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How To Know Who VIEWS & STALKS Your Instagram (Without An App)what is up y'all it's your boy jake he

Jake Tilk

Updated on Jan 10,2023

How To Know Who VIEWS & STALKS Your Instagram (Without An App)

what is up y'all it's your boy jake here,have you ever wondered who views my,instagram profile and who views my,instagram stories,well i've got the answer for you maybe,you have a crush or somebody that you,like and you don't want them to know hey,they're creeping on me well you're gonna,get all the answers in this video so,let's get into it so to preface this my,name is jake i'm an instagram marketing,master with over 250 000 followers on,instagram and i'm also a digital,marketing manager,for a living so make sure you smash that,like button drop that subscribe and i'd,love to have you join our community also,our discord server is now live for the,whole community to join,so make sure you check that out link is,down in the description so there's this,theory running around that the people,who actually stalk your instagram,profile the most are the people that,interact with your profile the most and,while,that is true to some extent let's get,into a little experiment that was run by,some people on reddit,so let's start this off by going into,those third-party applications that you,might download that tell you hey here,are your instagram stalkers and hey here,are the people who view your instagram,profile,and stories the most are real well those,those applications aren't real,whatsoever they're completely fake,because,instagram doesn't even give you that,information why would they give,a third-party company that distinct,information,so there are some theories to actually,test this out and a couple people on,reddit decided to actually run an,experiment,and what they did was they created a,brand new instagram account,and what they did with that brand new,instagram account was viewed their other,friends account,and interacted with that account they,didn't do anything else the the other,person whose account they're viewing did,not interact back or else it would ruin,the experiment to see,if that is actually somebody who's,stalking their account because if one,person is not interacting with the other,side then that means that it's just a,loyal follower and then you can see,who's actually like,stalking your profile so let's get into,this experiment that they ran on reddit,so i tried a little experiment with a,friend of mine,said one reddit user in fact for a few,days i visited,his profile a lot each day and i told,him not to visit my profile,at all after i did this for almost a,week,my friend uploaded a story and guess who,was on top of the list,me so after reading this it kind of,points to the person who's actually,interacting and on our profile the most,is actually the person who's gonna pop,up on the top,let's continue with the story so to,follow up this data,i created another account using a,different email address and stocked my,own original profile,every day said another reddit user i,watched all of my stories multiple times,and went right back to the beginning,of my profile but i didn't see anything,so it would appear like an anonymous,stalker,after three days of solidly checking my,original profile,my new account became the first one in,the view list,and dropped to the second when my,current top viewer had seen,the story so after reading the second,part of the story we have some empirical,evidence,that the first story is actually,factually true,now moving forward with this story it,gets pretty juicy,paige cohen who currently works in,communications at instagram and,previously worked in a senior position,at lyft in communications,kind of gave us a little bit of insight,into the way this actually works,she said similar to the feed stories are,ordered based on which moments you'll,care about most the order is determined,based on a number of signals,including the likelihood you'll be,interested in the content,timeliness of the posts and your,relationships to the person posting,the technology is powered by machine,learning which is adaptive,to your behavior and improves over time,so,given that this is powered by machine,learning we know that it's not perfect,but we also know,that with machine learning and,artificial intelligence,then we might actually be given,information and we really just dissect,this information we can get out of it,what we want but here's where it really,gets juicy because she added that,profile visits are considered,as well as likes and comments so this,actually confirms that the theory is,true and we don't know to what degree,it's true so if you actually want to,test this out i highly recommend testing,this out on your instagram followers,yourself so now that we know who views,your instagram whether it's your profile,and your stories we've got all the,information figured out,make sure you guys test this out for,yourself because we can't actually,confirm if it's true and instagram would,never actually confirm this information,for us,but you know i might have actually just,ruined it and your crush might actually,know you're stalking them now so,make sure you tell me what you think,about this do

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How to Know Who Views Your Instagram Profile ? Know Your Stalkers !!!

How to Know Who Views Your Instagram Profile ? Know Your Stalkers !!!

