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View Private Instagram Viewer 2022 - How To View Private Accounts On Insta 2022 [ iOS / Android ]

yo what is going on guys today i'm going,to show you how to spy instagram,profiles and this works both in android,and ios but before we start i'm going to,show you how it works and that it,actually can be used on any instagram,account and i have found an account,online which we will be testing together,so as i said earlier this works both in,ios and android so let's just start by,firstly looking at the account that we,are going to be spying together so this,is it this is the account that we will,spy let me just show you again it's a,very active account of a girl that i,found online you can actually spy on the,profile and then you're gonna actually,send messages follow the account and way,more and as i said this works in ios and,android so as you can see here the,account is private i can actually not,send a message or follow it so let me,show you how it's done how to get,instagram plus plus on android and ios,but before we do let me open instagram,plus plus at this very moment the,modified version of the app which is,over here,now the app works easily because you can,simply open the app and start looking,for the account that you want to spy so,open it like this and then once the,account has been opened you see it opens,with the with the account that you have,actually logged in with and then if you,go to the search bar and start searching,the account that you want to spy even,though it's a private one it can be,accessed online so here we are i'm just,gonna go on and access my account right,now,all right i'm almost in there i'm,searching for the account that i showed,you earlier and then we will see it,together so here it is,and yep i can message the account i can,see the photos and way more i can follow,it and everything is free of charge so,this works both in ios and android,devices but if you are in an ios device,to get the app installed there is a,couple of settings that you need to,change on your phone just to prepare it,for the installation of instagram plus,plus and if you are on android then,there is no settings that you need to,change android users skip to the part,where i open the browser and show you,where and how to get the app for ios,first you need to make sure that your,orientation is locked just like this and,once you've locked orientation you need,to go to settings,and when you are at the settings window,go to general settings and find,background app refresh and make sure,that it's turned on you need to change,the settings for the installation to be,successfully completed because if you,don't change them then you won't be able,to install the app,secondly once you've made sure that,background app refresh is on like that,then you need to simply go back and find,the battery tab,make sure that the battery settings are,actually on low power mode off so if,it's on for you like this you need to,tap on it to turn off low power mode,once you're done with all these three,settings let me show you how to get the,app both in android and ios and all you,need to do is then you need to open your,browser and go to this website that i'm,going to show you right now,so the website is the one over here and,it is, so is the,website that you know to go and once you,are on, to find instagram plus plus,is very easy you can either go on on the,featured apps and find it at the top,or you can just scroll down until you,find the app which is the second,option or the best option in my opinion,is by using the search bar so if you go,to the search bar and start typing,instagram you're gonna see that,instagram plus plus is gonna show up and,it's gonna look just like this so now,when you find the app it's gonna be very,easy for you you need to simply tap on,it,you need to tap on instagram plus plus,and it's gonna send you in installation,window,alright so now once you find it tap on,the download now button to basically,start downloading and getting these,instagram plus plus modified which,allows you to actually spy on profiles,now for the installation to be,successfully completed you will be,redirected in a new window where you,need to complete a couple of more steps,which are very well explained and then,once you complete this extra steps only,then you'll be able to get instagram,plus on your phone and afterwards you'll,be able to actually spy on profiles now,i cannot show you these tabs because i,have already completed them and you can,do that only once but in the end this is,how the app is gonna look like you'll be,able to get instagram plus plus both in,android and ios and once you open the,app this is how it's gonna look like so,guys thanks for watching have a good day,don't forget to like and subscribe for,more tutorials,you

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Prince Harry Explains Why He Went Public With His Family Drama | The View

