how do you unfollow everyone on instagram

How To Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at ONCE! (2023)hey what's going on guys welcome back to,false


Updated on Feb 08,2023

How To Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at ONCE! (2023)

hey what's going on guys welcome back to,false tech in today's video I'm gonna,show you guys how to unfollow everyone,on Instagram at once and this is the,quickest and most reliable version and,this is brand new,hope you guys enjoy sit back relax and,enjoy the show,let's get started all right first things,first let me show you my Instagram,account real quick so this is the,account currently I'm following one,person I want to go ahead and follow,more people so that I can demonstrate,let's say I want to target people who,are into setups right I go to the this,post likes and then start following,these people this strategy is called,follow follow but I personally think,follow for follow is dead I'm not saying,you can't grow by follow follow but it's,not organic and it is not as effective,so if this is your strategy to grow on,Instagram you have to step up your game,alright enough talking 20 people on,following right now let's say I want to,unfollow everyone I have to go to app,store the link is going to be in the,description for both Android and iPhone,the name of the app is called cleaner,for Instagram right there let's do this,one,all right it's being downloaded right,here let me just move this right here,all right as you can see it is fully,installed on my device is that clean,let's go ahead and click on it and sign,in with your information all right and,then you have to agree to the terms and,conditions as you can see these are all,the people I just followed this app is,more than just on following it offers a,lot more features like you can remove,all the followers that you have maybe,there are spam accounts and you want to,remove them you can do that from here,also you can see all the pictures that,you have light as well as the posts that,you have I don't have any post but if I,had I could have deleted it from here,all right back to the admission if you,want to unfollow everyone you go to,action or before we have to select all,these like this and now what I want to,do is go to action as you can see,unfollow and it's going to remove,everybody at once how cool is that just,as a proof let me go back to my,Instagram I had 20 people now it's zero,so yeah guys that is pretty much it and,for those people who say this app is,paid yes you can pay to get more,operations but there is also free,version you have to log in here daily,and every time you log in they're gonna,give you free operations so that is,completely free guys hope you enjoyed,this video if you did you know what to,do so Marcel like button up and,subscribe for more content like this now,I'll see you guys in the next one peace

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How To Unfollow Everyone On Instagram At Once (2023)

How To Unfollow Everyone On Instagram At Once (2023)

hello guys welcome back to today's video,in this video guys i'm going to be,showing you how to unfollow everyone,you're following on instagram,now guys if you're wondering if this is,really really,uh possible to do on instagram of course,it is possible to,follow everyone you following on,instagram do,instagram does not provide you with the,option to do this because,it is considered as spamming,so it's not really safe for you to,follow everyone,you are following on instagram uh though,you can,follow them one after the order but,um following them at once isn't really,really,um safe on instagram but if that is what,you want i'm going to show you how,you can unfollow everyone you're,following on instagram at once,so let's get started,so now on my instagram profile i'm going,to show you how to,unfollow all the people you're following,at once,so here is my total followers count,which is 170 and the people i'm,following are,815 so if i want to,remove all my followers i'm going to,click on this followers,and then you'll see this um remove,buttons that says remove,each but these people are the people,following my,instagram account so there's no need for,me to remove them because i need some,followers on my instagram account,but if i want to follow them back i'm,going to click on this button,at the top of my screen that says follow,all,so if i click on this button to start,following all these people that,have followed me on instagram,but that's not what i want to do we are,focusing on,how to unfollow everyone we are,following on instagram,so if i want to follow all these people,i will do the same thing i'll click on,it,and then it you will going to find this,on follow all button at the top,but instagram does not provide you with,the option to do this so,normally if you click on your this,following count,button you're not going to see anything,like on follow,all button at the top uh that is because,you need to follow this video and learn,how to,get this on follow up button at the top,so that's what i'm going to be showing,you,in today's video so that you learn how,to unfollow,your follow everyone on instagram so let,me go back,let me just click on it and click on,this on flower and you notice it will,start on following,the people i'm following on instagram so,let me click on it,and you'll notice one person just moved,out followed by this other person,followed by this one so you'll notice it,is,all following the people i,have on instagram i am following on,instagram automatically,so let me just stop this and right now,it has unfollowed,um nine people out of 20 so what once it,gets to this limit which is um,20 it will stop so guys i'm going to,show you,how you can do the same thing on,instagram so let's get started,now um i'm going to take you to a new,tab,and then i'm going to search for web,store,so here on google you're going to find,this web store if you search for it go,ahead and click on this first link,and then if you click on the first link,we are going to be searching for,web extension that i'm using so right,here,on my google chrome you're going to,notice i have this web extension at the,top of my screen and the name of the web,station is super powers for,instagram so you can use this um web,extension to,unfollow the people you are following,on instagram so there's a couple of,things we need to set up first before,you can be able to make use of this,extension so you need to watch,this video till the end do not skip any,part of,it so that you won't miss anything so,i'm going to search for this web,extension and show you how to add it to,your google chrome,so um so this is the web extension if,you want to add this to your chrome just,go ahead and click on it,and then you're going to see add to,chrome here so right now i already have,it,on my chrome that's why you see this,remove from chrome it has been added,already,so normally what you see here is add to,chrome so you click on it,once you click on it you will now find,this at the top of here if you click on,this thing you're going to find the web,extension at the top,so you have it around here so once you,have it around here you can now pin it,to the top,so i can unpin or pin it to the top so,if you pin it to the top you're going to,find it at the top of,your google chrome so um,once you have that pinned on your google,chrome,the next thing is for you to,change some settings in that super,powers for instagram,web extension so i'm going to click on,this and then,select this 3d2 dot close to the super,powers for instagram,web station and then i'm going to select,options,so if i select these options there are,few things i need to,set before we can be able to,make use of this web extension,accurately,so we are going to go to uh,mask on follow section there are,actually different things you can do,with these super powers for instagram,you can must,like the post on instagrams and,also you can unfollow,you can mask unfollow the people you are,following on instagram,so

