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How to Upload LONGER VIDEOS to Instagram Stories 2022hello and welcome to this video where,today i'm

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

How to Upload LONGER VIDEOS to Instagram Stories 2022

hello and welcome to this video where,today i'm going to show you how you can,post,longer videos on your instagram story,so back in the day instagram used to,only allow,15 second chunks at a time on your,instagram,story and there used to be all sorts of,different,workarounds and hacks and all of these,things needed so that you could kind of,splice up a video,and pop it up in different trunks but,gone are those days because i'm going to,show you how you can upload,a lengthy video to your instagram story,and what happens,when you do so the first thing i want to,show you is how to film in real time,and instagram video that goes for longer,than 15 seconds and what that looks like,so let's go ahead and open up a new,instagram story together,look for the big plus sign go ahead and,press story,alright so this is not going to be a,very exciting video but i want to show,you exactly what does happen,when you film for longer than 15 seconds,okay,so if i'm holding down on my screen here,you'll see,the red circle going all the way around,and once it reaches the top,that is letting you know that our 15,seconds is up,so if i release my hand before that has,finished,this is one slide of an instagram story,but what do i do if i want to add more,to this,well the trick is actually not letting,go of the video in the first place so,let me,quit that and i'm going to show you so,let's hold down again,i'm going to speed this up so that we,don't have to wait 15 seconds,as we're getting close to that 15 second,mark just,keep filming and you will see above the,holding of the record button,a second tab has started to appear and,as i run,into my second set of 15 seconds it will,just keep ticking over,into a third slide and now,once i am finished i can simply release,and it's going to sort of play them back,for me,nice and slowly if i want to add any,music,any pictures any squiggles any gifts or,whatever to these slides,down the bottom you just tap which slide,you want it to go on at what time,so that you can put your stickers and,stuff in the right place,let's say that i've decorated these and,these are exactly as i want you press,next and then you can share to your,story and i will show you what it looks,like,so now when i go into my instagram story,you'll see that there are,three tabs up the top it is still,uploading so it's giving me a rough,estimate of how much time,but i can just skip through each to each,15 seconds,at a time by pressing next on the page,and it automatically splices up your,long video so,all i did was keep my finger on that,record button and it just,uploaded it on its own but what do you,do if you have a,video on your camera real already that,is longer than 15 seconds,but you'd like to upload it to your,instagram story let me show you it's,super easy,it is the same principle instagram is,going to splice it up for you,but you'll need to go first into your,gallery,and let's find a video that is longer,than 15 seconds here is one here that,goes for 26 seconds,and you'll see as soon as i click that,video down the bottom it has already,divided it up,into two separate clips for me the first,one will be,15 seconds long and then it,automatically skips through to the,second part of that video,and so on and so forth so when i press,next and share to my story,both parts of that will be spliced in as,part of my instagram story,with it dividing it up into 15 second,chunks for me,i hope this video was helpful instagram,is not going to cap you anymore at,15 second videos you don't have to use,any third-party apps,all you have to do is just post your,videos and instagram does all the work,for you if this video was helpful please,give me a thumbs up so that more people,can see our content,and don't forget to leave a comment,below about the kind of content you'd,like to see more of,you

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How to Use Instagram Stories - Complete Beginner's Guide