Prince Harry Explains Why He Went Public With His Family Drama | The View

Prince Harry is on a media tour to,promote his upcoming autobiography spare,and he's done a handful of interviews,with New Revelations about his Rift with,the Royals and his hopes for the future,take a look I genuinely believe,that if me and my family can reconcile,can put all differences behind us but,first there needs to be conversation and,accountability and if that doesn't,happen then that's very sad in the Oprah,interview you accuse members of your,family of racism you don't even of the,British press said that for me the,difference is unconscious bias and,racism but if that if you are called out,for unconscious bias you need to make,that right you wrote I even wanted,Camila to be happy maybe she'd be less,dangerous if she was happy,how was she dangerous because of the,need for her to rehabilitate her image,now there's no comment from Buckingham,Palace but the auth,or virtual family tell all is speaking,out President Reagan's daughter Patty,Davis she wrote an op-ed warning Harry,that she regrets going public with,allegations against her family,so I mean what is she saying that she,maybe regrets telling so much about her,family yeah she said she had apologized,to her dad practically in his deathbed,while he he already had Alzheimer's but,he still had a little bit of,Consciousness and she said she regretted,having been so public and not trying to,address some of these things privately,before and that you know sitting in,silence and reflecting,is a good thing and I think look I think,that's a,I think that's good advice for so many,families this is a royal family and that,makes them public and that makes them,famous but there's there's so many,families across the world that are,dealing with Blended marriages that are,dealing with uniting children that are,dealing with Affairs and not Affairs and,messy divorces and Trauma and and,sibling rivalry and and I think frankly,what Harry's doing is maybe good for,himself and his internal healing but I,think it's making the healing of those,wounds more difficult it's his life it's,his choice yeah I think um you know I I,was always taught you're as sick as your,secrets,um I was always taught that by my mom in,particular and I remember when I,approached her about writing a memoir,because I did write a memoir and it was,filled with some stories about family,and friends and pain and vulnerability,and addiction and she didn't she was,upset about the book interestingly,enough even though she was someone who,you know,encouraged me but I think it was because,her remember her memory of Our Lives was,different than my memory but I think,that you get to own your truth and own,your memory and write that down,um I I don't think that you stay quiet,for fear of upsetting people I don't,think that you don't tell your Truth for,fear,um of of anything like that and so you,know the royal family he made clear has,done a number on him they have hidden,the truth and they've hidden his truth,and um I think this is probably a,healing thing for him at least maybe for,his wife and there has to be,accountability on the Royals families,part when it comes to this unconscious,bias and this racism that we've seen,numerous times and when you talk about,reconciliation even in commissions when,we're talking about the Holocaust or,we're talking about anything like that,it's Truth and Reconciliation,Truth and Reconciliation are what those,boards have and that's what I think he's,asking for he's asking for Truth and,Reconciliation and without the two it,just doesn't happen well Patty Davis,interoped this is Ronald Reagan's,daughter was saying what she seemed to,be saying was work through it before you,speak of it almost like there's some,healing to be done before you write a,book and I don't know when that time is,there's not a right answer but I think,she was saying that she ended up feeling,differently on some of those things as,she kind of worked through it matured,healed and then wrote it because you,can't really dial that back and so I,tend to think that I wouldn't fault,anyone for writing what their truth is,or their lived experience or anything,else but there are consequences for that,and I think in my experiences with my,own family I've never been on this level,of royalty or anything like that but if,I were to air my secrets or my thoughts,it doesn't make them all true it now,speaks of what my experience was in a,very loud microphone and that Damage,Done To those people involved still,matters to me but they're your truth,though but it is my truth but I feel,like there's my truth there's my,family's experience in those same,situations and then there's something in,between of what happened but when you,air that sorry Alyssa when you air that,all out I think there are consequences,to those relationships that you just,added on top of the original Hurt what I,was struck by was I'm one of the people,who fits into the category of my opinion,was changed of them after watching the,six-part documentary I

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I Bought Every Instagram Car Ad I Saw