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Why I Unfollowed Everyone On Instagram (And Why YOU SHOULD TOO)

Why I Unfollowed Everyone On Instagram (And Why YOU SHOULD TOO)

and then I got my Instagram following to,zero and holy was there a backlash,so guys as some of you may have seen,around like a month ago or something,I literally unfollowed everyone on,Instagram everyone from my business,mentors to my girlfriend to my best,friend to my this or that yeah you know,like literally ever right I went from,around like 300 following to zero and,there's mixed response this backlash,from like my friends obviously take care,that much but you know everyone I had a,lot of people because I'm very flattered,I have a lot of people that just kind of,look at the things I'm doing you know,yes they listen to the things I'm saying,but they also just listen to the things,I'm doing and you know I never announced,anywhere then you know I'm looking to,take my falling down to zero but a lot,of people noticed it and they were you,know I had you know four or five people,who are entrepreneurs who I've never,actually met but you know we've,connected with and they and they,messaged me and they went dude like you,know I'm just curious like why did you,bring your following down 2-0 surely,that's really bad for you and your brand,and and you know I don't you want to,stay connected and stuff like that and,yeah I agree to a certain point but guys,in today's video I just want to play,devil's advocate I just want to you know,give you a bit of a reasoning as to why,it took it down to zero and now I'm up,till around like 30 or so so a lot of us,okay well the first thing I want to say,is that either you use social media or,social media uses you right and I don't,want to I don't like being a sucker,right and I never want to get suckered,into the fact that social media is just,there to use you I want to use social,media I want to use social media to help,build my businesses I want to use social,media to help connect with incredible,people I want to use social media to,stay connected with friends but I never,want to have it have a control over me,right so that is the first thing right,second thing is sometimes,you know one thing in return assignment,solution is it's just the highlights and,I know everyone says this but for,example guys like you will see like it's,it's been so ridiculous to watch what,people put on social media and then what,their life is actually like you know and,there are people who are more honest and,less honest there's different scales you,know those people who make their life,out to be incredible and then actually,just knock and there's people who make,their life out to be incredible and you,know they or at least this is what I try,to do right my life is I live such an,incredible blessed life I I travel the,world you know I work with incredible,companies from a marketing agency I have,incredible mentors and and Business,Network I have like you know all this,stuff I've ever dreamed of right but I'm,still pushing for more and I'm pushing,to provide more value and I'm pushing to,just achieve more and and and you know,be able to say at the end of my life,that I fulfilled my potential and I,think my potential is quite high so you,know what I try to do on my social media,is portray the amazing lifestyle that I,have because I said I'm very proud of,what I managed to do with that but if,you guys follow me on Instagram stories,for example you will see me up at 5:30,every single like no one has ever,questioned my success because it's very, clear like it's very clear to,see that I work like a dog like,that I sacrifice everything for what I,want you know say there's no question,about that so what I try to do is for,example is I try to paint the picture of,look there's this is this amazing life,that you can have and go look at my,photos or my videos but here I am at,5:30 waking up every single day,here's me going to gym every single, day here's me just ending the,day feeling this oh someone has punched,me in the face because that's how, hard or that's how much of,myself I've given to my craft and my,work right so um that's why I try to,with my social media so one thing you,need to understand is everything can be,you know crafted and manipulated and,this and that would social me and that,leaves a lot of people just feeling,really helpless because you know how,would you feel it if you know you're,you're hustling your ass home,but you're trying your hardest you're,doing your thing and then you see,someone on Instagram who's like yeah,today I made,$50,000 or I did this or like here is my,incredible body when really they've just,photoshopped it or here's me and my,incredible lifestyle when you know it's,not that hard to portray in a good,lifestyle without actually having made,that money or here's me doing this thing,or like here's me with all these amazing,girls and then guys I've been like it to,me it was so true because I was as I've,said this in one of my other videos or a,video coming up like I've always wanted,to be that guy in the club behind the,red velvet rope with all the bottles and,the girls and stuff

