can you see who views your instagram story

How To Know Who VIEWS & STALKS Your Instagram (Without An App)what is up y'all it's your boy jake he

Jake Tilk

Updated on Jan 10,2023

How To Know Who VIEWS & STALKS Your Instagram (Without An App)

what is up y'all it's your boy jake here,have you ever wondered who views my,instagram profile and who views my,instagram stories,well i've got the answer for you maybe,you have a crush or somebody that you,like and you don't want them to know hey,they're creeping on me well you're gonna,get all the answers in this video so,let's get into it so to preface this my,name is jake i'm an instagram marketing,master with over 250 000 followers on,instagram and i'm also a digital,marketing manager,for a living so make sure you smash that,like button drop that subscribe and i'd,love to have you join our community also,our discord server is now live for the,whole community to join,so make sure you check that out link is,down in the description so there's this,theory running around that the people,who actually stalk your instagram,profile the most are the people that,interact with your profile the most and,while,that is true to some extent let's get,into a little experiment that was run by,some people on reddit,so let's start this off by going into,those third-party applications that you,might download that tell you hey here,are your instagram stalkers and hey here,are the people who view your instagram,profile,and stories the most are real well those,those applications aren't real,whatsoever they're completely fake,because,instagram doesn't even give you that,information why would they give,a third-party company that distinct,information,so there are some theories to actually,test this out and a couple people on,reddit decided to actually run an,experiment,and what they did was they created a,brand new instagram account,and what they did with that brand new,instagram account was viewed their other,friends account,and interacted with that account they,didn't do anything else the the other,person whose account they're viewing did,not interact back or else it would ruin,the experiment to see,if that is actually somebody who's,stalking their account because if one,person is not interacting with the other,side then that means that it's just a,loyal follower and then you can see,who's actually like,stalking your profile so let's get into,this experiment that they ran on reddit,so i tried a little experiment with a,friend of mine,said one reddit user in fact for a few,days i visited,his profile a lot each day and i told,him not to visit my profile,at all after i did this for almost a,week,my friend uploaded a story and guess who,was on top of the list,me so after reading this it kind of,points to the person who's actually,interacting and on our profile the most,is actually the person who's gonna pop,up on the top,let's continue with the story so to,follow up this data,i created another account using a,different email address and stocked my,own original profile,every day said another reddit user i,watched all of my stories multiple times,and went right back to the beginning,of my profile but i didn't see anything,so it would appear like an anonymous,stalker,after three days of solidly checking my,original profile,my new account became the first one in,the view list,and dropped to the second when my,current top viewer had seen,the story so after reading the second,part of the story we have some empirical,evidence,that the first story is actually,factually true,now moving forward with this story it,gets pretty juicy,paige cohen who currently works in,communications at instagram and,previously worked in a senior position,at lyft in communications,kind of gave us a little bit of insight,into the way this actually works,she said similar to the feed stories are,ordered based on which moments you'll,care about most the order is determined,based on a number of signals,including the likelihood you'll be,interested in the content,timeliness of the posts and your,relationships to the person posting,the technology is powered by machine,learning which is adaptive,to your behavior and improves over time,so,given that this is powered by machine,learning we know that it's not perfect,but we also know,that with machine learning and,artificial intelligence,then we might actually be given,information and we really just dissect,this information we can get out of it,what we want but here's where it really,gets juicy because she added that,profile visits are considered,as well as likes and comments so this,actually confirms that the theory is,true and we don't know to what degree,it's true so if you actually want to,test this out i highly recommend testing,this out on your instagram followers,yourself so now that we know who views,your instagram whether it's your profile,and your stories we've got all the,information figured out,make sure you guys test this out for,yourself because we can't actually,confirm if it's true and instagram would,never actually confirm this information,for us,but you know i might have actually just,ruined it and your crush might actually,know you're stalking them now so,make sure you tell me what you think,about this do

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How to watch someone's Instagram story without them knowing