How to Use Instagram Stories - Complete Beginner's Guide

everyone in today's histogram video,we're gonna look at instagrams story on,the homepage of Instagram that's the,part that's on top of your page so if,you're not sure about using Instagram,story maybe you've never used it before,or you just don't know your way around,it creating your own post or even,viewing other people's posts this is the,right video for you and this is part of,a four-part how to use Instagram so the,previous one was the regular Instagram,feed and we walk through how to create a,profile and creating your first post and,the next two are gonna be direct,messages and IG TV so I broke up,Instagram into four different parts that,way it's easier to consume these in,shorter videos so just a little bit,about story Instagram story rolled out,in August of 2016 and he basically was a,few years after the regular Instagram,came out as an additional feature to,Instagram and what the difference is is,Instagram story basically lets you,create post and view posts for just 24,hours after 24 hours they disappear,unlike your Instagram feed where things,are there permanently unless you decide,to archive or delete them Instagram,story just makes things vanish every 24,hours and they sort of borrowed this,from snapchat snapchat did have this,option before August of 2016 but it's,rapidly grown in the last few years and,it's become much more bigger than,snapchat and he's even the bigger part,of Instagram itself so as a regular,person if you're just checking it out,it's a great way to see your friends and,see what they're up to in a regular,basis but as an Instagram influencer and,someone trying to grow their followers,and even monitize instagram it's even,bigger I'm not gonna focus on actually,monetizing growing your followers on,Instagram in this video but in the,description below there is a link to a,training for that so check that out if,that's what you want to do this is more,for beginners trying to learn how to use,Instagram story okay let's jump into the,phone so I could show you Instagram,story and if I just quickly talk about,the different things in there I have,well over a hundred videos on Instagram,and Instagram story on this channel so,if you search for anything that I just,kind of touch up on quickly you'll,probably find an entire,on this channel so make sure you,subscribe and check those up but let's,jump into the phone and use Instagram,story so I'm on a home page right here,on a brand new profile to show you how,to use this completely from scratch they,don't jump in in different profiles to,show you some more advanced options so,as you can see this is the home page,this is my profile this is the profile I,created for how to use Instagram for,beginners video so I'm gonna use the,same one again to do Instagram story,let's go back to the home page and as,you could see before I show you how to,create your own story the story tab is,basically on top so if you're following,people and those people create their,story it shows up right on top so you,could see Disney here this is their feet,post this bamboo post is their feet post,but their story post is on top here as,well and same thing Marvel again looks,like they have one right here and you,could basically scroll left and right to,see all the different people that you're,following and their story if they have,it so let's click on one I'll just click,Marvel studio you just click on it right,here and as you could see right on top,there are those little dashes so each,one represents one post inside of story,looks like since I've never used it,before it's actually showing me a,tutorial as you can see if you press and,hold it will pause a story to move,forward you just tap the screen I'll,jump to the next one to go back you tap,the left edge of the screen and to move,between stories you basically swipe left,and right meaning between stories from,different pages and different people,you're following not just their story so,let me just have to keep watching so,again if I tap and hold it's gonna pause,so that's what I just did if I just tap,I could tap quickly you see it's just,jumping to each story and if I tap on,the left side of the screen it's gonna,move backwards so again tapping anywhere,on the middle or right side moves,forward tapping on the left side moves,backward pressing and holding pauses and,if I just swipe right here you see it,just changed it to a whole different,page right here and it looks like Disney,has just one post here that's why,there's one big bar and then as soon as,that's done it's gonna go to the next,page so now I jump to the Nike page and,at any time you could press X to,out but if you refresh this page you no,longer could see that story so you see,Disney has now disappeared so if I,wanted to see Disney story again it,won't be up on the story section but if,I could go to their profile on their,profile I could click that and see the,exact same post again and this was five,hours ago so they basically still have,19 hours for a total o

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How To Use Instagram Stories 2022