I Bought Every Instagram Car Ad I Saw

Instagram just found out I'm a car guy,and lately they've been blowing me up,with ads so yesterday I bought every,single product that I saw on Instagram,and today we're going to test to find,out if they're total trash or worth the,cash welcome to Donut,sure this is a garage but it's not just,any garage it's a dealer of today's,sponsor Porsche when you're a Porsche,technician you have the ability to earn,a good living with job security explore,multiple career paths and enjoy a,Hands-On working experience with some of,the finest cars ever produced and once,you have your foot in the door you can,join the Porsche technology,apprenticeship program which is 23 weeks,of Hands-On training ending with,professional help and securing a,full-time Porsche dealer job upon your,graduation as a technician and an,authorized Porsche dealership you'll,enjoy the best labor rates in the,industry technicians in their early 20s,can earn an excess of forty thousand,dollars per year depending on their,location by your mid-30s you can double,those earnings with many technicians,making salaries in the six figures a,clear career path continuing education,great pay and this could be your office,pretty sweet you can become a Porsche,certified bronze silver or gold level,technician and with Porsche being on The,Cutting Edge of sports cars technology,and Battery electric vehicles too you,can specialize in either engine types,get started on your dream career with,Porsche today by clicking the link below,or visiting your local authorized,Porsche dealership and check out job,offers thank you to Portia for,sponsoring this portion of this video,alright so for our first product we have,this thing,a turbo air freshener for your,does this turbo make my air conditioning,that much more powerful and the answer,is no probably not but hopefully it will,make your car smell a little bit better,there's a little uh Rod of air freshener,that came with it I think it looks good,'s really nice no shaft play because the,last thing you want is shaft play this,thing is nicer than uh most of the,turbos on our cars yes yes absolutely,sure so James,are you stashing this thing are you,trashing this thing is getting stacked a,usable product it's cute I love it all,right stashes,all right Justin what is our next,product uh we got waterproof LED gloves,oh why having lights on your fingers,that means you don't have to aim it,literally the light is where your hands,are your hand is with brand new travel,top light gloves you will never have to,worry about visibility when working in a,dimmed environment thanks to the strong,LED lights and comfortable one size fits,all gloves doing what previously needed,a second pair of hands is now Problem,free go ahead and throw your son in the,garbage,that's what it says all right so the one,thing that concerns me is one size fits,all that's never the case how many,different sized hands there are on the,planet oh these feel very cheap okay,yeah these are cool I know that makes,sense yeah all right it looks weird at,first but it's going off,like things do,let's see what the consumers have to say,about these things this guy gave five,stars works okay,I mean they're bright you can already,tell that they're bright they're hurting,my eyes but let's see how bright they,are in the Darkness,these are kind of goofy but they,definitely work yeah they work they,don't totally get in my way either I,think there's some instances we're going,to want to take these off to get really,tight in there but yeah sure your,flashlight's on your fingers I wouldn't,rely on this light yet if you're like,squeezing in something for sure so,Justin finger flashlights worth the cash,or total trash,I'd say they're worth the cash it's a,pretty good idea for sure and it works,so for our next product we have a two,finger waving hand okay that attaches to,your dashboard so you'll never miss,another car wave again so I think the,idea behind this you might notice that,when another similar vehicle passes you,you got to give them the uh,two finger waves I don't know that they,nailed it with this one,these are like infant fingers,when you're giving two fingers up to,everybody yeah you're Nolan Camaro,Drives By the other way he's like yo the,Muslim guy waved at me it's like no idea,this is it for,Informer oh starting rumors starts a,buzzing next thing you know we're not a,channel anymore oh no I think these are,dangerous one of the things that is,actually cool about this though is you,can buy the 3D print file for this for,like five bucks you can make alterations,to it and make it however you want so,like I was thinking like why don't we,just make some Salad Finger fingers,really creepily,so we didn't quite like our 3D printed,Jeep wave products so we thought we'd,make our own modifications to it and I,have Zach job here our 3D printing,specialist apparently you know he's made,some changes to this thing that we think,you'll appreciate yeah it looks,ridiculous,okay,so generally sp

