happening for videos you can see you,don't get a copy,you can see a copy option so i will be,showing you how you can do the,that for videos adding multiple videos,so,this way you can add multiple photos,for instagram story but the video part,i'll be showing,later,so what you have to do is go to your,feed whichever post you want to share,for example i want to share this post so,i hate,this icon post it to my story,then now the post has come now i want to,add a,video related to this post so i click,this part,and then go to template section so this,is the template section if you are not,able to see this you should update your,app,so once you are able to see this you hit,this up then go to,where the video is kept so for example i,have kept it in my favorite so i select,this,so now i have to just resize it,according to my need so suppose i resize,it,this way okay so now i have resized it,i can move along and uh text maybe,so i go to another,video and then in this i add this video,okay so now you can see now you've got,the idea how you can do it,so you can paste multiple videos like,this,so isn't this fascinating guys you,should give it a try and,improve on your story game,okay so now i'll show you how you can uh,post multiple videos,so i just hit on add story,add to your story and then like what i,like to do i'll take a picture,and then go to brush tool and then maybe,let's,take orange okay i'll make the book and,then,uh i go to this template section as you,can see,this i'll click on template section go,to,my favorites where i've kept my videos,and then,maybe this time around i'll put a new,video okay so this is my train video,so i'll just resize it,now i have successfully put one video,now let's take another video,go to favorites and maybe,maybe maybe maybe okay we'll take the,this video then resize it,then maybe add some font,like this way so as you can see,i'm able to put many videos,and then i go to favorites again and,then maybe,this time around over this thing then,again i'll resize,as you can see,so as you can see i have successfully,put multiple videos in one story then,you can do your usual,like add fonts other things you can,resize,it's just like adding photos but videos,so i i hope you guys liked it uh i hope,you guys uh try it out,and let me know uh hit the like button,if it was helpful,thank you

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How To Make Instagram Story Music Longer

How To Make Instagram Story Music Longer

in this video I'm gonna show you how to,make the music and your Instagram,stories longer let's get to it so,usually when we're doing Instagram,stories we like to spice things up a,little bit make it a little more,entertaining or for whatever reason so,we like to add stickers music things,like that so in this case we know that,Instagram stories are 15-second clips or,less usually if we're doing something we,might have three clips or something like,that but when you add music you can only,do 15 seconds of that song so what I did,was I went into Instagram was messing,around with the story mode and,everything and I found a little trick on,how you can actually extend the song and,keep that song going so to get it,basically to sound like the whole song,over multiple clips without starting,over or anything like that let's get,into it let me show you what I'm talking,about right so here we are in the,Instagram stories clip I took a video,and it's just me and my face and,everything but what I'm gonna show you,here is we'll speed it up slightly and,I'll show you exactly what I did here as,you can see I did a little under two,Clips so we know each clip is 15 seconds,long so this is roughly 28 seconds maybe,something like that just thrown a number,out there so when you go in to that,you're gonna replay it you're gonna jump,in and you're gonna select your music,find out what music here we're gonna use,this imagine dragon song obviously I,have the music muted for copyright,purposes but what you do is you can see,the lyrics in the music and what you,want to do essentially is match up the,lyrics and everything so what we do here,is you see where the lyrics start right,now fire it up and tired all this it's,gonna go in,and we're gonna see jump to the next,clip and we're gonna know where it ends,you go into music grab the same song but,this time you're gonna go into where you,basically left off so as you can see,where we left off we're gonna go back,we're gonna slide it slightly right and,it's gonna jump in so essentially when,you jump back in and listen to both your,clips it's gonna start from the song or,lyrics start and then it's gonna keep,going into the next clip and start on,that next sentence or that next lyric,that next point of the song alright so,there you go pretty cut-and-dry like I,said bust out your phone get on your,Instagram stories you can use this for,pictures or videos go pick out a song,line up the lyrics and everything like I,showed you it might take a little while,to figure it out but once you do it more,and more it's easy to figure out to go,clip for clip if you've done this before,and you knew this let me know in the,comments below let me know how it worked,out for you if this is the first time,and this helped you out let me know as,well make sure you give this video a big,thumbs up and if you want to learn more,about Instagram or adding music in,general I left this video right here on,how to do that and make sure you hit,that subscribe button before you leave,and how we'll see you next time thanks,for watching