How To Use Instagram Stories 2022

wondering how to use instagram stories,with the latest version of instagram,whether you are brand new to stories or,you've been using them a little bit in,this video i'm going to walk you through,step by step how to use instagram,stories so that you can literally be,posting your first one today all right,let's get into it,welcome to five-minute social media,where we help overwhelm business owners,streamline their social media and then,the rest of their business if that,sounds like something you could use more,revenue with less work from social media,then take a second hit subscribe click,that bell,that will be notified each week when we,release another helpful video and if,you'd like a fully streamlined social,media strategy this is what i love to,help business owners do and create i've,got a master class where i show you how,to get started doing that so you can get,more revenue with less work and at the,end of this video i'll tell you how to,get an invitation to that master class,completely free all right my name is,jerry potter yes it rhymes with the boy,wizard and in this video we are talking,about how to use instagram stories now,the first thing i want to do is talk,about what an instagram story is,compared to all of the other things that,are available now on instagram then i'll,walk you through step by step how to,create instagram stories using the app,and finally i want to give you some tips,and tricks on how to reach more people,and be more effective with instagram,stories so that you don't make the same,mistakes that so many others have made,in the past including me so make sure,you don't miss that part so if you're,unfamiliar with what instagram stories,are or you kind of get it but you've,never fully gotten it instagram stories,are vertical content so holding your,phone like that and they're made up of,photos videos and graphics and they,automatically expire in other words auto,delete after 24 hours now a lot of,people say what's the point of putting,something up if it's going to be gone in,24 hours anyway but for most of the,content that we post on most of the,social media platforms whether it's you,know instagram the feed or facebook or,you know other places linkedin most of,that stuff stops showing up in,somebody's feed after 24 hours or so,anyway so this one just kind of gets,archived as opposed to just living on,your profile forever and ever now,instagram reels are also vertical,content usually made up of video but,they're different because reels live on,forever unless you delete them they,don't get automatically deleted after 24,hours also reels are more focused on,entertainment and production value while,stories are more casual it can just be,you posting something about your day as,you go about it stories are great for,building trust with your audience your,clients and customers showing behind the,scenes and kind of what you're up to day,to day now it's a really nice day,outside here so i'm going to step,outside and i'll show you how to create,an instagram story so i'm here in the,instagram app and your story is always,going to be the first one in that row of,circles up there if you've recorded one,so i can tap on my story to watch it,this is something that i had shared and,if i don't want to watch anymore i can,swipe that down once you're in,somebody's story so again you can tap on,anybody's stories to watch them and then,as soon as you were done with that one,you can tap on the right side of the,screen to move forward in the stories or,if you want to move to the next person,you can just swipe forward so that's how,those work up here they show up in an,order determined by the algorithm just,like the feed posts do based on who your,favorite accounts are who you engage,with the most who's most recently put,something up there so again this is a,curated feat of stories just like this,is a curated feed of posts when we,scroll up and down,so to create your instagram story you,can do this from your profile or from,the home screen but you're going to tap,that plus sign on the upper right,then it's going to ask you do you want,to create any of these many many things,and we want to create a story so i'm,going to go ahead and tap that plus sign,that says story it's going to bring you,into your camera roll,and so you could choose something from,your camera roll or i'm just going to,tap that camera so we can record,something live here,and so this opens up now here we are in,the instagram camera so quickly going,around the screen up here this little x,that's basically if you didn't want to,do this you can hit that x and back out,of here and you're not in instagram,story creation mode anymore the one in,the middle there you might recognize,that that little lightning bolt that's,to turn the flash or the light on off or,on auto on the upper right here this is,a settings gear and you can go in here,and you can choose settings for stories,and reels for your privacy who can reply,different things like that yo

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Instagram Longer Story Update | 60 Seconds Instagram Story | Instagram New Update 2022

Instagram Longer Story Update | 60 Seconds Instagram Story | Instagram New Update 2022

우린 10년 만에 700억을 벌었어,어떻게 그럴 수 있었을까,웰컴투 필리핀입니다

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How to Post on Instagram with Maximum Quality - Stories, Posts, Reels...

How to Post on Instagram with Maximum Quality - Stories, Posts, Reels...

