how long can instagram videos be

Instagram Video Length: Everything You Need To Know For 2020in this video you will learn everything,

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

Instagram Video Length: Everything You Need To Know For 2020

in this video you will learn everything,you need to know about Instagram video,lengths the three video types their,length requirements how to post them,clever ways you can make your posts,longer and key insights that will boost,your reach and engagement on the,platform so stick around and I'll reveal,everything you need to know about,Instagram video length to make you stand,out on the platform welcome I'm Nina,before we begin make sure you subscribe,to this channel so you can get notified,every time we post one of these videos,and let me know down in the comment,section if you think Instagram videos,could engage your followers yes or no,after watching if you've any further,questions about Instagram video length,don't hesitate to ask I'll be checking,the comments regularly and I'll be more,than happy to help,so Instagram videos how long can they be,well that depends on what type of video,we're talking about because there are,three the first are Instagram feed,videos your feed is your main profile,page it's where you share your videos,and connect with whoever and whatever,you follow the videos on your feed are,shown in chronological order so if you,hit refresh the latest post will appear,at the top the length of your Instagram,feed videos can be anywhere from three,seconds to one minute if you want to,upload a longer video Instagram won't,let you but they do give you the option,of cropping a one-minute section from it,which you can then post to upload a feed,video tap the plus symbol at the bottom,of your feed screen and select the video,you want to upload from your library if,using an iPhone or gallery if on Android,to crop one minute from a longer video,simply hit trim after selecting your,video then move the start and finish,handles until you have selected the,portion you want before posting it,Instagram also gives you the option to,add captions image filters and your,location tip never cover more than 20%,of your video thumbnail with text,Instagram always prefers images and,rewards it with more visibility now on,to the next type instagrams story videos,Instagram stories is a feature that,allows you to post videos and images for,a 24-hour period only after that no one,can view them again therefore giving,people quick snippets of things,happening in your world things that for,whatever reason you don't want to post,on your main feed story videos can be,anything up to 15 seconds long if you,add a longer video Instagram will kindly,click it into 15-second segments for you,but note no more than four segments are,allowed at a time to upload a story,video swipe right on your feed or tap,the camera' icon in the top left corner,to open your camera then either record,your video there or swipe up to select,one of your pre-recorded videos you can,only select videos that were recorded in,the previous 24 hours tip post story,videos often and test different posting,times to see when your audience is most,active they're a great way to keep them,engaged with your brand and lastly,Instagram live videos with Instagram,live you can live broadcast videos,without any retakes scary Instagram live,videos can be any length up to 60,minutes your viewers won't be able to,replay them after the broadcast and you,can't repost them but they are great for,encouraging people to instantly stop,what they're doing and tune in with your,content depending on the goal of your,broadcast Instagram life is ideal for,flash promotions workshop sessions and,teasing upcoming product launches and,you should always promote,your broadcast beforehand to build a,sense of excitement and urgency in your,audience before recording your video you,can choose which of your followers can,view it this is perfect for targeting,specific demographics to do it simply,navigate to options story settings hide,story from and select those who you,don't want to see it to record your live,video swipe right on your feed page or,hit the camera icon to open your camera,then select live at the bottom of the,screen and start live video if you keep,notifications on your targeted followers,will receive a notification saying you,are live during filming you can see the,number of viewers at the top of the,screen and their live comments appearing,at the bottom you can also comment,yourself and tap and hold any important,ones to pin it to the top of the comment,feed when you're finished simply tap end,and end live video to complete the,broadcast tip always have a quick,practice run to test the sound and,visual quality there's nothing worse,than having things go wrong when you're,live one other question we hear a lot is,can you post longer videos on Instagram,well besides splitting them into,sections like I already mentioned there,is one option for feed videos that lets,you upload them longer than a minute,it's called IG t v IG T V is an app,created by Instagram as an add-on to,your main account it's free to download,and with it you can upload and watch,Instagram feed videos between 15 se

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How long can Instagram videos be?

