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How to Make Instagram Reels Like a PRO!- This video is everything you need to know,about Instagram R

Justin Brown - Primal Video

Updated on Jan 10,2023

How to Make Instagram Reels Like a PRO!

- This video is everything you need to know,about Instagram Reels,,Instagram's answer to TikTok's shorter form videos.,We're gonna cover exactly,how to make Instagram Reels,including how to use and upload your videos as reels,,simple tips and tricks to increase your views,,and my top video editing apps and tools,for iPhone and Android,,all designed to help you get better results.,Now, while we're going through this video,,why not grab your smartphone,,jump over to my Instagram and hit follow.,Once you're done,,come back and give your Instagram handle a plug,down in the comments below,,and share it with the rest of the "Primal Video" community.,I'll be down there as well.,Now, comparing Reels to Instagram Stories,which are limited to 15 seconds,,and disappear after 24 hours,,reels are vertical videos as well,but they can be up to 60 seconds in length,and they don't disappear.,Giving you that benefit of having a piece of content,you're creating that can stick around,,and bring you impact and value,for a long time after you create it.,Now, reels really do need to be created,in that portrait format as well.,And for best results when you're posting them,,I'm gonna share some tips a little later on,so that important stuff doesn't get cropped off.,Now compared to TikTok,,the two of them are very similar.,TikTok right now does support up to three-minute videos,,and this is something that maybe Reels,will be increased to that at some point as well.,But for right now,,your maximum video length with reels is 60 seconds.,But apart from that,,the two are very similar.,They both got a lot of effects,,and filters, and music,,and stuff that you can use,to create short, sharp, engaging videos.,And that's really the real benefit of the Reel draw card,with this type of content.,Short, sharp, engaging, bingeable content,that people can consume quickly.,Now, in terms of creating reels,,you've really got two main options .,You can do the entire process,just within the Instagram app.,So I'm gonna show you that first,,but option number two,is to use more professional third-party apps,which will give you more advanced controls,and customizability,,and really let you get more creative,with your editing,,allowing you to create more professional reels.,So I'll cover those ones off second.,So to create reels in the app itself,,there's a few ways you can access it.,You can swipe across from the left,,and you can see that we're now in Instagram camera.,Down the bottom, you've got the option there for reels,,and pressing that is going to allow you,to make reels from here.,If we back out of this now hitting the X at the top,,the other way that you can get to this,is by hitting the little plus button up the top,,and then down the very bottom,,you can select Reels.,I'm on camera again.,Or if we go back one more time,,the third place is if you select,the dedicated reels button,down the bottom middle of the screen,,then you've got the camera button,in the top right hand corner if you press that.,It's gonna take you to the same place.,Now, in here, the first thing you wanna set,is your video length.,So we can see that here on the side,,and we've got the option of 15 seconds,,30 seconds, or 60 seconds.,Now, even if you select 60 seconds,,start recording your video,,and you're not maxing it out,,it's under 60 seconds,,then, it'll crop that down for you.,So you're better off selecting 60 seconds here,instead of, say, 30 seconds,,and then running out of time,to finish your video if it goes over.,Now if you wanna add in music,and match your recording to the music,,then you can press on the music here.,You can select a lot of popular music tracks in here,,you can search for them up the top there as well,,and you can then select the section of the music track,that you want to include.,I'm gonna press the trash can in the top left,to cancel out of this.,There's also a speed button in the app here.,So we see where it says 1x.,If we press on that,,we can choose the different recording speeds.,So we could record a video,and have it play back in slow motion,,or we can even use this to get a little bit tricky,and we can record our movements in slow motion,,and have them play back in real time.,So that's how you can see some of those reels,that seem to be perfectly timed to music,or perfectly timed dance moves ,,this is how they're doing it.,Down below that,,you've got all your filters and effects,that you can add on.,Damn, actually looks pretty good.,No, it doesn't, it looks terrible.,Get off, get off!,And there's also a touch up mode down below that.,Now, this is really just like a beauty mode.,It's gonna smooth out your skin,,make you look amazing.,You can press and hold on it though,,and you can adjust the amount that you wanna have.,Looks nothing like me.,So we can turn that one off.,There's also a countdown timer you can turn on,so that your videos will start recording,after a certain amount of time.,And the last button down the bottom,is for aligning

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How To EXPLODE Your REELS on Instagram (Get 50,000+ views!)