How to watch someone's Instagram story without them knowing

hello and welcome to this video where,today i'm going to be showing you,three different ways you can view,someone's instagram story,without being seen there are,so many reasons why we may want to look,at somebody's story but not have our,little face,pop up on their scene list i'm not here,to judge you,i'm just here to give you a couple of,tools to let you know that you can,actually view somebody's story without,them knowing that you've seen it keep in,mind that these tips,only work with a public account so if,you have posted something and it is,public,keep in mind that everyone can see that,at some point so we are only using,these tips on accounts that have given,permission for people to see,their posts make sure you give a thumbs,up to this video if you found it helpful,so that we can get this tip out to more,people,and don't forget to turn that,notification bell on so that you never,miss a new video from us,all right so let's go to the most simple,way to view an instagram story,without being seen so the first thing we,are going to do is choose let's say we,want to view,uh nasa's story you can see that up the,top there that nasa has a,story and we can pretend for the sake of,this exercise that that is a friend of,yours,maybe an ex of yours i'm not here to,judge like i said but maybe we can,pretend,that is a story we don't want to be seen,watching,what you're going to do is go ahead and,press the story beforehand,in my case it's michelle obama so i'm,pressing that,i can skip through to the end of her one,and on the last one i'm going to,press and hold my finger on the screen,and then,i'm going to gently tip across,so it looks like there is an ad that's,popped up in between,michelle obama's story and nasa's story,not to worry,it does still work with an ad so i've,actually got an ad,next not a problem i'm just going to,press and hold again as if that ad,didn't show up,and i'm going to tilt it almost all the,way over,you can see it looks like a big cube and,you can see that nasa is promoting a new,post,it says get pumped for our new astronaut,launch,blah blah blah we have seen this story,it was only posted,27 minutes ago but so long as i don't,let go so long as i don't tip over into,that next,story even from an advertisement,we will not be seen having seen this,story so i can come back to this one,let go and close my stories and look,nasa still has a ring around it we have,not,seen that story so that is the first way,that you can do it,the second way that you can view,somebody's story without them,knowing maybe they have a series of,videos maybe they have something a,little bit longer than just one picture,slide like nasa did just then,you can view their story fully but,you've got to be quick in order to make,it so that they can't see that you've,seen it so let's go,we'll say we go into nasa we'll see,their story,we already knew what it said but we'll,close that and then what you do is you,go into nasa's profile,and you block them and you block them,for 24 hours only that is all you have,to do why 24 hours,because a story has only been posted for,24 hours and they can't see that your,account,exists if you have blocked them so block,them for 24 hours,this is super extreme this is this is a,kind of a strange tip but if you have,use for this,go right ahead so that is the thing i'm,going to unblock nasa,right now because i don't actually care,if they know i've seen their story,i love nasa so there you go instagram,has even told me that i can restrict,them if i want but it's no need,that is the second tip you block them,and you block them for 24 hours after,viewing their content,and they cannot see your face in the,list of people who viewed,your story okay for the third and final,tip,this does not use an app but it is an,upgrade,from the original story,which everybody used to use it's a,website that you could download stories,from,but it no longer exists let me show you,as you can see here it is not found,anymore this is not a website that works,so,we can't do that before i show you the,website let's go back to our instagram,and in our account we're going to make,ourselves a story,let's just take a picture of this,keyboard it doesn't really matter what,we put on this because this is just the,tool,and you guys can use this however you,see,best but just so we know that this is,the one that we've made right now,here's a nice love heart done post to my,story,let's check that it's there perfect so,here is my story,and let's go to the website and type in,our username here carrot celery peach,pair,and i'm going to show you how you can,view this story secretly,okay so the website that we the website,that we're going to go to,is it is this purple,looking website,it's got this cool arrow at the top,there is also a desktop version of this,so if you're using your laptop or your,computer,you can also use this website to get a,copy of people's instagram,stories so you can see here download,instagram stories

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Is Instagram revealing my stalkers?

Is Instagram revealing my stalkers?