How long can Instagram videos be?

why does it mean fit rates too low,what's that mean,hello everyone and welcome to this,week's live i'm super excited to be here,and i have a lot to share with you so,hopefully things are working according,to plan this week we've had a few issues,with it hopefully this time it's going,to be all,working smoothly so we are be looking at,instagram video today and i have such a,lot of different things to go through,with you so using instagram video how do,we do that so we're just going to wait,for,everything to work which it is and then,i'm going to just crack on so if you're,joining me do let me know that you're,joining me live today i would love to,see if you are here with me and if not,and you're watching the re replay then,let me know so that i can come pop back,into the video and check that you are,watching and if you've got any questions,let me know as well,okay so super excited we're going to,crack straight on,and,hopefully,like keep checking if people are here,but i know people are watching me on,linkedin which is great so do let me,know that you're here in linkedin and,obviously if you're on my facebook,business page do let me know there and,if you're on my youtube channel do let,me know as well so today we're going to,be looking wait for it,at,instagram video and i have actually,prepared a little slideshow for you,which is super cool isn't it so we're,going to be looking at this and of,course if you have any questions about,instagram video and using instagram,video,and this is not clear to you then do let,me know because i will then,absolutely show you like the ins and,outs but we're going to go through the,slide and then if there's a problem like,if you have any questions about the,slide let me know so before i do that my,name is anita as you know or you may not,and i have been live streaming for quite,some time and i have been concentrating,my efforts on helping business owners to,use facebook and instagram more,productively and also as a business tool,so what we're going to do is we're going,to work our way through this slide and,we want to talk to you about using,instagram video and the different types,of instagram video that you can use and,also,some tips and tricks from the instagram,creator studio and also then have a,little look at the instagram creator,blog so that you can see what's going on,okay so let me find my slideshow because,i have so many windows open that's not,the one,let me have a little look i can find it,it's here somewhere let me see,i can't find it hang on a second,it's the joys of having too many windows,open let me just see if i can find it,nope nope ah there is okay let's just,move over there so i can find it all,easily and i get back to us here in the,live okay perfect so,first of all let's talk about instagram,video size because instagram video size,is super super important especially if,you are wanting to,create an immersive effect with your,instagram now when i talk about an,immersive effect i mean,when people go to your instagram feed,and they look through your instagram,feed are they actually like,seeing the whole video take over the,screen or is it just a small little,snippet of the video and that's super,important because what we want to do,with,your instagram videos is you want to,pull your audience into the video with,you and to do that you can do that by,actually like going through,i just wanted to check that that was,okay so as you can see from the,presentation we have far well four,different types of instagram video,shapes the first one is the instagram,square,and that's typically what you would see,what used to be known as like the main,basis for video and for images as well,which is 1080 by 108,however the instagram portrait,graphic size which you can also use for,video it's becoming more immersive so in,other words it fills the screen as you,scroll through and i'll share my mobile,if i have time at the end just to show,you that and then you have the instagram,horizontal which is typically your,instagram,video that you might have repurposed,from say,your um youtube channel so you might,have a video on your youtube channel and,you're thinking actually i should just,put it into my facebook sorry into my,instagram because that's obviously going,to be much more beneficial and that's,okay as well you can do that by all,means,but it doesn't take as much space up,in the screen as,a portrait or a square video would and,then of course we have the middle one,here which is the instagram reels or,stories videos that's 1920x1080,so as you can see there's quite a lot of,choices for your instagram videos so,what i would suggest you do that if,you're posting to your instagram feed in,other words the normal posts,use a square video or a portrait video,if you're going to be doing an instagram,reel or an instagram story as a video,then of course do the full immersive,1920 by 1080 video that's really going,to help you capture the audience as they,flick through the home feed,now,t

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How Long Can Instagram Videos Be

