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Yanyan De Jesus TikTok

Yanyan De Jesus

Yanyan De Jesus tiktokPopular creator
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Country/Region: Yanyan De Jesus tiktok PH
Language: PH
Categories: Music/Dance
  • No.191

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  • No.2


  • 15M


  • 3K


  • 338.2M


  • 502.7M


Yanyan De Jesus tiktok Introduction

Yanyan De Jesus is a tiktok influencers from the PH with 15M followers. His/her video classification is Public Figure in tiktok. Many people who follow him/her are because of his/her classification. She has published more than 3K videos, with a cumulative total of 502.7M likes, and a total of 15M fans. In the current tiktok ranking in the United States, he/she ranks No. 191 and ranks No. 2 globally.

Here are some more information about Yanyan De Jesus:

Yanyan De Jesus tiktok homepage link: https://www.tiktok.com/@Yanyan De Jesus

Yanyan De Jesus Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yanyandejesus

Yanyan De Jesus Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeAOwBSEtRMCMOgxC0u2oYA

Yanyan De Jesus Twitter: https://www.tiktok.com/@846610909258645504

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The following is a data description Yanyan De Jesus tiktok:

In the past 7 days, he/she has released for following 16 videos, gained 111737 fans, 19476852 views, 3845195 likes, 30551 comments and 18614 shares

In the past 30 days, he/she has released 84 videos, gained 534698 fans, 118061103 views, 21592429 likes, 214262 comments and 109062 shares. not only that,

His/her average playback of each video reached 112.5K, an average of 167.2K likes per video, an average of 236 per video, and an average of 107 sharing times per video

His/her best and the first three best videos played 10068288, 9551304, respectively. These three videos are: POV: The pirates was in search of the lost triton who sings a special music that can bring them great fortune but instead they found great danger.; Don’t ever let me go 🥺💛 @josephcuaton_;

Video Post Views Likes Comments Shares
05.13.2021 167K 35.3K 920 665
05.13.2021 702.3K 163K 1.2K 596
05.13.2021 191.3K 41.7K 557 386
05.13.2021 121.4K 26K 610 451
Venom 😈 TikTok
Venom 😈
05.12.2021 184.1K 38.9K 593 553
RIP that 🐱 TikTok
RIP that 🐱
05.12.2021 503.4K 101.7K 1.2K 609
So there u go TikTok
So there u go
05.11.2021 155K 24.6K 471 471
05.11.2021 1.1M 191.4K 1.9K 1.3K