- A lot of us have some wild ideas,about how Instagram works and it's probably,because we're confused why the app's arranged,in certain ways.,Like why is one person in my feed first versus someone else?,Or, more crucially, why is my crush always,at the top of my story viewers?,Is it because they're stalking my page?,Here's what I know.,Instagram has one billion users, including myself,,and the app hasn't been super forthcoming,about how its algorithm works.,The company treats it like it's the Coca-Cola recipe,or something, even a New York Times article,mentioned the stalker idea.,So how does Instagram rank people in stories,and in the app in general?,Does it actually show me the people who stalk me the most?,We went to Instagram to find out.,(medium-paced jazz music),That's Julian Gutman, product lead,for Instagram home, which includes,Instagram stories and the feed.,First things first, let's address the stalker myth.,- So the answer is, the people that show up,on that list are not the people that stalk you the most.,It's actually based on your activity,and people that you're closest to.,- All right, you heard that.,Instagram isn't going to show you,who's stalking you the most.,Instead, it's the people you're interacting with.,So if you go to your crush's page,or even your frenemy's page all the time,,it's likely they're going to show up,at the top of your story viewers.,- I think there are often these kind of situations,where there are a lot of confounding factors.,But you can kind of create a narrative around it,,maybe based on what you wanna think,or sort of what's interesting to you.,- It's totally possible that I'm projecting a narrative,onto my story viewers because,I'm actually the one stalking them.,Although I have to say I don't think I'm creeping that much,,so what else am I doing in the app,that makes Instagram think I care about these people?,- Do you visit their profile?,Do you like their feed posts?,Do you comment on their feed posts?,Do you view their stories?,- But Julian wouldn't get specific,about how certain interactions are weighted in the app.,Like whether a like is less significant,than a DM or a comment.,Or what happens if a DM is opened but not responded to?,How does that affect the algorithm?,Even what you do outside the app can affect your feed.,Like who you're connected to on Instagram's,parent company, Facebook.,Even still, I sometimes have random people,in my story viewers list that I barely know.,- Do you check the list multiple times?,If you check the list multiple times,it tries to show you a new set of people.,So it's trying to give you new information,every time you check the list.,- So if you're like me, and you check your story,multiple times after you first post it,,you're probably going to see new people,at the top of your viewers because Instagram,always wants you to have a new experience,when you open the app.,This whole strategy around showing,you relevant, interesting content led the company,to change its feed from chronological to algorithmic.,When this happened in 2016, Instagram said,people were missing 70% of posts in their feed,,so it wanted to optimize the 30% they did see.,Facebook's feed works the same way.,The algorithm's everywhere.,When that switch happened two years ago,,it was super controversial, but I actually like it.,The feed works as it's supposed to most of the time,,my best friend's posts populate at the top of my feed,,although because Instagram always wants,to show me new content, it sometimes refreshes,too quickly and I don't have a chance to scroll.,Okay, so I'm starting to understand,why I see certain people in certain places on the app,,even though Julian wouldn't get super granular.,He's guarding that algorithm.,Ultimately, it comes down to self-control.,Everything we do on the app molds the algorithm.,So maybe I shouldn't look at,my random Tinder date's profile.,I'd rather have my best friends at the top of my feed.,Resist the boy click.,If I were to guess why this myth exists,,it's probably because deep down,,we know that who we look at and stalk on Instagram,says a lot about our priorities and interests.,I don't want to admit that I look at my ex's profile,,but Instagram knows all our secrets.,Our interactions don't lie.,I just hope the app never actually exposes,my stalking habits.,Hey, thanks for watching.,If you haven't subscribed to The Verge yet,you should do that, and then you should,go check out our sister site, Eater.,They publish a series called the Kitchen Gadget Test Show,,which involves testing gadgets in the kitchen.,What could be better?

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Try THIS to increase your Instagram Story Views