How Long Can Instagram Videos Be

how long can Instagram videos be and how,to better use them for marketing,Instagram is competing with Facebook,YouTube and other social media platforms,for getting more users attention your,attention and they want to keep you long,down the pattern and video content is a,perfect tool for that in this video,you'll find out how long Instagram,videos can be for every possible way you,can use it on Instagram if this is your,first time here and you want to learn,how to grow your personal brand start,now by subscribing and clicking the,above so you want to miss anything,first let's take a look where you can,use Instagram videos you can pause them,first on your regular Instagram feed,second on instagrams toys the third way,is on i.t TV and you can use live,Instagram videos let's take a look at,the first one,how long can Instagram videos be on a,regular fit your Instagram feed is the,place where you post all your photos and,videos after your applauding video posts,they show up in your followers home feed,and only a profile everyone can check,your Instagram profile scroll through,all your posts and would uploaded videos,Instagram feed video length is 3 to 60,seconds you can record it right on,Instagram or select from a folder on,your device and upload to the app when,you record a video through the Instagram,app using the camera tab it will,automatically stop recording after 60,seconds in one post you can have up to,10 videos and if you plan to add several,videos together to your post it's easier,to pre-record them and cut to the pieces,up to 60 seconds and then all you need,to do is pick them from your library,when you create an Instagram post please,note here that videos with multiple,klipsch will show up at the square and,can be uploaded as landscape or portrait,once you publish your videos on the main,feed they will stay there as long as you,want here is a trick to get more views,for your video post share it on your,Instagram stories as stories can be,found through Explorer page more new,people can see your video let's look at,the second place where you can post your,videos,how long can Instagram videos be on,story there well they're hard limit for,Instagram story videos is only 15,seconds and then let's just for 24 hours,however it's a great way to share,smaller parts of your day with your,followers without filling your actual,feed with less important content,comparing to that one that you post on,your memes to graph it if you Instagram,videos length is more than 15 seconds,they will automatically be split up into,15 second species for you and all can be,uploaded at once as well so far it seems,you only get for 50 seconds clips so,they only work for videos up to one,minute your followers will see you,stories on their home fields in the form,of your profile picture with the,colorful ring around like a tit in the,horizontal stores menu at the top use,Instagram service videos to engage with,your followers by using stickers such as,Paul question squeeze etc if you want to,keep some of your Instagram stories,videos longer for viewers hand them to,Instagram stores highlight when they,will be located at the top of your,profile in the highlight section until,you decide to take them off let's go to,the 3rd place for posting videos on,Instagram,how long can Instagram videos be on IG,TV so far for many counts the standard,is between 15 seconds and 10 minutes,long however verified accounts and,accounts with the larger following can,post up to 60 minutes video,a GTV the long videos can have a large,size you can applaud them from the,desktop as well as through Instagram,itself the must be in mp4 file format,and can be vertical videos with the,aspect ratio of 9 to 16 which is a,thousand 80 by 1920 pixels were,horizontal videos with an aspect ratio,of 16 to 9 which is 1920 by 1080 pixels,keep in mind that a minimum resolution,for ittv videos is 720 pixels and for,optimal performance choose the h.264,video codec and 3500 kilobits per second,betrayed with AAC audio the maximum file,size for videos that at 10 minutes or,less is 650 megabytes when you apology,TV video it automatically goes to the,adjective you tab not to the regular,feed but you probably noticed that when,you scroll Instagram post you can see,the preview of ITT videos from other,accounts to show the preview on your,main feed make sure you check the,preview box if you think how long can,Instagram videos before I DT be preview,on the main page it's very simple the,video length is the same as the regular,interim video 60 seconds after that,people will see the link keep watching,and can continue watching your video on,IG TV itself here's an extra trick for,you as I tighten a video length is 15,seconds and more look through your,previously created Instagram videos that,you published as the regular post using,Instagram analytics find those that,performed well and post them again as RG,TV video that way you won't need to,create much new content and you already,know that pe

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How To Upload Longer Videos On Instagram ( 1+ Minutes no IGTV )