How To EXPLODE Your REELS on Instagram (Get 50,000+ views!)

if you want to learn how to explode your,reach with instagram reels then keep,watching this video because i have some,strategies you likely haven't heard of,before let's get into it,the first strategy to increase your,reach is to incorporate quote reels in,your content plan every single month my,team and i meet to look at our best,performing posts and our worst,performing posts and time and time again,the best performing posts on our account,right now are quote reels they have,outperformed every single content piece,that we have done and the best part is,that these quote reels are incredibly,easy to make and you can make them,within the instagram reels app so what,you do is you go into twitter and you,screenshot the quote that you want and,you make sure you crop whatever you,don't want in the final product,afterwards you make sure you go to,pixels and hit the videos tab and then,download any video that you want and now,you're gonna go into the instagram reels,app and upload that video that you just,downloaded and make sure you trim the,video to be less than seven seconds this,ensures that your video isn't too long,and later on i'll explain why you want,this video to be less than seven seconds,afterwards you then want to quickly go,back to your photo album find the quote,that you just screenshoted and hit copy,photo then when you enter the app it'll,say add sticker because you copied the,photo now you can actually increase the,size and turn that into your quote post,finally the next step is you want to hit,audio and make sure that you add music,on top and this music should be trending,audio now you have your quote reel and,as you can see it was incredibly easy to,make it was 100 free and i edited,everything within the instagram app now,at this point you might be wondering,vanessa why did you say to make it less,than seven seconds well the reason why,is because the more plays that you get,on an instagram reel the more instagram,is gonna say oh my gosh this content,piece is performing really well people,are engaged with it they're watching it,over and over again so let's boost it in,the algorithm when you make your reels,especially quote reels less than seven,seconds as people are reading the quote,it means that your video is actually,replaying in the background so the,shorter you can make it the better i,actually experimented with this where i,posted a quote reel that was 20 seconds,long and it did not perform compared to,my other quote reels that were less than,seven seconds now the reason why you,don't want your quote reels to be too,short either meaning you don't want them,to be one second or two seconds long is,because you're still going to re-share,them to instagram stories so you want it,to be on instagram stories just long,enough for people to be able to watch it,on instagram stories too and entice them,enough to want to click on your reel if,your reel is too short then it's just,going to quickly disappear on instagram,stories that's why i believe four to,seven seconds truly is the sweet spot,based on what's working on my account,in addition to this in order to truly,explode your reach on these quote reels,you want to make sure you're adding,trending audio on top so how do you find,trending audio it's really simple you go,into your instagram reels explorer feed,then anytime you see an audio that has,this arrow pointing upwards it's,basically instagram telling you that,this audio is up and coming and is,trending so what you're gonna do is,you're gonna click on that audio and,make sure that you hit save audio this,ensures that it's saved in your library,and then whenever you're editing your,reels what you want to do is hit the,music button then hit the save button up,top and it's going to show all of the,different audios that you have saved in,the past this is going to streamline,your workflow and ensure that you're,being strategic with the audio that,you're selecting,now the next strategy to absolutely,explode your reach is to stitch popular,content that's not yours i experimented,with this where i stitched an asap rocky,video that was already super popular and,i saw my reach completely explode on,this instagram reel,how you gonna knock somebody in the,world for actually trying to do,something trying since when has it,become not cool to try, loser so what you're going to do,is you're going to want to go on youtube,and find any motivational interviews or,any popular speeches or videos that,already people know and love then what,you're going to want to do is you're,going to want to copy that video and,find a youtube video downloader on your,mobile phone so for me i use vidiget,then what you're going to want to do is,you're going to want to paste that link,into that browser and hit download this,is then going to allow you to download,this video directly to your mobile phone,now once i've downloaded the video i'm,then going to save it to my actual photo,album next what you want to do is,download a video edi

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Make An Instagram Reel With JUST STILL PHOTOS! Instagram Reel Hack!