Try THIS to increase your Instagram Story Views

if you're struggling to get the views,that you want on your instagram stories,then these three easy content ideas,might just be the solution it's not,about hacks or beating the algorithm,it's just about finding strategic and,intentional ways that you can create,content that people actually want to,engage with and i think that these three,ideas that i'm about to share are going,to be a really helpful starting point,for you so let's just dive right in,shall we okay so one of the most common,things that absolutely kills story,engagement is unfortunately when you,share your feed content directly to your,story you know the look just like a,carousel slide in the middle of a,vertical story frame now obviously this,sucks because as creators we want to be,able to get more reach for our feed,content by sharing it to our stories it,can be a good way to kind of boost the,initial eyes on your post and maybe get,some more engagement help get your feed,content more distribution but that only,works if your story views don't totally,plummet and people are watching your,stories and then you know going to look,at your feed posts right so i've found a,much better way to share your feed,content to your story in a way that's a,lot more organic engaging it feels like,a story so people aren't as likely to,just exit out or tap on past so let's,just pop over to my profile and let's,say that i want to share this post that,i made about how to repurpose your,youtube blog and podcast content for,instagram so obviously the normal way,would just be to tap that little share,button and then you know post it on my,story,like this but like i was saying that's,kind of boring so what we're gonna do,instead is i'm gonna discard this and,i'm gonna take a screenshot,of the post and i'm just gonna go ahead,and crop it so you can just see kind of,my username and the first slide of the,post we'll tap done,now what i'm going to do is i'm going to,go over and create a story so i'm going,to take a selfie and i'm just going to,point to an area of the screen where i'm,going to end up putting my post,okay so now i can tap on the sticker,tray i can go ahead and select a picture,sticker from my camera roll and i'm,going to use the one that i just took,right and then basically all i'm going,to do,is i'm going to add some text telling,people to go ahead and check out the,post,at this point you want to give a bit of,a preview of the value that people can,expect so that they're more likely to,actually tap through and go browse the,post,and then finally because this is kind of,an unconventional way of sharing story,content you want to add some kind of,prompt like tap here so that people know,that they can actually interact with the,sticker okay once you've got your design,complete you're going to tap those three,dots and hit save okay so now is the,part where we actually make it,interactive so it functions we're going,to go out of stories we're going to go,back to that post and tap share like you,normally would now you're going to,position this in the top corner in the,general area where,you put the sticker visually on your,last story that you just made then we're,going to tap the sticker tray again open,up camera roll and we're going to import,that vertical image as a sticker,then you just need to size it up,so that,it is the full size and finally you can,go ahead and,share it to your story i've done this a,number of times and i've shared them to,my ig updates highlight if you want to,check it out on my profile but basically,you can see then when you tap the little,preview of the post the little see post,pop-up comes up you can tap on that and,of course it takes you over to the post,here's just another quick example tap,there tap see post this is what your,followers can do to actually find their,way to your feed and scroll through that,feed content that you're sharing this is,a much more engaging way than just,straight up sharing the post to your,story because in general i find,especially for personal brands selfies,are going to be more engaging than just,a random post shared to the story and it,gives you a chance to kind of tee up,what the story is about give a little,bit of a preview to make people more,curious and want to tap through here's,the thing stories that are just an,endless slideshow of selfies,point of view shots like photos of what,you're seeing or even like videos of,what you're seeing or videos of you,talking to the camera they kind of get a,little bit boring a little bit samey so,what i want to recommend that you try is,actually shooting,some third-person b-roll of you,interacting in your environment in case,you're not a filmmaking nerd like me,then i'll tell you that b-roll basically,is just a term for any kind of clips in,a movie that don't tell like the a,narrative so you know when i'm talking,to you like this is an example of a-roll,but when i show you this clip over top,that would be an example of b-roll and i,use this principle of b-roll a

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How To Increase Instagram Story Views in 10 Minutes.

How To Increase Instagram Story Views in 10 Minutes.

i think it's fair to say that if you're,watching this video then you probably,aren't getting all of the instagram,stories views that you want to be,getting,now step one and the first thing we need,to think about is to manage expectation,i did a survey on my instagram and a,huge amount of people responded,and i found that the average person that,was you know doing quite well on their,stories was getting,about 10 that means that if they had a,thousand followers,they were getting 100 views on their,instagram stories some people were doing,a little better and getting around 20,and some people were getting about four,or five percent it really depends on the,type of content that they were putting,out but what we're going to do with the,tips in this video is we're going to,double our views we're going to,take the average 10 and we're going to,turn into 20 and i know we can do this,because i did it with my own,stories now the next thing we need to,think about is how many stories should,we be posting throughout the day,the short answer would be anything,between 5 and 15,posts per day that's something that i,feel personally is a good amount now it,really depends actually what you're,doing so for example if you are,traveling or if you are out on a,photography trip or you're,you know you're out doing something that,relates to your niche and you're in a,kind of high activity period,i think it's fine to post loads because,you're going to be actually doing lots,of,interesting things that your followers,will care about but if you are just,having a lazy day at home,maybe post a little bit less about that,because you know it may become,repetitive more quickly so that's,something to think about is,you know if i'm out on a photography,trip you know i'm going to post loads,if i'm just at home i probably won't you,know i might post about me having,breakfast or something but i'm not going,to be like i've got breakfast you know,brushing my teeth you know,getting my shoes on you know i'm,probably going to post less when there's,less going on so,consider that but you know short answer,5 to 15,posts a day something like that now,another important thing to do,and this is a little bit of a hack i,suppose is actually to space them out,throughout the day i think the average,person,is probably checking their instagram,every 30 minutes to,an hour so if you post every 30 minutes,to an hour,they're going that's going to put your,story right at the front every time they,open the app,if you post all 15 all in one go this,person,will tap on your stories watch them all,hopefully,and then you know then they won't see,you again because you're not you're not,posting,they've seen it all already whereas if,you were to post throughout the day,every time they pick up their phone,there's a new story to watch and that's,going to,give you more taps on your face at the,top there if your face is a profile,picture,so that's a really good thing to do is,to space it out throughout the day,now the next point and this is actually,a really interesting one and this is,start with something good so let's say i,haven't posted any stories and i,post something really good i will find,that i will get higher views on the,stories after that,if i've posted something good and the,same is true in the opposite sense,if i actually post something that's just,a little bit boring but i just felt like,posting it,then i have actually found that the,number of views that i get which is,lower,actually seems to correspond to the the,posts after that as well,so start with something good now the,next point i don't know whether this,really increases views or not but it is,a nice little hack that you can do,just remember that if you need to pack,loads of hashtags,into your stories or you need to put,loads of stickers in and mentions and,things like that,just remember that you can hide those,things with stickers you can,put them in and then put a sticker over,the top i think people have been doing,this for a long time so i'm not going to,dwell on it but just remember that you,can do that,now the next point and this you know,similar to the last one this is,you know getting really creative with,stories in fact you remember i said at,the beginning that i did a survey on,everyone's stories and what views they,were getting the way i did that was,actually quite interesting i used the,you know the slider and i added text to,it to make it a kind of,a bit of a gauge and i think a lot of,people actually just engaged with this,post because it was interesting and they,maybe not seen many people do it that,way,so if you can find a way to use all of,instagram stickers in a way that they're,maybe not intended to be used that's,really interesting,i think you probably drive more,engagement to your stories and that will,result in more views now i think the,next one goes without saying but that is,you know make your stories interactive,it's an absolute,definite that the more engagement that,your story gets th