How To Upload Longer Videos On Instagram ( 1+ Minutes no IGTV )

hello and welcome to this video where,today i'm going to walk you through how,you can post,longer videos on your instagram feed,without having to use,instagram tv,so let's just jump straight in here so,that we're not wasting,any time together i want to show you,what it looks like when you try to post,a long video to your instagram,newsfeed so if you have pressed that,post button on the top right hand side,and let's go ahead and hit,post now you're going to get prompted to,choose the video you want to use,and i'm going to choose this one right,here but as you can see down here,it is 4 minutes and 35 seconds long,which is a long,video to try and post um i can,hit next here and it's going to prompt,me to either,a slice up this video here it's going to,say share up to one minute of your video,to your profile and feed,which means it's going to lose three and,a half minutes of my footage,or it's going to say you can post this,to my instagram tv,and then a preview of it will be posted,to your news feed,now that is what i want to show you how,to avoid because i want to show you how,we can do this,with a bit of a workaround so i'm going,to exit this and cancel all of those,i'm going to pop across to my gallery,where my video,is being stored so here is my video,it is four minutes and 35 seconds long,and as i'm scrubbing through it's this,cat,playing around with a piano as well and,i want to use,all of this footage in my video so,here's what we're going to do,we're going to go up and press edit on,the top right hand side,and it's going to prompt us to crop our,video now we don't just want to edit,this one video and make it shorter,because we could have done that inside,the instagram app,instead we want to make four or five,different sections,and pop them all together in a carousel,so that it's one seamless video,across your instagram feed the first way,to do this is by grabbing this arrow on,the right hand side,wait till it turns yellow and dragging,that in,all the way until it is just under one,minute long,so we're going with 59 seconds because,anything over,a minute is going to get chopped up on,instagram,so there i'm going to press done and,it's going to ask me if i want to save,it as a new video clip,or save the video if i were to go ahead,and save the video it's just going to,crop my original video and i'm gonna,lose all the rest of it anyway,so i'm going to press save video as new,clip,before i do anything i'm going to hit,edit again and this time i'm going to,take from,one minute on one second past our first,clip,here we go one minute one minute,there you are and bring the end in so,that it's,59 seconds past that one minute mark so,we have another 59 second clip,press done save as new video clip,give that a moment to load do it again,but this time from two minutes,two minutes right there,and go to two minutes and 59 seconds,this will be the last one i show you as,an example but of course go ahead and do,this,up to 10 minutes of footage you can do,this so i'm going to press,done save as new video clip give it a,moment to load,and pop back across to my instagram app,now,open back up a new post as if we're,going to post to our news feed,and you'll see that the last three,videos here,are one two and three consecutive,chops that we have made from this longer,video and we're gonna post them all,together by hitting this button right,here which is the multiple post,button so i'm going to choose one two,and three,now make sure you select these in,reverse order to what they're showing up,because we want the first one,was uh was from our first cut so that's,going to be at the end of the line there,go ahead and press next,you can choose to add filters to these,if you want these are three different,posts within,like i said you could do this up to 10,times you get up to 10,one minute posts to add into a carousel,so if you've done this with more,just go ahead press that plus button and,you can select more of your files,i'm going to press next you can write a,caption here,do all your regular tagging and hit,share when you,are done now we're going to give this a,bit of a moment to load up because it is,quite a big file,while we wait i'm going to pop across to,our profile page,and refresh until our post pops up,okay so it has popped up for us here,it's been posted,and it is a carousel because you can see,this multiple image,post button here right up on the top,right hand side of that so when i open,this now,we have our first video and you can see,it's one of three,if i hadn't done the entire thing it all,would have popped up here,and as soon as this 59 seconds has,finished i just scroll across to the,next one and it continues playing that,second minute,and the third minute and so on and so,forth until your entire video has been,posted as a single post,on your instagram feed,so that is the workaround there are a,few apps out there that claim to be able,to chop up your,your video that is appropriate for a,story which you get 15 se

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How to Upload LONGER VIDEOS to Instagram Stories 2022