how is it going everybody you're,watching then about attack and in this,video I'm gonna show you how you can,take perfect high quality high,definition photos and videos right here,on your stories your posts your reels on,your Instagram as a whole so let me show,you for example I'm going to take this,photo right here of this view here in my,apartment so I'm going to take this,photo and you can see the quality of,that photo it's absolutely perfect right,and I'm gonna post it as well so you can,see that it won't lose any quality it'll,be perfect so I'm gonna post on my close,friends just so my followers don't think,I'm crazy posting this out of the blue,right so then let it do its thing let it,post it's uploading right now and as you,can see here no quality loss absolutely,perfect as you can see and I'm gonna do,the same thing I'm gonna do a quick,video just to show you that this also,works for video as well so then I'm,gonna to take a very quick video zooming,in and all that so video and same story,I'm gonna post it on my close friends,and let's take a look at how perfect,that is so let it upload as well as you,can see I'm not cutting this video I'm,not doing anything this is all happening,uh live right so let it do its thing,it's uploading,it's taken a while but as you can see,perfect quality as well absolutely,perfect so how can I achieve this how,can I do this on my Instagram and how,can I get perfect photos Perfect videos,without quality loss right here on,Instagram and the process is actually,very simple and easy and it doesn't have,to do with the iPhone you have it has to,do with some settings so let me show you,what I need to do first you need to go,to your settings and then scroll down,scroll all the way down until you see,camera because the thing is sometimes,you get poor quality because you're not,with the right settings so right at the,top you have formats and as you tap on,that we have two options on camera,capture high efficiency and most,compatible as you can imagine high,efficiency will give you a smaller size,file so it will reduce the file size,therefore reduce the quality so what you,want is most compatible so you get the,best quality on the format itself and,it'll be more compatible as well with,Instagram as we come back we also have,here record video and as you tap on that,it's very common that we have the record,video right here at 720p or or 1080p for,example which is just high definition,but of course we have the possibility of,4K most iPhones now have 4K so I do,recommend that you enable 4K at 60,frames per second okay you can tap on OK,of course it will use more of your,storage videos will be very very large,but of course you can choose here you,can get 4k 24 frames per second or maybe,1080p it's up to you but of course if,you want to get the best quality option,4K 60fps and right here at the bottom,HDR video as well so high dynamic range,so enable HDR okay so enable HDR and,then what you get here is the best,quality possible with the best,resolution and of course right here HDR,as well to get perfect contrast perfect,colors it's going to look amazing okay,so then we have everything set up on the,iPhone settings but of course we have,settings on Instagram as well that,pretty much no one knows so if we tap,here on Instagram and if we tap here on,your first page uh you tap there right,there at the top right hand corner on,your options and then you can tap on,settings and after tapping on settings,tap on account and then you have data,usage right here so tap on data usage,and this is probably the most important,setting which is high quality uploads as,you can see by default it's turned off,but you can enable you can toggle it on,and then it'll say right here that it,may take a little bit more time to,upload that's why you saw my video in,the intro took a little while to upload,and that's because it's been uploaded in,the highest quality possible so then,enable that option as well so with this,you get the best experience the best,quality on your photos videos on your,stories posts reels and everything so,that's it hope you enjoyed the video,thanks for watching and I'll see you on,the next one as usual bye bye guys

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Instagram reels vs Instagram stories - which should you be doing?

Instagram reels vs Instagram stories - which should you be doing?