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How To Upload More Than 15 Seconds In Instagram Story (2022 Update)

How To Upload More Than 15 Seconds In Instagram Story (2022 Update)

how to upload more than 15 seconds in,instagram story,hi everyone welcome back into this,channel and in today's video i will be,teaching you how to upload more than 15,seconds in instagram story,so let's begin,just a disclaimer i would like you to,know that the only,um,time or the maximum time that instagram,allows on the,um instagram story is really 15 seconds,only however you may be able to upload,um videos more than 15 seconds but those,videos will be cut or will be separated,so make sure first that your instagram,app is updated so if your instagram app,is still not updated then go to your app,store or your google play store and then,search for instagram,and then make sure to click on the um,update button if it is available,so now once you have updated your um,instagram then you may now open it and,then go to your story section by,clicking on the plus button right here,and then you may also go to your story,section by swiping right on your um news,feed or your home so swipe right like,this one so,like that one,then now as what i have mentioned you,may upload more than 15 seconds however,those videos will be caught so for,example i'll upload a one minute i mean,a three minute video right here,and then as you can see there are four,panels right here or four catted videos,so,um,each um,panel or each clip right here is only 15,seconds so um what you're going to do is,to make sure,that your,video is only,one minute,that is the maximum since,um just like this one i have the three,minutes,and then i'll click on it it will only,upload the one minute of that video,like so again,each of the panel or each of the clips,is only 15 seconds so 15 seconds plus 15,seconds as well as this one 15 seconds,and the last one is 15 seconds then that,is one minute,so um now what you're going to do is to,click on this arrow right here found on,the lower right corner of the screen and,then you may add it to your story and,click on share right here,so that's it that's how you can upload,more than 15 seconds in instagram story,so that's all for this video let me know,in the comments section if this works,out for you,for more helpful tutorials like this,please subscribe to our channel and,don't forget to click that notification,bell,thank you for watching and have a,wonderful day

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How To Post Instagram Story From Computer (PC & Mac)

How To Post Instagram Story From Computer (PC & Mac)

hello everyone and welcome to on how,channel the place where every day he,learned something new,today we'll be showing you how you can,post stories on your instagram from your,computer,which is laptop or pc or whatever you,use so basically in the desktop version,of instagram it does not allow you to,post stories from your computer,you can only post pictures or videos on,your feed,so if you want to post stories on your,instagram profile,you are forced to use your phone but not,anymore i mean,after you click it on this video i will,show you how you can post instagram,stories just from your computer,without using your phone that's actually,really easy to do,so without anyone talking let's get to,it so in this demonstration i'm using,google chrome browser and this trick,also works on mozilla firefox on,age browser and so on so as you can see,this is my instagram profile,so this is the profile that i'm going to,use to post a story right now,normally on my phone if i tap on the,picture of my profile it will allow me,to pick a picture for a story or,something,but in this case if i click on the,profile picture,it will ask me do you want to change the,profile picture,not post the story just like you see on,the screen right now,so to post a story on your instagram,profile from your computer the first,thing you're going to do,is right click on the page after that,click on inspect which is the last,option,in the list and the window will pop up,on the right of the screen or the bottom,screen it depends on your settings,and you should see a bunch of code on it,no worries we won't touch that code at,all in this tutorial so on the top of,instagram webpage you should see this,option right here,it says here responsive just click on it,and you will see a bunch of options,there,and if you look closely those options,are devices,so this option what it does basically is,stimulate your browsing experience,just like you are using iphone or galaxy,or pixel or ipad or so on and that's,exactly what we need we need to make,instagram think that we are actually,using our phone not a browser so just,pick a phone from here,i'm going to go for iphone after you,pick the device from that list,right now all you need to do is refresh,the page and you will notice the,instagram changes,just like you are using your phone or,something so the last thing you will,need to do is access your home screen,and as you can see the first story in,the list is your profile and it says,your story,and there is a plus button on it and if,i click on it it will give me the option,to pick a picture from my desktop as you,can see,right now and if the pictures on your,computer are blurry just like mine,all you need to do is tap on the options,button right here,and in the format option select all,files,and this is also the same on windows,system but i don't think you will have,this problem,on windows as you can see once i pick,the picture it gives me the option if,you want to add filters on it or emoji,or,text on it or wherever just like i'm,using the instagram application on the,phone,so that's how you post instagram stories,on your profile from your computer,and as i said this future of changing,device on the browser,is available on all browsers google,chrome or mozilla or age or,all of them so i hope this video helped,you to post instagram stories from your,computer,if it does help me out present the like,button and also check out my channel if,you want to expand your knowledge,i daily post videos on how to do stuff,so if you are interested make sure to,subscribe for more future videos and,thanks for watching,and catch you on next one