How to Upload LONGER VIDEOS to Instagram Stories 2022

hello and welcome to this video where,today i'm going to show you how you can,post,longer videos on your instagram story,so back in the day instagram used to,only allow,15 second chunks at a time on your,instagram,story and there used to be all sorts of,different,workarounds and hacks and all of these,things needed so that you could kind of,splice up a video,and pop it up in different trunks but,gone are those days because i'm going to,show you how you can upload,a lengthy video to your instagram story,and what happens,when you do so the first thing i want to,show you is how to film in real time,and instagram video that goes for longer,than 15 seconds and what that looks like,so let's go ahead and open up a new,instagram story together,look for the big plus sign go ahead and,press story,alright so this is not going to be a,very exciting video but i want to show,you exactly what does happen,when you film for longer than 15 seconds,okay,so if i'm holding down on my screen here,you'll see,the red circle going all the way around,and once it reaches the top,that is letting you know that our 15,seconds is up,so if i release my hand before that has,finished,this is one slide of an instagram story,but what do i do if i want to add more,to this,well the trick is actually not letting,go of the video in the first place so,let me,quit that and i'm going to show you so,let's hold down again,i'm going to speed this up so that we,don't have to wait 15 seconds,as we're getting close to that 15 second,mark just,keep filming and you will see above the,holding of the record button,a second tab has started to appear and,as i run,into my second set of 15 seconds it will,just keep ticking over,into a third slide and now,once i am finished i can simply release,and it's going to sort of play them back,for me,nice and slowly if i want to add any,music,any pictures any squiggles any gifts or,whatever to these slides,down the bottom you just tap which slide,you want it to go on at what time,so that you can put your stickers and,stuff in the right place,let's say that i've decorated these and,these are exactly as i want you press,next and then you can share to your,story and i will show you what it looks,like,so now when i go into my instagram story,you'll see that there are,three tabs up the top it is still,uploading so it's giving me a rough,estimate of how much time,but i can just skip through each to each,15 seconds,at a time by pressing next on the page,and it automatically splices up your,long video so,all i did was keep my finger on that,record button and it just,uploaded it on its own but what do you,do if you have a,video on your camera real already that,is longer than 15 seconds,but you'd like to upload it to your,instagram story let me show you it's,super easy,it is the same principle instagram is,going to splice it up for you,but you'll need to go first into your,gallery,and let's find a video that is longer,than 15 seconds here is one here that,goes for 26 seconds,and you'll see as soon as i click that,video down the bottom it has already,divided it up,into two separate clips for me the first,one will be,15 seconds long and then it,automatically skips through to the,second part of that video,and so on and so forth so when i press,next and share to my story,both parts of that will be spliced in as,part of my instagram story,with it dividing it up into 15 second,chunks for me,i hope this video was helpful instagram,is not going to cap you anymore at,15 second videos you don't have to use,any third-party apps,all you have to do is just post your,videos and instagram does all the work,for you if this video was helpful please,give me a thumbs up so that more people,can see our content,and don't forget to leave a comment,below about the kind of content you'd,like to see more of,you

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How I Posted Video of 59 Minutes on Instagram 😱/ Post Videos more than 15min on #IGTV in #2021

How I Posted Video of 59 Minutes on Instagram 😱/ Post Videos more than 15min on #IGTV in #2021