hi ashley here and welcome back to my,channel in today's episode i am going to,be talking about instagram reels,versus instagram stories so if you're,new to my channel or we have never met,before like i said my name is ashley,ehler and i help not network marketers,and other online entrepreneurs scale and,skyrocket their business,with the latest marketing strategies so,let's go ahead and hop,right on into it so as you guys know,instagram reels is a newer feature and,it very much,mimics tick tock so the cool thing about,reels is right now you have the biggest,opportunity to go viral,by doing 15 second clips 15 second reels,and it's actually been shown that you,just talking into,the camera for a quick reel maybe it's a,quick demonstration maybe it's a quick,recipe maybe it is a how to do a diy,right whatever that is whatever your,niche is that's going to speak to your,target audience,and um you know whatever is going to,draw them in,because if you're using really good,hashtags then what's gonna happen is,you're going to get discovered,now there is of course a u.s ban right,now so if you're in the united states,the only thing is is that your recents,are not going to be available in the u.s,so people cannot discover you,under the recent feature in the explore,underneath the um hashtags however if,you're in an international market,or you know whatever the case is then,it's still really good to take advantage,of and utilize,because that's so much exposure and,engagement for free and a way to really,get discovered,through using reels so whether you're,doing posts and doing carousel,posts something that's shareable and,savable is highly suggested,um because that tells the algorithm like,wow this content's really good it's,getting shared over and over plus it's,getting saved,and then having a strong call to action,like if you found this to be valuable,leave a heart emoji below or um what was,your favorite takeaway below leave it,below right,that will be highly valuable in,increasing your engagement because,it is um really encouraging people to,comment and engage,all right so that is quickly the,benefits of using reels you have the,most opportunity to go viral right now,by really tapping into reels,so i always encourage people to post,anywhere from three to four times a week,and one or two of those posts should,definitely be a carousel have fun with,them look through your explore feed,look at what other people are doing and,don't copy but put your own spin and get,creative on them,and watch what happens okay so the next,thing,is comparing two stories stories are so,important and you know it's so vital,that you're,nurturing essentially your relationships,so i always like to tell people the,stories is kind of like where the,romance happens it's kind of,the honeymoon it's kind of where you,peel back the curtains and show them a,little bit of the behind the scenes of,what's happening in your day,day-to-day maybe it's social proof,because um you know,people that you are helping are having,results on something maybe it's you,coaching,maybe it is how you take your coffee and,you're asking other people how do they,take their coffee right,because the thing is is you want them to,be engaging as well because that also,helps boost the algorithm,and encourage that engagement by asking,for feedback put,pull stickers put question stickers um,you know put the little slide,sticker that allows them to slide um,you know whatever one to ten or whatever,you would wanna however you would want,to project that,okay so um use things that are going to,encourage,people to engage but also it allows,people to get to know you because the,truth is is if you are in,the business space in any way shape or,form people first,buy into you because they like you they,trust you and then they want to do,business with you,and the only way for you to show them,who you,are is by peeling back those curtains,and showing them,and so what i would highly suggest is,one put,up to 10 good hashtags on the slides,that you're wanting to get seen,number two use good captions you don't,have to caption out the whole thing but,something that gets the point across,that because the majority of people are,going to be listening to your content,with it,turned down because maybe they're at,work or they're in a quiet space,but if you're captioning it you're still,able to get that message across,but also it may encourage them to want,to turn it up if it's really an,intriguing topic,but two switch up your stories right,like,let let me know in the comments with a,yes or no below,i would love to know if someone has like,10,clips of just them talking no matter how,much you like the person or how,interesting they may be,are you kind of skimming past it like,this trying to go,forward forward forward forward and then,maybe even sliding out so what i would,encourage you is look at your insights,and your stories and see which ones,perform the best,and do more content like that but always,be

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Cara Upload VIDEO DURASI LAMA 60 DETIK Ke INSTA STORIES | Update Instagram Terbaru

Cara Upload VIDEO DURASI LAMA 60 DETIK Ke INSTA STORIES | Update Instagram Terbaru