Make An Instagram Reel With JUST STILL PHOTOS! Instagram Reel Hack!

today i'm going to show you not one but,two ways to make a reel with just,still pictures that way you don't even,have to leave the instagram app to make,your reel i'm virginia kerr and i help,business owners like you convert,followers into customers with video,the first way to make a real with just,pictures is to use,screen record on your phone if you don't,know how to do that,search it for your specific phone type,and learn how it's very easy so you're,hitting screen record,then once you've got it recording you're,going to go to the image in your photo,album that you want to use once you,select it tap it to make sure you just,see that image,and while you're screen recording you,can actually zoom in,using your thumbs and you can take out,things you don't want to see and only,see,the things that you do want to see in,that picture let that sit on screen,record and then once you've done it the,link that you want to,simply turn off the screen record and,then go to your instagram app hit the,plus sign in the top right,hit real now you are going to upload,that screen recording you just made move,the toggles to the part,where you want that screen recording so,you're only showing the image that you,want to be seen once you've got it where,you are for the length of time that you,want simply hit add,now that picture is in your reel and you,can do the same,if you would like to add more images to,that reel that's way number one,way number two happens all inside,the reels so you're going to be in your,instagram app with,reels and instead of uploading an image,you are going to go through your filters,until you find the magnifying glass,so that you can search filters,hit that you're going to go up to search,you're going to put in green,screen return tap that green screen you,see on the top left,hit try it now that is added to your,effects then you tap green screen while,you are in reels and then hit,what you see there that reads add media,hit add media,now you are going to select the photo,you would like,in your reel and i could be in it but we,don't want that so,move yourself out of the image so we,only see that photo that you want in,your reel,and hit record hold down on that for as,long as you want to see that image in,your reel and when you're done,take your thumb off now that image is in,your reel and if you want to add more,do the same thing over again what's,great about using the green,screen effect is you can also add a,voiceover,while you're recording that image watch,this go back,and hit add media select the image that,you want as we did before,make sure you're not in the shot and,while you,are holding down the record say what you,would like to say,inside the reel need video ideas aha,i've got one for you and then when i go,back to check it need video ideas,aha i've got one for you you've got a,voiceover,this is a way for you to make a real,with just pictures without,using an outside editing app of course,you could use an outside editing app,throw your pictures in there,make a video and then upload that video,to your reel if you would like to do,that,instead if you want more reels editing,secrets check out this video right here

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Use This NEW Hashtag Strategy To Go VIRAL on Instagram in 2023 (NOT WHAT YOU THINK)

Use This NEW Hashtag Strategy To Go VIRAL on Instagram in 2023 (NOT WHAT YOU THINK)