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hey everyone okay so today I'm gonna do,something completely completely,revolutionary especially on YouTube when,it comes to eyeshadow work we're going,to do a revolutionary eyeshadow tutorial,so let's make a start so first thing I,need to do is take my glasses off,good luck with that Wayne okay so the,first thing we want to do is just prep,the eye so I'm just going to prep the,eye and by prepping it I'm actually just,going to apply a bit of concealer,you could use Foundation doesn't really,matter,but you just want to kind of create a,clean canvas and I'm doing this from,lash line,to brow bone,just to,you know clarify the eye and give it a,bit more light,now I don't know if you've noticed on,YouTube but pretty much every single,eyeshadow look that you see they enter,the crease they do a cut crease a smokey,eye bringing it up into the eyebrow,there's a whole host of different things,and all of them look amazing and,wonderful but not every day do we,necessarily need or want to do that kind,of stuff,now there is a long lost eyeshadow,technique that your mother used and your,grandmother,and nobody uses it anymore and,ironically it's still the most beautiful,one provided you have some lid space,this will work so what you're going to,do is take a brush it's entirely up to,you which brush you use and which color,you use I'm going to use a lovely kind,of bronzy color,and I'm going to take a little flat,brush,and I'm going to apply this color in a,revolutionary manner I'm going to place,it on my eyelid,and I'm going to cover the entire eyelid,with this color from lash line,up until the crease,from the outside corner,to the inner corner,in a back and forward motion now you can,Pat this on if you would prefer it,doesn't really matter all that matters,is that the color is on the eyelid,and then at this point of the crease I'm,going to dig it in slightly just so that,it diffuses,but the goal here is to,stick within,your actual,eyelid space,and when you come to this outside corner,stop at the natural Corner don't drag it,out and bring it lower down or out than,you normally would so keep it wherever,there is visible eyelid,and the shape of your eyelid now what,I'm going to do is just Define the Lash,line with a touch of black eyeshadow,and I'm going to push this into the base,of the lashes just to,give,the Lash line,a thicker darker appearance,and just wiggle it,into,the base of your Lash,sometimes like I just blink then,sometimes,the eyelashes can be quite,sensitive so you maybe better just,closing the eye slightly,and just wiggling it into place,whichever works best for you but you're,just trying to add extra darkness and,depth to the Lash line I'm going to take,some of that same concealer,and I'm just going to,just run this underneath the eye,just to brighten up now before I do,anything else I'm just going to take a,slightly,lighter shade and on this inner corner,right here I'm just pressing this,slightly lighter shade,right here,and then just,go back and forward,just to add a very soft transition and,then taking that darker color,that we used originally and just,blending it,and then going back in with the lighter,color,just so it's a slight transition,I'm going to call the lashes now if you,really want the card to last hold this,here for at least 60 Seconds,now with the eyelashes curled,I'm going to take a mascara this mascara,is pretty much dead it is you know,there's almost nothing left in it but,I'm gonna make it work,and I'm just going to apply,some mascara to the lashes,I don't have particularly great lashes,but that's okay,it doesn't matter none,so just take your mascara,and work with whatever you have,and that my friends is it you do not,need to do anything else whatsoever,to the skin to the eye I'm sorry to the,eye you don't need to do anything else,your eye is still a focus Point even,though you haven't entered the crease up,high even though you've not blended it,out all you've done is gone on to the,eyelid,this to me there was,Isabella rossolini she did a,um,beautiful advert in the perhaps it was,the early 90s with Lancome I believe it,was it was a perfuman but,um and she had this just slightly,bronzed eyelid nothing else,and it was so beautiful and we rarely,see this anymore what we see is cut,creases and lots of crease work and lots,of smokey eyes we don't see just a very,basic,bronze diet Beijing,anything all we see is it always being,up high,and just doing,a touch of eyeshadow just on the eyelid,itself,and making sure that it is,a bit Brown a bit bronzy a bit torpy,I just can do,so much for the face and because it's,such,because the eye isn't overwhelmed with,color you can do a red lip with this you,can do a nude lip with this you can put,glasses on and your eye still is a focal,point but it doesn't hit you in the face,with it it isn't screaming look at my,eye makeup it is screaming you are,beautiful the whole of you is beautiful,and that's what's quite beautiful and,unique about this kind of look is tha

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Tempers Flare In House During Speaker Vote | The View