Hai Oke selamat datang kembali berjumpa,dengan saya di channel YouTube kami udah,teman-teman nah kali ini kita kedatangan,salah satu update terbaru dari Instagram,yang memungkinkan kita untuk mengupload,video instastory dengan durasi 1 menit,atau 60 detik seperti yang kalian lihat,di sini ya teman-teman ini adalah durasi,instastory dengan durasinya itu satu,menit atau 60 detik Nah kalau misalnya,Dulu ketika kita protein Story kita cuma,dibatasin ya sebenarnya kita tetap bisa,upload instastory durasi 1 menit itu,bisa tapi itu dipotong-potong menjadi,beberapa bagian satu bagian itu 15 detik,nah saya akan Contohkan di sini ya ini,saya akan pilih cerita kemudian saya,akan Contohkan ke kalian semua bahwa,kalau dulu kita cuma bisa durasi 1 menit,itu dibagi beberapa bagian saja Oke,teman-teman ini saya akan pilih dulu,kesini nah Disini teman-teman saya akan,cari terlebih dahulu untuk yo yo yang,durasinya itu satu menit atau nomor,detik yang 1 menit lagi Oke ini dia ini,durasi videonya satu menit 29 Detik Nah,disini teman-teman dibagi menjadi,beberapa bagian ada empat bagian dengan,satu bagian ini durasinya 15 detik tapi,kalau misalnya sekarang kita nggak perlu,lagi harus membaginya menjadi beberapa,bagian karena ini adalah update terbaru,dari Instagram itu sendiri Saya akan,contohkan saya akan kembali lagi ke,bukan kamu udah segini tapi di akun saya,yang satunya tadi yang ini teman-teman,kalau udah nya Nah teman-teman di sini,ya saya akan Contohkan langsung bahwa,kita itu udah bisa sebenarnya upload,video durasi 60 detik ini peneliti,ingatan Apple sini kemudian pilih lagi,cerita lalu kalian di sini tinggal cari,saja video yang ingin kalian afrogie,carinya yang satu menit lah Di Sini,durasinya yang saya akan ambil itu yang,ini satu menit 29 detik ini setelah itu,kalian tinggal pilih selanjutnya Nah,kalau ini pilih saja yang terpisah nah,disini kalian perhatikan Hai ini durasi,videonya itu Ping satu model ke,teman-teman oke yang tuh durasi videonya,itu Sabtu monyet alias 60 detik tanpa,terpisah menjadi beberapa bagian kalau,misalnya sudah kan beli update selesai,Nah di sini tadi saya sudah upload video,yang ini ya sudah selesai Sekarang kita,langsung lihat saja Ini dia videonya nah,ini dan teman-teman videonya ini adalah,durasi yang tadi durasinya itu satu,menit atau 60 detik ke ini tanpa,terpotong dengan tidak bisa berarti bisa,nah pertanyaannya adalah Bang kenapa,punya saya sudah and update di Instagram,yaitu agar kita bisa mendapatkan fitur,baru tapi tetap saja fitur barunya itu,yang bisa upload video durasi 1 menit,itu masih belum ada itu Gimana itu,permasalahannya karena ini merupakan,update terbaru dari Instagram tidak,semua pengguna Instagram itu sebisa,mencoba fitur ini teman-teman nah tapi,buat kalian yang pengen sekali ingin,mencobanya kalian silahkan kalian,silahkan update Instagram kalian ke,versi yang terbaru kalau misalnya kalian,sudah versi yang terbaru silahkan kalian,Buka Instagram kalian lagi Buat ngatasin,kalau misalnya fitur untuk upload video,Story ya 60 detik ini bisa kalian,nikmati begitu kanan ketika jadi sini di,Google Playstore Instagramnya kemudian,kalian update dan Le yang lebih baik,lagi kalian harus bergabung dengan,Instagram bantah kena di Instagram peta,ini kita bisa mendapatkan atau mencoba,fitur baru atau obat terbaru dari Esia G,terlebih dahulu Nah kalau misalnya,karena sudah bergabung ke Instagram,bentar sudah kalian update Tapi tetap,saja Instagram kalian itu belum bisa,untuk apa video dengan durasi 1 menit,atau 60 detik ya kalian jangan khawatir,teman-teman karena ini adalah fitur baru,atau update terbaru dan gak semua,pengguna Instagram bisa mendapatkan,update terbaru kali ini hanya pengguna,tertentu saja dan mungkin disini saya,itu salah satu yang beruntung Dari,teman-teman sehingga saya bisa,mendapatkan update terbaru kali ini Nah,teman-teman itulah dia yang informasi,dengan sebenarnya kita sudah bisa upload,video dengan durasi 30 detik tanpa,terpotong buat kalian yang pengen,mencoba di update terbaru kali ini,silahkan kalian coba semoga bermanfaat,dan Sampai berjumpa lagi dengan saya di,video yang selanjutnya terima kasih