the first hashtag strategy that you need,to be implementing on Instagram right,now to go viral is one to two hashtags,now the reason that you want to use one,to two hashtags is because way too many,of you are putting way too many hashtags,you're putting 10 20 30 hashtags and it,actually ruins Instagram's ability to,see what audiences should be pushing,your content to you see the reason that,Instagram uses hashtags is to determine,who they should actually be pushing your,content to so if you use too little of,them AKA use none of them they have no,idea to push a content to and if you use,too many of them which I'm going to,share with you later on in this video,exactly how many you can use and it's,going to be the reason that it,completely dilutes Instagram's ability,to actually push out your content and,for a lot of you this is why you're not,getting views right now but in addition,to that there are two other practices,that you need to be implementing right,now which are going to be the best,hashtag strategies to be using in fact,the last hashtag strategy that I share,with you in this video is by far the,best one that you need to be using so,please make sure you stick around for it,but before we could dive into that I,need you to smash that subscribe button,if you want to go quicker on Instagram,Tick Tock or YouTube I literally upload,a video about how to grow on these,platforms every single day in addition,to that I created a free Instagram,growth course you can get at the link in,the pin comment below it's going to,share with you things like the best time,to be posting on Instagram right now,because that has also changed for 2023,and it could be a factor as to why,you're not getting views so please go to,the link in the pin comment below get,into it right now it is 100 free what,are you waiting for now before I can,tell you the other two hashtag,strategies so you need to make sure,you're implementing it I need to make,sure that you're actually choosing the,right hashtags because just using one or,two hashtags or the hashtag strategies I,share with you later it's not enough you,also need to make sure that you're,choosing the right hashtags for your,Niche because if you're not it's going,to be the reason that you're not getting,more followers or more views in fact,this Creator just implemented these,hashtag strategies gained over 10 000,followers in just a few weeks and this,Creator in over 70 000 followers in less,than 30 days and the same thing can,happen to you so when it comes to the,hashtags what you need to be doing is,focusing on the quality of the hashtags,that you're choosing you need to be,choosing hashtags that are actually,relevant to whatever you're posting,about and they need to have a lot of,reach behind them way too many creators,right now especially small creators are,listening to bad advice and essentially,what you're doing is creating your own,hashtag or trying to use small hashtags,in order to rank for it that's one of,the worst things that you could possibly,do what you need to be doing is going,after the big hashtags for two reasons,one they have the most audience behind,them so what does this mean it means,that Instagram knows that if you use,hashtag Fitness well then that's a huge,Fitness audience and that's your you're,trying to reach on top of that these,large hashtags a lot of people follow,them for example you might be following,the Cavapoo hashtag you might be,following hashtag Ferrari or whatever,the case is and essentially what's going,to end up happening is when creators use,that two things are going to happen one,The Reel is going to get pushed to that,audience or the second thing is that,those people that follow those hashtags,actually see posts from under those,hashtags on their feed and on their,explore page so what does this mean it,means that you're going to increase your,reach by actually using those larger,hashtags don't worry about ranking for,hashtags right now that is an Instagram,strategy that worked two or three years,ago it doesn't work anymore today so I,would not be focusing on it instead you,need to make sure you're using the,second hashtag strategy which is going,to be using five to six hashtags you,heard that right the first one one of,two hashtags the second five to six,hashtags and there's still one more that,is the best hashtag strategy if you want,to go viral right now especially as a,small account but before we could get,into that I need to make sure that you,are not making the mistakes that I see,so many creators making right now on,Instagram and part of that is not post,Instagram reels so many of you are still,not posting reels and you need to,understand something it is easier to,grow on Instagram right now than it ever,has been before you heard that right,easier now than it ever has been before,I know you have friends you have,competitors that blew up in 2022 there's,a bigger opportunity to blow up on,Instagram in 2023 because Instagram is,moving mor

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I Made a Reel in 3 Minutes with the REELS TEMPLATES feature on Instagram Reels! *full tutorial*

I Made a Reel in 3 Minutes with the REELS TEMPLATES feature on Instagram Reels! *full tutorial*