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How to Increase Your Instagram Story Views & Engagement

How to Increase Your Instagram Story Views & Engagement

hey guys and welcome back to my Channel,today we're gonna be talking about six,tips to increase your Instagram story,views and engagement so this videos I've,done recently about Instagram stories,you guys have seemed to really really,love so we're gonna dive even deeper,into how exactly to get more views in,your stories to reach more people to get,more DMS more people interacting with,your stories all of those different,things I'm going to be talking about my,top six things that I think about and,how I get more views on my stories my,first tip right here is to be very,strategic about the first few stories,when you either haven't posted at all in,the last 24 hours or it's been a long,time since you've posted stories so what,I mean by this is those first few,stories are probably going to be what,most people see right it's also what,Instagram is gonna use to decide if they,should push your overall like all your,stories out to more of your followers,and so use those first few stories very,strategically in the sense of like think,about what kind of content is typically,very engaging for your audience what do,your like what typically gets more views,gets more DMS or interactions think,about those kinds of things and what,kinds of stories would be more,interesting and for me I know that a lot,of times just sharing about my life and,motherhood and all of that stuff over on,my Instagram account at stephanielink,case generally does really well and so I,also think about this in the sense of,like I want the content to be my own,content and not necessarily other,people's content for those first few,slides so like if I want to re-share a,post or a graphic or so we're gonna make,sure someone else's story I'm not,probably not gonna do that if I haven't,posted on my stories in like 20 hours,right I want those first few stories to,be like myself showing up on stories or,you know sharing something about what's,going on that day in my life but I don't,want the first two stories to be,something more irrelevant or more just,like re-sharing someone else's content,because at least for me those typically,don't do like as well as some of my own,original content and so I want to make,sure sure like I like incorporating,those into my stories as I go throughout,the day but this also kind of goes along,with think of your stories as a story,right and so what makes sense to have at,the beginning of a set of stories,probably not sharing someone else's,content probably makes a lot more sense,to you know kind of start with the,beginning of the day and share something,that's going to catch someone's,attention a little bit more my second,tip here for increasing views and,engagement on your stories is to,experiment and this might seem like a,really simple tip but I think it's,something that a lot of us don't do,enough is to Simply experiment with,sharing content and understand that not,every single piece of content you share,whether it's stories or something else,is going to blow up and be the best,piece of content you've ever shared,right which is why it's important to not,only look at views but also make sure,it's something that relates to your,Niche and Their audience is actually,going to like but I want to encourage,you to just experiment and try sharing,different stories maybe re-sharing other,people's like graphic posts does work,really well with your audience or maybe,there's a certain type of story you,notice does really well on your account,and we'll actually talk more later about,that analyzing your analytics and how,you can do that but definitely just give,yourself that permission to experiment,and to try different things and try,sharing different types of stories maybe,if you've never shown up on stories like,talking to the camera try that and see,if that resonates well with your,audience maybe if you've never tried,doing a q a with a bunch of written,texts your audience can read and learn,about try doing that I found that works,really well for my audience I've,Incorporated that more into my content,recently so just give yourself that,permission like even if something flops,it doesn't mean that it failed it means,that you're just learning and you can,take that and use that to help guide,your content in the future my third tip,here is to use Instagram's story,features Instagram absolutely loves it,when we take advantage of the features,that they've provided to us within the,apps and specifically with stories you,think about the Emoji sliders question,boxes polls quizzes all of those,different things are amazing ways to to,not only take advantage of the features,that Instagram has given to us but also,those things genuinely do help Drive,engagement on your stories and people,actually tapping and engaging with your,story which tells Instagram that people,are liking your story and then they'll,and then in turn push it out to more of,your followers another really fun,feature that Instagram has been doing,recently or has recently come out