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How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at Once - 2023 Update

How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at Once - 2023 Update

a lot of people use third-party apps to,unfollow everyone on Instagram and a lot,of people got their account banned,because of that so don't do that guys,here is a solution guys for this you can,easily for unfollow everyone on,Instagram at once this is guys a new,update just follow the steps in this,video and you will be able to unfollow,everyone on Instagram so follow the,steps guys and you will be able like I,said to unfollow everyone on Instagram,now I'm going to click my profile,picture at the very bottom right and as,you can see I only follow 12 people I,used to follow like 3 000 people on,Instagram that's a lot and whenever I go,to my following list I click on my,following list I always try to unfollow,like click I always click on following,okay following following following,following for I click on that and it,takes forever okay it takes for it I can,just unfollow like 3 000 people it will,take me at least one day so the solution,guys for this is to click two little,lines in the top right click traditional,lines in the top right after that guys,you want to click on settings so like I,said guys don't waste time downloading,third party apps because they are going,to get your account banned so just don't,waste your time here is a solution guys,I phoned to unfollow everyone on Tick,Tock okay now what you want to do guys,you wanna just click on help as you can,see here it says here help now you want,to click guys in on report a problem in,the top now click on report a problem,without shaking,now after that guys you want to click on,don't include and continue at the very,bottom,now here you have to tell Instagram that,you want to un can you unfollow everyone,on my account I don't want to follow,anyone anymore okay uh just tape here,can you un,follow every every one on my Instagram,account,I don't,want to follow,anyone I need hope,so you just want to tape her I need to,like explain to them you don't have to,tape the same thing you can just explain,to Instagram that I want to,unfollow everyone at once like uh I like,everyone at once I can't do I can't do,that one by one because it will it will,take me a long time so like me I just,taped here how can you unfollow everyone,on my Instagram account I don't want to,follow anyone I need help about this,okay so that's what you need to do guys,and then after that you want to click,Send in the top guys I understand how,you feel about this you have like,thousands of people and you just want to,unfollow everyone but it takes it takes,forever so here is guys that solution,just follow the steps that I showed you,in this video and you will be able to,unfollow everyone on Instagram after,that guys when I click on send in the,top and you have to wait 24 hours and,then you will get back to you guys with,a solution and make sure to check your,inbox and you will send you a message on,how you can unfollow everyone on,Instagram so make sure to drop a like,guys and subscribe to the channel leave,a like and come back to this video,within 24 hours and let us know in the,comments guys,um if it worked okay I would highly,appreciate that let me know what phone,you have in the comments I will reply to,you guys because there are a lot of tips,on how you can unflow everyone on Tick,Tock it depends on your iPhone or,Android phone just let me know what,phone you have see you guys in the next

