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How THIS wallpaper kills your phone.

here's a fun story I've managed to break,my phone by just applying on wallpaper,to it and I'm not alone it seems like,hundreds of people in the last week of,had their entire phones wiped because of,this this photo Aversa on twitter ice,universe famous leaker he basically made,a post saying people are spreading this,wallpaper don't apply it please,don't apply it but of course people did,what would you know a sister or,world-renowned smartphone enthusiast and,I don't think I've ever seen karma bite,back faster the comment section is,filled with two types of responses,people who've applied it and got away,with it on their phones and who seem to,be using it as a way to prove they've,picked a superior device and the other,less fortunate group who've applied it,and quickly realized they probably,shouldn't if they post the videos of,their devices basically going schizo in,a lot of cases they've had to wipe,everything listen to the cat people the,cat never lies anyways there are three,unusual things that happen here number,one that whether or not your device gets,destroyed depends on who made it for,example Google and Samsung they're know,goes don't go there,- if you upload the photo to a social,media site like way bug and download it,again the colors will shift to this less,vibrant version and it's safe to use and,three you might notice I've been showing,you this wallpaper on my samsung phone,this whole time and the way I've done,that is just by taking a screenshot of,the image and setting that as my,wallpaper which is safe - on the face of,it none of this makes sense so what the,flip is going on here,well I spell the last three days trying,to find out okay my initial assumption,was this is malware someone has,obviously designed this wallpaper to,conflict with the code of Android and,start crashing phones the resolution is,exactly 1440 by 2560 that is the current,standard android wallpaper resolution it,has been made to apply as a wallpaper,and add to that I've never in my life,seen a wallpaper that can so,consistently kill phones what are the,chances someone came across that by,accident well did the more I dug into it,the more it seems like my initial,assumption was wrong I thought the best,way to find out if something was,malicious or not was to find out where,it came from so I did a reverse image,search,Google Images has a clever little,feature now that allows you to use an,image to search for similar images and,by doing this within two minutes,I traced the cursed wallpaper back to,its original source,turns out the wallpaper being circulated,around was not the original photo this,is the original photo from hdq walls,calm and if you don't know the original,and check the data of the image you can,see it is just a photo taken from a,nikon d80 camera surely that can't be,the problem this is just someone who's,taken their camera to a national park,maybe they've come tower overnight to,get this stunning shot of a sunrise,that's not gonna break your phone plus a,lot of people online was saying that the,reason the cursed photo was crushing,ferns was because it was encoded in a,color profile called Google's skier but,singers are now managed to get hold of,the original photo and I could see that,this wasn't a Google skier image I,applied it to my Galaxy S 20 ultra big,mistake,gone finito Galaxy S 20 ultra in one,fell swoop mute I couldn't get past my,lock screen and even safe mode wouldn't,let me recover it all dater on that,phone that I didn't backup is gone and I,won't lie to you this felt like that,part in a detective movie where the,detective gets too involved in a case,and the criminal isn't happy about it so,he starts taking away family members,from me I've lost my data trying to,fight for this cause I thought it would,be okay I thought this is the original,image it's just a photo this can't be,the problem but I was wrong and I'm a,little bummed but a sub to the channel,would be amazing but anyways we can see,that this crashing then wasn't caused by,some malicious third party who tampered,with the image afterwards like I'd,initially suspected it's the original,photo that's enough to break your phone,so that just leaves the question how,okay let's talk about color for a minute,take a look at this diagram this,represents all the colors that us humans,can see this triangle inside of it,that's the sRGB color space it's a,subset it's a small section of the full,range of color and more importantly for,this case it's the only set of colors,that Android really understands so yes,most Android phones historically they,haven't been able to display the full,range of color,but they're limited like this for the,sake of consistency sRGB is what almost,every device is calibrated to digital,cameras printers the Internet so by,having an operating system based on it,you can ensure that let's say I post,something on Instagram for example then,when you see that post on the other end,it can make sure that you're seeing it,in the way tha

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Baha Magazine//Dhokebaz Baha Magazine//Doman Tudu Dhokebaz