hello friends how are you all welcome,back to our channel and these ideas,creative crafts and info,in my previous video i had explained how,to post videos which are longer than one,minute on instagram with the 2021's new,update and without the igtv option of,long video and short video but recently,i got a query which say that they are,not able to post videos which are longer,than 15 minutes on instagram,but friends you don't need to worry,anymore because in today's video i'll be,showing you how to post videos which are,longer than 15 minutes as well as up to,one hour on instagram,i'll be showing you five simple and,quick steps through which you will be,able to post videos which are longer,than 15 minutes or even up to one hour,on instagram but before we start the,video please make sure you subscribe to,the channel and click on the bell icon,so that you get all the latest,notifications of all my latest uploads,moving on with our first step which is,switching your instagram account to your,business account which is also really,important while posting long videos on,instagram,but if you are not aware of how to,switch your instagram's personal account,to your instagram's business account you,don't need to worry because in today's,video i am also going to show how to,switch from your personal account to,your business account,for switching to your business account,first of all you need to open instagram,and then you need to click on your,profile icon,now you need to click on the three lines,at the top,now click on the settings option,now select account,now you need to scroll down and then,if you have already created your,professional account you can switch to,account type but if you have not yet,made your professional account you will,get the option of add a professional,account and then you can select and make,your own professional account,but for now i'll click on switch to,account type because i have already made,my professional or you can say business,account,now select switch to business account,and that's it your account will be,switched to business account,once you have switched your instagram,account to your business account now,let's move on with the second step which,is the posting device which is also,really important for your posting if,you're posting it from your mobile app,you won't be able to post your long,video but if you are posting it from,your laptop or a pc it will be really,easy for you to post a long video or a,one hour video,once you are on your laptop or your pc,you'll have to search for,on your google and then the instagram,page will open and then you'll have to,write your username and password only,then your instagram page will open,oh yeah i have already logged into my,instagram account,once you are logged into your account,click on the plus icon shown at the top,right corner,once you click on the plus icon you will,be able to post video from your folder,you can select from there but please,make sure your internet is open,then click on select from computer or,you can also drag and drop,for me i'm selecting from my,folder,once you have selected your video you'll,be able to see this coloring line which,means your video is being processed,once it's processed you can change the,size also,by clicking over here and then you can,click on next,once you click next you can also select,the cover photo from here itself from,the frame or you can even select it from,your computer you can even trim your,video,once you're done with the cover page and,video cutting you can just click on next,over here you can write your caption and,also you can add hashtags over here,then you can also add your location from,here,if you want to turn off the comments,scroll down and go in the advanced,settings and turn off commenting,once you're done click on the share,button,then your video will be shared in a few,minutes,once it's done if it's not appearing,click on the refresh button,once your video appears click on the,three dots as shown in the top right,corner,then go to post,as you select go to post you'll be able,to see that your one hour video has been,posted on instagram so this is how you,can post long video on instagram with,the help of your laptop and pc thank you,for watching,hope you enjoyed my video if you did,please make sure you click the subscribe,button and hit the bell icon so that you,get all the notifications as soon as i,upload a new video,thank you for watching have a nice day

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How To Upload Longer Videos on Instagram Reels | Long Video On Reels New Update 2021

How To Upload Longer Videos on Instagram Reels | Long Video On Reels New Update 2021

Hey whatsapp guys welcome to mh creator channel,Welcome to this channel,In this video i am going to show going to show you,How to upload long Reels videos on Instagram account,You can upload long videos.,In this video, I will tell the complete solution of this topic,What is the solution,And how to solve this problem,The full truth of this topic is going to be revealed in this video.,Watch this video till the end,100% Solution and dout,The problem here is going to be clear,Keep watching this video till the end.,Ok,The main reason for making this video,A lot of people are searching on youtube,How to make long videos in reels,You can make it true,It's half true,But how to explain here,As you go to instagram account,After visiting Instagram account,Pay as you click on plus here,After clicking it will appear to you,Reels option,This option is not showing you,So watch the video on the i button,After watching this video, the option of reels will show on your Instagram account.,There was an update on Instagram earlier,Here you could record only 15 minutes (sorry Second)of video.,on instagram reels,But as of now,Here is the time period ,It has been increased,You mean here 30 minutes (SORRY SECOND)of video,very easily,You will take any video for upload here. ,Can see here for 35 minutes,You can still see here,The limit for cropping is ,Here you can take the under video of such limits,guys ok,Here I would like to give solution here,In your instagram reels,Over 30 minutes( Sorry Second)of videos ,Can't upload,Still you have to upload video,Here you have another option in Insta,The name of that option is igtv

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How To Post Long Videos On Instagram (2020)