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How to Mass Unfollow Extremely Fast on Instagram (How to Unfollow people on Instagram 2021)

How to Mass Unfollow Extremely Fast on Instagram (How to Unfollow people on Instagram 2021)

so you've been doing the follow unfollow,strategy and you now have like i don't,know 3 000,2 000 followers on instagram and that's,really cool,and you're on your way to literally,blowing up on instagram but,you need to figure out how to get rid of,all of those people that you're,following and try to make sure that you,don't get action blocked,in the process so that's why i've made,this video this video,is literally how to mass unfollow on,instagram,without getting action blocked if you,want to figure out how to do that then,you have to watch this video to the end,so there are a ton of ways to get rid of,your unwanted followers,on instagram and in today's video i'm,literally going to label exactly how to,get rid of all those people,that you're following on instagram how,you can get rid of that huge number so,that your account looks,more professional and easier for people,to follow we're literally going to be,going through tips and tricks and many,ways of actually doing this thing and,it's completely free,all i ask in return is that you for the,next i don't know three four seconds,scroll down below and just just like the,video,and if you're new to the channel then,subscribe i mean if you like this type,of content then,i mean subscribe because we literally,make a ton of videos exactly like this,one,well maybe not exactly just look through,my channel you'll see what i'm talking,about so the first thing you need to,consider when it comes to unfollowing on,instagram,is the number of actions that you're,able to and you should be performing per,day so actions,are things that range from like likes to,follows to,unfollowing these are all actions even,dms and comments count as action so you,need to try to make sure you're always,underneath the amount of action that,you're able to do per day that number is,usually around 500 followers but to be,safe i usually just half that number,and do only 250 actions especially when,it comes to unfollowing,on instagram because when it comes to,unfollowing on instagram instagram is,much harder and much more strict when it,comes to unfollowing than when it comes,to following and i don't know why i mean,when it comes to following i literally,did a speed run where i got a thousand,followers in only a week and followed,like well over 2 000 people in less than,a week actually but i don't think i'll,be able to,unfollow over 2 000 people in only a,week i actually don't think that's,possible,without getting action blocked the thing,with unfollowing and following every,single account,is it's very very different for every,single account on instagram,some accounts are going to be able to,unfollow 500 a day some are only going,to be able to unfollow 250,and i'm guessing someone will only be,able to unfollow like a thousand that's,why though i suggest you test out for,your account what your account is able,to handle,but personally i think if you are,chilling at around 250,to 300 people unfollowed per day you,should be,more than fine as long as you're not,trying to do that 250,in one sitting i like to space out my,actions per day,maybe like you know 100 or you know 98,in at 8 o'clock another 98 at 12,and then another 98 at like 10 o'clock,just before i go to bed try to space it,out as evenly as possible and also try,to make sure it's at random times not at,8 30 or 8 45,try to make it like 8 23 and also make,sure that it's different every single,day now when it comes to unfollowing on,instagram there are many ways of doing,it one of those ways is to go on,instagram and go to your following and,then go to,the people that you've least interacted,with instagram is more accepting of you,and following these types of people,because i guess like they gave you the,option,and you interact with them the least so,it doesn't look suspicious when you,unfollow these types of people i think,you're less likely to get blocked if you,use the,least interactive with feature but i,don't know if that's true i don't work,at instagram but from what i've seen,that seems to be the case now another,way that you can unfollow people on,instagram is with using the app,unfollow for instagram the app is on the,app store and i do suggest that you use,it i've made a video on the app in the,past and it still works,and i still suggest you use it,so now we're on app store and this is,basically the app mass unfollow for,instagram so you just log in like that,my wi-fi could just not be,extremely slow it'd be great and boom,that's basically it now you've got a,whole bunch of people that you're,following,and what you do is you press all the,people that you want to unfollow and,then you go select action and then you,can either unfollow all those people,um and then you can just go yes what you,could also do is tag those people and,and basically add them to your white,list so that you know,when it's time to unfollow it doesn't,unfollow all those people but if you,so for example what you could do with,this one is you could just go select,all

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How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at Once