우린 10년 만에 700억을 벌었어,어떻게 그럴 수 있었을까,웰컴투 필리핀입니다

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See Who VIEWS your Instagram & Stalks YOU! (SECRET ANALYTICS)

See Who VIEWS your Instagram & Stalks YOU! (SECRET ANALYTICS)

yo what's going on you guys so today i'm,going to show you this insane way to go,ahead and see your instagram stalkers,and these are going to be some analytics,that you normally do not get to see at,all but basically it's going to show you,who is viewing your instagram profile,like consistently,and you're going to be able to see who's,constantly checking your posts out even,if they're not liking them,you're still going to be able to go,ahead and see who is stalking your,account,looking at your old posts um even if,it's like very very old posts and stuff,like that you can see who's scrolling,all the way down on your posts and stuff,guys,and the way we're gonna be doing this is,actually really simple it's a really,simple tutorial i'm gonna show you guys,exactly how to do it but we're gonna be,using this app called,instagram plus plus um and basically,it's like a tweaked app that i'm gonna,show you guys,all how to download on your ios and,android devices later on in the video,um and it allows us to go ahead and get,these like secret analytics that are,normally not available on the instagram,app,like nobody on instagram actually has,this it's only available on this,instagram plus plus version and as you,guys could see it's pretty simple to go,ahead and do so,it looks exactly like instagram because,it technically is it's just like has,some mod advanced,features and the way we're gonna be able,to see your stalkers is next to your,like name in the top here,there's gonna be like this little eye,and if you go and tap on that,it's actually going to go ahead and tell,you like who has been stocking your,account in the last 24 hours,um and there's a setting you can go to,change to see like if you want to see,like the all-time stalkers or like the,weekly or the daily,i just have it set right now to 24 hours,because um you know i guess that's like,more recent so i guess it would be more,interesting to know who's recently,stalking you,um but you guys can go and check out the,all time but uh basically as you can see,it shows that,eight people are looking at my stuff uh,you know like,actually actively looking at my account,in the past 24 hours,and if you're going to tap on these like,little three dots right here it will,actually pull up some more specific,um you know analytics and tell us like,what do they look at how long did they,look at it they send it out to anyone,like via dms,and if they screenshot anything it will,actually go ahead and tell you a lot,more so,i'm not going to show that in this video,because you know like it tells you their,username so i don't want to like,you know like expose these people on,youtube like that,um otherwise i can get like a strike or,something but yeah i just wanted to show,you guys how it works so what i'm gonna,go ahead and do now,is just go ahead and show you all how to,download this instagram plus plus app,on your ios and android devices guys so,you can go ahead and do this yourselves,um so let's go and get right into it so,the first thing that we have to go and,do guys before we can actually install,this app is we have to go ahead and make,sure that our device is prepared for the,install,and what i mean by this is we got to go,ahead and change some settings really,quick on our ios and android devices,so to do this is simple if you guys are,on an ios device just open up the,settings app,and what we're going to want to go ahead,and do guys just go ahead and scroll,down until you find a battery,so as you guys can see batteries right,here and what we have to go to do now,is just go ahead and tap on battery like,that and you're going to see the low,power mode right you're just going to,want to make sure that you guys have the,low power mode option turned off like,that,and once you guys have done that you're,going to want to get out of battery and,then stay in settings still and go ahead,now and scroll up a bit and find general,all right so once we're in general you,guys are now going to want to go ahead,and look for the about option,so click on about and this is going to,pull up like all the specific details of,your ios device,and you guys are going to want to look,at your software version really quick,and make sure that you guys are above,ios 10 on your ios device,the reason we have to do this guys is,because instagram plus plus like the app,that i'm showing you all how to download,is not compatible with ios devices below,ios 10 so,make sure you guys are above ios 10 and,you should be fine and good to go,um now if you guys are on an android,device there is a setting that we also,have to change but those were all the,ios settings so just make sure you guys,did them,but if you're on android you also have,to go and change the setting which is,going to be found in battery,and then in battery you're going to want,to look for the battery saver on your,android device,and what you guys have to go to do now,is just make sure that you have the,battery saver turn,off on your android phone guys and