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My student Emily recently asked me for recommendations of apps that I use,to easily caption Instagram Stories.,Not only does captioning your Stories make them more accessible,,but majority of people are watching their Stories on silent.,So if you're showing up in your Stories where you're talking,,but not giving captions to compliment your talking,,chances are you're going to lose a lot of viewers.,If you've ever struggled with figuring out how to add captions to your Stories,without it taking all day, you're in the right place because in today's video,,I'm sharing my top three favorite ways to easily add captions to your,Stories.,And stay tuned until the end where I'm going to share the little known app,that's actually created by Instagram that you can use so that people will watch,your Stories even longer.,Adding captions to Stories has worked for my student Kerri,,who has done just that to share more about her digital nomad coaching program.,I'm Elise Darma, and I've helped thousands of entrepreneurs, freelancers,,and creators like yourself use Instagram to actually bring money back to their,business. And while we're here,,why not go ahead and hit the subscribe button and the bell so that you don't,miss any future trainings like today's, because in today's video,,I'm sharing with you how to easily caption your Instagram Stories.,The very first app that you can use to capture your Stories is called Apple,Clips. And yes, it comes with iOS phones.,So here I am inside of Apple Clips, not going to lie.,One of the downfalls of this app is that it only films in square,portrait mode, where for Instagram Stories,,you really want that tall vertical aspect ratio.,So that's one thing to keep in mind,,but the way that it functions is pretty cool. Let me show you how it works.,So the very first thing in this app you're going to do is hit this chat bubble,in the bottom left. And you can see when you scroll through,,there are all these different caption options. Okay?,So let's say we like this style. Cool.,So we're going to choose that one.,Now I'm just going to hit the X button and hold down the red record,button. And it's actually going to caption what I'm saying.,This is a demo of how to use Apple clips for your Instagram Stories.,Alright, let's hit the play button and check it out.,This is a demo of how to use Apple clips for your Instagram Stories.,So in this case, Apple clips accurately transcribed what I was saying,,but in case you ever have to edit it,,all you need to do is tap your clip at the bottom and then tap where it says,"live titles".,So this is where you can actually edit the text that's going to appear.,Once you're happy with your clip hit "done". And then of course,,you're going to hit the export button down at the bottom and save it to your,phone.,The second way to subtitle or caption your Instagram Stories is to use the,keyboard feature within Instagram Stories.,So let me show you what this looks like. Here I am inside of my Stories,,and I'm just going to film a little bit of a clip. Hey, everyone. Today,,I want to share with you my top five Instagram tips for business.,Let's go. So once you've recorded your clip,,you're going to actually want to re-listen to it and hear what you say,,because you're actually going to repeat it. So let's do that. Hey, everyone.,Today, I want to share with you my top five Instagram tips for business.,Let's go. Alright,,now that I've just heard that I'm going to tap the "a" button and then I'm going,to hit the record microphone button in the bottom right,,and I'm actually going to repeat what I just said. Hey everyone,,today, I want to share my top five Instagram tips for business.,Let's go. Alright.,So I just used the keyboard feature to, Oh,,don't forget to hit the keyboard so that it stops recording you. Okay.,So let me just delete that.,And now you can see that I've basically verbally transcribed my Story.,So I'm just going to add a little bit of punctuations.,We'll add a period after "business",,and then of course we can jazz it up a little bit.,So that is one way that you can easily caption,,all directly within Instagram Stories. Now,,the third way to easily caption your Instagram Stories is by using an app that,Instagram created, but not many people know about.,And the app is called Threads. Here I am inside of Threads.,And what Threads is, is basically Instagram's direct messaging feature,,but pulled separate from the app.,So it's kind of like their new Messenger or WhatsApp. To be honest,,I don't use Threads all that much, but I was experimenting with it last night.,And you can see there's a few cool features right at the top is where I can set,my status. So I chose the happy emotion. And the cool thing is,,is that little happy face that you see on my profile picture actually appears in,my Instagram Stories.,So my followers in the Instagram app are going to see that happy face on my,profile picture.,Other things I want to show you in this app are the people at

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