How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at Once

how to unfollow everyone on instagram at,once hi everyone welcome back to our,channel i am from app guide in,today's car video i will show you the,weight on how you can unfollow everyone,on instagram at once before we get,started if you are new to our channel do,make sure to leave a like hit the,subscribe button and without any further,ado let's get started with today's video,so let's say that you open the instagram,app you have a bunch of followings and,you have let's say four thousand five,thousand ten thousand followings and so,on and you wanna simply unfollow those,people in my case you can say 15 but,maybe in your case you have a higher,number and you want to simply learn how,to unfollow all of these people at once,now there are a couple of ways to work,around it now if you're talking about,the official way to unfollow someone,from the instagram app itself,you can see that we don't have such,options to do that so for you have the,simply go ahead and unfollow them one,after another which is really a time,consuming process for you,now in that case what you can do is,let's say for example you want to,actually unfollow everyone at once you,can simply open up your play store and,in the search box you can type in,instagram unfollow at once so what this,does is that there are a bunch of,unfollowing app which you can use in,order to unfollow everyone at once on,instagram for example i have used a,bunch of these ones for example let me,just go ahead and,type in let's say,a keyword instagram on followers at once,you can go ahead and use any of these,apps let's say for example i have tried,using all of these and sometimes it did,work for me but obviously there was some,of the ads that you had to deal with and,the other highly profitable reason that,you may not want to use it also because,you there is a high chance of your,account getting suspended in my case i,had my account suspended hopefully with,russian resolution i got it back but if,you want to learn how to do it with the,help of third party app then you can,watch our other video now there is,another way to do it as well without,having your account suspended now you,can use this these are very easy apps,which you can you just need to log into,your account and then go ahead and start,the tool and if you're not sure about a,password then after you use the app you,could go ahead and simply change your,password but let's say that you you,don't want to use if you feel these apps,are not safe then in that case we can,simply use the another way in order to,unfollow everyone on instagram at once,and that is to simply use auto clicker,app now what auto clicker app does is,that you can go ahead and simply open up,this app and you could open the,instagram app right on the screen and,then you will be able to tap on the,unfollow button place them accordingly,and then follow them at once for example,let me just go ahead and show you how,you can do this right over here i will,just go ahead and then open up let's say,instagram first of all let me launch,this app so once i launched the app i,will let's say go ahead and open up the,instagram app once you open up the,instagram app right over here what you,could do is you could tap on the,following button as you tap on the,following button you'll be able to see,all of these options now you have to,simply place this order tab right over,here now if you want to tap on multiple,as you can see it is going to simply tap,on that one you have to simply select,multi-target mode so i will enable the,multi-target mode,and then i will simply,enable any of this right over here now,what i will do is you have to simply,make sure to place them just according,to this button as you can see right over,here so let me go ahead and then simply,press them on this particular screen,so as you can see in this case you can,unfollow up to 10 or 11 people on this,particular screen what you have to do is,simply tap on display button which you,see once you tap on this play button,everyone who are on this list is going,to get unfollowed as you can see now,once you've unfolded them you can simply,pause it and you can move on to the next,screen as you can see in this case play,the video and play the order tab and,again move on to the next screen in,order to do that this is another legal,way without having to use the,third-party apps and then having chances,of getting your account banned we hope,this video answered your question and if,it did help you make sure to leave a,like and subscribe to the channel if you,have any more questions queries or,doubts simply also make sure to leave,them down thank you very much for,watching till the end of this tutorial,and see you soon in our next video

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How To Unfollow Everyone On Instagram At Once FAST | Unfollow Everyone On Instagram

How To Unfollow Everyone On Instagram At Once FAST | Unfollow Everyone On Instagram