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Use This NEW Hashtag Strategy To Go VIRAL on Instagram in 2023 (NOT WHAT YOU THINK)

Use This NEW Hashtag Strategy To Go VIRAL on Instagram in 2023 (NOT WHAT YOU THINK)

the first hashtag strategy that you need,to be implementing on Instagram right,now to go viral is one to two hashtags,now the reason that you want to use one,to two hashtags is because way too many,of you are putting way too many hashtags,you're putting 10 20 30 hashtags and it,actually ruins Instagram's ability to,see what audiences should be pushing,your content to you see the reason that,Instagram uses hashtags is to determine,who they should actually be pushing your,content to so if you use too little of,them AKA use none of them they have no,idea to push a content to and if you use,too many of them which I'm going to,share with you later on in this video,exactly how many you can use and it's,going to be the reason that it,completely dilutes Instagram's ability,to actually push out your content and,for a lot of you this is why you're not,getting views right now but in addition,to that there are two other practices,that you need to be implementing right,now which are going to be the best,hashtag strategies to be using in fact,the last hashtag strategy that I share,with you in this video is by far the,best one that you need to be using so,please make sure you stick around for it,but before we could dive into that I,need you to smash that subscribe button,if you want to go quicker on Instagram,Tick Tock or YouTube I literally upload,a video about how to grow on these,platforms every single day in addition,to that I created a free Instagram,growth course you can get at the link in,the pin comment below it's going to,share with you things like the best time,to be posting on Instagram right now,because that has also changed for 2023,and it could be a factor as to why,you're not getting views so please go to,the link in the pin comment below get,into it right now it is 100 free what,are you waiting for now before I can,tell you the other two hashtag,strategies so you need to make sure,you're implementing it I need to make,sure that you're actually choosing the,right hashtags because just using one or,two hashtags or the hashtag strategies I,share with you later it's not enough you,also need to make sure that you're,choosing the right hashtags for your,Niche because if you're not it's going,to be the reason that you're not getting,more followers or more views in fact,this Creator just implemented these,hashtag strategies gained over 10 000,followers in just a few weeks and this,Creator in over 70 000 followers in less,than 30 days and the same thing can,happen to you so when it comes to the,hashtags what you need to be doing is,focusing on the quality of the hashtags,that you're choosing you need to be,choosing hashtags that are actually,relevant to whatever you're posting,about and they need to have a lot of,reach behind them way too many creators,right now especially small creators are,listening to bad advice and essentially,what you're doing is creating your own,hashtag or trying to use small hashtags,in order to rank for it that's one of,the worst things that you could possibly,do what you need to be doing is going,after the big hashtags for two reasons,one they have the most audience behind,them so what does this mean it means,that Instagram knows that if you use,hashtag Fitness well then that's a huge,Fitness audience and that's your you're,trying to reach on top of that these,large hashtags a lot of people follow,them for example you might be following,the Cavapoo hashtag you might be,following hashtag Ferrari or whatever,the case is and essentially what's going,to end up happening is when creators use,that two things are going to happen one,The Reel is going to get pushed to that,audience or the second thing is that,those people that follow those hashtags,actually see posts from under those,hashtags on their feed and on their,explore page so what does this mean it,means that you're going to increase your,reach by actually using those larger,hashtags don't worry about ranking for,hashtags right now that is an Instagram,strategy that worked two or three years,ago it doesn't work anymore today so I,would not be focusing on it instead you,need to make sure you're using the,second hashtag strategy which is going,to be using five to six hashtags you,heard that right the first one one of,two hashtags the second five to six,hashtags and there's still one more that,is the best hashtag strategy if you want,to go viral right now especially as a,small account but before we could get,into that I need to make sure that you,are not making the mistakes that I see,so many creators making right now on,Instagram and part of that is not post,Instagram reels so many of you are still,not posting reels and you need to,understand something it is easier to,grow on Instagram right now than it ever,has been before you heard that right,easier now than it ever has been before,I know you have friends you have,competitors that blew up in 2022 there's,a bigger opportunity to blow up on,Instagram in 2023 because Instagram is,moving mor