Tempers Flare In House During Speaker Vote | The View

Kevin McCarthy remember him,he couldn't get elected to do anything,no he was struggling to become speaker,it would drag on past midnight Friday,night and after last minute deals more,concessions and a near brawl he finally,grabbed the gavel you know if that had,been any of us,people would have lost their mind,but given how this particular clown show,has played out,do you have any hope any hope at all,that they will actually do any business,get any business to know okay next,it was just like,you know you know it was this it was so,uncivilized when he's like lunging at,him and grabbing at him I mean the,Republicans like to use identity,politics and they like to talk about,thugs a lot and they like to talk about,other people I saw a lot of thuggishness,going on I saw thugs at work,um I saw this uncivilized nature and,it's like they were raised by wolves,many of them and so I wonder if you're,doing that in the chamber on the house,floor how do you expect to govern and,lead by example that's something I,wouldn't want to see my kids do and they,were doing,you've been the one pulling back yes but,I think the part here that's so,bothersome is we watched the holdup of,those 20 people which weren't just,holding the Republican party or McCarthy,hostage they were holding the entire,country in hostage because there was no,member sworn in there was no legislative,business no security briefings you name,it so they kept going well in that,process they went from if you wanted to,kind of vote the house speaker out when,it during the Nancy Pelosi days you had,to have a couple hundred it was a,majority of any party it went down to,five they couldn't even settle on that,now only one person has to raise their,hand from any party and say I want to,vote so now we're going to watch as,these processes become retaliation to,the house Speaker whenever someone's,upset and we've seen what that looks,like with that little reach around that,this is going to happen again I thought,I was watching a real housewives yeah,right you know how they do they yeah,care wigs they pull hair they flip over,tables I was like man where's Andy Cohen,when we need him yeah but I you know you,know Kevin McCarthy got what he wanted,it's going to be on his obituary that he,was speaker of the house which is a good,thing because being Speaker of the House,might be the death of him yeah because I,think it's going to be incredibly,painful incredibly miserable careful,what you want you wish for Kevin because,you just got it and he now has to lead,this herd of unruly cats who hate like I,used to think nobody Republicans could,never hate a speaker more than they,hated Nancy Pelosi no I was wrong Hey,Hey Kevin McCarthy more than they hate,now and what makes us all complicated is,even today the house is voting on the,house rules which just sets their,ability to govern that's going to be a,whole mess in and of itself wait for the,debt ceiling passing a budget funding,our military it's not going to happen,but on the motion of vacate this is what,what's interesting I was working in the,house in 2015 when Mark Meadows issued,the motion to vacate to try to unseat,John Boehner but John Boehner had enough,Goodwill with the Democrats he sat down,with then leader Nancy Pelosi and she,said don't worry we'll vote with you so,there aren't 218 who vote against you,because we will get a crazier further,right speaker that good will existed it,does not with Kevin McCarthy after,January 6 no Democrat is going to come,to save him when his radical caucus,comes against him I think he's going to,be the shortest speaker in history and I,think they're going to struggle to keep,the lights and it's it's so,disappointing it's like a scary movie,it's better in the dark anyway,term I would just like to very quickly,give a shout out to Hakeem Jeffries and,out,again I felt like I was watching,Schoolhouse Rock I loved it I loved the,Simplicity of it and you know who else,this was a shout out the clerk of the,house Cherry,15 times,it's just going to get stranger and,strapped