Baha Magazine//Dhokebaz Baha Magazine//Doman Tudu Dhokebaz


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How To Calibrate Jewelry Scale | #Jewelry #Gold #TanitaScale

How To Calibrate Jewelry Scale | #Jewelry #Gold #TanitaScale

channel that creates tutorial and,additional topics and give information,and tips about gold jewelry and luxury,goods if you get to know more about this,check out and the description box below,or you may check our previous videos so,for today's blackened Pagosa phenomena,theme is about calibration or calibrate,another new exhibition and calibrate the,poem dr. Pamela is something balance,akan young dal bong Bing bong in some,cases casita boom ability' un animun,Allah has not in some albor store on,worldshops understand Allameh Hilli boo,Molina mana Allah or non-normal Ekta in,some cases is my discrepancies human,Allah at 12 gram pump in a check not in,semana pawnshop terror and discrepancies,lemon gotta supposed to be east point,zero 5 up 2.1 so he needed up at en la,la past path soca Padma experienced new,young scenario at all suddenly,unreasoning hindi calibrated young,pimping and man is on gold shop or ball,store or visa versa Hindi calibrated,young team bangin an pawnshop in Kapaa,hindi not in keen elaborate human bond,and nothing is its eternal my dad a,young teen Bannon or my bow was young,pimping man so many popliteal fossa in,your culpa a noble cannot elaborate,young dinner gambit nothing bananamana,gold shop okay so let ask what's this,Babu bleep agita compatible calibrating,something ballon kumbaya - army,gentleman subscribe governor at minutina,notification girl para Meninga dated,smell a panty bottom video slammin,you,my mother Putin they are sad puppies not,in my own Laguna leadership in the,husband body editor window issue a long,pair pectoral aha my discrepancies so,that's what else to see you next time,don't forget to Like share subscribe and,hit the bell upon to get notified for,this videos I'm Ryan

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Margaret Lakra || Miss & Mrs. BAHA-Tribal Beauty Queen of India 2021 || Jamshedpur

Margaret Lakra || Miss & Mrs. BAHA-Tribal Beauty Queen of India 2021 || Jamshedpur

sangat menyenangkan hei hai hai hai hai,yang pernah royal369win,engkau tak bisa melihat senyum rindu,tapi sesungguhnya judul kisah kasih,link-nya,Oh iya tetap begitupun sepertimu Satria,FU,hai hai,hai hai

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Konji Kala Havne Vala - Vina Thakor New Song | Gabbar Thakor New Gujarati Song 2021@MahiDigital1

Konji Kala Havne Vala - Vina Thakor New Song | Gabbar Thakor New Gujarati Song 2021@MahiDigital1

Halo huhuhu hihihi cukup mengkoneksikan,tahune balap film atau mine2mine ayat,Subhanallah Jodi hoto Negeri cara,memotong decu main East Of Eden episode,Kyuhyun cincin kau noda Batam alladzi,laa digombali deh heboh lakeni Jodi,marah Indonesia yang merasa Indonesia,digombali le fanu do da mata Ai,pengemudi gopayday noda mata enggak Digo,badai Spanyol al-azhari gobain,Hai hehehe hahaha hihihi huhuhu memarah,openstego menonjol penokohan uh wallhere,kisah yihwa system are they hope archos,puasa kemarin Banyu Mata,Hai mungkin cincin-cincin saudara Mata,Allo vedio kembali dede eh halal,knife.io Marasai hei halo lagi nih,mengalir Manado lele digombali day one,day I love you go badai Banyudono mata,Kamboja Menoreh penonton digombali Day,hehehe hihihi huhuhu huhuhu hihihi,mengkono Hobo penemu kek ono ulo arena,Syaikhona ho'oponopono khodrowatun,Syaikhona kau da mata Ai,Hai mungkin cincin konon ada mata alat,gede oleh collider eh malah kena ujung,tiang marashli Halo Del Halo Halo,Bandung marado lele Ayo gunung alat,sudah logo balore kondo.com baca kalo,re-ment orang macam Ayahku genit gobain,hedoro tetap,nyentuh

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