how to unfollow everyone on instagram at,once fast is the topic of today's video,if you're new to the tour took a channel,make sure you go down below and,hit that like button right now and then,go and subscribe i really do appreciate,it,as i'm trying to get this channel as big,as possible and help as many people as,possible,today i'm showing you how you can,quickly unfollow everybody instagram,so the first thing i want to do is,quickly show you on my instagram,so i'll load up my instagram now make,sure you've got the right,account selected so on this account i,currently only follow three people,so i'm gonna find some more people to,follow just by searching up like gaming,setup,um or something like that just saying,random just to prove to you that i can,get these,um people to increase my following and,then from there,i can go and um get them all unfollowed,at once without having to unsingly tap,through them,as it can take a while to unfollow,people on instagram and yeah i want to,help fix that issue for people,so as you can see just following a,couple people here um and then i can,prove to you that i'm actually um,decreasing my follower account as i can,see if i go out of here,um i can refresh boom 12 people so once,you've got some people,you ready to unfollow i want to make,that zero you don't want to go into the,app store,so go into the app store and simply wait,for this to sold and go to the search,section of the app store all you want to,search is cleaner,for ig just like so wait for that to,load i want to load you then want to go,for this one here,cleaner for ins that's what it's called,and you want to make sure you download,it so i've actually previously used this,up just test it works it's fully legit,so then what you want to do is go and,click on the little cloud icon here and,wait for it to load,it will take a minute it's not too big,of a nap i don't believe um it's only,eight megabytes so pretty small app and,it won't take long to download at all,even if your internet is fairly slow so,once you download it all you do it's,going to open it up by clicking open,and it will just take you here so what,you want to do is go and,enter your information so type in your,username,so i'll grab my username now as i've,just got a quick one i made for this,video,so mine's example ack 101.1 so i'll,quickly type that in now,and then i'll just click login and as,you can see um i'm now ready to go so,make sure you read,through these i already have and then as,you can see i'm on my account so if i go,to,say i don't have to prove actually so,that's the people you at the post you've,liked,um and you can look at all your,followers here and you click your,following here so,if you go through these this actually,adds up to the amount of people i follow,and this app can actually be used for,loads of other purposes as well which is,really cool so,you can go and check your following your,follower your like your posts,um there will be ads as well just,because obviously this app developer has,to make a living,and there's a store as well so you can,purchase other stuff like no ads,depending on how much you want to use it,so you want to come back to following,so what you want to do is click quick,select and then click select all,and once you've got them all selected,then you want to do is click the action,and then do is click unfollow now as you,can see,action charges each action costs one,action operations that's fine just click,ok,and as you can see it's now unfollowing,them all for you so this is really cool,it literally does it all for you like,that,as you know with instagram sometimes it,does take a few attempts,and this is literally taking a minute to,do uh sometimes instagram does block,attempts as you know you've tried doing,yourself sometimes it's always to work,properly,and mine has actually been stuck like,this for a little bit so i'm now just,going to jump back to my instagram just,to see if it's worked or refresh,and boom i currently follow zero people,it's that easy guys and if you want to,try this out yourself like i said,just follow the tutorial is so so easy,and it will still say zero um 8 out of,13,but if i refresh it as you can see i,currently follow zero people,so that's a quick way even if it does,freeze just go and check your instagram,and if you've got zero following it has,worked and this is really really good,so this is a great app and it's really,really easy to use and like i said it's,free,but i hope you have found this video,useful if you have go down below and hit,that like button i really do appreciate,it subscribe for more,and i'll catch you in the next video,peace

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How To Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at ONCE!

How To Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at ONCE!

hello everyone,welcome back to my another video today i,will show you,how to unfollow all instagram followings,on your account,sometimes we have boring instagram,newsfeed because of our followings,we can unfollow our insta followings one,by one,but this time i have a way unfollow all,at once,this is the instagram account i am gonna,remove my followings,you can see i have 5986 followings,to this process remove instagram,followings,we need one more app to download this,app,open app store and search insta clean,the first one cleaner for ins download,the app this is not sponsor video,i am not getting any responsibility of,this app,however after download the app open it,then we should log into the app using,our instagram account username and,password,when i complete the step,we can see like this interface this is,my followings,click the store to see options in my,account,i have 126 operations then i can remove,126,followings we can get free operations,from daily check in,but if you wish to clean your instagram,account removing all followings,best tips is purchase this app for 2.99,we can remove custom number of,followings using settings,this is the daily check in free,operations,so let's see how to use this check again,my instagram followings,it's 5986 followings,let me refresh there is no any change,click followings select quick setting,then select all then it auto select 50,followings,if you have unlimited operations you can,load all at once,now 50 selected click action and,unfollow all,it takes some time,we can check is it removing or not our,followings,when we refresh here we go it reduced 50,followings,let's try again it here,in the beginning there was time,no room for darkness,it reduced one more 50 followings so we,can remove all followings now,so this is the tutorial please give a,comment,is it work or not thank you,see you again,for this

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