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The Forest For The Trees

The Forest For The Trees

this video is brought to you by Babel,learn a new language through real life,conversations,upon first glance this landscape,painting by the Swedish painter Alfred,Jansen doesn't appear to be all that,problematic,take a closer look and we can see right,off the bat that there is quite a large,hole in the foreground that needs to be,addressed,in addition the paint layer has a goopy,Brown substance all over the surface,there are chips and nicks throughout and,in the recesses of the impasto we can,see the old varnish that was never,properly removed it has pooled and,darkened over time,in addition though it's hard to see the,canvas is very heavily distorted it has,bowed and rippled and warped over time,and this is problematic because it,catches the light and it makes it hard,to see the actual painting or the forest,for the trees if you will,and as we take a closer look we can,start to see some of those distortions a,little bit clearer but there is one way,that we can see them very prominently,and that's not with regular visible,light that's with raking light from the,side or the bottom,and right off the bat we can start to,see just how distorted this canvas,really is and these are not only visual,intrusions but they put the structure of,the painting at risk these become,brittle and then over time they'll crack,and the painting will start to fall,apart,now I know a little bit about Jansen by,way of working on his paintings but the,best way to learn about him and his,theory about art is to speak his,language and be able to read his,writings and that's where Babel comes in,Babel teaches real world conversations,and prepares you to have practical,conversations about everything from,travel to business relationships and,even artwork it's pretty simple fire up,your smartphone add in a couple of,parameters about yourself how much time,you have what you'd like to get out of,the language learning process and there,you go Babble will start you right off,what's even better is that you can set,goals for yourself so that you can guide,your learning process you can choose how,proficient you want to be how much time,you have and then Babel will put,together a lesson plan that allows you,to have a little bit of flexibility to,learn wherever it's comfortable and,easiest for you,so when you're ready to prepare for that,vacation connect with loved ones or just,challenge yourself head over to Babel,where you can get 60 off on your,subscription by clicking the link below,internet,all right so after we know that Julian,can't speak Swedish and kit can we can,turn our attention back to the painting,and the first thing that we have to do,is separate the painting from the frame,now this painting has been bonded into,this frame with adhesive paper framers,often do this to make things tidy But,ultimately this is just a pain in the,neck to have to peel back all of this,paper tape that is glued down to the,frame and to the stretcher support I,wish they wouldn't do this and if any,framer is listening oh please stop doing,this,luckily this is very deteriorated and,they just did it on top of the old paper,so it comes right off,I have to pull out these little offset,Clips which I'm thankful for that's a,good thing framers keep doing that,instead of using nails or Staples,but just maybe ease up on the paper,now the last time this painting was,worked on somebody thought that in,addition to the texts that were there,some Staples would be beneficial I don't,understand why because they're not but I,have to get rid of both because this,painting needs to come off of the,stretcher support,so I will pull all of these tacks and,Staples out and once I've done that I,can flip the painting over and start,removing it from the stretcher support,luckily it's not glued down or anything,so it does come off fairly easily a,little palette knife slid in between,make sure that there isn't anything,binding and that it doesn't come up when,I pull the stretcher off,I think was lined in the past probably,to address the hole and the other tears,but this lining doesn't look to have,been very good you can see that the glue,is well it's not really glue at this,point this is rabbit skin glue and in,theory it should have stuck but in,reality it didn't,this is not really aligning at all,I mean it just kind of lifts right off,which is great for me,until I see that it is covered with mold,the lining and the painting are moldy,and this is one of the failures of,rabbit skin glue because it is,hygroscopic it will absorb ambient,moisture and so in a very humid,environment the glue itself can become,contaminated it can start to rot and it,can start to mold and then you have a,painting that not only has a failed,lining but it's covered in mold,now I'm going to have to address that,but the first thing I need to do is,start to address these very heavy,distortions that we saw earlier in the,raking light,now normally I would put the painting,directly on the Hot Table to get rid of,some of th

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Prosecutors Continue George Santos Investigations | The View

Prosecutors Continue George Santos Investigations | The View

we were just talking about Kevin,McCarthy well after Kevin McCarthy,became speaker new members of the House,were sworn in including George Santos,who is under Fire for lying about pretty,much all of his resume and his,background and he's under multiple,investigations by local and federal,prosecutors who does this sound like,doesn't it sound like somebody who used,to be in the presidential yeah okay,so that's why that is why he's not going,anywhere for quite some time yeah,because you know who has normalized that,yeah that has become the normal of what,we can expect of people and we don't,seem to question it but people were,aware but the word didn't get out but,fellow Republican Tony Gonzalez claims,that Santos is part of a much bigger,problem didn't I just say that Tony take,a look do you think he should be removed,from office,I think look there's a lot of frauds in,Congress I think a lot of people got to,see that firsthand over the last week uh,I mean George Santos is a lease of this,country's worries,oh,you see when you say stuff like that,you're making it okay,this is not okay now you know Mr Santos,has denied any criminal Rod to it I'd,say just like the other one and said and,I quote if I disappointed anyone by my,resume embellishment,I'm sorry,but if this was any other job you would,not have a job sir,the the additional problem is that Kevin,McCarthy needed his vote Yes in order to,become speaker so now Kevin McCarthy,owes George Santos his speakership to me,it's you know if it wasn't so,dysfunctional and so sad for the country,it'd be almost comical it reminds me of,your of your um,I think you were in a movie with him,John Lovitz who used to have that,character yes on Saturday Night Live,yeah yeah that's the story so Santa,attended Horace Mann private school,maybe he drove by it one day yeah says,he earned the degrees from New York,University in Barrack College that's,yeah yeah that's the story said he,worked at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup,yeah yeah that's the story and all all,of it is untrue and and you know when I,read that,um he clearly lied to the people who,voted for him and maybe if they knew the,truth about him they would not have but,my concern is who is he if we know all,the lies who is he right like it's it's,it's if you lied about where you went to,school well where did you go to school,if you lied about where you work where,did you go to work and how did you get,700 Grand to donate to your campaign,where did the money,resume embellishment like that's cake in,someone's resume that's not embellishing,your own,my favorite there was a moment on the,house floor I think it was during like,the fifth or sixth or seventh time that,they did a role it's hard to tell them,it's hard to tell and they called George,Santos George Santos multiple times and,he doesn't answer and all the reporters,are like wait what if that's not really,his name,I mean your point you know to your point,where the hell was the media and where,was the uh,the information was out there and nobody,was paying any attention his opponent,use the information,brought it up but you know here's the,thing you can we up dang it we'll be,right back yeah