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These Instagram STORY Hacks Will 3x Your Views Instantly

These Instagram STORY Hacks Will 3x Your Views Instantly

there are some rumors out there that the,first instagram story of your day needs,to be a poll because that's what the,algorithm favors and i see that get,repeated all over and over again so in,the past few months i did some research,tracking stories from some of my clients,trying to spot patterns and then trying,to rework through story strategy and the,results were pretty interesting my,friends because seems like you can,actually and easily 3x your story views,by just implementing this simple yeah,let's just call it two and a half step,process and uh what a lot of people,don't know instagram insights have some,pretty interesting stats that help you,tweak your story strategy and even up,your regular content game outside of,your store pretty interesting by the way,all the things that we talk about here,today come straight from my program the,ig black fox the road map if you will,for growing a successful brand on,instagram with over 100 core lessons,talking about audience development,growth strategies the algorithm quite a,bit we also have a bunch of bonus,courses in there and access to me,personally in our mentorship community,and a lot more but we still have a few,spots available but they are closing in,pretty fast so by the time you watch,this we might be close already link is,down in the description now looking at,all the data that i got there's more or,less two and a half steps that you could,do to actually really maximize your,story gain number one,the 24-hour rule a big mistake people,make is constantly having stories on,their profile because they read it,somewhere on the internet or because i,said it at some point somehow,always have a story because stories are,important for audience development for,selling for building a relationship and,so forth so they're like i always have,to have a story in there to not lose,track of my audience the problem with,this though is the story algorithm and,this goes actually hand in hand with the,rumor that having a poll as your first,story of the day will boost your ring,because for the instagram algorithm the,story algorithm the first story of the,day is the most important one and this,single one determines your subsequent,reach of all the other stories that are,about to follow meaning if people just,don't respond the way that they should,to the first story for example by,exiting out of the stories in general or,forwarding to the next account you're,gonna lose a ton of traction and it,actually really could be a lot like i,said it seems like the fluctuation on,the story reached recently has been,bigger than it now we're gonna talk,about how to optimize for this first,story in a second but and this is very,important if you don't have a break in,your stories meaning there's absolutely,no story of you right there online this,first story stat will actually never,reset and you're sort of in the downward,spiral for multiple reasons that would,be too complicated to get into so it's,really important to always let your,stories expire at the end of the day and,have a short break of at least one two,three hours to reset this you know,mostly internal stats now smart kids are,gonna be like well,how is it gonna be reset what if i,delete the stories will this whole thing,be reset as well and guess what yeah it,seems like this works as well if you see,for example your first story of the day,isn't really responding that well uh or,even later ones just delete the story,wait a bunch of hours and you're gonna,see the stats gonna be reset because,there's less bad data actually coming in,uh to your story so the algorithm won't,sort of penalize you that much penalize,penalize,weird words and here's where it gets,actually really really interesting,because you can actually figure this,whole thing out,right inside your instagram app now i'm,sure you've heard about the term,defining your key story right,no obviously no if you said yes you're a,liar because i've never talked about it,publicly and i sort of invented this,term but basically this is where this,poll in the beginning hack comes into,play yet again because while for lots of,people polls work really well in terms,of engagement and you know all the,metrics it's not necessarily true for,everybody especially with this rapidly,changing algorithm that closely monitors,how your audience reacts to whatever,content that you put out and i,personally believe everybody has,multiple story formats their audience,just likes a little bit more or a lot,more and it's definitely changing from,time to time as well so keep that in,mind so here comes the beautiful thing,about this instagram tells you almost,all of their stats that they have from,your stories in the insights and it's,always been there you just never look so,if you go in there in your story stats,the first thing you can see is that you,can have up to two years worth of data,for your stories which is a lot more,than generally remember you can just,have 90 days for your regular posts but,storie

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