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Brent Rivera TikTok

Brent Rivera

Brent Rivera tiktokPopular creator
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Country/Region: Brent Rivera tiktok US
Language: US
Categories: Other

Bio: It’s you😍 I’m dm’ing new followers on Instagram right now

  • No.16

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  • No.12


  • 40.6M


  • 1K


  • 771.4M


  • 1.2B


Brent Rivera tiktok Introduction

Brent Rivera is a tiktok influencers from the US with 40.6M followers. His/her video classification is Public Figure in tiktok. Many people who follow him/her are because of his/her classification. She has published more than 1K videos, with a cumulative total of 1.2B likes, and a total of 40.6M fans. In the current tiktok ranking in the United States, he/she ranks No. 16 and ranks No. 12 globally.

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Brent Rivera tiktok homepage link: Rivera

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Brent Rivera Youtube: unkonw

Brent Rivera Twitter: unkonw

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The following is a data description Brent Rivera tiktok:

In the past 7 days, he/she has released for following 2 videos, gained 61571 fans, 14429330 views, 1854472 likes, 7355 comments and 7167 shares

In the past 30 days, he/she has released 10 videos, gained 341000 fans, 68584312 views, 10554838 likes, 65645 comments and 46477 shares. not only that,

His/her average playback of each video reached 769.9K, an average of 1.2M likes per video, an average of 1.1K per video, and an average of 989 sharing times per video

His/her best and the first three best videos played 73703070, 25291398, respectively. These three videos are: I hate when this happens😂 IB: @androshkatv; I deserved this😂 @pierson;

Video Post Views Likes Comments Shares
09.18.2021 4.9M 915.3K 6.4K 3.3K
09.13.2021 3M 314.8K 1.4K 699
09.11.2021 1.8M 316.5K 1K 655
09.10.2021 3.9M 452.4K 2.4K 1.3K
09.09.2021 3.3M 444.7K 1K 888
09.03.2021 376.5K 70.2K 552 68
08.31.2021 3.4M 494.7K 4.2K 1.8K
08.30.2021 1.7M 253.1K 1K 257