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Celine Dion Fans Protest 'Greatest Singers' List | The View

Celine Dion Fans Protest 'Greatest Singers' List | The View

Rolling Stones list of the 200 greatest,singers of all time,had Celine Dion fans really taken to the,streets to protest outside the,Magazine's offices because Celine didn't,make the cut as she's not the only one,who got snubbed now I just want to tell,you,where I'm at tell us Whoopi well,elephants jump Ella Fitzgerald is not on,the list she's not on that no Ricky Lee,Jones Paul Simon Billy Eckstein Nat King,Cole MC Hammer Kenny Rogers Michael,McDonald,Jesse Norman Bobby Darin their criteria,are the greatest singers the greatest,singers of all time who have changed how,people sing how they look at things,there are people on that list I'm sure,who should be there but there's a lot of,people on that list that that are not on,that list that should be there I'm sorry,I I,for me you know I listen to Judy Garland,that voice was a one of a kind over all,time over all time Nat King Cole is not,on there Paul Simon brought music from I,mean if you're talking about Julio,Iglesias Julio Iglesias is not on this,list here's what I think the mistake was,the mistake,was you should not have numbered them,you should not have put you're gonna say,the the best 200 you should have just,said the best 200 in your thought,process and not numbered them that's,where you guys I couldn't tell who made,the list,you know they said it was uh compiled by,their staff and key contributors,I want to know the ages of the people,listen I have to tell you it's a comp,it's a comprehensive list it is very you,know it covers everything it covers rap,it covers rock it covers all the music,they've done a really interesting job,but to call it the greatest of first of,all there is you can't create a goat,okay there's no such thing as a goat,because what time are we going from are,we going from 1700s 1500 1800s 19 where,is the Golden Vault of whose time yeah,yeah so it's it's not given Ella,Fitzgerald is on there oh good so that's,good she's 25. but,25.25. what is it 45 you just not make,that correction she shook it okay,45. but the thing here is I think that,one of the mistakes they made is they,put people that I'm not trying to be,ageless but young people who have not,had the impact of longevity because when,you look at Celine Dion's impact she's,been singing I think it's for 40 years,in the industry it's very hard to look,at impact when you have people that have,been in the industry for 10 years 15,years and now 40 60. she has literally,five Grammy wins 16 nominations a,Hollywood Walk of Fame star two Academy,Awards,I'm just happy that under Joe Biden we,can be pissed off and outraged and,protesting Rolling Stone and not on,Insurrection in the uh in the capital,two other big oversights uh Jennifer,Hudson and Jim Morrison I feel like they,just Jennifer Hudson and Jim Morrison,like you're talking icon the criteria is,originality influence the depth of an,artist catalog and the breadth of their,musical Legacy the fact that Judy,Garland,has 13 live student and Studio albums 31,compilation albums 14 soundtrack albums,and is one of those unique voices so,unique she had to have a child in order,to have a voice like that come again,yeah okay Liza is her child that's what,I'm talking about you know who was on,there though your friend Celia of course,she better because,we'll be right back okay

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