in this tutorial I'm going to show you,exactly how to use the new feature with,Instagram reels called templates it,literally is a game changer especially,if you're trying to put together more,like photo or video montage reels you're,able to pull basically what someone else,has done with their reel and insert your,own clips and it automatically adjusts,it to the exact length of each clip and,you're not having to do the tedious task,of doing that yourself especially when,you're trying to match your reel to the,beat of the music or something like that,so I'm gonna show you exactly how to do,that in this tutorial I'm gonna show you,how to make this reel right here or oh I,made this real and we'll actually have a,link to the real down below so if you,want to you know make your own reel like,this and use this one as a template or,even just follow along the tutorial you,can go ahead and the link will be right,below this video for this reel on my own,Instagram alright so we've got that real,pulled up and you'll notice that um so,there's reels where if someone created,The Reel within the Instagram app like,added the photos and videos in the app,you will be able to see where it says,use template right above their username,and this is true to any real and if,you're trying to find like if you have,see a trend but you don't see that you,can also just tap on the audio and go,through different reels that use that,audio and see if there's another one you,can use instead that has used template,like for example if mine didn't have,that you could go to this one and tap,use template on this and you can do it,the exact same way so make sure you take,advantage of this feature for these,types of reels as much as you can it's,going to save you literally so much time,so let's go ahead we're going to tap on,use template right here and then from,here this is where you replace the clips,that I have added to my Reel with your,own so you can do this with photos or,videos I'm going to use photos just,because that's what the real we're,making it's like a camera roll for the,past month so I'm going to go ahead and,tap on ADD media right here and this is,where you can select from your own,camera roll different photos or videos,you want to add so let me go ahead and,scroll down here I actually already have,I exported from my own Lightroom app the,photos that I wanted to use for this so,I'm gonna go ahead and tap and add those,one of the easiest way to do this too is,you can tap,um and you don't have to do like one at,a time so you can tap see how it says,one above the one I just tapped now I,can just keep going for all of the,different ones that I want to include in,this reel so I'm going to go ahead and,just keep going down the line right here,and all the way until and if you scroll,on the very bottom you can see like how,many you have left to give you a good,idea of that and okay so we have all the,ones right here that I want to include,in this reel next thing you're going to,do is tap on the little white arrow on,the bottom right hand corner that's,going to take you to basically generate,your reel I'm just gonna wait for it to,go ahead and load it's replacing all of,the photos that were in the original,Reel with the new images all right you,can see it's replaced right here it's,just showing a preview what this looks,like once it looks good and you can also,at the bottom like scroll and tap on any,photo or video and change by moving that,little white box change like where it's,gonna like what part of the photo or,video you want to show up obviously for,photos it doesn't matter right but if,you're doing a video this can be helpful,like which two second part of the video,clip do you want in the Reel and then,just hit done whenever you're done and,if you need to replace something for,some reason same thing you can just tap,on any of them hit replace media and you,go back it'll go back to your camera,roll and you can select a different,photo or video okay and then once you're,done you hit the bottom right hand,corner you hit next right there and then,you can go ahead and keep editing your,reel from there so we actually have a,full Instagram reels tutorial on our,Channel we'll go ahead and put a link,right here and also down below so if,you're curious when the editing process,after this like how to add text or what,to do for your cover photo for your,caption how to schedule or and post your,reel be sure to check out that video,because it goes a lot more in depth than,I can right here and I also want to,invite you to join our free reels class,so if you're someone who's trying to use,reels to grow your brand we would love,to have you join it's a completely free,on-demand Replay that you can watch of a,live class on how to grow your reach,followers and customers with reels and,the link will be right below this video,again and you can join and watch that at,any time we'd love to have you join us,and also subscribe to our Channel if,you're new becau

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Grow Your Instagram Without Posting Reels: Here’s How