How To Post Long Videos On Instagram (2020)

hey everyone how's it going my name is,Jen Sargent I'm the creator of digital,sergeant and if you found this video,it's because you're more than likely a,local or small business owner that once,learn more about digital marketing and,I'm the girl to help you do just that,now this video is going to show you how,to post an ID TV one of my friends had,questions about it and I thought hey,I'll just create a YouTube about it,because maybe somebody else could use,some help too,so before we dive into this video about,how to post an IG TV I want to know do,you prefer vertical or horizontal videos,on YouTube or your neutral comment below,and let me know so in a moment I'm going,to share with you at my screen and I'm,going to share with you how to post an,IG TV and if you're not posting on IG TV,you definitely should you can post up to,10 minutes of great content and IG TV is,starting to roll out some more features,so you're definitely going to want to,jump on this bandwagon alright let's,jump to it,alrighty welcome to my phone so make,sure you download the IG TV app yes it's,a separate app and then to upload,content you're going to click on the,video camera icon on the top left and,then choose at the bottom left the your,camera roll and this is the video I'd,like to upload and along the bottom here,you can choose a thumbnail from the or,for the video and then you could also,import a thumbnail also so you can make,one specifically for this video and then,that's what it would look like on the,feed itself and on your grid so,Instagram or IG TV videos need to at,least be 61 seconds long and no more,than 60 minutes long so you can really,upload a lot of content here now I'm,just gonna go to my clipboard and take,the material I was or in my description,and then I'm going to paste it on the,description box and then I'm just going,to sort out some formatting because I,didn't totally love how it worked out,but while you are watching me do this I,just want to emphasize how awesome IG TV,is you can create series in there you,get a lot of really great reach and,people say that if you put the hashtags,in the comment that you actually have,better reach but for this one I'm just,going to put it in the description box,here and then you can also add series so,you can create like a mini series about,content and Instagram is really trying,to push that binge worthy type of,content,so you know if you're the type of person,that really wants to create long-form,content which is excellent I tenet n,recommend it you should definitely,consider IG TV and YouTube of course two,really great platforms for long-form,content so we're just going to go,through some editing features here in,some descriptions now it is technically,best practice to add subtitles to the,video I did not do that with this one,and I definitely would like to get a,better habit of doing that but for this,sake I just wanted to post his IG TV,video simply to show you and this is,Google keep,so I'm obsessively will keep and this is,where I keep all of my hashtags so,that's what you see there I just went to,another app to copy and paste my,hashtags over and these are the ones,that I'm focusing on at the moment,sometimes I'll add more but for this one,I didn't so I'm just going to copy all,of this content and space it out,beautifully using the Spacey app I think,this was like $3 but they have a web,version that you can use too and this is,what gives me my beautiful clean line,breaks so now I'll just go back to ig TV,and we're going to paste the description,and then we're going to add it to a,series so you could create a new series,by hitting the plus button but this is,Instagram tips I'm going to click that,and then I'm going to press done and,then I'm going to edit the preview so,this will you can edit the heights of it,you know up and down so whenever,somebody sees it on the screen that's,what it's going to look like and then,that's what it'll look like on your feed,but actually on the hashtag tabs it,zooms in really far so it's like a,really close,version of your face or whatever the,death um nail images and then I'm just,going to make sure everything looks,beautiful now we're going to hit post,and lookie there it's posting so you can,view it so this is all of my IG TV,material right here and then you can,actually go back to Instagram and see,what it looks like on my feed and boom,there I am so I'm just going to click on,the video and that's how it looks like,or that's what it looks like from the,newsfeed perspective and then at these,59 second or 60 second mark a little,banners gonna pop up that says keep,watching so then you'll go there and,then the where it says Instagram tips,that's part of the series that I created,so bada-bing bada-boom happy creating,name so much for taking the time to,watch this video I hope you found it,helpful and right about now there should,be another video popping up on the,screen I hope that you watch and I hope,that it's helpful for you and when

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