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Llegando de entrenar 😅 #parati #fyp
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Llegando de entrenar 😅 #parati #fyp

# parati # fyp

Time: 27s

Post: 04.02.2021

M I L A 🎀

Followers: 468.3K

Videos: 414

  • Views

    M I L A 🎀's Avg.Views=414

  • Likes

    M I L A 🎀's Avg.Views=6.1K

  • Comments

    M I L A 🎀's Avg.Views=7

  • Shares

    M I L A 🎀's Avg.Views=8

  • Likes/Views

    M I L A 🎀's Avg.Views=38.7017%

  • Comments/Views

    M I L A 🎀's Avg.Views=0.0397%

  • Shares/Views

    M I L A 🎀's Avg.Views=0.0481%

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