Grow Your Instagram Without Posting Reels: Here’s How

despite popular belief Instagram reels,are not the only way to grow your,audience on the platform and attract new,customers in fact they are by far the,worst performing format of content on my,account by an absolute Landslide my last,three carousels combined have got over 4,500 likes and brought in 800 new,followers my last three images I've,posted have a combined 6600 likes and,have brought in 1400 followers however,my last three reels that I've posted,have got a combined 800 likes in a,pulled in less than 100 new followers so,whilst making up a third of the content,on my account they account for less than,seven percent of the engagement and,probably even a lower percentage if you,look at growth yet despite my reels,massively underperforming my account has,grown from 10 000 followers to over 12,000 followers in the last seven days,which is pretty quick growth for a small,account but how how is it possible to,grow an audience quickly in 2022 going,into 2023 without using reals because,nowadays all we see online is post reels,used reels create short form video and,it is propelled as the only way to grow,and so in this video I'm going to cover,exactly how we are still growing,sustainably without relying on reels and,I'm going to cover why I still choose to,post reels despite the fact they are my,worst performing piece of content and,likely slow down the growth of my,account so firstly let's cover why you,don't need to post reels to grow so if I,dive into my phone quickly here and I go,across to the explore page you can see,that the majority of the content here is,not reals we see two carousels at the,top followed by two single images with,one reel off to the side and then we see,that same format one real two single,images two carousels in the same format,one single image three carousels one,reel one Carousel three single images,one real so on the explore page twenty,percent of the content is reals however,forty percent if we do the math quickly,is carousels and whilst the other 40 is,single images which straight away shows,there is a ton of reach still out there,for the taking because the explore page,is where the majority of your growth,will come from after Instagram slowed,down the amount of recommendations and,suggested content in the home feed,earlier this year the main way that you,grow your reach is through the explore,page now if you couple this fact that,majority of the explore page reach is,not going to reels and you pair that up,with the fact that most people are being,told they have to create reels that,leads to a ton of reach sitting there,for the taking most people are,publishing reels whilst most the reach,is not there for reals that equals a,massive shortage High competition for,reals reach low competition for,everything else in General on social,media you always want to be targeting,the low-hanging fruit whether it's High,Reach and low competition a few years,ago this is why people use tick tock no,one was creating tick tocks but so many,people were on the the platform so you,could create barely anything on Tech,talk and get a huge amount of reach,YouTube shorts right now is pretty,similar to that not many people create,YouTube shorts however a massive amount,of people use YouTube as a platform and,so YouTube shorts are getting a ton of,views at the moment now back to,Instagram this doesn't mean that reels,are bad just because there's a lot of,competition and not as much Rich to go,around as I said I still post reels,despite them being the worst performing,piece of content on my account I will,touch on that later I'm simply trying to,make the case that they are not the only,way to grow which a lot of people think,they are and as I've just shown you,there's a lot of data to back up that,point so if reels are not your strong,point you don't have to force yourself,to do it you can create in other formats,and still get amazing results however,obviously if you are extremely good,video editor you're really confident on,camera you're just great with,maintaining attention over video then,you'll probably smash it with Thrills,and you probably wouldn't be watching,this video in the first place so how do,you actually grow without ribs well it's,no different to how you grow with reels,your content has to hook people in you,then need to provide these people with,something of value to get them to stay,and then finally you need to dress it up,to make it look as good as possible and,keep people engaged with reels it's all,about using those first one to two,seconds to hook people in then having a,great piece of value in the middle,usually with a good background to keep,people engaged have a good audio and you,are good it's no different with a,carousel though you use a strong hook,such as five mistakes killing your story,views that draws people in then you,delve into valuable tips that can help,people with their story views and you,produce it with a nice design and boom,just like that we were able to reach,over

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How to Use Instagram Reel Remix - New Reel Update

How to Use Instagram Reel Remix - New Reel Update

o Instagram just wireless wimax will,greeks and his World his side by side,vídeo indirectly with someone else's,vídeo Michelle harue user right now I,just wish and making this page also you,Might have a Sweet Sugar Bear couple,Days of that have hope you come back do,Espírito sou jumping to heal In The,Center of occasions and he is one of,useful If I don't see which are there is,there is need is love and full Run this,post If I keep Going your way I hope,You'll see this software is well if you,press the school and get access to your,camera and Who should there be you on,the other side and if you Space world,and God Will world and fresh Rose and,Skull and you Wonder which Side are you,on the other side a,se deu mal se Volks One clip of Korean,and wake you up every is long Years we,could be your Energy options on the left,Side swipe right to change the Speed of,My Way cooling aqui Gohan usava ficción,McQueen uso de Photoshop Filter With,Myself my face with Golden chain and,time and talked and your only option bit,Of You Beautiful and pequenos Gates,Instagram Bills with having his Word e,do Xbox da vídeo aqui Robert stack ring,in Order to Dust which software you make,your Sword and after each option you,like it and posting all the music that,is playing on your selection will and,press the Arrow to go to the next page,and if you have options with a strong,and Field of first-year report steak,Option,Oi e o rabo de sabe changer tablet slate,and out of your Skin and How much of the,musics playing without you here for you,Mix and be Cowboys with first with,rotation and it up you could Walk over,to you and first One Now Stop Windows em,Almeida music and watch you Bleed go,back to the mixing and make sure your,love I will be boys over if and shapes,with workers de sistemas em Instagram,visto your Instagram Bill mcgrath,estiver options your text of,this study it can really hard just to,you and Hope that you're Still in and,share your fool If You like this just,Breaking up for indie Instagram build I,wanna be with empreste Sweetest Thing,o remix is available to be next this,will Robson Muller e funcionará Belo,boedeker de binária What Happen we don't,have the End of the Year or they don't,have opted for cooperation on every One,has de saber low resolution for remix,and his will and kiss you on these girls,we have always was your girl its side by,side One group is meio chegando estamos,ao pai fosse this site and so is every,single day and I hope I See you next