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You Can SEE who VIEWS/STALKS your Instagram! (HERES HOW)

You Can SEE who VIEWS/STALKS your Instagram! (HERES HOW)

yo what is going on everybody so today,i'm going to show you all how to see,your frequent visitors and stalkers on,your instagram account,so this is going to allow you to see who,keeps on visiting your accounts even if,they're not liking any of your posts or,viewing your stories,you're going to be able to see like how,much time they spend on your account,if they're sending out any of your posts,to like people in dms,and also if they're screenshotting any,of your posts and pretty much anyone,who's,stalking your account guys so it's gonna,be pretty cool i'm gonna show you,exactly how to do this on ios and,android,um really quickly before we get started,with the tutorial make sure you guys,leave a like on the video and subscribe,and now let's get right into the,tutorial,alrighty guys so now it's time we get,started with the tutorial on how to go,ahead and see,um who's stalking our account and see,our frequent visitors and stuff like,that guys,and the way we're gonna be doing this is,all with the instagram plus plus app so,basically this is like a tweaked version,of the instagram app it has a lot more,features in it that are not available on,the instagram app,um such as being able to see your,freaking visitors and see a bunch of,other cool things so i'm going to show,you guys how it works,and then i'll show you all how to,download it on ios and android so let's,go ahead and open up this bad boy,and as you guys can see this is my,account if you guys want to go ahead and,follow me,i definitely will be following you guys,back but anyways,here is the feature that allows us to go,ahead and do our stoppers so as you guys,can see there's this like,um i logo right here and this is,basically like the spy feature on the,instagram app,and when you go ahead and tap on that,you guys are going to see what pops up,so as you guys can see it's showing me,the stalkers of my accounts,in the last 24 hours so this pretty much,shows me who has viewed my account in,the last 24 hours,and also if you tap the three dots here,it will tell me like more details about,what they looked at,how long they stayed on the photos so,that's pretty cool too like it tells you,how many,photos he looked at which photos they,looked at like what was the duration,like if they stayed on it for five,minutes an hour you know this thing or,if they like,and it also tells you if they sent out,any of your photos to people in dms,um so yeah you're gonna be able to see a,lot of things behind the scenes with,this app guys but,it only shows you like the stalkers for,the last 24 hours and then after 24,hours it refreshes again and shows you,who the new stalkers are,but in the last 24 hours i've had eight,stalkers so as you can see these are the,eight people who looked at my account,and,looked at my posts and stuff now i don't,want to show more of the details because,obviously i want to give these people,their privacy but yes these are the,people,who are stalking my account so it's,pretty cool but anyways now i'm gonna go,ahead and show you guys exactly how to,download this app so you can go ahead,and see,who is stocking your um your instagram,profile so the first thing that we have,to go to do guys is just simply make,sure that our device is ready for the,install on ios and android,and what i remember this is we have to,go to make sure that our device is,compatible with the app so,if you're in ios what we're going to,want to do is open up the settings app,over here,and you guys are going to want to go,ahead and scroll down until you find,general,and in general you guys are going to,want to look for the background app,refresh setting,and you're just simply going to want to,make sure that you guys have this turned,on to wi-fi,and sell your data so as you guys can,see i do have it turned on so that's,perfect,then once you guys have done that you're,going to want to go ahead and look for,the setting that says battery,and you're just going to want to make,sure that your low power mode option on,your,ios device is turned off so as you guys,can see i do have it off and we're good,to go on that,now that is going to be all the settings,that we have to change on ios,and if you guys are on an android device,we also have to go and change some,settings really quick as well if you,want to download the instagram plus plus,app,so go ahead and open up the settings app,on your android device,and you guys are going to want to look,for where it says battery,in batter you guys gonna want to look,for this setting that's called um,battery savers so you're just gonna,wanna make sure that you guys have this,turned off so as you can see i just,turned it off successfully,and that's perfect now um if you don't,see this setting on your android device,guys you could actually just skip this,step instead of worrying about it,basically it's like the low power mode,of the android devices you're just going,to want to make sure you have it off but,if you can't find it like i said you,could just skip it,