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How to Add Instagram Story Highlights

How to Add Instagram Story Highlights

everyone in today's instagram video i,want to show you how to add,story highlights instagram story,highlights,on your instagram profile page now you,could do this with,any profile you could be a business,profile a personal profile,but it's definitely recommended because,instagram stories disappear,after 24 hours but with story highlights,you could just,keep them on your profile for as long as,you want,so let me show you how to do it right,now inside of the instagram app,and if it's your first time here i make,easy to follow instagram videos and,social media videos on this channel,every single day so make sure you,subscribe so you don't miss the next,video,now inside of the instagram app go to,your profile page,on the bottom here and this only works,on the instagram app you can't do this,on the website,and what you want to do here is either,you'll see a,plus sign right here that says new,that's one place to do it but some,profiles won't have that,the other option is on the top of the,page as long as you have the latest,instagram update you have a plus sign,right there on top you can press that,and press,story highlight now what this does is it,pulls up,all the stories that you've archived on,instagram,if you've never made an instagram story,post you won't see anything here,so let me go ahead and press cancel just,to show you you could go ahead and press,the plus sign,create a instagram story take a picture,and then you could go ahead and share,this to your story,so once you do that you'll have an,instagram story to post so if you don't,have an instagram story that you posted,just like i showed you you won't have,anything to highlight that's just,keeping the older instagram stories up,so again let's go ahead and press the,plus sign go to story highlight,and here you could see all my stories,that i've posted on instagram here and i,can make,turn any of them into the highlight so,even the one i just posted you see that,right there,just from today's date so for example if,i wanted to show behind the scenes of,what i'm filming,i could go ahead and select one you got,the check mark or two or three,and then i could press next on top and,then three different,images or posts are gonna show up in,that one highlight,and i could give it a title and you're,limited on the character so i'm gonna,call this behind the scenes bts then you,could edit your highlight,cover so this is what people are going,to see so you could,choose a different image to be your,highlight cover,or you could upload your own so if,you've seen on other profiles,icons that match and the instagram story,highlight looks really nice and clean,that's how they did it they uploaded,their own in the next video i'll show,you how to create your own,so watch that video after this one if,you want to do that,i'll press down here that's going to be,my story highlight i already gave it a,title i'm going to press add and you,could,see now it added it over here i could,make as many of these highlights and add,as many pictures as i want inside of,each one,and if i change my mind i could click,any one of them here,and then press the more option on the,bottom and then press,edit highlight and i could go back to,the stories tab,here and choose more to add to it so i,don't have to always create a new,highlight,i could add to the existing highlights,too so as you could see on my profile,i've done this four different times now,where i created profiles with multiple,stories in each one,and they show up over here anytime i,could go back and edit the highlight,cover too,so in the next video when i make them,i'm gonna go ahead and go,and put matching covers on all four so,it looks a lot cleaner,on my instagram profile page and it's,that easy to create,instagram highlights on your instagram,profile i hope you found this useful,please give it a thumbs up,and i'll see you next time

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