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Instagram Reels: How To Turn Your Reel “Viewers” Into Followers

Instagram Reels: How To Turn Your Reel “Viewers” Into Followers

so recently i had one of my followers,ask how do you turn likes and views into,followers when it comes to instagram,reels i've seen good reactions so far,but not much growth,hey everyone welcome back to my youtube,channel my name is amber romero and i'm,the owner of a creative co and i am a,content and social media strategist here,to help you,grow on social media so today i want to,talk to you guys a little bit about,converting reals viewers into actual,followers and why it's a good thing but,also sometimes a bad thing so before we,actually dive into my tips and tricks i,want to give a small little caveat here,of,growing through reels,reels are such a great way to continue,to yes grow your profile grow your,platform form and grow your audience,now what we want to be careful with is,if you are creating reels that are,outside of your niche or don't quite fit,with your ideal customer you could end,up potentially getting people that will,follow you for a little bit based on,that reel and then not love all your,other content and then dip off just know,that is a potential so we always want to,create reels with,that strategy in mind of really speaking,to our ideal client really speaking to,our ideal audience to make sure that,they are the ones that are going to be,following us so diving right in this one,might seem obvious might seem a little,bit obnoxious but it really is just the,truth of it giving people a clear call,to action what you're going to want to,do is in your real in your caption with,the text on reels making sure you're,giving people something to do afterwards,really prompting them and obviously you,can always say hey give me a follow but,no giving them an idea of exactly what,to do so sometimes at the end of my,videos if i want a response if i want,people to comment back i will tell them,to do so hey comment below i'd love to,hear your thoughts and opinions you can,do the same to try and get people to,follow you afterwards,my biggest thing is that hey if you love,these canva tips and tricks make sure,you hit that follow button to let them,know that i will be delivering more tips,like this or you know i'm going to tell,them hey if you want more content,creation tips for your small business,make sure you hit that follow button,something like that prompting them to go,onto your profile and really give them a,follow it may seem kind of intuitive and,again it's like oh my god do i really,have to say that to people yeah yeah you,do it really helps prompt them and get,them into the mindset of like hey if i,really like this person i might not come,across them again i should take a look,at their account and give them a follow,number two maximizing all of real's,features i kind of already alluded to,this in the call to action section but,making sure that you are,capitalizing on what reals gives you and,what i mean by this is using that text,is really making sure you're drawing,people in with your caption while yes,the caption is so small and so succinct,before people have to click more you,want people to click more to read that,reels caption so making sure that you,are maximizing that first line making,sure that you are using in-app features,so that people can really resonate with,it and making sure that the text and the,audio and the visuals are going to,appeal more to people inside of that,platform it may seem a little bit weird,but as a viewer and as also as a content,producer it is a bit of a turn off when,you start to watch a reel and like,you're like i love this but something is,off sometimes the audio doesn't sync,properly or sometimes the text gets cut,off or you're like,there's something like her head's cut,off of this why doesn't she fit,perfectly in this you know in the,dimensions that instagram gives you,again this is just maximizing all of,real's features and making sure that,you're producing,yes this content is a little bit easier,to produce but still giving people the,quality that they're going to want to,see is going to help convert them into,viewers into followers and last but not,least perfecting your instagram profile,i did an entire video on this last week,so i'm going to try and keep this a,little bit short and at least explain,why this is going to help but if you,want some help perfecting your instagram,profile make sure you head back to the,video from last week so the reason why,you are going to want to perfect your,profile,let's say you have a real that goes,viral or at least a little mini viral,whatever feels viral to you you're going,gonna want people if they like your real,enough they are going to click on your,profile and if they come to your profile,and you have such an outstanding reel,and they resonated with it and then they,come to your profile and there's like,meh i don't really relate to this person,oh that's a little humdrum and they,don't know who you are what you do and,who you do it for,that's going to cause people to click,away so you might be getting great views,on your

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