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How to Know Who Views Your Instagram Profile Free | See People Who Viewed Your Instagram in 2020

How to Know Who Views Your Instagram Profile Free | See People Who Viewed Your Instagram in 2020

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How To Know Who Views Your Instagram Profile

How To Know Who Views Your Instagram Profile

hey guys trevor here and in this video,i'm going to walk you through how to,know who viewed your instagram profile,it's pretty quick and easy so let's jump,right in,so if you're on instagram and you want,to know kind of who's checking out your,profile similar what linkedin does,linkedin shows you exactly who's viewed,your profile,recently,and you can kind of see and interact,with those people,now let's open up instagram here,and there are a couple different tricks,to be able to try to get to who viewed,your profile the first trick that you,can use,is you can post a story,so i posted a recent story,and at the very bottom you can see scene,by one and it will say seen by however,many people i just posted this but you,can tap on that and it says viewers and,it'll show you exactly who's seen that,so they haven't necessarily seen your,profile but they've seen your story and,potentially then gone over to your,profile so this is one way that,instagram gives you a sense of who's,viewed your posts or your stories or,anything and thus maybe has viewed your,profile,the other thing let's just get out of,here,the other thing you can do is you can go,to your profile and if you've posted a,photo recently you can tap on that photo,and see who's liked it so you can see,the whole list of everybody that's liked,that photo,and,that'll give you again a sense of who's,viewed your profile but it won't be,exactly correct,now,the last way that i'll kind of,let you see who's viewed your profile,and really it'll give you an indication,of who wants to see your profile,is you can tap on the three lines at the,top right here,and then we will head into settings,and then the third option you can see is,privacy so we'll tap on that,now at the very top it says private,account you can see that i have it,turned on,and what this means is if you're not,following me and i haven't approved you,as a follower,if you go to my profile you won't be,able to see any of my photos or anything,like that i'll have to approve it and,you'll have to request to follow me,now if somebody goes on to my account,and their request to follow me that's a,clear indication that somebody has,viewed my profile,and from there i know that they've kind,of seen everything but they obviously,can't access all the videos and photos,and everything i can approve them but,that is the only way to definitively,know if somebody has seen your profile,otherwise instagram just doesn't share,that data,however if they've gone on your profile,and they've said follow or request to,follow me i know they've been on my,profile and i can approve them or i,cannot i can delete it if i want to,hope this helps let us know if you have,any questions in the comments below make,sure to subscribe thanks

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How to Know Who Views Your Instagram Profile! (SEE YOUR STALKERS)

How to Know Who Views Your Instagram Profile! (SEE YOUR STALKERS)

hey guys in this video i'm gonna show,you how to go ahead and check who views,your profile,on instagram guys we're gonna use an app,called instagram plus plus to do this it,works on both iphone,and android so i'm gonna open it on my,iphone just so you guys can see,so as you can see right here it says,check profile,views so you can literally see who is,going onto your instagram account,who is looking at it so i'm going to,show you guys how to do this on,iphone first and then i'm going to show,you guys how to download this if you,have an android phone,so i'm going to go ahead and delete it,just so i can show you guys to download,it you have to go ahead and open up the,settings app on your iphone so let me,just go ahead and do that right here,now once you're in settings there's,three distinct options that we need to,look into,now the first thing we're going to look,at is down in the general section,so let me just go down to general and,once you're there,there's an important setting that you,have to make sure is turned on this is,called,background app refresh background app,refresh has to be on,it allows apps to refresh their content,and you can have it on either wi-fi or,wi-fi and mobile data it doesn't matter,just make sure it is turned on now once,you've done that all you have to do is,go down to where it says battery so go,to the battery section,and make sure that low power mode is off,now you'll know this is on because your,battery percentage will turn yellow,so make sure that low power mode is,turned off and once you've done that all,you have to do is go down to where it,says app store,this is the final setting so go to app,store and once you're in there,make sure that automatic downloads is,turned on now this should be on by,default but if it is off make sure you,go ahead and turn it on,now once you've done all that you're,pretty much good to go all you have to,do now is go to this amazing website,called, that's right,this site is a bunch of different mods,for apps and games but what i like to do,when i'm looking for a specific app or,game is go with the search bar and type,it in,so that's what i'm going to do right,here i'm going to go ahead and type in,instagram plus plus so let me just do,that right here and you can see it comes,up in the search results,this is also the latest version now to,download it onto your device what you,have to do is press the blue button that,says install,and it will download right away now it's,going to say,signing instagram ipa now if you don't,know,an ipa is the file extension for any app,on iphone so you'll know it's,downloading the iphone version,it also says installing in the corner so,just wait until this progress bar,reaches the end,and it should be available on your,device so let's just give it a minute,for this to finish as you can see,almost there almost there it's almost,done it does take a little bit but,it's not that long of a process so once,this is done it's going to start loading,this little circle,and you just have to wait for this to,finish and once that's over it's,basically going to ask you to install a,configuration profile,so let's just give it a minute and as,you can see right here,any second now it's going to load all,right you can see the loading bar at the,top,this website is trying to download a,configuration profile do you want to,allow this so what you have to do,is go ahead and press allow and it will,say profile downloaded now press close,go into settings and we need to install,the profile so,let me go with the settings app and what,you need to do at the top is find the,option that says profile downloaded,go ahead and press on that and then all,you have to do is go ahead and press,install you can see right there it says,instagram plus,plus so press install it's going to ask,you for your iphone passcode so just put,that in,once you've done that all you have to do,is press install again,so do that and then press install in red,this is the final prompt,go back to your home screen and you,should now see instagram plus plus on,your device,so now i'm going to show you guys how to,download this if you have an android,phone because the guide is a little bit,different for android users,so let me just go ahead and put down my,iphone and i'm going to show you what to,do,so if you want to get this on android,you have to go ahead and open up the,settings app so,go to settings and once you're there,what you need to do is go to the search,bar and we have to search for,unknown apps this is very important guys,so go to the search bar and type in,unknown apps so let me just go ahead and,do that right here as you can see,and once you type this in it's going to,bring up an option called install,unknown apps,and you have to make sure guys that this,is turned on now it does depend on apps,so we are focusing on the web browser,that we're using to download this,so go to install unknown apps and once,you're in there scroll down,until you see r

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How to See Who Views/Stalks Instagram Profile 2021 (Work 100%)

How to See Who Views/Stalks Instagram Profile 2021 (Work 100%)

hi,everyone i hope you are having a great,day today and welcome back to my another,video,on this tutorial i'm gonna show you how,to see who fills your instagram profile,a social network is a platform that,helps you to connect to new people,all over the world if you are an,avid instagram user you probably want to,know who,feel my instagram profile or maybe,you want to know who starts you on,instagram,the question is can you really see who,fill your instagram profile yes,i want to show you how the tricks works,the first time you need a computer,please,install opera on your computer right now,i don't know this trick work on any,browser,like savary google chrome or firefox,but i recommend you to use opera to try,this trick,right now okay open on,opera,and log into your instagram,then go to your profile,right click on profile and select spec,source,on pictures then click online,wrap text on the top,when you check line wrap you will see a,lot of,code that is pictures,if you uncheck land wrap the code will,be hidden,this is a feeder of opera shoulder cord,i don't know this feeder have on any,browser,but i i recommend you to use this opera,please press ctrl with f,to search text and type owner id,you will see a friend will fill your,profile,maybe you will see your own username,so you need to search again and scroll,down to see,a friend will stalk you,and copy an id from the card then,open and add the id,that you copied,and click enter you will see will start,you on instagram right now,okay if you want to see other stalkers,please return to the source page and,find another username id,and copy the id and open,do this if you want to see stalkers on,your instagram profile,oh,if you are an iphone user you can use,third party application,that can be download from app store,you can try one by one the woo view my,instagram,application in the app store,please just try,so,okay thanks for watching this video,please subscribe this channel for more,updates,see you on the next tutorial bye

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